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Fri 14th Jan 2011

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Hyawatta commented on Review: Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones (...:

One of the best.

This is one of my favorite games of all time. It is very difficult, but not impossible. to beat. Even the story has cool plot twists. The synchronized double cyclone spin kick is an actual thing that looks different from ones that aren't in sync, and another cool move is to reverse the direction of the Summer-Assault in midair in order to send your enemy flying off in to opposite direction.



Hyawatta commented on Review: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (Wii U e...:

Double Dragon II is one of my favorite games of all time. The only thing missing from the Virtual Console versions is the ability to share my save file between the Wii U and 3DS versions. Also, I wish I could use the NES Max on the Virtual Console.



Hyawatta commented on Interview: Two Tribes - Toki Tori 2:

"would you consider a level editor to be an important feature in the Wii U version?"

I consider a level editor to be an important feature in the Wii U version. If it would delay the release of the game, then perhaps you can add it as DLC once the Wii U level editor is completed. Regardless, the Wii U version should have a level editor, one way or the other.



Hyawatta commented on Interview: Trent Oster - WiiWare from a Develo...:

"If the Wii U takes off and a number of independent developers do well on the platform we might take another look at it."

"I've looked through the 3DS eShop and it looks a hell of a lot better than the WiiWare store."

That's exactly what I needed to hear.

Also, "I'd like to see sales and developer features, show us the people who make the games."

We can see that Nintendo is already starting to do this by allowing Jools Watsham to get his own eShop corner.



Hyawatta commented on Talking Point: Lessons to be Learned from WiiW...:

Development Policy Improvements from WiiWare through eShop to Wii U

I read about how upset Beamdog’s Trent Oster was with his experience on WiiWare, but I have also heard good things, from Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham, about Nintendo’s eShop service in regards to how good the experience is for developers. It seems to me that Nintendo has changed their online service policies enough so that whatever faults Beamdog had with WiiWare will no longer apply to the 3DS and Wii U’s online services. However, Beamdog’s unwillingness to work with Nintendo anymore makes it seem as if nothing has changed.

Do you know if the sales performance thresholds before payments of royalties policy has been changed? If so, what is the new policy? Does Nintendo allow developers to set their own prices? What is Nintendo’s policy for promoting online titles? Has Nintendo’s certification process improved? If so, then what are the improvements? Can you describe Nintendo’s online development process in terms of how developers earn money? I have seen write ups of the WiiWare process, but I have not seen much about the eShop process, especially concerning payments and royalties. Basically, I’m trying to figure out if Beamdog is being stupid by neglecting to work with Nintendo in the future based on what happened in the past or if their concerns are still legitimate. If we know what all of the policies are, then we can decide for ourselves if they are reassuring, reasonable, or restrictive. Thank you.



Hyawatta commented on Rumour: We May See Big Capcom Announcements Ne...:

DarkStalkers Dimensions

There could be a Darkstalkers game that will only be out on the HD systems, and if we’re lucky, then it may come out for the 3DS too. I really like Darkstalkers, I wish Demitri had been in more games. However, it's about as difficult to get excited about it as it was to get excited about Marvel vs Capcom 3 because I only own Nintendo systems. It seems that the Nintendo 3DS is the only chance I have of playing mutiplatform titles. They don’t even have Super Street Fighter IV or Marvel vs Capcom 3, or even Super Street Fighter II HD Remix for PC or Onlive. I want all of these games, but the only one I could ever get was Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS. I don’t think I’ll actually get to play whatever it is they are trying to hype up.



Hyawatta commented on Brawl Brothers:

Back in the day, I played Rival Turf because Final Fight on SNES wasn't 2 players. So, yea I might get this. I already did get Final Fight 2 & 3 though. What I really need are Double Dragon 2, 3, & Super. for the Virtual Console.



Hyawatta commented on Talking Point: The 3DS Friends List is Severel...:

"And what is Wi-Fi messaging?

Sad news: PictoChat is dead. Good news: it's been replaced with a true online chat forum. Messaging gives you the same doodling/writing capabilities as those in PictoChat, only this time you communicate with online friends. Now you'll be able to tell your mates exactly what you thought of that Mario Kart blue shell on the finish line."



Hyawatta commented on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Takes the Fight to ...:

User Code System with Game/User Access and Availability Controls Solution

There should be one User Code for each user, instead of using a separate Friend Code for each game. The Nintendo 3DS system should include a menu in its firmware that allows you to control, organize and choose which of your games will be accessible to particular users that you have User Codes for.

For example, Let’s say that I have the games Nintendogs + Cats, Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, and Animal Crossing 3DS. Let’s say that I would like to play online games with the users Brother, Friend, and Acquaintance.

I want to be able to play all three of my games online with Brother; I want to play Street Fighter and Nintendogs with Friend, but I do not trust him to be in my town in Animal Crossing; I want to play Nintendogs online with Acquaintance, but I don’t want to play with him in Street Fighter or Animal Crossing.

Using the old Wii and DS/DSi Friend Code System, I would give my Friend Codes from all three games to Brother, and I would receive all three of his Friend Codes. Then, I would give only two of my Friend Codes, the one for Street Fighter and the one for Nintendogs, to Friend, and I would receive those two Friend Codes from him. Finally, I would swap Friend Codes for only Nintendogs with Acquaintance.

Using the new 3DS User Code System, I would give my User Code to each of the other three users, Brother, Friend, and Acquaintance, and I would receive each of their User Codes (Just one User Code from each of them). Then, I would go to the menu in the Nintendo 3DS firmware and organize the settings so that Brother has access to all three games, Friend sees only Street Fighter and Nintendogs, and Acquaintance can only see that I have Nintendogs.

The User Code System also allows for more customization. As with Monster Hunter Tri, having a User Code allows me to use any User name that I want for my account (Even if it is in use by other users). Also, it has the added benefit of allowing me to change these settings as I see fit. Besides having the ability to change my username whenever I want, I would no longer be stuck with someone having a Friend Code for my game where I no longer want to play online with that person. For example, if I no longer wanted to play Nintendogs with Acquaintance, I could hide the game from his view. Or, if I don’t want to play Street Fighter with Friend anymore, I can hide that game from his view. It would also be convenient to add games to users as well. If I wanted to play Street Fighter with Acquaintance I can make it available for him to see that I have it. Or, if I wanted to play Animal Crossing with Friend I can make that game available to him, all without having to provide or retrieve more Friend Codes. The User Code System should even be able to allow multiple users to login to a single Nintendo 3DS system with each of their configurations saved for them (Think of single system households with multiple Nintendo 3DS users).

I hope that this has been explained clearly enough. I believe that this will work, and I hope that Nintendo uses a system like this. As inconvenient as it is to use Friend Codes in their current state, at least it functionally keeps Friend and Acquaintance out of my Animal Crossing town. I would not prefer a system that allowed anyone with my User Code to connect to any of my games or even show them which games I own. As long as there is a way for me to control, set up, and organize which of my games are available to which users, then I’m good. That is why have not been too upset with the current system. However, I believe that this can be done in the firmware instead of through the use of multiple Friend Codes. With the Nintendo 3DS, now is an opportunity to improve the efficiency and convenience of a functionally effective system.