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United Kingdom

Sun 13th Mar 2011

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dan561 commented on Unsheath Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword on 2...:

Anyone else think, at least from the trailer, that the game looks really bad? Combat seems slow, predictable and unrealistic (I know realism isn't everything, but it usually results in less immersion and enjoyment). Graphics look poor, and the "idle" animations are the same repetitive, annoying and completely un-subtle ones that we had back in Ocarina of Time - look at 0:56 for the head-bobbing shopkeeper. I'll still give it a try if the review's good, probably.



dan561 commented on Charts: 27th December 2011 (UK):


AddictingGames isn't the only flash game website on the internet. Chances are the companies/people behind the flash games were also behind the Nintendo download ports. They definitely were in cases like Bloons where the name is the same.



dan561 commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

Is there a challenge mode like in the DS version?
Also, can you use the first person view with the circle pad?



dan561 commented on PilotWings Resort:

Looks great but also looks like the type of game that you'll run out of stuff to do in within several hours.