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United States

Tue 22nd Mar 2011

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zander commented on Review: Asphalt 3D (3DS):

my friend code is 3050-7580-6499 and i hate using all of this friend crap i wish they would just make it like the PS3 friend stuff.i want some friends to play super street fighter with



zander commented on Review: Pilotwings Resort (3DS):

i have discoverd wuhu island on wii fit and done everything on wii sports resort so my 2 picks are super street fighter and super monkey ball. there is not much other than the missions and 3d that iam missing here plus i heard you can beat it with in 2-4 hours and monkey ball has loads of content along with street fighter.



zander commented on Review: Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS):

hey corbs i know you havnt got the pilotwings review yet but which one would you get super monkey ball or pilot wings i know super street fighter is my first choice and now i need your help