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With TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION, the most popular fighting game franchise finally arrives on Nintendo 3DS, with brand new features and exclusive gameplay modes making full use of the console's unique functionality.

Additionally, the full-length 3D animated movie TEKKEN Blood Vengeance will be included with the game, the first time ever a full film has appeared on a 3DS cartridge!

→ Immerse yourself in the TEKKEN universe – Over 40 characters, totally new battle stages, and stages specially redesigned for 3DS will be featured in TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION.

→ Incredible bonus: full TEKKEN Blood Vengeance 3D movie – For the first time, a full-length CG animated movie is included on a 3DS cartridge! Watch TEKKEN Blood Vengeance on your Nintendo 3DS screen in full 3D!

→ Challenge the game in the Special Survival mode – Beat as many opponents as possible in a row, defeat special bosses and earn cards for your collection of TEKKEN cards and trade them through the Street Pass online feature.

→ Take on other players in the Versus mode – Challenge your friends to versus combat in local play or throw down the gauntlet with any player in internet play to push your rank as high as possible.

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Posted by James Newton

A prime fighting machine

Tekken 3D Prime Edition is only the second Nintendo appearance for the King of Iron Fist tournament, the last being 2002's dodgy Tekken Advance on Game Boy Advance. With fighting games enjoying a resurgence on 3DS, does Namco Bandai's second hit strike a...

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User Comments (14)



JGMR said:

Although I'm sure it will be a great game, Namco could've been more friendly by including the previous TEKKEN arcade titles part 1 to 3 (instead of the film), for Nintendo gamers that missed out over the years...



Undead_terror said:

like to play yoshimitsu but i already got a few fighters for the 3ds so im gonna wait or maybe gonna buy



Omenapoika said:

I hope this is good... I've already got a so-so fighter in the SF4, but the movie could make a deal
PS. loving the new look NL!



Tate24 said:

love that lots characters to play and you unlock 700 cards of all different images in game and previous games!

and that got online etc.

but gutted no story mode as i use to love to watch character trailers at the end of arcade mode



DanielHPoetry said:

All I get when playing online is lag, LAG, LAAAAAAAAG! This is my favorite fighting franchise and want to nothing more than to love this game, but it's just too unplayable. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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