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Advance Wars Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

War has never been so much fun

Mention Advance Wars to a seasoned gamer and they're almost guaranteed to have heard of it. One of the earliest major Game Boy Advance titles, it's now also one of the earliest titles from the handheld on the Wii U Virtual Console, giving veterans another chance to pick it up and newcomers an ideal opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

What you might not know is that Advance Wars is actually part of a much older series, which can usually be identified by having "Wars" in its titles. It all started with Famicom Wars on the Famicom/NES, and then went on to appear on almost all of Nintendo's subsequent systems. Although it might not seem like it, the real-time strategy title Battalion Wars and its sequel are actually also part of the franchise. Advance Wars, however, has the distinction of being the first game to be released outside Japan, and we couldn't have asked for a better starting point, at that time and now on the Wii U.

When you first boot up the game, you'll be welcomed to the Orange Star army as its newly appointed advisor, given the task of helping it reclaim the land that it has recently lost to rival armies. You'll then be offered some Field Training, essentially a tutorial, consisting of 13 missions, teaching you everything you need to know about the game mechanics, although it is possible to skip almost all of it by only doing the final mission.

Advance Wars is a strategy game of the turn-based variety — this means you move all your units and do whatever else it is you want and can do before ending your turn. After this, the opponent gets to make their moves; if there's more than one opponent, they go in order, before circling back to you. The whole game takes place on a grid, which means that there's no free movement — units must always move along the existing tiles and can't move diagonally.

There are plenty of different types of these tiles, each with their own defence rating and a movement cost that depends on the type of unit traversing it — for example, tanks will have a much harder time moving through a forest than infantry. Likewise, some terrain can only be accessed by certain units, for example, infantry can wade through rivers, but vehicles won't be able to get across unless they're air units.

You'll quickly find out that one of the most important aspects of each map are buildings — moving infantry over these will allow them to capture them. Capturing any building will increase your income each turn by 1000, while capturing bases, ports and airports will also allow you to build additional ground, sea and air units, respectively, using said funds. It is of course also possible to capture enemy buildings, which can also be very useful; it'll cut down their income while increasing yours. Special mention must go to the HQ — each army only has one, and should protect it as much as possible — while it is possible to win each map by simply wiping out every enemy unit, capturing the HQ will result in an instant victory, which can at times be a much smarter strategy than going for the victory by rout.

However, arguably the most important part of the game are the different commanding officers (COs) which you can play as or play against. Each of them has their own major strength and weakness; for example Max, from Orange Star, deals more damage than normal with direct attacks, but deals less damage and has a decreased range with indirect units like artillery and rockets. Grit from Blue Moon, on the other hand, is the polar opposite, dealing less direct damage but more indirect, with an increased range for his indirect units to boot. Some COs are only useful in very specific situations, for example, there's one that has a clear advantage on maps with fog of war, which you will rarely see outside Vs. Mode.

The most important aspect of each CO, however, is their CO Power — as a CO's units take and dish out damage, a meter will fill which, when full, will allow them to unleash a single special attack any time they want, after which the meter will be emptied. These powers can easily swing the tide of a match in your favour, as not only do all of them grant a small, temporary attack and defence boost, they'll do a variety of other things as well depending on the CO, such as healing all your units for 2 HP, changing the weather, or even allowing all non-infantry units to move a second time in one turn with reduced stats. Generally, it's the CO that's losing that will be able to use his (or her) power more often, as taking damage will fill the meter faster than dealing it; this makes it quite fair and well balanced.

This title also deserves credit for including quite a number of animations — units moving around, units attacking, or infantry capturing buildings. While they are cool to watch (it never gets old having a bomber wipe out an enemy unit in one attack), they can take up quite some time. Fear not though, because once you've completed the Field Training it becomes possible to turn most of them off — speeding up the flow of each map tremendously.

After you've made it through the Field Training, the rest of the game will be opened up to you. In the Campaign, which is most likely what most will try out first, you get to play as three of the Orange Star COs, Andy, Max and Sami, as they try to beat some sense into the opposing armies and save the day. As you progress through the missions you'll frequently be offered a choice of CO — in some cases, the mission will actually differ depending on the CO you've picked, which means that several playthroughs might be in order so you can see all of them. Between and during missions there's plenty of banter between COs, and as you might expect from the game's cartoony look, it's generally of a comedic nature — you'll absolutely get some chuckles out of it.

In War Room, you can tackle smaller maps with a CO of your choosing as you try to get the best score, while Vs. Mode is similar, except without the scoring aspect and with the ability to play against other people. Unfortunately, in this version, local multiplayer must be played by passing the controller around; there's no retroactive online option to replace the link cable — which was surely the fantasy of some — though you can share a GamePad in off-TV mode and hide moves from each other. We also have Battle Maps, where you can buy and unlock additional maps and COs with coins you've earned, and Design Maps where you can, as the title implies, design maps for use in Vs. Mode.

While it might seem peculiar to have a cartoony-looking war game, Advance Wars just oozes charm. The COs all have very unique, fun designs and personalities, and the soundtrack — each CO has their own theme song — is immensely catchy. Both of these combined make the game an absolute blast to play, whether you're doing the ass-kicking or being on the receiving end.

As this is one of the very first Game Boy Advance games to hit the Wii U Virtual Console, it is also worth mentioning some of the special features that we can expect to be in every future GBA game. Naturally, the usual restore points are available here as well, but if you go into settings you can also toggle smoothing on and off — this gives all of the pixels a more rounded edge. While this is generally looked down upon by retro enthusiasts, it's at least nice to have the feature. There's also an option to toggle between full-screen and "original resolution", which makes it quite similar to the Game Boy Player, except with black borders instead of decorated ones. Advance Wars, in particular, looks great even when blown up on a TV, so we recommend just keeping it on the full-screen.

Lastly, the digital manual for this (and most likely all) GBA games is a little different than normal — it's not a simple-looking guide explaining the controls and little more, but rather the actual manual from the original GBA release, fully scanned and readable. While this is something that has already been done before on competing systems, it is quite a cool thing to see; we hope Nintendo potentially goes back and adds this to other Virtual Console games.


The first Advance Wars might not have the huge amount of COs and new units from its sequels, but it is more balanced because of this; as a result, it tends to always feel fair, even if you lose. Even in those rare instances that it feels unfair, the immensely charming graphics and music are top notch, and will no doubt manage to keep a smile on your face. The unlockable Advance Campaign — which is much harder — as well as the other modes, will also ensure that you'll still be playing it long after you've seen the end of the story.

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User Comments (94)



Kenology said:

Can't wait to download this. I missed out on all the GBA Wars games. Wish I had it on 3DS but, oh well, I'll enjoy it all the same!



Kenology said:

Oh, and I forgot to say: Thank you based M2. Sega still do what Nintendon't when it comes to emulation.



sgotsch said:

One of the greatest games of my childhood. Man that game was great. Would buy it without hesitation if only it would be released as some kind of cross buy between the 3ds and the Wii U...
Why oh why, Nintendo? The lack of that feature cant be explained. :/



SirMime said:

Can't wait to download this later. Mind choosing which to play first out of the three VC games this week is a very difficult choice.



KeeperBvK said:

Um, first of all we are talking about Nintendo publishing Nintendo games, and about Nintendo having contracted some of the best people when it comes to emulation, so how anyone could turn these releases against Nintendo is beyond me.
And second, M2 isn't affiliated with SEGA. It's an independent company. So what does any of this have to do with SEGA? Just been looking for a way to use this old ad slogan for the bazillionth time?



rjejr said:

I asked this once before but nobody replied - has anybody played Mecha Wars and can compare it to this? They seem similar in theory. I really enjoy Mecha Wars on PS3 but have no experience with Advance Wars.

So this id out already? Store doesn't usually update until noon Thursdays, about 4 hours from now.



Gerbwmu said:

Looking foward to playing this. Will be my 1st time with any of the war series although for anyone who remembers Conflict on NES, I did play that a ton. Maybe we can get a new Wii U / 3DS Advance Wars with cross platform battle royals



the_truth said:

@Nintenjoe64 Uhh... no. This looks and plays much more like Famicom Wars, which is a much earlier title. You might not have heard of it because it only came out in Japan.



Kenology said:

Whoa, man, whoa! I didn't mean for you or anyone to catch feelings over this!
1). You're right about M2. I just always associate them with Sega because they've worked mostly with Sega in the past.

2). I'm very happy about GBA games coming to VC, but I'm simply pointing out that Nintendo could do a much better job with emulating their games on both Wii U and (especially) 3DS. Perhaps they realize that, since they had M2 handle it for them!

It's not that serious man. Really. Relax.



ikki5 said:

I am so stocked for this later today I'll be playing this, Metroid, and Mario and Luigi today

Maybe I'll take them with me in the car on my next road trip.

I also like the fact that you guys say it still looks great on the big TV. That Thwomps those 3DS clowns that whine about how it will only look good on 3DS should it should be only 3DS.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Jazzer94 @the_truth you missed my point. "War has never been so much fun" is the tagline of Cannon Fodder which is an equally fun but very different game. I meant sue Nintendolife.

I love this game and I've only played it once or twice. Considering how good this game was on GBA, I can't believe Nintendo don't make a game a bit more like Civ for their consoles.



FantasiaWHT said:

(a) this needs a sequel that's more focused than the recent games. (b) this VC needs to be on the 3DS.



Emblem said:

@rjejr That Mecha Wars game was a straight knock off so the mechanics are near identical to the later advanced wars games. If you liked it you will like the advance wars series but bare in mind this is an old game and Mecha Wars cloned the latest and arguably improved versions.

@Nintenjoe64 Edit Never mind cleared up In your reply.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@Emblem I know they're nothing alike but NL has made me want to play Cannon Fodder .... maybe the SNES version of CF2 will get a VC release!



Spoony_Tech said:

@rjejr I can't compare it for you but thing of this as Fire Emblem lite. Have you ever play Military Madness on the Turbo? It's very similar to that. I don't think you will be disappointed if you do this.



mrchills said:

Look like a fun game. but its just such a bummer that the wii u vc suffered a platform downgrade from the wii. Gamecube would've been awesome, but in the least there should be n64! Has that ever happened in the history of gaming, that a more recent platform has less gaming platform potential than the previous console? Good grief. Ive always been just Nintendo. Never had a playstation or xbox. I feel betrayed. As if the wii u controller snuck into my kitchen while I was asleep and ate my pudding.



rjejr said:

@Spoony_Tech @Emblem - Thanks for the feedback. Guess I'll pick this up then. I always liked the art work but hated turn based map games. After Mecha Wars and 60 hours of Rainbow Moon I think I can take the chance on $8 for this. Plus I'm about 6 cents away from $5 DDP credit, might as well get it now.



Spoony_Tech said:

@mrchills Very funny comment! I'm guessing Nintendo is thinking you can always dl those games on the Wii side of the system so why bring them out again?



2Sang said:

GBA games are well overdue, but it's nice now that all handhelds can be played on the 3ds (aside from ambassador titles, but I'm done with all of those especially with 184 hours in FE sacred stones).
Hopefully mother 3 gets a chance at a US release now that Earthbound has sold very well on the eshop.



losingtheplot said:

@Spoony_Tech it isn't fire emblem lite. apart from thracia 776 advance wars actually requires thought in the strategy. fire emblem makes up for it with sentimentality.



DreamOn said:

Wooooop! I'm so jacked for this! Man, I used to protect my GBA carts like treasure after the world moved on to newer things. Now we get them re-released digitally on a console that offers 2 styles of play! And M2! 'Tis a dream!



Franklin said:

This was one of the games that Edge adjusted their original score to give a 10. It deserves it.



Spoony_Tech said:

@mrchills @losingtheplot Well I didn't mean to say it was by any means lite. It's just a lighter version compared to story and permadeath. There's is good strategy but not quite as much as later in the series.

Not sure, have you tried it yet? I can play any of my Wii games on my U but you have to transfer over the data first.



KevTastic84 said:

The GBA games on the big screen is quite a selling point to me in finally buying a Wii U. The gameboy player on the Gamecube was awesome and very overlooked in my opinion.



Drake said:

@WiiULoveGBA Sounds absolutely fine to me!

It is however worth noting that all screenshots (Both those Nintendo released and those people posted on Miiverse) seem to be darker than the game actually looks, so don't let those fool you.



dumedum said:

If I (extremely) loved Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, I will like this, right?



Kisame83 said:

@dumedum probably. It's "lighter" obviously. It's a similar genre, but a bit bigger in scope. You don't have just a team of guys, rather you secure resources and build an army. Beyond that, it is a military themed turn based strategy game though.



booker_steve said:

@andreoni79 At the risk of being pedantic, I am sure Cannon Fodder 2 was Amiga/PC exculsive. The first one was on the SNES but it's a game that needs a mouse. If it supported the Snes mouse that would be great.

Sensible Soccer though, surely the greatest game of all time, and I barely follow football!



Kayvoo said:

Love this game, I remember that the UK version was delayed because of 911. Someone must have seen through the game's cute appearance.



andreoni79 said:

@booker_steve Aaargh... now I want to play Cannon Fodder again! Maybe the controls should be: touch to move, touch + LB to shoot and touch + ZL to toss grenade. Or something like the stylus-driven Zelda Phantom Hourglass.



Kirk said:

I totally loved this game apart from the COs using some pretty unbalanced random powers later on in the game which I felt weren't necessary.

Amazing game other than that one niggle though.



Hy8ogen said:

Does this game has multiplayer in anyway? Would suck if all I get to play with is the AI.



Anguspuss said:

got it it looks great on the wii u pad. shame no online mode but im suprised how good it looks



zool said:

I guess there must be some sort of logic releasing an old Gameboy Advance Game on the latest (£250) HD graphics Nintendo home console, but I am not sure what it is.

The game is over priced and is on the wrong console, it should have been released on a portable machine. And the score should have reflected this.

Things are not good when the Wii u gamer only has old Gameboy Advance game to play and the Nintendo sites only have old games to review. You would expect this at the end of a console's life, not 2 years in.

Ok the Gamecube games, maybe that would have been a little more acceptable. But Nintendo I guess want to milk us as much as they can.



DerpSandwich said:

I would love to get this, but I'm not smart or patient enough to even beat Advance Wars DS even though I've had it for like, eight years.



Shugo said:

Oh, it's good to know there's different size and filtering options, because all these screenshots and videos I've been seeing posted of the unfiltered fullscreen mode was showing uneven pixels and I was a bit disappointed with Nintendo.

But anyway, ironically the only Advance Wars game I never owned was the very first one; I started with 2 for some reason and loved the series, but never got around to this one. Guess it's time.



rjejr said:

@andreoni79 - Thanks for the link, you have my son very excited, he's running around the house making "duzh, duzh" shooting sounds.

Thanks for the review (forgot earlier), multiplayer and level editor make it a must buy for $8.



Ryno said:

@zool: Wow man. Lighten up. "Old Gameboy Advance games" are not all Wii U gamers have to play.



shredmeister said:

I do like Advance Wars and own it for GBA. My first impression was that it is a lot like Fire Emblem, except with guns, tanks, air units and medical devices, instead of swords, cavalry, pegasi, and healers. It's a different experience. But the turn based strategy and map mechanics work very much the same way. If you do like Fire Emblem, I don't see how you wouldn't like Advance Wars.



R_Champ said:


"The game is over priced and is on the wrong console, it should have been released on a portable machine. And the score should have reflected this."

Sooooo....the score should be amended to reflect your opinion? You remind me of the Bayonetta 2 fans who're mad (REAL MAD) because it's not on "their" system. No matter what system it's on I hope the reviewer would score it based on merits not on that certain fans are mad that it's not on "their" system.



rjejr said:

Paid my $8.68 and played for a couple of hours. Really enjoying it so far - about 4 or 5 training missions and 1 very short 2 player game. I can see why people would be excited about this on a handheld, long slow battles w/ a very convenient save system, seems perfect. I'm glad to have it on TV though, looking forward to trying out 4 player when we have about 8 ours to spare

Oh, and using the manual on the Gamepad while the game plays on the screen is a nice touch. Probably wont use it much, but I appreciate a nice touch.



zool said:

You have missed my point. That game does not belong on the Wii u. It is there as a substitute for the lack of games activity on the Wii u. It is to justify the existence of gamepad. No one has paid £250 for the Wii u with HD graphics to be able to play old Gameboy advance games.

I have a Wii u and 3ds. The Wii u is now sitting in a corner unused waiting for Mario Kart 8. Then I guess it will sit gathering dust again.

It is an insult to offer Wii u owners these games for the gamepad when it is the game pad that has turned off buyers from buying the Wii u in the first place.

Dump the gamepad and get back to releasing games for the big screen. The ds is the place for retro games.



zool said:

@Ryno OK in 57 days we can play Mario Kart 8. The first big game since the over-rated Donkey Kong. Tell me what the next big game and the release date is, after Mario Kart. Or for non Mario Kart fans what new games are available for them and when do they get released.



Ryno said:

@zool: You sound like a bitter guy that plays way too many video games. I have plenty to play on my Wii U even without these GBA games.



Dpishere said:

I have always had an interest in this series, just never had a chance to play them. This remedies that! Now I just need a Wii U !



NateLinhart said:

So thankful you can still play multiplayer by passing the controller. I can't wait to prove to my friend I'm the better strategist at this game.



JaxonH said:

??? It's called Virtual Console. It's supposed to have old games. And for the record, it's Virtual Console, not Virtual HOME Console. Any title from prior generations is fair game. GBA on Wii U is no different than when you see NES and Genesis games on the 3DS Virtual Console. But I didn't hear you complaining about that, or asking for the scores of Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario Bros to reflect them not being portable games.

And as for Wii U owners only having old games to play, you and I both know that's not true. In fact, DKC Tropical Freeze marked my 35th retail Wii U release. That's more games than I've amassed on 3DS in a whopping 3 year period.

And if you're going to voice your dissatisfaction concerning Nintendo milking consumers with VC, voice your dissatisfaction concerning ALL their VC releases, not just the ones on the console you don't own. After all, you seem to be all for getting milked as long as it's on the 3DS.



Action51 said:

@zool "OK in 57 days we can play Mario Kart 8. The first big game since the over-rated Donkey Kong. "

I can't imagine what it would take to make you happy. There's VC releases, a Lego game, Child of light, some indie e-shop releases, and NES remix 2.

I'm sure you hate all that too. If you haven't noticed this is the slow season, and none of the major consoles are getting monthly triple A releases. NONE.

One final note: Over-rated Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze?
I'm afraid I disagree strongly. DK:TF may be my all time favorite platformer. Every level is unique and fun to play. It's challenging, but not ridiculous. Even if you aren't a fan of platformers, it's a shame you can't appreciate the detail and design of such an extraordinary title.



JonWahlgren said:

I had a hankering for some AW lately so I picked up the first DS title, but now that this one is out (and is the one I originally wanted) the DS game will just have to wait.

Please please let this mean a new Wars will make it out some day — Advance or Battalion, I don't care.



JaxonH said:


I got your point perfectly. You're complaining about GBA games coming to the Wii U because you want them on the 3DS, and saying the Advanced Wars review score should have been docked points because the game was originally on a handheld... despite the fact you voiced no such outrage over home console games like Sonic (Genesis) and Super Mario Bros (NES) releasing on 3DS.

You mocked Wii U owners for having nothing but old games to play, despite the fact that most Wii U owners, like myself, have more games on Wii U than 3DS now and in just 1/3 the time. And despite the fact Wii U has more confirmed games worth buying for 2014 release than any other console on the market.

You also complained about Nintendo milking consumers by releasing Virtual Console titles, despite wanting to buy those very same VC titles on 3DS.

Ya, I got your point.



Action51 said:

@JaxonH oh well, some people aren't satisfied unless they find fault in something and then belittle others for not being as displeased as they are.

As for me...while I try to resist the urge to buy Advance Wars VC...I went the cheapskate route and bought Block Drop U for .99 cents on the NA e-shop.

Grrr...I told myself I wasn't gonna buy any VC games until I finished up some of my backlog on 3DS and Wii U and PC!

Still, it seems Toki Tori is on sale now too along with the other Two Tribes games for 1.99, and I still have a lot of levels left to try and beat from when I bought that last time it was on sale!

Still haven't 100% or 200% DK:TF...but I've beaten it and I'm pretty close.

I recommend that anyone who was on the fence about about Wonderful 101 get it now that it's come down in price. It's a deal with lots of challenge and content at full price, so if you are feeling the game "drought" , this might quench your thirst for insane action.



Henmii said:

About the manual: That's really cool! I agree that they should do this with every game! Totally unexpected!



JaxonH said:


There's alot for Wii U owners to catch up on. I finished DKC Tropical Freeze- not 200% but close. Even beat the first two worlds on hard mode, every blue KONG letter and gold medal for every level in time trials. Also, every collectible obtained, except the last 7 sketches from a 200% save file. I played time trials for a month straight, even placing #4 in the world for the World 6 temple level, and 13th in the world for 6-1. Many other amazing runs, but mostly 20-100th place.

Still, for those who have moved on from DKC, like you said W101 has dropped in price by 50%. Not to mention Darksiders 2 was on sale for like $20 last I checked. That's a GREAT game. Splinter Cell Blacklist was also on sale if I remember correctly (though retail can probably find for $25-30). ZombiU, Sonic Racing Transformed, Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City... all less than $20 if you know where to look. Well, ME3 is like $11 on Amazon actually. Assassin's Creed 4 and Rayman Legends are even in the $30 range.

Won't find much respite for 1st party title prices, but you can probably score $10-15 off if you look around for games like NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Zelda Windwaker HD, Super Mario 3D World or DKC Tropical Freeze. Plus, I always stock up on eShop cards when Best Buy runs their 20% off sale (usually buy 4 of the $50 cards) for my eShop purchases, which when combined with 10% back through DDP, I'm really spending $160 for $220 eShop credit. Not bad...



brandonbwii said:

Actually Battalion Wars is considered the RTS spin-off of Advance Wars. There was a spin-off of Intelligent System's other franchise called Knight Wars which never saw the light of day unfortunately.



zool said:

@JaxonH Is seems you did not. I have a Wii u and I do not want to play old advance games either on the Wii u or my 3ds.

Nintendo made a mistake with the gamepad, it has been a flop. Trying to find a use for it by using it to play old advance games with what is now poor graphics and selling these games at a rip off price is not helping Nintendo's cause.

And the game reviewers should not get sucked in by this, and giving high scores to these games is endorsing the use if the gamepad to play them.

If the gamepad could be purchased as a seperate item in is own right and worked independently from the Wii u, fair enough, but it is part of the Wii u and the Wii u was purchased to play the 'big' screen blockbuster games on. If Nintendo want to make money from old games then the 2ds is an ideal platform for them.



Raptor78 said:

I would have to disagree in regards to the game pad. The ability to play OffTV was the reason I decided to go with the wiiU. I waited until all 3 systems were released and after trying them it was the gamepad that swung it for me. I hold no allegiance to Nintendo as I always were a staunch Sega supporter up until the Dreamcast died a death. And I have often supported multiple systems. But in my opinion I think the Gamepad was the right direction for Nintendo to go with. The prices of the GBA virtual console are a bit high but that doesnt affect the quality of the games. My most played 3DS game happens to be a GBA Ambassador game.



JaxonH said:


I really don't know how to even begin to respond to that. Wrong on so many levels.
But I'll try.

Nintendo is not selling GBA games to "use the Gamepad". Idk where that logic is coming from. GBA games don't use the Gamepad any more than any other VC games. The only reason they're releasing GBA games is because it's VC, that's what it's they're for! People complain VC sucks. Nintendo releases new games, GOOD ONES, on VC and people complain? Wii U is for big releases only? No it's not. VC is part of the system and you gotta accept that

No one care how poorly Wii U sells. We just play the games, not brag about popularity. And btw, gamepad has NOTHING to do with "being a flop" dude. Lack of marketing is your culprit there. Don't get it twisted, the masses don't say "oh that horrid screen and it's used for VC games, No I don't want THAT" They don't even know what games use it for what.



zool said:

JaxonH I would agree with you if there was a good supply of original Wii u games available, but there is not. Part of the reason is that third party developers have deserted Nintendo's Wii u. There are not enough Wii u's out there to justify the sales these developers need. The gamepad is to blame for this.

We all know that GBA games belong on the handheld console. There are plenty of N64 / Gamecube games that could be played on the Wii u.

Putting the GBA games on the Wii u is so that the gamepad does not look to be redundant, which it is.



pukka-pie said:

I love that GBA games are out on the Wii U, I just hope they don't slow down the release of SNES games.



AkinaChan said:

My brother loved Famicom Wars and the other titles when we where kids Xp I remember playing one of these titles with him, but I dont remember it much as I was far too engrossed with anything concerning Yoshis, Pokemon, or Tamagotchis at the time XD Definately going to download this and see what I missed out on :3



MasterWario said:

Dual Strike is just the superior version imo (MEGATANKS FTW), and I have it...so no real reason to get this. Also the fact that the most powerful ground unit is the medium tank is just disappointing. I'd potentially get AW2, since that once has Neotanks.



Darknyht said:

I am not usually a strategy gamer, but this has been an interesting download. Maybe one day I can try the others in the series.



dyopri said:

man the story mode was waaaaayy too short.. only 18 missions?
downloaded last Saturday and finished it 2 days later..



sketchturner said:

As a rule, I hate strategy games, but somehow I absolutely adore this game. Literally the only turn-based game that has ever hooked me.

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