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Super Monkey Ball 3D Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Are you ready to roll?

Since the original Super Monkey Ball released alongside Nintendo's Gamecube console back in 2001, the series has experienced a roller coaster ride with as many bumps as its level designs. While we've seen some solid releases over the years, fans have typically continued to clamor for a return to the series' roots. While Super Monkey Ball 3D does resurrect many of the gaming ideas from the original Gamecube releases, its new twists and Kororinpa influences far exceed the classic moments and when coupled with the brand new 3D visuals turn a familiar idea into a brand new experience, and a surprisingly fun one at that.

Although Super Monkey Ball 3D claims to feature three modes of play, it's really the classic Super Monkey Ball mode and two mini-games, Monkey Race and Monkey Fight. The standard mode of play once again places your monkey inside a ball and forces you to tilt the level itself in order to navigate your way to the goal within the set time limit. If you fall off of a ledge or run out of time, you'll have to start the level all over again. Along the way you'll be able to collect bananas for extra points, as well as a hidden ball containing a special treasure in certain levels.

If you've played a Super Monkey Ball game before, you should be versed as far as what to expect from the actual gameplay of the classic mode. While the thin ledges aren't quite as prevalent this time around, there are plenty of other hazards to deal with, ranging from bumpers that if touched will hurl your monkey off in the opposite direction, to tilted floors that will make your careful balancing act that much more difficult. The game also features a lot of maze-style levels that will not only challenge your manoeuvring, but also force you to find your way to the goal, something that will be quite tricky in later levels.

There are eight worlds to conquer, each featuring 10 levels including the trademark banana collecting level at the midpoint of each world. Each world has its own unique theme with everything from levels filled with candy treats to a haunted level complete with spooky trees and ghosts swirling around. When you begin the game, only four worlds will be available, but as you complete these initial worlds more difficult areas will be unlocked. While playing through the game's levels in order will likely monopolise your playing time, you can go back and play any single level that you've unlocked if you need a little practice.

Monkey Race should be familiar to fans of the original Gamecube release and tosses you behind the wheel of a Monkey Kart in a race to the finish line. This mode allows you to play solo or bring in up to three other local players for a little multiplayer racing action. There are three circuits to choose from, each featuring three tracks. You can choose to tackle the entire circuit, or race individual tracks. The gameplay is extremely similar to that of Mario Kart in that not only is the actual driving important, but also the use of speciality items. You'll have access to everything from disco balls that will temporarily dizzy your opponents with strobe lights, to giant ice cubes that will spin around the track taking out any opposing racer they touch. In all honesty Monkey Race does very little new and tends to stick to many of the best kart racing gameplay ideas that have come before it, but it's not a bad thing to have as a bonus.

Super Smash Bros. fans should find a lot to like with Monkey Fight as they share a number of similarities. Playing either solo against the CPU opponents or with three other local players, you'll quickly find yourself tossed into an all-out brawl in which your ultimate goal is to be the player with the most number of points when the timer runs out. You'll be able to earn points by only pummeling your opponents, but also picking up the many bananas that are dropped throughout each bout, jumping between the different platforms and using a host of fighting moves mapped to the buttons. Not only do you have a set of standard fighting moves at your disposal, but each monkey also has their own unique special moves that can be quite devastating. Much like Monkey Race, you'll likely find this mode to be far more engaging with other players rather than going it solo, but at the very least it's yet another fun diversion from the main game.

The best Super Monkey Ball releases have featured tight and responsive controls over the years and Super Monkey Ball 3D is no exception. The analogue Circle Pad does an outstanding job of offering up just the right amount of precision needed to navigate the tricky ledges of the game. The inclusion of tilt controls is a nice added bonus, but they ultimately lack the precision needed for a game of this type, not to mention are nearly impossible to make use of while remaining in the 3D sweet spot. The control schemes of Monkey Race and Monkey Fight are also extremely well done and offer the perfect balance of variety and simplicity, allowing players to focus more on enjoying the experience and less on struggling with complicated controls.

We've already seen some 3DS games look better in 3D than others, but Super Monkey Ball 3D really shines when it comes to the depth. While the foregrounds are generally colourful and vibrant, it's the backdrops that truly highlight the visual package. The variety in the individual worlds is astounding and you'll find yourself constantly looking ahead wondering what the next world's visual theme will offer. The animations are silky smooth and even in Monkey Race where the action is a bit speedier, the frame rate remains consistent. It's nice to see a Super Monkey Ball game with a bit more visual flair and this game definitely delivers.

In keeping with the wide variety of visual themes, the game also features a huge range of musical tracks as well. As with most games in the series, the music is not only fitting, but equally catchy. All of the traditional monkey sound effects are intact, not to mention a few new twists to mix things up. As solid a job as the 3DS speakers do of presenting the musical score, this is definitely a game you'll want to consider using headphones on. In truth, this might very well be the best Super Monkey Ball soundtrack to date.


There will inevitably be some long-time fans disappointed by the game's far tamer level designs and lack of fan favourite Monkey Target mini-game, but those who can open their minds up to something a bit different might actually find the game a fun and engaging experience. The game's toned down difficulty does open up the game to a much wider audience, but it will ultimately be the flashy 3D visuals and fun multiplayer action that really pulls people in. Super Monkey Ball 3D might not be perfect, but its enjoyable moments end up far outweighing its few minor deficiencies.

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User Comments (117)



Twilight_Crow said:

Great Review Corbie, this is one of the few 3DS games I´m interested in,being a fn of the series. I´m glad to hear the controls are fine and the gameplay is fun. Thanks.



zeeroid said:

Monkey Target is definitely the one thing that keeps me coming back to this series. Without that... I dunno. As with many of the 3DS' initial offerings, I may jump on board once the price drops significantly.



Yasume said:

Great review, now I'm really glad that I picked this game as my first 3DS title. I'm also very relieved that the controls are good, because that was my main concern.

I do have one question though: How's the replay value? Is there any bonus content after you beat the game? Speed challenges, banana collecting or anything like that?



Corbs said:

There are a couple of small surprises after you beat the game, plus you can always go back and earn medals on the worlds by scoring more points. There's still stuff to do after your initial run is over, don't worry.



47drift said:

Are there unskippable credits after every few levels? And do you have the ability to jump?

Both of these things ruined Monkey Ball for me with Banana Blitz and Touch & Roll.



Corbs said:

No, you won't play those credits until you beat the entire game and no you don't have the ability to jump.



Phobos said:

I've never played Super Monkey Ball before, so this should be enjoyable! Great review, Corbs; it actually changed my mind - now I might pick this up at launch.



JoeDiddley said:

Was leaning towards Pilotwings as my second 3DS purchase until this review, I will have to wait until the review of that game too before I weigh things up in my mind.



Corbs said:

Pilotwings Resort review should be up Monday or Tuesday, so you won't have to wait much longer.




WOOHOO! Another one of my pre-orders comes up trumps (along with SSFIV)! Next is Piltowings Resort

Some reviewers are complaining about the lack of content and knocking down to a 7/10. I don't give a funk....bring it on.

Great revw Corbs!



zezhyrule said:

Great review Corbie! I doubt I'll ever get this game but it's nice to see those picking the 3DS up at launch get some good games.



Weblaus said:

I'm really pretty surprised by that 8, since I feel almost completely different on, well.. about everything.

I found the game very disappointing (yes, I got a review copy, too): Looks nice indeed, but it's simply way too short with just 80 levels that offer almost no challenge at all and very little variety in obstacles. Sure, if you are the type to chase high scores, you've got a bit more to do, but no other Monkey Ball could be finished in less than two hours before. I think it's a flawed design when the levels in world 8 are just as easy to complete as the ones in world 2.

The racing is very avearge, handling feels pretty poor and the track design is dull. The fighting stuff, okay.. I personally don't like Smash Bros, so I won't judge that part. Dropping everything else was a bad decision on Sega's part.

Edit: I just read Corbs' comments on Ridge Racer 3D, so I'm even more surprised to see this rated actually higher, especially since he's agreeing on RR3D's supposed lack of variety and mentaiones some strain on the eyes (you're not seriously playing the third-person-view there, are you?), both things Monkey Ball could be accussed of rightfully, as well. Even more so, I'd say.



andyutd97 said:

hmmmm. Somehow I think NL have lost the plot with 3D games. Monkeyball rated higher than Ridge Racer. Every other review Ive read has given Ridge Racer a nice review and monkey ball a poor one. How come you didnt mention tilting the screen in 3D is horrible. Dunno but Im confused with the marking scheme going on at the moment.



Corbs said:

Sure the game is easier, but that doesn't make it that much less appealing. In fact, it would probably make it far more appealing to a wider audience or someone who wants to sit down and relax with the game, rather than sitting on the edge of their seat trying to beat levels. I'm reviewing the game for everyone, not just core gamers. And when people read other reviews they can see what those people thought of the game and its content and form their own collective idea of what to expect from the game. That's why I always encourage people to read multiple reviews.

And I found this game FAR easier on the eyes than Ridge Racer, by a significant margin, in fact. And with the Monkey Race and Monkey Fight, I felt like that was enough additional variety to warrant the score.



andyutd97 said:

What happened to all the other mini games corbie. Surely theres a lack of content



Corbs said:

I was pretty clear about what's included in the game. If you think that's not enough content, chances are it's not a game for you.



DrCruse said:

This could be the first good Monkey Ball since SMB2 on the Gamecube. They've still bastardized the character design though.



andyutd97 said:

be honest corbie do you really think this game is better than Ridge Racer. Im just surprised as this goes against everything Ive read and all the various reviews Ive seen so far.




Finally, an open-minded, balanced review of a Monkey Ball game trying to find a wide audience (ie. one that's not core leaning) Thanks Corbs



Corbs said:

Yes, I adamantly think this game is better than Ridge Racer. I've put about 10 hours into Ridge Racer and about 25 hours into Super Monkey Ball and it's my opinion that Super Monkey Ball is a better overall package. And I'll try to read some other reviews of the games at a later date as I never read reviews of games I'm going to be covering until after I've already submitted my review for publication. Just my policy.



dan561 said:

Is there no online multiplayer mode then? From other reviews I thought there was.



Corbs said:

No, there is no online multiplayer in this game whatsoever.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Great review, Corbs! I'm so happy to hear some of these positive comments. I've been hearing things about it that have me really worried about the whole thing, but I think I should still just try it for myself and see what I think of it. After all, I enjoyed Step & Roll (when you play it the way you're supposed to) and most long-time fans hated it. I thought this concluding sentence in particular was perfect:

"There will inevitably be some long-time fans disappointed by the game's far tamer level designs and lack of fan favourite Monkey Target mini-game, but those who can open their minds up to something a bit different might actually find the game a fun and engaging experience."

Thank you so much for saying that. That totally put me at ease.



Froggievilleus said:

This is a game that I have preordered for US launch. Glad it got a great review. And I am glad that is can be played at a leisurely pace instead of an edge of your seat pace. My son (soon to be 4) loves the various videos I have found and I look forward to playing the game with him watching. Great review Corbie



Hyawatta said:

Does Super Monkey Ball 3D feature download play for multiplayer from one cartridge like Steel Diver does? Thank you.



Weskerb said:

Actually the toning down of difficulty is a good thing imo. Banana Blitz got overly frustrating for me after about world 4, but i found it really fun up until then, especially going back to try and collect all the bananas. On the 3DS I get the impression from the review that there are 8 enjoyable worlds instead of 4 enjoyable and 4 frustrating worlds. That's a good thing IMO. Real shame about Monkey Target though, that would have been epic in 3D.



Weblaus said:

@Aviator: Yes, so? Does that mean I have to agree with it automatically? Bear in mind that I've played the game as well, unlike most everyone here.

@billy-beauts: I'd agree that toned-down difficulty can be a good thing (though I'd say previous Monkey Balls suffered more from random difficulty spikes than general imbalance), but on 3D they toned it down too much. I've died a total of maybe 10 times on all 80 levels combined and I'm an averagy Monky Ball player at best.

@Corbs: By saying that you're reviewing something for everyone,in this case you're seeking the lowest common denominator and fail to keep the balance - you're actually telling of so-called "core gamers" somewhat. If something is so easy even complete rookies can beat it with barly any effort, fine - as long as there are any difficulty levels to chose from. Monkey Ball 3D just lacks any challenge for anyone who is even remotely experienced with videogames. That surely has to count as some kind of flaw, doesn't it?

I can't wrap my brain around your claim of playing that game for 25 hours.. what did you do all this time with it? Content-wise, this must be the slimmest Monkey Ball ever except maybe the DS game.

I know you didn't review Ridge Racer, but that got heavily critized for having offline multiplayer only and a supposed lack of evolution (in a racing game, doh), both things that are valid for Monkey Ball as well yet barely mentioned.



CowLaunch said:

Quite disappointed by lack of online multiplayer and difficult levels. Probably the only launch title that would have persuaded me to buy a 3DS at launch. I'll save some money I guess.



TeeJay said:

Nice review, Corbs! If I had the money I'd get it. Can't wait to see the Pilotwings review on Monday or Tuesday!



SonicMaster said:

Awesome! I always got ticked off by the difficulty, so this'll make it beatable for me. Also, the minigames I liked are still there. Great review, Corbs.



theblackdragon said:

@Weblaus: No one's asking you to agree, merely to respect the fact that Corbie apparently didn't find the things you're talking about to be major flaws in terms of this game. As always, Nintendo Life is not the be-all, end-all of game reviews on the internet, nor do we claim to be, and we recommend for everyone to do their homework and read multiple reviews (or even wait for the game's release and check out some user impressions) before making a decision to buy any game.



triforceofcourage said:

D: jeez people! A review is a review. Not everyone will have the same opinions. If you don't agree that's fine! But don't go dissing the review. Especially if you haven't played the game.
btw, What other 3DS game reviews should we expect to see before launch?



komicturtle said:

Banana Blitz was the hardest Monkey Ball game. The jump ability was a cool addition imho. It's just the levels were really hard... Or I guess the tilting the Wiimote made it challenging (which is a good thing but it's really frustrating).



SilverBaretta said:

Awesome, Corbie, maybe I'll pick this up sooner than later. I do find it interesting how Monkey Fight got a bit of a makeover, so that should be pretty fun to play.



Slapshot said:

Great thorough review Corbie!

I will be picking this up for a play through as well. After reading the review, I have to say that I'm quite excited to once again get into a Monkey Ball game, and with 3D visuals to boot.

It's a little disappointing that the motion controls didn't pan out. It seems that the system would be perfect for it.



warioswoods said:

There will inevitably be some long-time fans disappointed by the game's far tamer level designs and lack of fan favourite Monkey Target mini-game

Darn right. Monkey Ball will remain dead to me until they fire the chimpanzee currently responsible for level design and start trying to challenge the player again.

It's not just the difficulty that has changed... the original Monkey Ball levels were nothing short of ingenious, with more original ideas in that first game alone than in all the combined sequels of the past several years.



Weskerb said:

It's really annoying when people come on here trying to kill interesting debate. I think Corbs embraces challenges to his review and can handle himself, as demonstrated by his replies.

@Weblaus So where can we read your review?



Imerion said:

Nice, this review made me a bit more interested in the game. I was planning to skip it, but now I might actually get it.
There's one thing that would make it definite: single-card multiplayer.
Does anyone know if the game can be played with multiple players using a single game?



Xkhaoz said:

Great review Corbs. I'll probably get this after Pilotwings and SSFIV3D.



Raylax said:

Lol, wow. They don't include the one minigame that would be perfectly suited to the 3DS? That's suprising, to say the least.

EDIT: Wait, no it's not. I'll give it a year before Super Monkey Ball 3D 2 brings it back.



Portista said:

In the review, it's sounds like it should get a 9. You give a lot of praise besides saying it doesn't have the Monkey Target mini-game.



Terra said:

So glad this is one of the games I chose to pre-order for launch, it's gonna be great



pikku said:

I'll pass. It sounds like it doesn't have enough meat for a $40 price tag, to me, at least. I think I'll pick up the original on GCN (and maybe the second, as well) and play those instead. It'll be cheaper as well.



Megumi said:

If what Corbie says about the credits are true, then...YAY! I hope I have enough money to get these games, since I'm buying two systems....ooh ooh! Do Bust-A-Move next!!!



Weblaus said:

To the people asking where they can read my review: You can't, because it'll be in a print magazine yet to be released. And apart from the score, most probably wouldn't understand a lot of it because it'll be German. That said, on a 10-point-scale I'd rate it with a 6, based on playing through the whole level set (which takes a whopping two hours, just to point that out again) and putting ample time in with the other two modes (and consulting people who do like Smash Bros.)

I find it amusing that I seem to be accused of killing "interesting debate" solely because I have a different opinion I actually explained my reasons for... how would there be any debate at all if everything's just a single-minded lovefest?

@theblackdragon: What rubs me the wrong way is that he's somewhat belittling differing opinions himself in his closing statement by basically implying that people who don't like the casualization of the game are sort of close-minded. Like I wrote above: Aiming to please everyone, be it in the game or the review, just doesn't always work out fine.



SilverBaretta said:

@Weblaus: I wouldn't say it's your opinion people are getting riled up about, and you are actually presenting reasons to back up your argument, but the way you're presenting it comes off as a little disrespectful. However, as billy-beauts said, Corbs does seem to like the challenge, so I guess there's not really a reason to get that steamed.



WaveGhoul said:

I'm most likely going to pass on this one due to the tame level design and weak challenge. The lack of the jump mechanic is kind of dissapointing. Banana blitz imo offered the perfect challenge and being able to jump added more to the experience and made things feel less restricted. Next up is Rayman 2 3D! Don't let me down!

I hate it when companies dumb down a franchise in order to appeal to more casual gamers.
That's what slightly happened to SSB Brawl regarding it's broken air dashing and slower physics, and even Super Mario Kart Wii



Corbs said:

@Weblaus - That line from the conclusion is in no way belittling people at all. Everyone has times when they're open-minded about things and times when they're close minded about them, depending on the situation, or game in this case. I was speaking mainly to fans of the series in that statement and letting them know that the game is a bit different from past games in some ways and if they're not open to those changes in look and feel, they might not get the same level of enjoyment out of the experience as those you can embrace the new twists. It's as simple as that.

And as for single-card play, you can download one level from both Monkey Fight and Monkey Race to play if someone doesn't have the game cart. But to experience all of the tracks and fighting arenas, you'll need everyone to have the game.




Thanks for yet another great revw from Corbs and the hard work associated with it (as u've had some other revws to do as well lately). Thanks for your comments too Webaus. However, is it possible to have at least some edited English impressions on the forums since you've taken so much trouble to critique Corbs' revw (which is also an opinion, u understand) ? Thanks



ianmage1 said:

My brother, for some odd reason, played Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz, before I read this. The game has been left alone for years, and he chose to play it.



Weblaus said:

@LEGEND MARIOID; Highly unlikely, but I think my main criticisms have come across already: too short, way too undemanding/dumbed down, little variety in stage design, no difficulty progression at all, Fight and especially Race are lacklustre, no other minigames available. That sums up to a still above-average game that doesn't compare favourably to most of its predecessors. For half the price, I'd maybe recommend it anyway. Oh yeah, not having to play the credits after every world is a big plus, actually (hated that on the DS version).

@Corbs: We'll probably have to agree to disagree. I'd be honestly curious what you consider as worthwhile new twists (not counting the 3D effect), though.



Corbs said:

I like the themes of each world and how they're implemented into the individual levels, not to mention the way the game feels a lot like Kororinpa at times in taking some of the emphasis off of thin ledges and places it on avoiding hazards and having to find your way to the goal. I have to admit, I also loved going back and locating the treasures. I probably spent more time on that than anything else. LOL

I was able to squeeze about 20+ hours into it by the time I played all the way through the game using both control methods, went back and earned medals on all of the worlds, found all of the treasures, and spent some significant time with Race and Fight using various monkeys.

So yeah, I believe it's best we agree to disagree on this one. I do appreciate the discussion, though. I respect your opinion, but in the end my name goes on this one, so I have to call it like I see it. And now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to Pilotwings Resort.



Token_Girl said:

Great review. I don't think the basic Monkey Ball premise is worth a $40 release price, but I'll definitely keep my eye out for price drops.



SwerdMurd said:

aww...doesn't quite seem the way I expected, but not enough to cancel my preorder over. Here's to 80 solid levels and 2 actually-fleshed-out minigames (50 on Banana Blitz was nice....but they were so insanely shallow!)



Corbs said:

I'm still waiting for Super Monkey Ball RPG. Now when that hits, I'll be a happy man.



moosa said:

Guys, you can't debate someone's opinion. Nobody's opinion can be "wrong." The way to go about this is to listen to the other person's opinion and then state your own in comparison and contrast. Trying to prove someone else's opinion wrong in any way is just silly.

Thanks for the review Corbie. I've decided it isn't for me. The original Monkey Ball has my heart, with all it's thrills and crazy challenges. The challenge is what made that game for me. I'm sure I could enjoy this for a little while, but it wouldn't keep me coming back.



Corbs said:


There is a character that you can unlock if you can rack up a fairly hefty amount of play coins. I'll leave the players to find out who it is.



RYBlast said:

Good review. I wasn't interested in the game at all, but now I'm actually considering buying it on launch.



Corbs said:

I rank this one just below Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2 for me personally.



SwerdMurd said:

PS - Monkey Target wasn't nearly as great as people like to pretend it was....no idea why it's gotten the "zomg easily best minigame ever" award so frequently



Yasume said:

Oh, I forgot to ask, does this game have multiple save slots? My younger sister would like to play it as well.



Corbs said:

I don't believe it does Yasume, I think there's just the one.



Yasume said:

I see, well I guess we can work it out. I will probably let her play it until she beat it. She's not much of a completionist anyway. =)



Lotice-Paladin said:

This looks to be one of the few 3DS games I'm interested in, but I'm waiting until a years past to see what the 3DS will be capable of in the future.

No Monkey Target? Not sure if it's in the iOS version either...



realar said:

Yes!! This will be my first ever 3DS game it's decided!
But seriously they really skimped on the minigames this time. Compared to past Monkey Ball titles- Super Monkey Ball 2 still to me is the best in the series.



daznsaz said:

ive ordered monkey ball and splinter cell hopefully get them day before release in post i think mball should show off the 3d well not long now hopefully midnight thurs



TheBaconator said:

Well then I guess I have been in spreading false ideas through my head for the past 8 years...But, the game is still lacking in the Party games. No Monkey Dogfight, Bowling, or Golf also kill it for me.
And is there an Epic story mode like the one in 2 where Doctor Bad-Boon comes back for revenge?



Colors said:

I've never gotten a super monkey ball game, but since this got a pretty good score, I'm gonna get it.



Azikira said:

You know, from the sound of it Super Monkey Ball 3D sounds like a good adventure while it lasts, plus it has a little bit of fighting and racing, so its like instead of looking at it like you just got a Super Monkey Ball game, you can look at it like you got Super Monkey Ball, Super Street Fighter 4, and Ridge Racer or Asphalt 3D all mooshed into a Super Monkey Ball game



zander said:

hey corbs i know you havnt got the pilotwings review yet but which one would you get super monkey ball or pilot wings i know super street fighter is my first choice and now i need your help



KeeperBvK said:

@Azikira: You can't really look at it like that, since minigames have always been an integral part of Monkey Ball. From your point of view one could also regard any Mario Kart as a Mario Kart game (the racing) plus - dunno, Call of Duty or anything else, as it has weapons.



Corbs said:

@zander - I'd go with Pilotwings Resort. A bit more polished and a lot of fun to play, in all truth.



Azikira said:

@KeeperBvK: Im just saying as a launch title, not as a franchise. Personally I would've loved to see Tennis and Monkey Target return, but beggers cant be choosers.



Yoshidude said:

Pilotwings Resort got a 7 out of 10 and this game got an 8 out of 10. Thus, this game is better.



Tate24 said:

I like sound monkey ball fight! I dont know why people get so upset that monkey target isnt in game it was so dull?



CerealKiller062 said:

Most of you guys that are complaining about the score or the lack of levels or mini games, clearly are trying to compare it to older games. That is not how you review a game. You have to review it as if it was the first game you ever played. Atleast from the series



Weblaus said:

That's simply not true. Good reviewing always includes comparing a game to other similar games, and in cases like this obviously the prequels simply shouldn't be ignored.



PJRandall said:

Hmmm... y'know, I've never played a SMB game before. This may be my first...Well, I'll either get this or Pilotwings for my next game.



winter123 said:

Worried it won't be as hardcore-friendly as the first two games. You know, how you could take the easy way around the outside but it takes longer, or blow through the center where you have to go really fast but bounce off of stick with huge holes in between them. I'm worried that is lost from this series forever. Still I may do the $25 off amazon promotion and get this for 15 dollars.



Supremeist said:

Wow I heard a while ago the controls were horrid and the 3D didn't have much affect. Oh well, I'm not really interested in Monkey Ball anyway. Sounds kinda fun though!



PhillaLoup said:

this game is straight garbage ... i would give it a 4 out of 10 ... too easy, too short, loveless leveldesign ... poorly created mini-games.



Corbs said:

I'm going back through the game again and probably enjoying it even more the second time through. So relaxing and fun to play.



nintendog said:

Im So Exeited To Get A 3DS Soon. When i Do I Will Probobly Get This Game. Sounds Really Good!



Ickaser said:

Two things: First, this is an incredibly long comment thread. Second, I'm not entirely happy with the level designs. There aren't many levels that are genuinely fun to play and a lot of the course design came out pretty bland in my opinion. BUT, it's still a very fun game.



BR4N said:

It would be cool if this game had as much mini-games as SMB Banana Blitz.



kdognumba1 said:

I was just looking at this game, like many other games that had trailers and info before the launch, it was showing off online multiplayer in the trailer..... I'm glad I came here and checked out the review first.



joevox316 said:

I miss the death defying insanity of the original Monkey Ball games. I own this but I found it to be quite boring. The levels, in my opinion, offer virtually no challenge at all. Railings everywhere make it almost impossible to ever fall. It's just...rolling a ball around rather easy "mazes." There aren't even very many of them. I dunno. Disappointed.



Gridatttack said:

Im sad, the game is okay, but its too easy. SEGA is just focusing on the gimmicky aspect of consoles, hence why this game is so easy.

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