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Tue 9th Mar 2010

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LordWotton commented on Starship Patrol:

I love this one. I appreciate the well balanced difficulty: challenging, yet never frustrating. And the designers did a great job with that minimalist look.



LordWotton commented on Castle of Magic:

Downloaded it yesterday. I have to say I don't like it so much. In my personal opinion the controls are pretty bad. Scrolling and animations aren't that smooth. And that "power up animation" starts to be obnoxious after ten minutes of play. Nice attempt, but imho it's a "platform-geek only" (or kids only) title.



LordWotton commented on Lode Runner:

One of the very first games I owned in my life... So many memories! =)



LordWotton commented on Interviews: Akaoni - Zombie Panic in Wonderland:

The graphic style maybe is not that original, but I find it captivating anyway.
And I'd love to have some co-op zombie action on wiiware.. Let's see how all this moves on the screen. It would be great if this turns out to be a modern Cabal.



LordWotton commented on Dark Void Zero:

Downloaded it today. I love its vintage looks, sound and game experience.
A must have for the nostalgic!