Once again, we find ourselves looking at the Japanese My Nintendo rewards service with an almighty amount of jealousy. While the western variants of My Nintendo have given up on the practice of offering physical rewards, Japan's reward system is still going strong and these latest gifts are very lovely indeed.

Down below, you can see a Nintendo Labo Pen Stand & Piggy Bank, a Super Mario Letter Set, a The Legend of Zelda Letter Set, and an Animal Crossing Letter Set. Each item can be claimed for a number of Platinum Points (in the same way western fans can get digital games) with just a shipping fee added on at checkout.

Nintendo Labo Pen Stand & Piggy Bank


Super Mario Letter Set

The Legend of Zelda Letter Set

Animal Crossing Letter Set

We imagine this is a pretty silly question to ask, but would you like to see Nintendo bring physical rewards back to the western My Nintendo sites? Do you have any items from the good old Club Nintendo days? Share your thoughts below.