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Tekken 3D Prime Edition Review

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Posted by James Newton

A prime fighting machine

Tekken 3D Prime Edition is only the second Nintendo appearance for the King of Iron Fist tournament, the last being 2002's dodgy Tekken Advance on Game Boy Advance. With fighting games enjoying a resurgence on 3DS, does Namco Bandai's second hit strike a knockout blow?

It's up against stiff competition: Dead or Alive: Dimensions and Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition both hit hard and fast, releasing within months of the console itself, but Tekken 3D's taken time to compose itself, and it shows. With 41 characters in its roster it dwarfs its opponents, but that's only half the story.

The most impressive achievement by far is the solid 60 frames per second game engine, staying fast and smooth even with 3D turned on. While the 3D display is disabled in multiplayer, it's a small loss to maintain the 60fps, arguably a more important component to a fighting game. Character models look great and animate fluently, with glistening muscle and the impressively solid polygon modelling we've come to expect from Tekken. Some small sacrifices have been made to maintain this refresh rate — some stage backgrounds slide around instead of rotating, resulting in a peculiar visual effect that diminishes the depth provided by 3D. Its bare stages are unambitious compared to DoA's more populated arenas, but they're balanced and fulfil their function well.

Also unlike DoA, there's no overt story mode to complete. Some may lament this, but when was the last time you felt your fighting game notably enhanced by its story? Tekken 3D has an arcade mode of sorts, inexplicably named Quick Battle mode, that puts you against ten opponents in best-of-three matches; win them and you watch the credits. A ranking system promotes repeat play: you start off as a beginner but by winning matches advance to numbered kyu ranks and above. Your ranking is character-locked too, so there's potentially an enormous number of playthroughs if you want to get all 41 characters to the top rank.

If you're the sort of person for whom clocking ten opponents won't even make you break a sweat, Special Survival mode is for you. Here you take on a set number of opponents — 5, 10, 20, 40 — in one-round battles with a single life bar to your name. At set points you'll face a special battle where the rules are slightly different: your opponent only takes damage in juggle combos, or is only vulnerable while attacking. These occasional shifts in focus keep things interesting, though with just one health bar you're likely to curse them for spoiling your winning streak.

Progression through all modes is rewarded with cards and card points, the most substantial reason to return. The 765 cards depict characters, cut scenes and stills from the included Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie, though they have no further purpose as DoA's dioramas do, for instance. Cards can be traded via StreetPass, but to unlock a card collected this way you'll need to spend some of your accumulated card points.

If single-player isn't your thing there's online multiplayer in ranked or unranked play, though we were unable to test this during our time with the game. Those who fancy a local brawl can take part in one-on-one battles, though there's no Download Play so it's multi-cart all the way. As previously mentioned, there's no 3D during multiplayer.

However you play, if you're a little ring rusty there's a practice mode to get you back up to speed. Here you can try out moves and recommended combos, seeing them demonstrated from the command list. In any mode, the touch screen is used more like SSFIV: you have four hot keys to which you can assign almost any move, though the longer combos — generally six or more hits — cannot be set to these shortcuts, maintaining some balance. You can turn them off if you want, or set them to standard LP, RP or any simultaneous combination for when you just haven't got enough fingers or thumbs.

Tekken straddles the accessibility line between DoA and SSFIV, and with predictably mixed results. While DoA's Chronicles mode holds your hand through many battles, Tekken throws you right in at the deep end, and while easy at first it'll take some considerable practice to beat the Special Survival mode and conquer Quick Battle without using a continue. You can access a moves list in-game at any time, but it lacks the flow of DoA's scrolling list, though nabbing the four touch buttons from SSFIV makes it far easier to pull off key combos. More than either game, Tekken suffers from the 3DS console's dodgy D-Pad: trying to pull off a move that involves double diagonal presses, such as Jin's Thrusting Uppercut, is practically impossible and makes use of the touch buttons almost mandatory. Single taps of cardinal directions are usually recognised without issue, but double diagonals are a real sticking point.

Yet despite its mild input troubles Tekken 3D Prime Edition is recognisably Tekken through and through; combat has an unmistakable fluidity, with punches and kicks rolling off the thumbs and juggle combos aplenty. It may not be the most balanced fighter around but that's never stopped it reaching a wide and appreciative audience, and it translates well to the small screen. It lacks the spectacle of its two main competitors on the format, but it's as accessible and arguably every bit as entertaining.

The final mode to mention isn't really a mode at all: included on the cartridge is Tekken: Blood Vengeance, a CGI animated movie reproduced here in very subtle 3D. The compression quality is decent, you can turn on subtitles and fast-forward, pause, rewind and so on, but the 3D is barely noticeable in most scenes. There's also no bookmark feature, so if you stop halfway through the movie, quit out and return you can't automatically resume. With the 3DS's sleep function it's not a major problem, granted. We won't review the movie, but suffice to say it's about as good as you'd expect a CGI animated movie based on Tekken to be.


Tekken 3D Prime Edition is a good if unspectacular Tekken transition. Its 41 characters and 60fps frame rate is unmatched on 3DS, and while it arguably lacks a truly meaty challenge for a single player it's enjoyable enough that you won't really mind. It won't set the world alight, but it's another strong addition to 3DS's array of big name scrappers.

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User Comments (100)



turtlelink said:

Good review, though I think I might pick up DOA instead, if I had a choice between the two.



Knux said:

Awesome review! It's been a long time since I've played a Tekken game, so I can't wait to get my hands on this baby!



WolfRamHeart said:

Very nice review James. I'm tempted to pick this one up but I'm going to pass on it until it drops in price. I am already getting Metal Gear, Kid Icarus and possibly Tales of the Abyss so my 3DS will be busy. Plus, I'd rather get Street Fighter X Tekken with fat Mega Man.



Knuckles said:

Im not getting the game anyway, but I had very high hopes for this game. I thought it would be a nine for sure...



Shiryu said:

Finished "Resident Evil Revelations" this morning so this one is next. There is no down time on the 3DS! My wallet hurts. T_T



GameLord08 said:

7/10? Darn, I expected an 8 at least. Not bad though.

Still choosing to buy Tekken over DoA and SSFIV, which is the reason I waited. Despite its subtle flaws, it still appeals to me the most. Roll in the punches, baby!



motang said:

Going to pick this one up!

Last time I played Tekken was back in 2000 with Tekken Tag Tournament. Now that was a fun game with 4 players.



Kagamine said:

Nice rview, don't think i'll get this though. I already have Dead or Alive and it honestly seems to me like it would be the supurior fighter compared to Street Fighter and This, of course i have played this though. Just speculation.



NintyMan said:

Sounds like fun, but I'll let my sister get it rather than myself. Still, it sounds like a solid Tekken game, and so it'll be good to play one again after a long time.



MasterGraveheart said:

Nice. Sounds to me like the 3DS is really going to make a name for itself for fans of fighting games, especially with Smash Bros. coming soon.



sinalefa said:

Getting this one after a price drop. I already have DOA and SSFIV for 3DS and Tekken 6 for PS3.

Funny to see the tables are turned compared to the first Tekken games: now Heihachi is young and Paul is old. I hope the movie is good since I would rather have the usual CG endings for each character if it is bad.



Simmer_E said:

I can't wait 2 pwn teh nu0bz online with Lili LOL
Those high kicks'll send em flyin!



Neram said:

Pretty good review. I'd like to point out though that scrolling or "sliding" backgrounds have been a staple of Tekken since the beginning, there are even some in Tekken 6. Honestly that's not a huge problem for me, I find it rather neat since I'm used to Tekken 2.



warioswoods said:

"though they have no further purpose as DoA's dioramas do"

I bet James found some interesting "further purposes" for those.



CanisWolfred said:

Tekken actually benefits from having a story. In fact, it's the only Fighting game besides BlazBlue that I really enjoy playing the story-modes for. Without that, I can't see myself enjoying it nearly as much. Sorry, but I'll have to pass on this one.



Kyloctopus said:

I'll just get this so once I get Street Fighter X Tekken, I won't be too confused how to use the Tekken characters.



bboy2970 said:

Is there any Tekken Bowl here? Me and my cousin used to play that for hours. If this one included it, then I would almost certainly buy at some point!



shonenjump86 said:

It won't be a day 1 buy, but I do want to get it soon. There are other games out there that I still need to get as well. Ugh!



R-L-A-George said:

At this rate, I might endup owning every fighting game on 3DS. LOL.
Can't wait until they make a soul caliber game.
Can't wait until I get this game. ^_^



xXDaKidXx said:

Before you write a review, make sure you test the ONLINE, cause that's what 90% of Tekken fans and fighting game fans want to hear about.
This review is incomplete. And please, can you Subhead what you're talking about, instead of mashing it into a paragraph of other things?
Like, "Story","Gameplay", "Presentation","Visuals","Multiplayer/Online.

Would that be too much to ask? Not trying to troll or sound rude, but you guys need to step up your reviews, cause I've seen some that were complete garbage.



theblackdragon said:

@xXDaKidXx: We can't quite test the online capabilities of a game if it hasn't seen its retail release yet. That's what the comment thread is for; we can all directly answer each other's questions about the online experience (or other specific things) if people still have questions after the review. There are times where the online is great at first and then sucks later on, and there are times when the online starts off horrible and then they smooth out some wrinkles later — YMMV.

As for subheads, who knows what the distant future holds, but for now, we won't be using them, I'm afraid. You'll just have to read what we've written instead of jumping around.

That said, we're sorry you're displeased with our reviewing style. If you don't like it, you're more than welcome to try another site on the internet for your reviewing needs. If you have any further comments for us on this tangent, we invite you to use the Contact Form to get in touch with the admin and directorial teams directly. Thank you!



xxbrothawizxx said:

Disregarding my fighting game preferences, this game just doesn't do enough. Bland stages, No Story mode, no 3D in multiplayer. When it was announced and touted for its achievement I was unbelievably excited, but it seems to have turned worse than SSFIV 3D or DoA. Seems like DoAD will forever be the best fighting game on the system. I really don't understand what made them think releasing a game that was half of what was seemingly promised would be OK. In one of the videos released recently the background was entirely grey......WTF! They definitely lost my money. The game is gonna bomb like crazy.



Spoony_Tech said:

@GumdamMac I totally agree with you. Without a story it might not be as much fun to play through. Im really on the fence about this game now. Might wait for a bargin bin price! Ive enjoyed the series in the past but this just seems to striped down for my taste.



jamiljamtheman said:

I have a question:
While this is more a stand-alone game than anything, in terms of the moves is it closer to a port of Tekken 6(besides young Heihachi) or are the movesets updated to Tag Tournament 2? As an example can Kazuya undergo Devil transformation?



BulbasaurusRex said:

@xxbrothawizxx I also would've preferred 3D multiplayer at 30 FPS like in DoAD and SSF4:3D, but keep in mind that we're in the minority here. Most people prefer 60 FPS even if it means the 3D has to be disabled in multiplayer. By the way, I'm pretty sure any entirely gray background is just for Training Mode, and these stages still sound a lot better than what we have in SSF4:3D.



AVahne said:

I was expecting an 8 but very good and informative review! The cons seem extremely minor to me, so they won't stop me from buying it at launch tomorrow. Though some people are waiting for a price drop for this, this is actually the ONLY Namco 3DS game that I would get at full price. Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy looks nice but it doesn't look to have enough replay value (I played and beat Assault Horizon on PS3 already, and even though that had online AND a sort of free flight mode, I don't regret trading it in). And then there's Tales of the Abyss 3D. For Namco to take so long to release the port over here, without any improvements whatsoever, not even English voice acting for skits, I don't see it being worth anywhere near full price.



chewytapeworm said:

Yeah I'll probably get this. Got Tekken 2 out the other day and remembered how great it was. Yoshimitsu!..... Fight!



Gamesake said:

Is no story mode really an issue? It comes with movie included, how much more story do you need? Not that I'd recommend buying this game. Tekken is an archaic fighting franchise that should have died out in the 90's. I kind of want to watch that 3D movie though.



retro_player_22 said:

Sounds like Tekken Advance is better than this game. At least on that version you get tons of modes like Tag and Team Battle Mode, here it's just Arcade, Survival and Online. An awesome Story Mode, a Training Mode, and a Tag or Team Battle Mode would had being better than that crappy Blood Vengeance film.



Tasuki said:

Hmmmm kinda on the fence with this one. As much as I like fighting games like SF and MK I have always liked Tekken for the storylines without that I cant see myself playing that game much. But with the bonus of the movie I just might pick it up since that seems the only way to the that movie in NA as of now.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@retro_player_22 I have Tekken Advance. It's a bare-bones offering with HORRIBLE graphics, very few playable characters, no multiplayer, and even fewer modes than this game. (Besides, this game does have a Training Mode.)



HugoSmits said:


Wait.. what ? Tekken advance was amazing. I never liked Tekken, but the graphics where mindblowing for the GBA.

Yes it has less characters,modes,etc than it's console counterparts. But that's something that's true for almost any next-gen game versus it's handheld release.



James said:

Should say this is a high 7 and is worth picking up as long as you don't mind using touch screen controls for key moves.

@xXDaKidXx thanks for your in-no-way trolling comment that some of our reviews are "garbage".



123akis said:

this sounds better than super street fighter 3d........ bring us some gameplay footage of tekken 3d



Mok said:

I'm not into fighting games, even though I purchased SFIV last month, so I don't think this will be a game I'm picking up. I'm waiting for the MGS demo on Thursday to fully decide if that's my next purchase. Kid Icarus: Uprising is the only day 1 purchase in the upcoming months.



JustAnotherUser said:

I passed on Super Street Fighter IV, Dead or Alive Dimensions and, now, Tekken 3D for BlazBlue continuum Shift II
I might pick this up if I see it laying around cheap.

Great review by the way.



kyuubikid213 said:

If I get a job in the next few days (just gave manager my number and he said he'd look into it) I'm going on a mad shopping spree to get DOA, RE:R, Tekken 3D, and put money down on Metal Gear and Kid Icarus.




Disappointed with the lack or arcade or story mode, but besides that it sounds banging. My favourite fighting series so I will be getting it. DoA is very good, but has poorer characters



James said:

If Quick Battle were called Arcade mode, nobody would complain as it's basically the same, though admittedly there's no CGI endings. Maybe it's because this wasn't an arcade game?



Kirk said:

I never knew the 3DS' D-Pad was so dodgy.

That's really not good for 3DS in general imo.

One more reason I won't be buying the system.



Kirk said:


Well it didn't seem too bad when I tried my friends machine with a few different games but I'm still going to wait for at least an updated and improved "Lite" version of the 3DS before I even consider buying one.

There's just way too many things I don't like about the current model.



Shadowflash said:

@Gamesake My thoughts exactly. Actually, I could care less about the story. As long as it has a good online system; and the movie is good, I'm sold. Anything else is just a bonus to me .



Shotgunryugan said:

I've never played Tekken before,but i'm definitely buying this later on.

But first i need to buy Super Street Fighter 4 and Dead or Alive Dimensions.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Sounded more like a 8 / 10 for me as well, just sayin'. @James: And yes, i've read comment #42.
I don't care for fighting games but might pick it up for cheap one day because of the 3D movie.
But it's still great to see that the 3DS is a home to this. Any good core game beside the usual suspects on Ninty is a good thing in my book. Add in the much better graphics of the 3DS and games like RE, MGS, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, DoA, Ace Combat, Ridge Racer, FIFA, NfS, PES, Samurai Warriors and Driver might attract target audiences that the DS never could.

@James: So it can't be controlled with the C-Pad ? Calm down people, I know i'm not the first one asking that question here.


PS: I like how NL's reviews aren't as formulaic as those found on other sites. A truly great game is more than the mere sum of its components which is well-reflected here.



enda_o said:

This was a day 1 purchase for me up until a few days ago.

No Story mode at all
Cheap Lite Mode to ruin online
And the fact it barely looks improved from the PSP version was the final nail. Seriously the PSPs stages were 100x better looking than this.

Ill pick it up in the bargain bins in a few months.



James said:

Yeah, you can use the Circle Pad but that's no good for diagonals either.



retro_player_22 said:

@BulbasaurusRex Sorry but I have that game too and so does some of my friends and we play multiplayer (especially Tag & Team Battle) on that more times than any fighting games on the GBA. Barebone graphics? The graphics looks awesome for a portable game, the animations were smooth, the control works, the modes were fun, and single player experience were solid. Sure there are less characters in the game but each characters pack a whopping list of moves that balance the gameplay perfectly. This game on the other hand would have being something better if not for the addition of the Blood Vengeance movie. A deep Story Mode would being better here than that film anyways since I already saw that movie with Tekken Hydrid anyways.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@retro_player_22 I'll have to take a look at the available gameplay modes again, but I remember clearly how absolutely ugly the graphics are. The characters are barely recognizable and look like they're missing teeth.




ACTUALLY, sorry Quick Battle is Arcade Mode effectively - but I liked the CGI endings as it had a completionist feeling to it and I'm a fanman of the series



shimage said:

@James DoA:D has a similar problem with moves requiring diagonals, except in that game the touchscreen is basically useless.



AVahne said:

I'm pretty sure I've read the announcement that says that there's a Tag Challenge mode and Training mode. The only mode that seems to be missing in this game is Story Mode (probably replaced with the movie).



Chozo85 said:

I was tempted to pick this one up but the apparent limited single player is making me have second thoughts. I already have Super Street Fighter IV which seems to be more fleshed out in terms of game modes if not characters.

For the record, Nintendolife is one of my most trusted sights as far as reviews are concerned.



blackside said:

How can you score this and call it a review? You haven't touched on the most important part of the game.
It's unfair to give this a score because what if the multiplayer is awesome, deep, and the best on the system and takes the game up to a 8/9?
You should call this a preview, at the very least a review in progress. If you can't play the multiplayer yet, then don't review it.... By trying to get a review out early you've just made yourself's look unprofessional.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Chozo85 What are you talking about? The only gameplay modes that SSF4 has over Tekken are Story Mode (technically called Arcade Mode and something that was already criticized as having a minimal amount of 2D cutscenes), Dynamic View, and Challenges, the latter two not being very enjoyable and adding little to the gameplay. Meanwhile, Tekken has a real Arcade Mode (called Quick Battle) and Survival Mode that SSF4 doesn't have (plus the 3D movie). I don't get why everyone is complaining about Tekken's lack of gameplay modes but gives SSF4 a pass with the same problem.



AVahne said:

I just bought this game and I don't regret it...but now I really do recommend that other people wait for a price drop. Its really unbalanced and so far there aren't much people playing online. Also, it doesn't even seem that Namco wants to make money off of this game, barely any retailer is selling it. But other than that, the gameplay is really nice and the graphics and 3D are quite nice too.



Undead_terror said:

hope i can get this the weekend but if not i will see about Doa or something,i already have blazblue and street fighter



Retro_on_theGo said:

Sigh This review (and the comments) has only made me more on the fence about this game. If anything it confirmed I'm waiting for a price drop.
I LOVE Tekken, but this game really does sound too lacking for full price. The second I see a sale I'll definitely get it though. I prefer Tekken over every fighter released on the 3DS so far and can't wait to own it.



jamiljamtheman said:

I bought the game today, and really it deserves closer to an 8. The "quick battle" mode is basically your normal Arcade mode but minus the cutscenes, which I DID like a lot from other Tekkens but we have an hour+ long cutscene included with the game. I haven't tried special survival yet, but it seems like it'll be a real challenge as you fight more survival rounds. The graphics are amazingly close to the console Tekken 6(you have to see it ON the 3DS), and the game runs silky smooth and the controls are all great even in 3D. It's the core fighting and graphics that really matter, especially especially the fighting and gameplay, and those factors are there and represented amazingly. All 41 Tekken 6 characters, amazing graphics, incredibly smooth gameplay, and all the moves from Tekken 6 if I'm not mistaken. Add a movie, and what's missing? Cutscenes. Are these things really so important that it'd make people not buy a game?

PLEASE Pick this up, and tell me how all of what I just said sounds to you

NOTE: The online is pretty laggy. Then again, so is SSFIV 3D's and even the console versions of Tekken 6.
Oh well :/



Ducutzu said:

@ jamiljamtheman:
Many thanks for your impressions. I find that impressions like that, written by someone that seems a balanced person, are often equally valuable as a full review.



Chozo85 said:

@BulbasaurusRex You partly answered your own question. SSF4 has a proper story mode unlike Tekken. Perhaps my perception is colored by the fact that SSF4 was the first 3DS fighting game and had no competition but Tekken comes at a time when we already have SSF4 and DOA (which also has a more comprehensive single player).



Undead_terror said:

you know,when you think about it,the game could of come with a download ticket for the movie because you can buy videos on the e shop so its like a special video you could only get from a ticket or something,but does the charaters have a second costume or colour edits?



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Chozo85 So? SSF's Story Mode is just Tekken's Quick Battle Mode with a few lousy cutscenes added. Tekken has a whole movie of cutscenes (and in 3D), AND it has a Survival Mode that SSF doesn't have. You can argue that having the cutscenes tailored to the individual characters and shown between interactive fights is better than what Tekken does, but you can't argue that SSF has more gameplay modes.



retro_player_22 said:

@BulbasaurusRex If you play the game on Game Boy Player, the game would look pixelated, sometime blurry, and glitchy at times but on a GBA SP, it looks just fine, on GB Micro it looks even better. The game was based on Tekken 3 and since it borrow the polygonal character arts from Tekken 3, the characters may look more like dolls than actual figures. The modes in Tekken Advance are Arcade, Versus Battle, Tag, Versus Tag, Team Battle, Versus Team Battle, Survival Mode, Time Attack, and Practice Mode. The only disappointment I had with Tekken Advance was that it doesn't feature any endings, it lacks the character intro and win pose and only had one unlockable character. Had the game had more unlockables, then it would be a solid replayable fighting game but all the fun modes makes up for that.



jamiljamtheman said:

Yeah I'm experiencing that now too. I dunno, maybe it was just fast on Launch day, because after that the online indeed lags. Oh well. :/
Sorry for the misunderstanding.



cutepichu57 said:

I have the game. My best character is Kazuya of course. But im also super pumped for the new Tekken game coming out, which is Tekken tag tournament 2.



Undead_terror said:

got the game today and its really good,the only problem i have is its pretty hard(well i got to get use to playing it first) and yoshimitsu gets hurt when he spins other then that its all good but i did heard that there was no costumes yet there was colour change,did see costumes but no colour change and another good thing is that you can register it on club nintendo!



BulbasaurusRex said:

I agree with the 7, but you strangely neglected to mention the real problems with this game.

1. The touchscreen shortcuts are way too restrictive. You mention it not allowing the longer combos, but it's actually a lot more restrictive than that. You're only allowed to use them for a slight fraction of each character's repertoire.

2. The timing on the combos is way too strict. You have to press the buttons right after each other as fast as you can to get any of them to work. Are all Tekken games like this?

3. The difficulty level is too high in single player. Even on easy with one round per match, it takes me at least 30 matches to clear Quick Battle with each character.



PinkSpider said:

Are any stores actually stocking this gam? as I have not seen it anywhere except online I'm guessing it hasn't sold very well because of this.



Ducutzu said:


After playing the game this weekend, I agree too with your point number 2. I have to press Y, X, B as fast as possible... and I find that I am not as quick as required.

That's part of the reason why, for me, this game feels quite static in comparison to Dead or Alive Dimensions.



dizzy_boy said:

tekken prime doesn`t deserve 7, maybe a 5 at best.
i don`t understand why namco renamed the arcade mode as free play, and not even give the characters the usual endings that you`d normally expect.
for those who are new to tekken, putting the game in the easiest setting would normaly help to give you a fair chance, which it does for the first few matches, then it just goes into cheap overdrive for the last remaining matches, which is really of putting.
the 3D display is terrible, it`s really hard to get it in the right spot for the affect to work. for most games it`s not a problem, but i just turn it of for this one.
the cards as an unlockable element of the game is pretty useless too, i`d rather have new costumes, or charecter bio`s or something a lit bit more worthwhile.
the gameplay is no way near as fluid or entertaining as Dead or Alive. although i do find Dead or Alive really easy, and doesn`t have any form of an arcade mode what so ever.
so, really, tekken prime and DoAD should be two of the 3D`s great games, but their flaws are just too annoying to recomend eother of them. go with street fighter 4 instead.




So they release this for the 3DS and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the HD consoles. The 3DS game is quite decent but that isn't good from Namco Bandai IMHO




They should've just waited and released Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on the 3DS. This is "decent" but not as decent an all round package as SSFIV and DoA Dimensions - and I'm a Tekken fan.



kyuubikid213 said:

Okay, I finally got Tekken 3D Prime Edition. It isn't bad, but I find that a lack of a nice meaty single player is a bit disappointing. A lot of my Tekken Fan friends hate the "Story Modes," but I would rather play through grueling hours of a terrible transition from fight to fight to be able to unlock somebody as oppoosed to getting the game BRAND NEW only to see that I have unlocked everyone from the mere act of opening the box. 6/10 for nothing to do alone. As for multiplayer, that's great and all, but if I can't enjoy a game 100% by myself, what's the point of playing it with someone else? Resident Evil Revelations has great single player. As do Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus. Resident Evil the Mercenaries 3D even gives me incentive to play even if I buy it used. Hell, even Dead or Alive tries to catch me up with the rest of the series in single player. But Tekken...damn... Hope Tag Tournament 2 on Wii U is better...



kyuubikid213 said:

I would recommend Dead or Alive. It has something for you to do by yourself. The online is laggy, but its excusable for the decent story and awesome modes.

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