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United States

Sat 25th Sep 2010

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Dead-frozen commented on Xenoblade:

Looks pretty cool, weapons and gameplay look similar to Monster Hunter 3. will there be a multiplayer aspect?



Dead-frozen commented on Conduit 2:

HAHA! about damn time, eh? The first one was great(up until someone discovered the damn weapon swap glitch... completely ruined multiplayer.) Can't wait for this one. Looks like they've made some good improvements.



Dead-frozen commented on Review: Monster Hunter 3 (Tri~) (Wii):

This is definately the best game out for wii right now, adventure RPG wise. I'm surprised by how amazing the graphics are for a wii game. just imagiine what they woulda been like if they hadda gone ahead and made it for PS3.
I miss the bow and dual swords tho =[