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Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) Review

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Posted by James Newton

A tri-umph

Monster Hunter Tri has a lot resting on its broad warrior’s shoulders. An online-enabled, unashamedly hardcore title for Wii with huge amounts of advertising and hype behind it, anything less than a critical and commercial success would be a huge blow to Capcom, as well as Nintendo’s never-ending crusade to market the Wii as a great console for serious gamers. Luckily for both companies, at least the quality is there.

For those new to the series, Monster Hunter Tri can be a daunting beast to tackle. Stripped of the luxuries of many third-person action games such as lock-on, monster health bars and automatic camera control, it can feel like taking a trip back in time as you wrangle with the controller. Ten hours in and you start to get a feel for it, learning your chosen weapon’s strengths and range of attacks, observing the monsters’ signs of weakness and deftly navigating the twin-stick controls for camera and character.

Although you can use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to play, it’s absolutely not recommended: fiddly button arrangement and a lack of precision mean a Classic Controller or Pro model are the only serious options. Of the two, the Pro is recommended as its digital triggers will come in handy for cycling through item menus, but both function far better than the Remote.

However you control your mighty warrior, you’ll spend almost all of your playtime staring at some of the finest graphics the Wii has so far produced. Environments are full of detail, with an excellent palette and texture definition on a par with anything on the system. The monsters are the real stars though, with superb modelling, animation and design turning each hunt into a believable, exciting quest, with all the close calls and unexpected attacks you’d want from any action game.

So far, so similar to the PSP Monster Hunter games, but one of the major innovations of Tri is the addition of underwater hunting. The full freedom of movement is initially every bit as disorienting as stepping onto land, and the game’s pre-eminent water wyvern Lagiacrus shows up early to test your evasion skills, but mastering the point-and-swim controls takes very little time. Most of the items and skills you use on dry land work identically underwater, but the slower movement helps hone your dash-and-slash patterns, and being able to chase a weakened wyvern under the waves makes you feel suitably ruthless.

With a story mode for the first time in the series’ history, solo players finally have a reason to hunt alone other than to gather gear for multiplayer. You learn the ropes slowly and, for a few hours, the name Monster Hunter seems totally inappropriate as you collect eggs, herbs, go fishing, tend to a farm and mine for iron ore. What you don’t realise is the game is gently easing you into a hypnotic routine of killing, carving and creating equipment, until each new discovery sends you rushing to the craftsman to see if any new armours or weapons are available. The patience required to see meaningful rewards is not to be underestimated, with even seasoned series veterans taking ten or fifteen hours to see any sort of progress, but each incremental step is sweet as nectar.

Each new monster presents a whole new set of attacks and behaviours to learn: Royal Ludroth has a damaging roll attack that can be anticipated if you learn to read the signs, Qurupeco’s call can be silenced with a Sonic Bomb and Barroth’s tail can be carved off with a sharp enough weapon. Learning how best to apply everything in your arsenal is genuinely the key to success and crucial to getting the most from the game: it’s the difference between hunting well and losing time and again.

Being able to practise against these wyverns in the offline cooperative arena mode should help sharpen those hunting skills. Although it's not the same as taking two hunters on a regular quest, you can partake in specific arena battles for special rewards. You’re not allowed to bring your own equipment and items, forcing you to adapt to preset classes, and the ability to take your character and rewards to (and from) a friend’s place on the Wii Remote is a small touch that opens this up to a great deal more splitscreen play.

Although there’s a wealth of gameplay for offline hunters, undeniably the game’s greatest achievement lies in its online city mode. Far from the crippled multiplayer so often seen in Wii titles, Monster Hunter Tri sets the bar with an experience so well-crafted it outshines everything else on the system. With no Nintendo-set Friend Codes, hunters can communicate with anyone in their City Gate (essentially a huge lobby) via Wii Speak or text input, sending direct messages to anyone whose username they can see. Want to add a friend you just met? Send them a message, attach a friend request and it’s done. To users of other consoles it might all sound laughably commonplace, but an online experience this uncluttered on Wii is an absolute triumph and Capcom and Nintendo should both be commended for its creation.

In fact, the online mode is so complete you may never even touch the single player mode. Every offline quest is available online with greater difficulty – and therefore greater reward – and you can still buy, sell, trade and forge new weapons and armour, not to mention enjoy the community aspect of chatting with other hunters, sharing tips and even drinks. Questing with other players is straightforward too: create a City (a smaller lobby) and specify the type of play you’re after, then wait for people to join and begin a quest, or search through the available groups. Online play is smooth and hugely enjoyable: a balanced team taking down one of the greater wyverns is an absolute joy, and the blend of tactics and action forms a potent combination. With the promise of regular quest updates, there’s practically no end in sight for hunters who want to go the distance.


Monster Hunter Tri is slow out of the gate; even experienced hunters take ten or fifteen hours to understand its new features and learn the monsters’ behaviours. Playing with a team of fellow hunters is some of the most fun you’ll have online with any console, although solo play is enjoyable too. If you have the dedication to get through the hard-going introduction, you’ll uncover an addictive, innovative and beautiful game of ever-increasing depth.

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The_Fox said:

I hated this one, but it's good to see the Wii get some online co-op.



Sean_Aaron said:

Nice review James. I'll be picking it up this weekend and presumably see some folk online from this very site!



Agent717 said:

I'm definitely a new-comer to the whole Monster Hunter world, but I can't wait to pick this up tomorrow. See you all on the field!



Leshclen said:

Glad to hear it's a great game, wasn't sure about getting it before but now I definitely am.



Shiryu said:

Bye bye, social life... it's ok, I had a good run. =)
Pre-ordered. v _



"Far from the crippled multiplayer so often seen in Wii titles"

Hearing that absurdity in a nintendo site is pathetic. Really guys, that's very disapointing. I expected more from you.



Yanagi said:

Great review. The wait for picking up my copy tomorrow has just become unbearable.



Tsuchinoko said:

Well, i dunno about the international scene, but here in Japan the game did very well, with epic advertising. There were several months last year where i couldn't go anywhere without seeing a huge billboard or tv commercial or something related to this game.



Corbs said:

Well I have no excuse not to try the game out now. The package just arrived from Capcom and it had the Classic Controller Pro, the guide book, and the game inside. Guess I know what I'll be doing this coming weekend.



Corbs said:

You bet I do. I've never played a Monster Hunter game in my life. I wouldn't even know where to begin. It's a bit casual for my rather hardcore tastes. LOL.



MrDanger88 said:

Like FFXIII, I'm not going to sit there and be bored and/or confused for ten to fifteen hours. That's just bad game design, but of course it gets a pass since the Wii doesn't really have any games.



naut said:

So the repetitive one-button combat hasn't been fixed? And there's still no evasive moves whatsoever? Sounds like a blast...

Oh, and @P. D4NG3R...This--



PopeReal said:

Haha I've never played it either. I'll just run around and fail until I figure out what I'm doing I have some friends lined up to play with so we can suffer together.



Highlar said:

Never tried a Monster Hunter game before, although I wanted to back on the PS1 when the first game came out here, but couldn't afford it. Gamestop has assured me that the game will come in tomorrow morning. I have my CCP bundle pre-ordered and fully paid for, so I just need to pick it up. I don't know if I'll even wait for the call, though, before heading down there in the morning and hanging out until my game comes in. lol... This game is getting great reviews overall so far. Metacritic is showing scores of 93, 93, 91, 90, 90, 88, 85, and a bizarre 70 (which is holding the average score back some), with an average score showing of 89. And then you can add another 90 from here...this is certainly coming out so far as a must have for the Wii. Yay for Wii!



Deviant_Mugen said:

Excellent review, Prosody. I'm going to have to skip this one, though, since the online is really the attraction of a game like this and I can't take advantage of it (not to mention the gameplay in the demo felt a bit too tedious [having to actively readjust the camera in particular])...



TwilightV said:

When I first played the demo, it was strange. It was as though I knew instantly what to do. There were a few issues (like I didn't know how to use stamina), but it all just felt so... familiar.

Anyways, really looking forward to this.



Machu said:

"hypnotic routine" mmmm

Great review James, thanks! Not long now... D:



NotEnoughGolds said:

@buffalobob: I'm pretty sure, given the context, that it's referring to online multiplayer. And if you believe that most games on the Wii have perfectly (or even marginally) functional online capabilities, then you are blind.



pixelman said:

Hmm, now I have to decide between this, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and TrackMania. Blast, why do so many good games have to come out so quickly?



Rensch said:

Yeah, the only game that got my interest in almost a year was New SMB Wii and now there is like three different games coming up in the coming months I'm interested in.



@Notenoughgolds - I have hearded the "wii online sucks" manytimes and I really tired of it because I have played wii games online and they work very well. Is just absurd hardcore babling that should put to an end. XBL is good but is not perfect also and I am tired that people even in a nintendo site still kiss MSs boots like if they weren't flawless.

Now that's being blind.



Omenapoika said:

dangit, that seems so cool. This far I've been able to keep away from these time gobbling multiplayer online games, but this looks awesome. Luckily I have my hands full of Pokémon heart gold and a Miles Edgeworth sitting on my desk waiting it's turn. And Mario and Samus chillin' in the summer breeze.
If this game had come in a more quiet time, I would've jumped on it.



Machu said:

btw... I really expected to see a 10 for this. What held you back James?



Sephariel said:

it and awesome game and there is Piggy in it !! just for the piggy it should get 10/10



Crunc said:

Why did they produce a weak demo for a game they were going to push so hard? It makes no sense whatsoever. It's almost like they want it to fail.



Olorin said:

Too bad we don't get the demo here in Europe. From the videos I've watched on the Nintendo Channel, it looks like the text in the game is ridiculously tiny, which is always pretty annoying. I don't suppose there's an option to increase the font size for ingame text?



Highlar said:

Can't wait to get my copy...but...ugh...just got a call from Gamestop saying that it won't be available in the morning. The game isn't coming out here until 10pm tomorrow night. cry I had to call back and verify that because it was so upsetting. But...oh well...I'll be there tomorrow night at 10pm to grab this up. Its already fully paid for, so I just need to snatch it and run. lol...



Strofan7 said:

@buffalobob i don't see what you're complaining about. fact of the matter is the Wii is definitely capable of good online play, but that most games fail to utilize it to its potential which makes it a broken mess in general. Its not favoritism for the sake of favoritism, it is saying the HD consoles overall have better online play, and that is what makes this game special as it is on par with great experiences from those consoles.



kevohki said:

I might have gotten this if it was for another system or the PC but I just don't trust the Wii community to keep this game alive and worth playing online. That also considering how niche of a game it is and how it most likely won't sell that well in the first place.



Zach said:

Great review! I am too fearful of becoming addicted to purchase it, though.



HipsterDashie said:

I've got my copy preordered off of Amazon. Payed for first class postage to make sure it arrives on launch day! I'm pretty excited for this game, and I completely understand where the review's coming from when it says it's daunting to get into - I'm a Monster Hunter newb, and playing it at the exclusive launch event in London drov home how much I had to learn, but I'm willing to press on. That's what makes this a great game.


There is an evade comand - pressing B allows you to roll out of the way. I relied on it. A LOT. XD


For the select few titles (MH Tri, MK Wii, etc), online gameplay on the Wii works well. However, many games (Brawl) mess it up so horribly you might as well not even bother. Compared to seamless online experiences provided by Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo WFC pales in comparison. I'm perfectly happy to shell out £40 each year for my Xbox LIVE subscription, because multiplayer Halo 3 is an absolute joy. To suggest that Nintendo WFC is on par with the other services is foolish at best. MH Tri shows that, when done right, Nintendo WFC can stand up as a solid service, but Nintendo need to make some major changes next-gen if they want to bring their online services up to standard.



James said:

@pix and @machu - For me personally, this is close to a 10 but not quite. When it's good, it's awesome, and the online play looks like it'll take over my life for weeks: there's huge amounts of depth and I'll be discovering things for ages. However, it's still not quite as intuitive as it could have been, and it's got really small text (probably my biggest criticism so far!)

I will happily play this for the next few weeks whereas I usually move on after a review is written. I think it'll get better the more I can play with you guys, which is kinda frightening.

Also, I absolutely agree with Soul Silver IV – the Wii undeniably lags behind other consoles when it comes to online play but Monster Hunter goes a long way to putting that right.



pixelman said:

Damn, that sucks about the text. It'll probably be well-nigh unreadable on my CRT.



Highlar said:

Being a beginner, and from trying the demo, I liked the quickness (albeit low damage) of the sword/shield combo. I also liked the switch-axe, but it sounds like that will take a while to get, and then have to learn it. I'm usually for quicker weapons than heavier outright damage. I also liked the bowgun, even if there isn't a lock-on. I like the idea of using healing bullets to keep teammates alive.




Ha It was my idea to use the prefix Tri in the witty tagline. Prosody just made it better than I did...
Great review by the way! Cannot wait for this tommorow



TrevorTheChan said:

I guess I'm pre-ordering this beauty, then. First Monster Hunter game I'll own and it seems to be a good 'un.



Angaran said:

The review was the best review i have read on this website
You have totally convinced me to buy this game
I am so excited for this game now!!!!!!



astarisborn94 said:

I pray to God that I'm able to afford the game tommorrow and that they have some copies available.



iAmThetot said:

Man, how did this not get a ten? I mean, honestly? I'll take the nine but... You said it yourself, it has arguably the best graphics for the Wii and without a doubt the most complete and seamless online experience for the Wii -- SOMETHING WE HAVE BEEN MISSING FOR FAR TOO LONG.

Such.A.Good.Game. Me, personally, I give it an eleven. But that's me.



Sycoraxic98 said:


The game I pre-ordered almost half a year ago got a 9?!?




AVahne said:

@ 56.
I'm going switch axe baby! but I'll be starting with GS of course and may switch to it now and then even after i get the switch axe
though i may use the lance just for Jhen Mohran



XCWarrior said:

I'm with Koto on the switch axe, I love axes and swords, so this way I don't have to choose!



CanisWolfred said:

Not surprised by the score, but I'm still hesitant. I've played Monster Hunter games before, and they had terrible control schemes. It doesn't sound like this one is much better in that regard, unfortunately.



Spoony_Tech said:

I think this will be the best selling third party game on the wii. As for the ones worried about if the online will be supported i play modern warfare reflex online all the time and never have a problem finding a game. There has been well over 100 thousand players on the server since it started about 6 months ago. I believe this will be 5 times that of modern warfare!



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Sweet review! Gamestop just texted me today to pick my game up tomorrow. I got the bundle with the black Classic Controller Pro. $10.00 for a Classic Controller Pro was a no brainer

I can't wait!



ninjablaze said:


On the contrary, just because we're on a Nintendo related site, doesn't mean we're all blindly nintendo biased to such an extreme that can't we can't see the flaws of a flawed online system. Personally, I own all 3 consoles, and they're all great for what they do, but it's a little insulting that you think the Wii online experience on the whole is anywhere near on par to XBL (or PSN, which is free, for that matter), just because you have no experience in the matter.

Of course, that's what makes MH3 such a great game. I can say without reservation that it CAN compare to XBL/PSN games in almost every way, which is huge accomplishment, makes for a great game, and hopefully is something other games will learn from and follow in its footsteps.



Sean_Aaron said:

Well, I never played a Monster Hunter game before and I thought the single player experience was quite compelling - so much so that I lost track of time at the preview event and never even tried multiplayer.

Sounds like there's just a decent amount of grinding required to get good enough weapons to take on the big beasties; it's not like you'll be doing nothing at all until then!



Machu said:

Can I just say... I don't like Americans today, it's nothing personal, just... D:

whilst JayArr is bathing in blood, I shall be bathing in tears



EdEN said:

Not enough money and time at the moment. Hopefully by the end of the year the number of people playing online is strong enough so I can take part on a raid or two....



Atlantis1982 said:

Sigh, have to skip out on this one too. Another game on my "too broke to pay full price" list which also includes RS2, TvC, and NMH2.




Highlar said:

Got mine this morning. GS told me wrong last night, and it was available at 10AM not PM. Sheesh...anyway...been enjoying it so far! Playing single player, and in a lot of ways it plays like any other action/rpg. You talk to items...go out and kill...bring back goodies and complete order to build up bigger and better (just with armor/weapon instead of levels). I really like how the single player is easing me into playing, and into the different aspects of the game. I dipped into multiplayer just to check it out, and was a bit disappointed that there are only 4 people allowed in a city at once, so only ever 4 people to communicate with at one time. Unless you can sometimes find other people at the lobby sometimes? Also, I got Wii Speak just for this game, but no one seems to be using it!! Oh...and another thing...James, the book says that its speaking with friends the book right, or is what I've been told right, and that you can talk (voice) with anyone else that has the mic and it is enabled? Really curious on this part. Thanks!!



KrazyKain said:

I cant get the awesome preorder in that treasure chest thing cos its too big to be sent by mail from england guess i'll have to settle for the regular version



CuzinMike said:

Hey great review James. The 9/10 score from nintendolife is even listed under critic scores on gamespot's review for the game. That's the first I've seen nintendolife mentioned there.



James said:

@Highlar As far as I know you can broadcast Wii Speak to anyone in the lobby - the game even warns you not to say anything personal as anyone can listen in! Whether it's a different system in EU to NA I'm not sure, as my version didn't come with a manual. I'll look into it when more of my friends are online this weekend and get back to you



Junkface said:

Lots of fun so far. I had to friend request people before I could talk. Is it easier to control camera/character's position with the classic controller?



chrisy said:

I've taken the plunge and pre-ordered this (with Classic Pro) after all the positive reviews.

>Damn, that sucks about the text. It'll probably be well-nigh unreadable
>on my CRT.

I might have to delay playing it until my shiny new LCD turns up.



Inigo_Montoyia said:

I think this is one heck of an awesome review; & makes me more sold & psyched about getting the game!

I'll be getting mine Thursday; since my GameStop were out of stock on Monster Hunter bundles! Plus I can't wait to play the game with it's sleek new design... because I prefered my origonal when trying out the demo disc of Monster Hunter!



Highlar said:

When playing online, I could see my mic was on, but because everyone who I ran across had their mic off I don't know if I was being heard or not. lol... Thanks for the help, Prosody. Its greatly appreciated. I've spent most of my time just with the single player game so far, and I have to agree with you. There IS a hypnotic feel to Its a game that gives you that "just one more quick hunt before going to bed" kind of feeling, and then you end up just running around the world farming items. I also think the world is a beautiful one. I've done a couple of the arena fights with my girls, and those are just as much of a blast. Being able to save your character to a Wii remote and take it over to a friend's house for arena play is also a really nice touch, I think. The little I've tried online ran perfectly smooth, as well. It was slick and easy, logging into the lobby, and choosing a gate to warp to. The lobbies were also plenty full, which I hope stays that way and even gets more players as the game has been out for a while.



James said:

@junkface - It's much easier with CC as you use the second thumbstick to move the camera.

@everyone who's asked why it wasn't a 10/10* - It's a great game, it really is, but it's really hard to give a 10/10 to something that divides gamers so strongly. I personally really enjoy it, but others struggle to get to grips with the camera, loading times and other gameplay issues. It wasn't far off a 10 though, and I can see it going up in my estimation when I get to quest with you guys

I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who's praised the review, it means a lot



Junkface said:

Thanks Prosody I'll definately pick up that new controller than. Sorry I didn't say it before; great review man.



Dazran303 said:

I will be recording footage of this game (both online and off) for my youtube channel



BobberyFan98 said:

I hate that I have so little money to spare. Definitely going to get the Bundle with the CC Pro once I come up with the money, which won't be for awhile.




mikejonesuk said:

Hi - firstly, has anyone else noticed how apt it is that it was launched in the UK on St George's Day?

A few comments:

I agree that MH3 does not deserve a 10 as the game is not perfect. I don't like the frequent loading screens and the fact that you are basically moving about in what is very obviously a series of rooms. It's not as expansive as the trailers (or scenery pics) suggest. But what really annoys me is that, after a loading screen, you are a few hundred yards or more away. It misses out the paths between areas. It's not very immersive and I don't feel that the areas are connected except by a wiggly line on the map.. You just jump from one big room to another with no real feeling of how you actually got there. (An easy example is the jump from Room 2 of Deserted Island to the Base Camp. Before the jump, you can vaguely see a waterfall way in the distance. After the jump, you're standing on the other side of the waterfall inside the camp, I find that very poor. The amazing views are just stage scenery. (Guild Wars on the PC, for example, does the same thing, but does it much better.)

Also, and I know there are those who will think I'm some kind of wuss for saying this, but I would really like a lock-on option. The game could penalise me in some way for using it to preserve its "hardcore" credentials, but, come on, some of us have got lives to live.

The text is much too small and can be difficult to read on my non-HD TV even though it's got a 32" screen.

But it is an amazing game and one which I expect will take up a huge amount of my time. If you see me online, say hello.



motang said:

Just placed an oder for it on Amazon and saved myself about 7 US dollars, now that is w/o the classic controller pro as I want the white one not the black one.



Gilgaland said:

:/, god damn, exams....getting this straight after there over.

Really good advertisement for this game as well



Demonic_St33V said:

This is.... With out a doubt... The most fun I've had with a console game in ages.

Favorite things so far: I can't kill anything in the game without remembering a Chronicles of Riddick quote, "You keep what you kill", and I must admit I get a sick sense of joy out of bashing a Khelbi in the head with my shield to knock it out so I can cut off it's horns.



SuperNESter said:

I think someone has answered this but since comments are many I'm gonna ask anyway.

I'm really interested in this game right now but I have one thing holding me back, I have no way of taking advantage of Monster Hunter's online features since my internet connection is nowhere close to capable.Is it still worth it to buy this game just for the single player mode, or will I forever be regretful that I could never go online? Just thought I should know since I am certain some of my money is going to purchase Super Mario Galaxy 2.



James said:

It's a huge single-player experience and you'll have plenty of amazing moments on your own, but it would be misleading to say it's as good as online play, which is something else. For a single-player game, I'd say wait for SMG2, and this is coming from someone who's played far too much MH3!



Tate24 said:

This has got to be my best wii game ever. I love how addicted it is and love that u custmise weapons, armour to your liking. Also how satisfying it is to kill one of many big monsters that roam around moga woods. I got the Ultimate monster hunter pack (£60) on day 1 and havent been able put it down. As for the online capcom has went above and beyond offering an amazing lag-free experience so much to do like (quests, special event quests, lvl quests, area battles etc. Plus the ability to buy things from the different stores around city. You can even create your own furnishing that you can put in your very own guest house in city. Or take them and put them in your offline home. Also the more you lvl up better guest houses you get live in and more unique quest u get to do!
If hasnt sunk in yet this games better them oxygen!! lol
Amazing, addicted, beautiful graphics. Its a stella package that u need to own!!

Let hunt begin!!!!



Angaran said:

my hunter's name is Link after the Legend of Zelda I persinally wanted to feel as if i were him taking on a HUGE!!! boss/monster.



jep111 said:

This game should have been a 10. One thing the wii isn't good at is longevity in most games. Monster hunter tri fixes this. I think i'll be playing this for the next couple of months. I don't understand why people go on about the learning curve. I found it quite straightforward. This is easily the best game to come out on wii right from the outset. Fantastic!



N0oDLX said:

How long does the singleplayer campaign take to finish? and is it advised to rank some decent equipment before going into the multiplayer? Hopefully someone can answer these questions, thx!



earthad said:

Easily my favourite game on the wii. I have already put in over a hundred hours. Deserves a 10/10 from me. I mostly bought the wii for virtual console and maybe metroid prime 3, but this makes me so glad i have it!!!



rageofthegladiator said:

btw just wanna know what the @*?! is that picture of just above the reveiw

2 - cos ive got the game and that aint on it. it looks kinda like my grans rabbit but i dont think that'd be on the game

3 - um corbie and popereal i see whatcha mean a bout the guide book but i didnt use and i finished singleplayer story in about a day



James said:

Please don't spam the comments threads, @rageofthegladiator. If you find yourself wanting to add to your previous comments, click the "Edit" option next to the time and date of your post.



gaminguy said:

great game, offline is good, and it even pales in comparison to online, rented this and really enjoyed, might get this soon, definietly on my list.



triforceofcourage said:

i agree with the 9
online rocks but it feels they make you wait to long leveling up your HR before you can rank up. i recomend the classic controler and PAY ATTENTION TO WEAKNESSES



lockelocke said:

this game is so Japanese its absurd.
love it, tho. definitely as addicting as people claim it is. i bought it at the end of last week and i've already logged a solid 20 hours. my faith in JRPGs has been restored.



zezhyrule said:

This is the best game ever! That has Monster and Hunter in the title, and is on the Wii!



Dead-frozen said:

This is definately the best game out for wii right now, adventure RPG wise. I'm surprised by how amazing the graphics are for a wii game. just imagiine what they woulda been like if they hadda gone ahead and made it for PS3.
I miss the bow and dual swords tho =[



CaptainDingo said:

Very good game. Unabashedly hardcore though, so there are a few things newcomers might want to take notice of: No difficulty options, and the requisite of having quite a lot of controller dexterity. If you're being repeatedly thwomped by a monster, 90% of the time it's because you suck, not because your gear sucks.

It's very harsh, but the rewards are often great.

Also, I must be the only person who had no problem using the Wii remote + nunchuck to play this game. I thought adjusting the camera with the directional pad was pretty easy, even underwater.

I usually hate console RPGs, but I've logged 60 hours into this game so far. ...And I still haven't even beaten the darn single player story yet. Granted, I like to stop and smell the flowers sometimes, but make no mistake, this is a game for people with serious time on their hands. Hehe.



LilTater said:

I absolutely love this game! Though I favor the Great Sword, I really hate it, too. It's horribly slow and makes you vulnerable, but the power is amazing if you control it right. I use the nunchuck+remote because the adjusting of the camera is easy (and I don't own one of those controllers...don't know what they're called...). One monster in particular that frustrates me so much; the Giggi. Sadly, I still haven't figured out how to get it off my back (or front, wherever it attaches itself.) and I end up in a near-death moment. Then again, I'm still on level 1 quests.

I've probably spent nearly 20 hours on this delightful game? I don't think I've gotten myself anywhere. This one requires a lot of thinking, like Final Fantasy or and RPG game. I think it's a little difficult for me at the moment (I'm only 13....). I love this review! Incredibly well written.



NathanUC said:

I'm late to the party lol..

This has been my favorite Wii game so far, I just wish a few of the features from the PSP series weren't cut out seems weird that Monster Hunter 3rd Portable has more weapon types and maps then a console edition =
Either way, great fun!



Colors said:

Love this game! I'm stuck on killing the Great Jaggi, even though i've tried a knife, sword, lance, hammer, and a bowgunfull of explosives.



vdallos said:

Addictive, time consuming, rewarding...i did say addictive. I`m in the 3 level missions and the online with friends is really fun i did enjoy the online since Mario kart (also with friends).

@Matillion. Is heavy in the beginning but if you feel trap join online and ask for help, a lot of people is nice and offer help.



jenisnape said:

I mainly bought this as it was on sale and came with the pro controller. I'm a long term gamer, but usually play casually. I was a little disappointed with the graphics, as the promo's I saw made it seem like the scenery and monsters would be bigger and more detailed. I'm also new to the MH series so I didn't know what to expect. I've only played a few hours into it, but I'll have to play more when I get in the mood for this type of game (Right now plowing through Skyword Sword). Overall it was worth the purchase, but I probably won't be playing it as much as other games I own. (Unless I suddenly become addicted to online playing).



Varia01 said:

Looks awesome, though I don't have a pro or classic controller, or that keyboard thingamabob.... Wish I got it before the Wii U was fixing to release....



Genesaur said:

I dunno; I did okay with the Wii remote and nunchuck. I completed every Quest in the game, so I'm not so sure it's as bad as everyone seems to think.

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