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Wed 21st Apr 2010

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Inigo_Montoyia commented on Nintendo's Upcoming U.S. Release Schedule Gets...:

Let’s just say I’m horribly horribly depressed & dissapointed; for I was seriously ignoring those rumors a few weeks ago! But looks like I was right all along; when Nintendo would officially announce these delays themselves!

I seriously thought they wouldn’t deylay Metroid Other M; & that old date of June 27 was going to be it! I had it on my calander; for June was going to be my best month along with everything else! I know it’s Nintendo & delays happen; but they freaking needs to keep to their promises if 2010 is going to be a big year!

I could care less about Sin & Punishment; I wasn’t a big fan or interested in it anyways! Even if I've never played the N64 one or yet to download it! Someday though... someday when I'm interested!

But anyways… like most people say; it’ll help space out the releases so fans can get the money they need for the games! I myself included; since I’m flat broke & already previously got Monster Hunter Tri!

So anyways I’m looking forward to earning my next cold hard earned cash for Mario Galaxy 2! And July & August (my summer); will be completely boring... until the end when Metroid Other M eventually does come out! But hey… at least E3 in June will be a big hit! I just hope Nintendo can finally show Zelda Wii; (they've been keeping it a good well hard earned secret all of this time btw)... & I hope they will release at the end of 2010 as promised!! But if Zelda gets delayed shortly after E3 say maybe in July or August; then I will have a major right & reason to be mad!

But hallelujah for DSiWare’s Photo Dojo!!! I seriously throught they needed to release it this month of April... for I was anxiously awaiting for when it would mysteriously come! I was worried too if I needed to get a points card to just get a 200 Points for it too! But it’ll be a day 1 purchase for me; & since I love that it'll be a make shift do it yourself photo fighting game! I'll love awckwardly posing & yelling DBZ quotes to make myself fight LOL! And I love that it'll be a FREE downloads on DSiWare! There needs to be more FREE downloads on DSiWare period; they rarely often do stuff like that!!



Inigo_Montoyia commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) (Wii):

I think this is one heck of an awesome review; & makes me more sold & psyched about getting the game!

I'll be getting mine Thursday; since my GameStop were out of stock on Monster Hunter bundles! Plus I can't wait to play the game with it's sleek new design... because I prefered my origonal when trying out the demo disc of Monster Hunter!



Inigo_Montoyia commented on Classic Controller Pro Now On Sale in North Am...:

I'll be getting mine Thursday with my copy of Monster Hunter Tri; since my GameStop were out of stock on Monster Hunter bundles! Plus I can't wait to play the game with it's sleek new design... because I prefered my origonal when trying out the demo disc of Monster Hunter! And it'll be much better to play my favorite VC games; & I'll have my origonal when someone in my family wishes to play!



Inigo_Montoyia commented on Nintendo Will Release 3DS in October:

Everyone should just settle down and wait until E3 on June 16th! Don't believe this 100%; even if it could most likely be only if Japan was getting it first! But yes... E3 this year will be EPIC & Nintendo's BEST since a seriously long time!



Inigo_Montoyia commented on Okamiden is Set to be Released Into the Wild i...:

I love Okami too! I rented it way back in November 2008; & I recently got it after my birthday in March 2010! So I'm currently playing Okami on my Wii; & slowly but surely playing through the beginning still! I have a long ways to go!

I've heard about Okamiden coming to the DS late last year in 2009; & I've been excited about it ever since! Plus I also find Chibiterasu so darn adorable! I was really hoping for a 2010 release; but this new stuff about it & trailer is great! And I can play my origonal Okami in the meantime; while I wait to get Okamiden whenever it comes in 2011!