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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Feel the beat!

It seems nowadays if you want to revive a classic videogame idea, you only need add in some pulsing musical beats and some flashy background visuals in order to do so. The creators of Lumines managed to revive the stale "falling blocks" puzzler of the 80's with this formula, so what's to stop someone from doing the same thing for a game that's widely considered to be the granddaddy of video gaming?

The gameplay in BIT.TRIP BEAT is quite simple. You hold the Wii Remote in your hands sideways. To move your paddle up or down you simply tilt the Wii Remote forward or backward. This is your sole means of control in the game, although you can press various buttons on the Wii Remote to make different sound effects if it makes the overall experience more enjoyable for you.

Your paddle is located at the left side of the screen. During each level a barrage of Pong balls called "Beats" come flying across the screen at varying speeds and patterns of movement. Your job is to make contact with these Beats using your paddle which will in turn repel them, much the same way the original Pong was played. But unlike the original game, scoring big points is where it's at in BIT.TRIP BEAT and the only way to do that is by repelling as many Beats as you can, and in succession if at all possible. Of course this isn't always easy as the speed and patterns of the Beats tends to become increasingly difficult, not to mention that you'll also encounter Beats that can negatively affect your Paddle, such as the red Beat that will cause your paddle to become temporarily immovable.

You have two meters in BIT.TRIP BEAT that determine your scoring opportunities. The Mega Meter at the top of the screen is the one you'll want to fill up as quickly as possible, as this will take you into Mega Mode where you can rack up some big time points. You fill your Mega Meter up by successfully repelling Beats. But there's also another meter in the game you'll have to deal with called the Nether Meter, which begins to fill up each time you miss a Beat. If you miss enough Beats and your Nether Meter drops to a certain point, you'll be taken to the Nether Mode where everything is in black and white and closely resembles the original Pong game. If your Nether Meter becomes completely filled up, it's game over.

Each level is broken down into several sub-sections. You'll have to repel the constant flow of beats in each section at which time you'll be able to pick up Transition Beasts at the end of each section that allow you to move on to the next portion of the level. At the end of each level you'll have to face off with a boss. These boss fights play out pretty much just like the regular levels themselves with a barrage of Beats being tossed your way. The only real difference is that as you repel the Beats, they slowly begin to take out the boss. Once you've dispatched the boss you'll move on to the next level where things tend to become quite a bit more challenging.

If you have more than one player you can all join in and play the game together in a cooperative fashion. Each player gets their own colour of paddle, but since all of the paddles are on the same side of the screen it can be quite difficult to keep track of your paddle with all of the other players constantly moving over your paddle. You'll quickly find out that playing this co-op game can be more trouble than it's worth in the long run.

The control itself is very responsive and very easy to pick up quickly. It might take you a few minutes to get the feel of the game down, but once you do you'll find the entire play control scheme quite intuitive. The only real negative to the control system is the confusing way the paddles are handled when there's more than one player. You're best bet if you have more than one player is to just take turns playing the game as a single-player experience. You'll find it far less frustrating and confusing that way.

The visuals in BIT.TRIP BEAT are interesting, to say the least. While the game at least tries to keep some of the classic stylings from the original Pong, the game does toss in some very unique backgrounds to mix things up. Many of these background visuals are constantly moving around and pulsing, not to mention the variety of bright colours that are used throughout them. The basic paddle and balls look just like their classic counterparts, for the most part, so it's nice to have the contrasting backgrounds to give the game a little more modern flair. It also sets the mood perfectly when you find yourself zapped into the Nether Mode where the game takes on the old black & white look of the original Pong. The varying graphic styles feature both a look of nostalgia and modern conventions and ultimately form a very unique visual presentation that will appeal to both the new generation of gamers as well as fans of the original Pong.

The music is easily the focal point of BIT.TRIP BEAT and is probably the single biggest upgrade from the original Pong games. The background music is subtle, but features a solid pulsing beat that becomes the backbeat of the entire game. The game then uses a unique variety of sound effects that are carefully blended into the gameplay itself to somehow make the two come together to form a very catchy musical experience. It's fun to hear how the sound effects that the player executes by repelling the Beats forms a large part of the actual musical track itself. The developers have somehow managed to weave the two together to give the audio a greater importance in the overall scheme of things and it adds a nice new dimension to the audio presentation. The musical tracks even show a good amount of variety inside each sub-section of the levels as to keep them from becoming too repetitive.


BIT.TRIP BEAT takes the basic idea behind Pong and carefully crafts a more modern and musical version of the game that somehow retains all the easy-to-pick-up gameplay of the original, yet adds in just enough new elements to make it appealing to a whole new generation of gamers. Sure it would have been nice to have had a few more levels to play through and possibly a competitive multiplayer mode, but it's still difficult to fault the developers given the inexpensive 600 Wii Point price tag. About the only downside to having a game as much fun to play as BIT.TRIP BEAT is that with only 3 levels, you'll definitely be left wanting more. Of course, that's if you can finish it.

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User Comments (176)



Philip_J_Reed said:

A perfect score, Corbie. Exactly what I would have said. Now to actually read the review...

EDIT: And a perfect review as well. What a great game; I spent way too long playing it last night and now I feel like a zombie today.



Mr_Saturn said:

This is exactly what I was waiting for. Time to make some space and download.



Objection said:

Someone guessed it right: he accidentally hit 9 instead of 7. Just kidding, I don't know why everyone thinks that's so funny. So now I will get this. One question: it only saves beating a level if you beat it and get on the high scores, right?



Philip_J_Reed said:

"it only saves beating a level if you beat it and get on the high scores, right?"

I'd be interested to know this, too.



naut said:

While 3 songs REALLY dissapoints me, the game looks amazing nonetheless. I'll be downloading it soon.



Mayhem said:

Yeah, only 3 levels? Seems the only downer. Must admit surprised to see the review so early, wasn't expecting it until Wednesday...



Sean_Aaron said:

Excellent review for what sounds like an excellent game. Now I just need to get my mitts on it!



chiefeagle02 said:

A much higher score than I'd predicted. I'll give this a shot if I come into some more Wii Points.



Ian_Daemon said:

I grabbed Bit.Trip: Beat last night and had a good time with it. It's a good game, but harder than I expected... I guess it has a steep learning curve. Aside from that, my only complaint is that the "beats" occasionally get "lost" by blending into the background.



SmaMan said:

I think I'll get this today when I get home. It's a good thing I decided not to get Gradius Rebirth last week!



worrybomb said:

Great review, Corbie. I wasn't expecting it to receive a 9 out of 10 though. I have a few nitpicks with the game: big file size, 3 but very long songs that could have used an intermission for the eyes to rest and some pixelated blocks would have benefited from a color change so they wouldn't blend in the background. Still, what makes a game great is that even with these nitpicks, I had lots of fun with the game. The presentation is spot-on, the graphics although it being "retro" are quite lovely and the tilting mechanism was a great idea for this kind of game (though having a D-pad function for your high score initials would've been nice).

Bit.Trip: Beat is exactly what I want representing the WiiWare service: fun, pick up and play games with an original take or interesting twist. Definitely worth your 600 points. Oh and if you're reading this CommanderVideo, I salute you. =)



tkubas1 said:

I think I would of got it if it had been 500 then I could of gotten a NES game also but now I don't think I'll get anything.....



MadMartigan said:

This game will Bit Trip Beat your @ss........I downloaded it yesterday and still cannot pass the second song, maybe I'm just no good at the game. The challenge is very welcome though because with only 3 songs it extends the game.

Good review Corbie and I'm glad to see you liked this game so much.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Loved the opening of the review, Corbie.

I should also mention that you can ALSO experiment and try holding the controller upright and tiliting the remote from left to right like in SMBBB and it works fine that way too! I gave it a try.

Like with Gyrostarr, the game's multiplayer/co-op can get confusing with 4 people but with 2 people, it should be fine.

I love the game's music. It reminds me of SSX Blur so much and that's a great compliment.

Corbie, I was wondering if you noticed something. In some cases (well, in Transition, anyway), I noticed that your paddle can blend into the background making it hard to see at times, or even with the dark blue beats, there's a part where they can be harder to notice. These are very brief things and it only happens for like 3 seconds tops but I did notice it.

To the people complaining about there being only 3 levels, having only 3 levels isn't that much of a downside when (A) SSR works on the same principle, (B) the songs are long and (C) the whole focal point of rhythm/music games is to go back and beat your scores.

DLC would've been so cool though but I must say, it's nice to see a WiiWare game get another 9. It completely deserves it!

Stellar review, Corbie. I especially enjoyed how it flowed together really nicely. The points were made: BOOM BOOM BOOM. Quite concise, actually. Very well done and I hope this 9/10 will motivate more people to get this who were previously on the fence, and I can see that it has (waves to Obj_Blaster, lol).

Seems like a lot of people are having trouble with Song #2!! I'm gonna make a video today.



BrickleBrack said:

Great review! You hit everything perfectly.I really hope games like this breath some life into Wii ware. This is by FAR the most fun you can have with 600 points.



Sean_Aaron said:

Wow 312 blocks? That's pretty massive; I assume most of that is taken up by audio samples and a higher bitrate on the music tracks?

I doubt I have enough free space right now; maybe if I remove Cubello (finished level 6-F last week). Nintendo, storage solution pleeeeeze!



Jockolantern said:

This gets a 9 / 10 but Gradius Rebirth gets a 6?! This places Bit.Trip Beat on the same level as Toki Tori, Onslaught, or Mega Man 9 and that's simply unrealistic and untrue, in my opinion. Bit.Trip Beat is a solid 6; enjoyable, but there's little more to it than simply racking up a higher score on subsequent playthroughs, and even that's bound to get a bit tiresome given the track lengths. I am, however, very much looking forward to seeing where Bit.Trip goes from here.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"This places Bit.Trip Beat on the same level as Toki Tori, Onslaught, or Mega Man 9."
I definitely think Bit Trip is a better game than two of those. (Identifying which two won't make me any friends though. )



A1234 said:

great game! wish it had "retro" controls though. something analog besides the motion controls. some games I like motion controls, but it always nice to have an option with no motion controls.

wish it was longer, but the 3 levels are long and can get quite hard. wish it had leaderboards or something. add all of that, raise the price and it would be an excellent game! well, maybe for the sequel?

@Jockolantern, I would probably give this a 8 or 9. Gradius Rebirth for sure should get a 9.



Jared said:

After playing last night, I originally thought this game deserved an 8. But then I began reconsidering.

My first criticism of the game was that the file size is large for the Wii. We all know storage is a problem on this platform, so 312 blocks eats up a bit (pun unintended) of real estate. Of course, the size is no doubt from the high-quality track and sound samples. Taking this into consideration, more levels would have increased the game's size even more.

In the end, the high-quality audio wins out over the largish file size. As the game is all about audio (which makes me wonder if the future Commander Video adventures will be based on other senses?), this game would have suffered if the audio quality was any less. Tracks are stellar and catchy, and it is hard not to nod to the beat at times. So I could not bring myself to fault the game over its size.

The other criticism I had was that the backgrounds at times were too distracting. The best background visual I liked so far was the sequence in the second level when it suddenly turns red. It's not just a solid color however, as there is some subtle texturing in the background. It's just the fact that my brain is making my eyes quite literally strain to keep up with all the beats, complicated by poor contrast during some of the stages. It doesn't hurt my eyes, but they were certainly straining.

Unfortunately, there is no remedy for this and players will just have to deal with the eye strain. I think if they took a moment during development to remedy this by ironing out some of the busy visualizations, it would have easily received a 10. This could have been implemented purposefully to increase difficulty, but I don't feel that visual strain should be a valid method of increasing difficulty.

Aside from pressing the buttons during the game, another neat subtlety was the rumble in the Wiimote to the beat of the music. I thought this was fantastic, although totally not required. It seems like it will help players keep with the rythym.

So, my rating also coincides with the 9 as assigned by the writers here at WWW. It's pros, inluding the $6 price point, outweigh the few cons this game has. A great introductory game to the series, leaving me looking forward to replay as well as further games.

I think Gaijin set a reasonable level for themselves, but not so high that they can't improve or focus their creative energies into future games. I hope that they will note concerns with this game (Eye strain - can I say it enough? Also let's see if the next game's size can come down a bit too) and really hit it home with their next release.



Yasume said:

A 9/10 seems to be a bit overrated, but I'm still going to check it out.



Syr said:

Simply stunning game. It's great to see a game (series!) like this come exclusively to the Wii. It's a breath of fresh air to see a game that so perfectly blends retro pixel-art with a rock-solid control scheme that actually uses the Wii-mote's motion sensing features!

To those not getting this game because of storage issues... just do it!! Big-N already told us their solution (if you can call it that) to the storage problem, so not downloading a game simply because it's large is only depriving yourself!

If I could buy this game again just to show the developer and other companies that we need more of this type of innovation and visceral gratification from Wii games, I would. In fact, I think I'll gift it to a couple friends!!

Oh, and spot on review as always Corbie.
9/10 is the PERFECT score, try the game before you say it's too high!



Wiiloveit said:

@Chicken Brutus: I'm sure that most people will be okay with what you decide... as long as it isn't Toki Tori.

This review here was a pleasant surprise, although it has now killed the whole "7/10" thing. I don't know how I'm gonna cope with the lack of Corbie jokes from here onwards. sniffle

As I said the other day though, you guys in NA ain't getting SAMEGAME until we get this.



CommanderVideo said:

@Wiiloveit: I wish I could tell you some definitive answer on the PAL release date, but rest assured it IS coming.

@Everyone else: Thanks for the support, and keep the comments/criticisms coming. We've got more games to make that we want you all to love so your feedback helps a lot. We're definitely following your comments here in the Gaijin Games studio.



EJD said:

A great review, I was hoping this would get a 9 and I'm glad that has come true. Looks like a barrel of fun for 600 Points; this will be a definite buy.

Can't wait to play this and any future Bit.Trip games!



worrybomb said:

Hey there Commander, sir.

Is there a possibility of a soundtrack of those 3 songs (Transition, Descent, and Growth) to appear as a download whether it's through payment or not? I would love to hear these tunes on the go.



Kaeobais said:

Thank god this didn't fall. I'm happy to hear the hype was worthwhile. Too bad about the 3 levels.



CommanderVideo said:

@worrybomb: In regards to the soundtrack, there may be a chance that this gets released in the future. Don't hold me to it, but I'm trying to figure something out.



Corbs said:

I'll admit, I wasn't really sold on this idea when I first read about it, but the game turned out great. A nice spin on the classic Pong game play. I hope we see a sequel at some point.

@ Jockolantern - We welcome your personal opinions, but there's no need to ridicule other posters in the process of giving them.



Rockbandmonkey said:

This turned to be quite the game. I have a subscription to a gaming magazine, yes I'm a dork , and it said there that Aksys Games had announced that it's more than likely that there will be sequels. It may even become a series at some point, so I think we can conclude that this won't be the last we see of Bit. Trip.



anthonyb said:

@CommanderVideo: I'm glad you mentioned the soundtrack- I was just searching for that moments ago. No rush, if I want to hear the tracks I can just play the game. But that would be a nice addition.

And I don't want to jump the gun or anything, but have you guys started working on any other Bit.Trip installments?



Dazza said:

CommanderVideo has been teasing me this morning with a very cyptic clue which hints at the theme for the next game in the Bit.Trip series!

The clue is: core

I am sad to say that I could not crack the riddle, much to the Commander's delight! I would welcome all our readers to offer their own suggestions about the theme of the next Bit.Trip game based on this "clue". Remember it will still be rhythm based.



SmaMan said:

Just got through playing it. I got about half way through song 2 (I think...) and I just barely made it past song 1. I too was a bit turned off by only 3 levels, but that's before I saw the depth and the difficulty of those 3 levels (Well really I only saw two so far, but you get the picture.) This is gonna keep me going for a while. I haven't even made a high score yet!

As someone else mentioned, it would be nice if you could use analog controls, too, to make it more classic-y. The handlebar twist style controls are really good too, in fact, I think it would be easier this way since you can better control the speed of the paddle like this. I dunno.

Overall, this is a great game. If it does well enough you could jump on the DLC bandwagon and make more levels available for a little extra pointage... heheh. (Or you could be REALLY nice and make them free via shop channel updates... hint hint.) Great job Commander, and I personally can't wait to play through more of your adventures someday!



Bahamut_ZERO said:

Oh Jesus. Another 9/10. I was expecting a 7 (obviously ), maybe an 8. But a 9! Its Onsluaght all over! Guess I have to stick with my promise I made and buy it.
You just love sucking the money out of me don't you



Philip_J_Reed said:

My guess regarding the "core" clue:

He said in the WWW interview that we might see a game akin to Jungle Hunt...but I wasn't sure how that could be done in a rhythmic sense.

So I'll guess that in the next game, you have the hero running around, swinging on vines, jumping over barrels, etc., and you perform rhythmic tasks to regulate his bodily functions: heart rate, breathing...maybe blinking?

...I have no idea. But that's the best I can do with "core." Whatever it is I'll be really excited to find out.



Corbs said:

IT MUST BE A SHOOT 'EM UP!!!!!! Shoot the core!
Well I can dream, can't I?

@ CommanderVideo - How did you like the logo I worked up for Bit.Trip.Beat?
(Please don't sue me)



lockelocke said:

Dude, this is easily the most creative and impossible to put down game I have played in ages. I wouldn't hesitate to pay another 6 bucks for a sequel.



joeshabadoo said:

Fantastic review for a fantastic wiiware title. First of all, those of you complaining about the bits blending into backgrounds at times, it's never game breaking and only adds to the TRIPpiness of the experience, which I imagine is an aim of theirs for this series.

Also analog controls would NOT work as well as tilt-based paddle style controls. Here's why: there are TONS of times later on in Descent and Growth where you need very quick, precise, and almost twitch-based accuracy. With analog controls it would be constant holding of up and down and the sensitivity of the analog stick or d-pad would have to be tweaked way up, to the point where it would feel wrong. Tilt controls make it so that there is a single position of the remote that corresponds to a position of the paddle on the vertical axis, so your hands/eyes get used to matching the incoming bit position with a specific feel of the wiimote in your hands.

The beauty of this game is how the gameplay blends so amazingly with the audio/visual aspect. I get absolutely entranced during mega mode. It's just a visual feast, bursting at the seems with creative juices. Plus it controls perfectly and the bosses are ingenious. I've been able to beat Transition and Descent by myself, but had to have my bro come in after getting used to the game to make a run at beating Growth, and we did! Loved the ending song too. Additionally, the abstract story elements of this game intrigue me. There's some odd cryptic dialogue after the credits that I won't spoil here, but suffice it to say that future entries in the Bit.Trip series are getting auto-downloads from me (only the Art Style series has been given the same stamp of approval from me)

1 gripe: no online leaderboards. That's it



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I DLed this, and here is my mini-review:

First, controls work suprisingly well. Despite being motion, they are spot on, and work excellently. But, this is hard. Not hard like MM9 or Ninja Gaiden, where I can say "Oh, that was my fault, Ill get it next time." This is frustrating. It's quite possibly the most ruthless game Ive played. I hear its the difficulty curve though, not the game, so in a few more days, maybe Ill own at it.
Despite being uber frustrating though, BTB, is fun. Fun, yes, remember that? If you dont BTB will make you. I dont know how it is, it just is fun. Thats why I recommend it to everybody.


@joeshadadoo: Theres leaderboards, its on the menu under High Scores.



Objection said:

So how does saving work? Does it, or do you have to restart at lv1 each time when you turn off the Wii, etc.? This is the last question I need answered before making a decision.



A1234 said:

@SmaMan, that "someone" would be me, but I am sure you knew that.

@CommanderVideo, so what were the reasons for no analog control, 3 levels and no leaderboards? just wondering. I am sure it was due to memory. it would have been cool to try the Classic Controller's analog stick on the game. btw, thanks for making a great game! excellent job! oh yeah, is there an easter egg in the game where you can actually play pong? that would have been cool. especially with all of the talk about pong.



Adamant said:

@Objection_Blaster: "So how does saving work? Does it, or do you have to restart at lv1 each time when you turn off the Wii, etc.?"

It does save, but reportedly, you need to get on the hi-score list for a level for the next one to appear on the menu.

@Jockolantern:"This places Bit.Trip Beat on the same level as Toki Tori, Onslaught, or Mega Man 9."

Sounds about right to me, yeah. Have you even played this game?

@ZIMM: "great game! wish it had "retro" controls though. something analog besides the motion controls."

Uh... It does have "retro" controls. The controls emulate the paddle traditionally used in Pong- and Breakout-style games. It's the only real way to play this type of game.
The DS Arkanoid game includes a paddle to enable this type of control, too.

(Here's an experiment to try. Pick up Activision Anthology for the GBA or PS2 (which you should get anyway, because it's awesome). Fire up Kaboom. Try playing Kaboom with analog control, rather than the paddle controls it was originally programmed for. Cry.)

While I agree that the songs could've been a bit shorter and more numerous, I still say this is a 10/10. Is World of Goo REALLY that much better than this?

As for the "core" clue, yeah, Gradius is the first thing to come to my mind, too. Somehow, the image of Yar's Revenge keeps sneaking into my mind, though. The Yar is technically a core, right?



Corbs said:

I agree about Kaboom. It's just not the same without the paddle controls. And it was one of my favorite Atari 2600 titles back in the day. I remember spraying WD-40 on the paddles when they got shaky.

And Yar's Revenge is still one of the greatest video games ever made. I can still sit down and play that game to this very day and love every second of it.



CommanderVideo said:

@ZIMM: I've not got a lot of time at the moment, so here's some quick answers to your questions.

1. The motion control is technically "analog", but as far as using the analog sticks on the Nunchuck or the Classic Controller goes, we tried it out and it just simply wasn't responsive enough. We also gave the +Control Pad a shot and everything we tried just screamed for the motion controls. Mind you, if there were a spinner controller peripheral available, that would have been THE BEST.

2. The choice for 3 levels was because of the story themes I wanted to get across. The flow across 3 levels works very well for this series from that standpoint (you'll probably understand more about this once the sequels are out). Also, since the gameplay is so simple, I wanted to err on the side of leaving the players wanting more rather than less, you know? Too much of a good thing...

3. Leaderboards would have been super awesome. The honest answer is that we're just 3 guys makin' this thing and the effort it takes to get that stuff in there was prohibitive to our development cycle.

4. Pong? What's that?



Corbs said:

For all those wondering about the saving of progress, CommanderVideo has just let me know that the game DOES save all progress if you are able to get onto the high scores list, but it doesn't save otherwise. Thanks CommanderVideo for taking the time to answer all of the questions and for creating one heck of a fun game.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

I still would have to say this is inferior to MM9 (should have been a 10). Why did ya give MM9 a 9 Corbie! That game is way better than Onslaught, LWinds, FFCC, and Toki Tori. But anyway, back on topic.

Is the main reason this gets a 9 is pricing? Because I think 600 points is fair for what your getting, but if it was, lets say, 1000, I would be kinda upset.



SmaMan said:

About the saving thing... I didn't make the High Scores for level 1 and level 2 is still selectable on my menu.

And I'm ok with not having online leaderboards... they usually just make me feel inferior to everyone else, though I did enjoy the adrenaline rush for that one time when I ranked 1st on one of the Alien Crush: Returns tables! (Of course it was just because I was the only one of the very few who bought that game... but still!)

I knew it was you. I was just to lazy to scroll up and check!



Philip_J_Reed said:

Woo! 108,000 on the first song! A record by far...and I would have done much better if I didn't screw up on the boss fight so badly. Onward and upward!

Strangely enough I STILL can't beat level 2 though. And it's driving me batty.

The next song will appear on your menu, but if you shut the game off and come back to it, it won't be there...unless you achieved a high score on the previous song.



Corbs said:

About the saving thing... I didn't make the High Scores for level 1 and level 2 is still selectable on my menu.

Have you quit the game completely or turned off your Wii. Mine resets back to Level 1 once I turn off my Wii.



SmaMan said:

Well I haven't tried turning it back on yet. Ah well. I don't mind playing the first level again.



anthonyb said:

For those of you that think "Descent" is hard- wait til you try "Growth".




thewiirocks said:

Hmm... I just played this.


  • Good price!
  • Love the 2600 vibe!
  • Glad to see someone remember that the old Ataris could do serious COLOR
  • Nice music
  • The controls are as close as you can get to a paddle with hooking up a paddle.

Unfortunately, I can't say the game really deserves a 9/10. It has a number of significant faults that come off as rather obnoxious.

  • Dark blue is a low contrast color. It's bad enough for those with 20/20 vision, but it's impossible to see for people with glasses. This is such a significant fault that it nearly makes the game unplayable. Just one of the DNA-like strands can send a player plummeting to failure.
  • The rumble beat on the Wii Remote appears to be intended to replicate the "jitter" of 2600 paddles. This is a two-fold problem: 1) This isn't an actual paddle. Precision is already difficult without something throwing your aim off. 2) 2600 paddles shouldn't jitter. That's a sign of age, wear, and grime. Most paddles can be made fully functional again by taking them apart and cleaning them.
  • The paddle to select the menu item is bad enough, but the forced rebound is just plain... um... obnoxious (sorry CommanderVideo )
  • File size. Oh my kingdom for a smaller file. Even with high quality MP3 or OGG music or samples, I don't see what's driving the size so large. Please consider optimizing the download size in the future.
  • The "challenge" power-up is difficult to detect. While I know many players would want to pick it up, there are times I'd also like to avoid it as well. It's not that easy to see it coming.
  • Why is PAUSE mapped to the MINUS button instead of PLUS? That's very confusing.

@CommanderVideo - I'd like to commend you on an excellent attempt at a game. I hope you will take this feedback and make the next game even better. (And maybe even release an update to fix the dark blue. Please? )



CommanderVideo said:

@thewiirocks: I hear ya on the dark blue. It's tough to see. It is definitely one of those things that slipped through the cracks. I like the menu (it's our tutorial). But I hear your gripes. As far as the rumble goes, you can always hit the Home Button and turn off your Wii Remote's rumble. Thanks for the comments!



thewiirocks said:

@CommanderVideo - Thanks for being understanding. BTW, I forgot to add the B&W Pong mode to the Pros list. Using that mode as a fallback when you're failing is one of the neater aspects of the game. If things get too hot and heavy, the simplicity of the mode suddenly makes everything clear again.



Objection said:

@CommanderVideo. Nice dodge. Pretty sneaky sis.
EDIT: First thoughts. I'm going to hate this game sometimes. The difficulty is there, but I'm doing much better on my 2nd attempt of level1 (2nd EDIT: I failed.) The graphics and music are cool and I found a way to combat the "MY EYES ARE BLEEDING" feeling. Press the home button in-between segments. Stop playing for 5 minutes. Return. Repeat. Victory.



Corbs said:

I found the subtle dark blue Beats part of the challenge. Your eyes would be concentrating on the brighter Beats and you had to make a conscious effort to catch the darker colored Beats as they snuck in on you.



thewiirocks said:

@Corbie - That may be true if you have good vision, but I'm afraid I don't. Glasses have the effect of reducing the contrast of vision a bit. In result, certain colors have almost zero contrast. Dark blue on black is one of those cases where the colors become extremely hard to make out.

I remember learning this lesson in first grade when my teacher tried using blue chalk on the blackboard for the first time. It didn't take her long to figure out that those of us with glasses couldn't make out what the board said. The chalk ended up getting put away for blackboard art only.



Objection said:

Some of the beats are downright annoying but I finally beat the first level after 2 frustrating failures and an awesome boss. The game is good, just hard. Got 583,506 on my first passing run on lv1.



joeshabadoo said:

Just beat Growth solo! omg, that was extremely intense/exhilerating! The boss of Growth I actually find a bit easier than Descent, but both are lovely little nods to older design, and come in appropriate evolutionary order (but oddly not chronological)



SmaMan said:

Yep, doesn't show up until you get the high score... which I still can't get! I got really close though somewhere around 468,000. The good thing about this difficulty is that even though it's challenging, you seem to do a little better every time. It just takes patience as there's no way you can tell what all the beats are going to do the first time out. (If you somehow do a level perfectly on your first try, please seek medical attention.)



StarDust4Ever said:

Looks like a solid winner to me. Only question I have is, if there are only three levels, then why is the bleeping game 312 blocks?



Draine_Eclipse said:

As they have said earlier, most of the blocks must come from the audio files. Easily worth the 600 wii points, much fun. I finally got past the 2nd level, took about 8 tries though. The songs are so long, which is good.
(PS: Hello everyone, I just registered and look forward to reading more news/reviews. Also, I suggest not having the account verification email sent to your Wii console; it doesn't work)



joeshabadoo said:

high fidelity audio and loads of visual layering I'm guessing. Plus maybe a bit of optimization could've been done. But sounds like a small team with only a few months of a dev cycle, so it's cool. Honestly, just delete a game you haven't played in a while and pick it up. Sure it's not ideal, but it's also painless and you will get tons of joy out of those $6



SmaMan said:

And ya know, we wouldn't be having this problem if NINTENDO WOULD COME UP WITH A FREAKIN' STORAGE SOLUTION!



joeshabadoo said:

Some sort of an SD card solution to increase the ease with which you can save to them directly from the shop channel AND/OR load from them should be coming soon. I suspect we'll hear about it in Iwata's GDC keynote, as he will be talking about the DSi, DSiware, and Wiiware primarily.



Jockolantern said:

@Corbie: I suppose my sardonic response to Chicken Brutus came across as a bit more harsh than intended. But what is the internet without a little personal prodding? ^_~ j/k My apologies to Brutus; my response was certainly a bit more harsh than it should have been. I suppose I'm just incredibly surprised by how well this just-above-average game is being received and how far superior titles have either been overlooked at best or wrongfully equated at worst. I'm having my own fair share of fun with Bit.Trip Beat (but damn if I don't suck even at the first level; need a lot more practice to get it down pat; the gray/white screen of silence makes me sad every time I suck hard enough to get to it) but I'm quite puzzled by excessive praise leveled at what is nothing more than a pretty, retro-styled rhythm game.

As for this most recent topic in the comments, I too really hope that storage space solution is coming soon from Nintendo. It's certainly long overdue and it will be fantastic to be able to play my VC/WiiWare games straight from my SD cards. I just hope we can still order them in whatever order we wish, ala the main Wii menu. If not, I'm going to be rather irritated. For how long Nintendo's taken to get this update done, I expect full personal arrangement functionality when it is available.



joeshabadoo said:

the praise is not excessive. This original gameplay concept combined with a beautiful melding of audio/video to player interaction and input, and genuine old-school difficulty stemming from good design rather than control/animation limitations is a STEAL for $6



Objection said:

It's an original idea and I think i'm glad I got it, but I disagree with the 9/10 score. Then again, MM9 got the same grade and has some of the same problems found here (very difficult.) On the subject of SD fix, bring it on!



WolfRamHeart said:

Its good to see all this attention that Bit. Trip Beat is getting. Hopefully everyone will at least give a try at only 600 points. I was tempted to download it as soon as I saw it on Monday but decided to wait for the review. I am very pleased with this game and would recommend it to anyone who owns a Wii! My only regret is not downloading it sooner!



VenomTheEvil said:

@ WolfRamHeart

This is off topic but is your username related to the tv series Angel in anyway?



Philip_J_Reed said:

"The "challenge" power-up is difficult to detect. While I know many players would want to pick it up, there are times I'd also like to avoid it as well. It's not that easy to see it coming."

True, but I see this as part of the fun, and avoiding them is no different from memorizing the patterns you're about to encounter. (Which is a MUST in this game.) Once you remember which pellets shrink your paddle, you can choose to avoid them. There's a specific pellet in song 2 that kills me EVERY TIME because it shrinks me and I can't do the next part.

Does it make me say curse words to my television set? Oh my, yes. But now that I've memorized it it's no different than predicting the behavior of any other pellet you've encountered many times.

I'm actually kind of glad the gameplay is slightly cruel. It's a lot more fun that way, in my opinion. If a game is fun enough--and this one certainly is--then I don't mind a little bit of punishment.

Again, just my opinion, but I don't think the "power downs" are a problem with the game any more than other aspects of pellet behavior are; you just need to memorize them.



CommanderVideo said:

@ Chicken Brutus: The Challenge Beat towards the beginning of Level 2 is brutally difficult. But they are meant as new challenges, like you said. I'd advise that players avoid the challenges (if they can remember which Beats they are) until they've honed their skills a bit. For instance, that one I mentioned--I've only successfully hit every Beat in that challenge 8 or 9 times.



Crazed said:

I am glad to see that this game is getting so much praise. Even though I'm still stuck on Level one (I think I got close last time...), I can't argue with the fact that this is a quality game. Congratulations, Commander Video, on a spectacular game.

I still have my fingers crossed that my earlier prediction will come true (that Bit. Trip would crack the top 10 (maybe top 5) on the top 20 list this week). It seems more likely now that this game has recieved a great review.

Also, about this memory thing. Nintendo does have memory cards for the Wii. Just put games that you aren't playing on the memory card, store up the right amount of blocks on your wii, and buy that game that uses a ton of space. I'm not trying to scorn everyone that says space is an issue for you not to buy Bit. Trip (312 blocks is alot of memory for one game). What I'm saying is that it's a managable problem, and that lack of space shouldn't be the only reason why you wouldn't buy this game (or any other game that uses a ton of space, i.e. Onslaught, LIT, and World of Goo.)



SmaMan said:

It's going to be difficult to make games playable from an SD card. Some cards just aren't fast enough. Now they could make them all load into the the RAM, but I don't think the RAM is big enough for some of these larger games.



WolfRamHeart said:

@ Venom The Evil
Yes, as a matter of fact my username is paying tribute to one of my favorite tv series Angel. Thanks for noticing! I do hope you guys in Europe get this game soon because it is a really good one! I have my hands full playing Madworld, GTA:Chinatown Wars, and Avalon Code right now but I can make time to play Bit. Trip Beat! This game is the coolest game since Space Invaders Extreme!
@ Commander Video
Will there be downloadable content for Bit. Trip Beat? I know its too soon to talk about a sequel but let us know more about any future WiiWare projects now that you have our attention!



thewiirocks said:

@Chicken Brutus - Avoiding the power-up is only half the battle. You have to know precisely which ones to avoid as well. If you miss the double-paddle, you're going to be in a world of hurt.

@SmaMan - There's more than enough bandwidth in even the cheapest cards. The problem appears to be an issue with Nintendo's crypto system more than anything else. Pulling data from the SD Card does a great deal of cryptographic translation and verification that slows things down considerably. That's why the last Wii system update was able to bump the speed of the SD transfers so much. i.e. Because it's a software problem.



Philip_J_Reed said:

"If you miss the double-paddle, you're going to be in a world of hurt."

What's the phrase I'm looking for here...ah yes: "don't remind me." I said a LOT of nasty words when I missed that double paddle one for the third time in a row...gah.

Thinking about it, I wonder if I even WANT to play the third song...



lockelocke said:

Just pick up the challenges, if they don't kill you within like 30 seconds, they make you better.

At first, the blue dots were a huge source of frustration for me, but what I've discovered is that your eyes start to adjust to the onscreen mania once you've been playing for a bit, plus you learn the patterns. I don't really think it's unfair or punishing.

Still trying to get through Descent! HUGE PROPS ON THIS AMAZING GAME, easily the most addictive game I've played since Tetris Attack or Goldeneye, can't put it down.

I'm with you, homie, best game on WiiWare, easy



fixjuxa said:

A suggestion for a future sequel:

What this game needs is something akin to the practice mode in Gradius V in which each stage is broken up into a smaller number of sections for practicing purposes. Once you reach the beginning of a particular section in the standard mode, that section is unlocked in practice mode. That way you can practice something that's at the end of a stage without playing through the entire stage in order to reach it.

As it stands I find myself making very slow progress with the end of Descent and it's annoying that I have to play through a majority of the song over and over again in order to practice the part I'm having trouble with.

Other than that, and the occasional blending of the orange paddle with the orange blackground, this game is fantastic. I didn't expect to like it at all, but I'll be damned if it isn't exceptional.



Objection said:

Yup, sequel needs to be broken down into 3-5min levels but also have a "marathon mode" AKA a mode that does it how No.1 does.



Vertigo said:

Hmm... the graphics improve when you're playing better, so does the audio, you have to catch as many beats as possible and hit a transition beat to move to the next zone... Rez in 2D?



Corbs said:

Bit.Trip.Beat absolutely screams for downloadable content. I even dug out my old Odyssey 400 Pong system last night and gave it a whirl again. I'm afraid regular Pong just doesn't get it done anymore now that I've played Bit.Trip.Beat.



SRPirate said:

Looks good, but three levels only??
@KS8- do you ever get my wii messages? Cause i sent you one a couple weeks ago saying when we should battle on MKWII.
To everyone- Been here for a while but havent been commenting much, but ill be commenting more often now. So Hey everyone!



stratocastx said:

I love love love everything about this game. The funny thing is, I beat the first level on my first try but haven't been able to do it since! Still, I hope the 2nd and 3rd levels are even more difficult. The first level takes a little too long to get fast-paced along with the trickier beats.



SRPirate said:

@BrickleBrack- yeah ive heard a lot of positive comments on this game including yours, im getting a wii point card this weekend so ill probably get this game.



Objection said:

I might as well be the other side of the recommendation (the negative side.) The only reason that 3 levels doesn't seem like too little when you get the game is that the levels are so difficult you may not beat the last two. If you're really good at the game, it is quite fun, but it can have cheap and annoying parts too (even if you've played a level a couple times.)



VenomTheEvil said:

@ WolfRamHeart

No problem it was also one of my personal favorite series
And I hope we get it soon I want me some Pong Hero as others have called it



VenomTheEvil said:

@ Also once again at WolfRamHeart

I just beat Avalon code as a matter of fact hope you enjoy that.

I really need to get this game I just "beat" the art style Wiiware titles so I hope to find some retro gameplay to sink my teeth into.



Trucker said:

@CommanderVideo - You rang me lord?

The Trucker loves a bit of Pong, the Trucker also enjoys music - therefore BTB FTW! Great game guys, I have enjoyed every minute of it so far!



CommanderVideo said:

@ Everyone: So, tell me honestly, is Onslaught worth picking up? I've been mildly interested. Mind you, FPS is not my favorite genre. Thoughts?



stratocastx said:

Well, I got what I wished for - Descent is much more difficult, and I have yet to beat it! I love the difficulty though! I can't wait to see the next game in the Bit.Trip series. Thank you for this wonderful concept



SRPirate said:

@everyone- yeah i wanna know about onslaught too, like commandervideo, cause im getting a point card tomorrow and want to know if onslaught is worth the points. Is it worth $10?



Objection said:

ONSLAUGHT: Personally, I got what I wanted in my $10. The single player has 13 maps, which take about 3-4 hrs to complete, considering the difficult bosses. Sadly it doesn't have splitscreen but the WIFI multiplayer is quite good, though it too is missing deathmatch. Some people won't miss those features but I did. It's still very fun and it looks quite good for WW.



thewiirocks said:

The best way to evaluate Onslaught is to decide whether or not you like arcade rail shooters. If you think everything from Operation Wolf to Time Crisis were wastes of time, then you probably won't like Onslaught. If however, you happen to love mindless arcade shooting (like me ), you'll absolutely adore Onslaught. You won't even notice that it's technically a First Person Shooter.



VenomTheEvil said:

Onslaught was good I got my points worth out of it. Its quite flawed. And even online seems too arcade-ish (coming from a arcade fan)



Objection said:

Just to clarify thewiirocks' comment: it's an FPS with arcade-like scoring, but is NOT a on-rails shooter. Not that there's anything wrong with rail shooters!



Philip_J_Reed said:

I was actually a little disappointed with Onslaught...it got much too hard to be fun. (I should have played it on easy; I did normal and ended up in over my head. The bosses are extremely hard!)

The online multiplayer, however, is a hoot. I don't do particularly well, but it's loads of fun. Agreed that deathmatch would have been better, but you will still have a good time.

I'll restart the game on easy and see if I have more fun. For now, though, I just play multiplayer.



WolfRamHeart said:

@ VenomTheEvil
Wow, impressed you beat Avalon Code already! I just picked up Henry Hatsworth: Puzzling Adventure yesterday and its fantastic! Everyone should pick this game up! I know this is WiiWare World but I just wanted to comment on the game advertised on this page. I have my hands full with games thanks to Nintendo! I'm glad Bit. Trip Beat is part of my collection because this game will make the wait for Cave Story a whole lot easier!



anthonyb said:

No to Onslaught. If I could somehow "give" you my file, I would. It's a great idea, but you're better off playing another FPS. Like Counterstrike or Left 4 Dead or TF2 or COD or Halo or- just pretty much any popular FPS. Much more worth your money. IMO



tkubas1 said:

Onslaught is fun!!! It's perfect on normal. Its fun to find unlockable guns to beat the bosses. Defentally worth a small fee of $10.



VenomTheEvil said:

@ WolfRamHeart

Ah another one waiting for cave story!

Yeah Avalon code I have a lot of free time in the last few weeks
Henry Hatsworth I have been meaning to pick up looks great. Glad to hear it is! On my get soon list!



ejamer said:

Nice job with the review - I agree with the score and most of the text, although enjoyed the multiplayer with 2 people much better than Corbie seemed to.

@ CommanderVideo:
Congrats to the team who made this brilliant game. It's so simple, but beautiful and addictive at the same time. Attention to detail really shines through - from different beats mapped to each button on the Wii remote, to use of Wii remote speaker for audio feedback, to the great use of rumble, to the precise motion controls, to the awesome sound and graphics. Will be eagerly watching for sequels.

Constructive criticsm? Most has already been discussed, but here is my list anyway:
(1) I agree that the dark blue "wavy" beats would benefit from a contrast adjustment
(2) Why is the pause command mapped to (-) instead of (+)? A bit awkward, if you need to stop suddenly.
(3) The dream of DLC tracks and/or online leaderboards is tantalizing. This game would be perfect for either, although given the small development team and low asking price I can understand why they are missing.

Regarding Onslaught, it depends on your expectations going in. The game won't beat many full retail FPS titles, but does appear to push the boundaries of WiiWare. Controls are well implemented. Missions tend to be short, but are varied enough that it's always interesting to see what's coming next. The online co-op and competitive (compete for high scores, not deathmatch) modes are very good and worth playing. Potential downsides include: repetitive enemy types, bland graphics, a terrible story, slow character movement, very odd use of sound clips, and no local multiplayer... but none of those problems stopped me from enjoying the experience.

IMO, Onslaught is easily worth the Wii Points. I've gotten about 4 hours of enjoyment out of it so far, and am only halfway through the main story (didn't try playing on the easy setting) with some time logged online in both co-operative and competitive modes.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@111/SRPirate: Yeah, we should get a match going! How about this week. Message my Wii and let's set up a time, k?

I still haven't beaten Descent guys. I've tried 4 times or so. I know I'm close to the Boss though but I keep losing in the same tricky spot...



Philip_J_Reed said:

I finally beat Descent. (The boss is AWESOME.) The funny thing is that as difficult as it used to be for me, I can breeze through it now. (One of the positive aspects of constant repetition! haha)

Growth is pure evil though.

God I love this game. One of the top 3 WiiWare titles yet, in my book.




I now have enough memory to go for this one thanx to the wii menu 4.0 update I have been waiting for.



BrickleBrack said:

Playing this game with headphones is unreal. Offworld has a pic with a clue to the next game I think! I can't wait!!!



VenomTheEvil said:

@ RankoSao

You have not played the game yet.

So dont comment on the levels..... I have seen my friend go insane on the epic level of growth...



TRON said:

Wow, this is the best "chance" I've taken on a game like this since the first Katamari game. It's so simple, yet so fun. I could not stop playing it after I downloaded it. After the first try I was thinking "hmm, that was interesting.. maybe I'll give it another go". That went on for four more hours....



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I just beat Descent last night. FINALLY. I'm afraid to see what Growth is like! lol. I had to play Co-op in order to beat it. Geez. And yeah, as Chicken Brutus said, the boss really is cool. It's nice how they approached it albeit it can be hard when the bits bounce back really fast.



Adam said:

Along with MM9, this is my favorite WW game! I wouldn't have downloaded if not for the recent SD-card-access update, so I'm very glad about that!

Anyway, co-op seems to have mostly been written off here, and while I haven't been able to try co-op the normal way yet, I have found one very fun use for it: single-player, double paddle! Hold each controller by gripping all the way around it and turning them like you would the handles on a motorbike or jet ski or what-have-you. I've only played level one three times so far, twice single-paddle, and on my third time with double-paddle. Third time was the charm. I don't know if it was the double-paddle or just practice, but I finally unlocked level 2 this way.

Some parts are easier and some parts are a bit harder, but if you can get used to controlling a paddle single-handedly, you can just ignore paddle 2 for the parts that are hard to co-ordinate. For some, this might be an easier way to play since you essentially have a larger paddle once you get the controls down, so this might be a good way to unlock the other two levels. For others, this might be harder, but hey, that's an extra challenge to get some more mileage out of a short game! Just one word of warning though: your arms may be tired by the end of the level.

Anyway, I love this game, and I'll be playing both ways for a good long while, I think. Now all that's left to do is once I get home tonight, put on a fresh pair of socks, and use my feet to play four paddles at once! If I ever master that, I'll have to video it.



Crazed said:

@KnucklesSonic8- Prepare for an epic final boss battle.

@RankoSao- I can see your skepticism, but here's the thing about Bit. Trip. The recent update for the Wii memory makes any previous space issues a non-issue, and yes, three levels seem short, but the levels are a good 10 min. long (if not longer) and are extremely fun/extremely difficult to play. Get it. You will not be disappointed.



VenomTheEvil said:

@ BrickleBrack

My friend is weeping in the corner and agrees with you.

Shame he had to give up his mind to beat it.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@Crazed: I tried Growth for the first time today and boy is it ever HARD!! Geez. But that's a good thing. I lost in like 1 or 2 minutes (I tried thrice).

If Commander Video is listening, I can't wait to see how the next music game is approached as far as difficulty goes. I sincerely hope some sort of online capabilities (online play, leaderboards or DLC) are added in future titles, especially the latter. Oh and I'm a huge fan of rhythm games so this game instantly appealed to me. I hope the next ones do too. You guys definitely deserve Kudos for all your efforts with this game and whatever happens next, don't get swayed to turn back on producing more projects out of fear that they won't be received well. Always remember how well Bit.Trip Beat turned out, dwell on its successes and how it can be improved, and you'll be all set for the next entry in the series. I can't wait to hear more about this "core" concept.



Adam said:

I just hope for the sequel he abandons the idea of unlocking levels. I know I only paid $6, but I still feel like I deserve to be able to play the whole game if I want to without having to jump through hoops. I'm sure I'll get Growth eventually, but I would not be surprised if some didn't, and that would be very frustrating.

One argument for unlocking levels is that it forces the player to take it one step at a time, which is good for learning the game. That does make sense, but if a player gets stuck, then what? An alternative unlocking trigger like Smash Bros. uses would be nice, such as "After X games, the next stage is unlocked whether you've beaten it or not."

I'm sure everything else will be fine. The first Bit Trip entry proves the commander knows what he's doing. Downloadable content would be nice but unnecessary.



rayword45 said:

To me, this game looks AWESOME. However, only 3 songs/ For 600 points, that's not bad. However, will there ever be DLC? That'll improve replay. It wouldn't hurt to pay 100 or 200 for another song. Considering this game is probably going to be FAR more fun than other games I've oplayed on the service that scored too high. CoughMaboshiDeservesA5coughOnslaughtGetsA7



DaVeMaN99 said:

Hmm i just purchased 2000 points and now i don't know what to get. First i was going to get Tetris Party and Super Punchout, but then i decided no for Tetris and no for punchout since i have NES version. Now im wondering if i should get this and another game. Probably Majoras Mask.
Help!! : D



BionicJim said:

This is the best game I've played in a year. It is the perfect blend of old-school retro with modernized sound and visuals. Even better, it's a super fun and challenging game. For over a month now, it's the one game I start all of my play sessions with (I've got 100s of games on all the systems, so that is saying something) ((I can't play it more than once without requiring a break for my bleeding eyes and ears)). One thing that I didn't notice anyone mention in the Nether World, they've simulated a Ground Loop generating a 50 hz bar scrolling slowly up the screen. This is completely fantastic because that's certainly one of the elements that was common in the original implementations of pong on people's TVs from the 70's. If you're still on the fence, this game is worth it if you're a serious enough gamer to actually read boards posts about videogames.



nintendoduffin said:

I can't wait for this game to come out in the UK so I can play it, I just wish Nintendo didn't keep us in the dark over release dates.



Andor said:

I had to register just to leave my comment here, what a fantastic game!

It's one of the only really hard games that doesn't make me mad and frustrated, I just want to rest a little and then go back to finish that damn level! I'm stuck at the end of Descent, those bouncing squares drive me insane and instead of hitting them I keep evading, lol.
Can't imagine how I'm going to beat Growth...

What I really miss above anything is a training mode just like fixjuxa (105) said, that would be awesome. Everything else is perfectly fine for me, incredible game!



MrPanic said:

Great game, got it today.

Did the first level, I did manage to finish it but I can't a highscore on it. I tried the second level too, I can't finish that level (damn challenges) but I did get an highscore on it so the game did save the fact I unlocked the second level. I hope I can break my own highscore when unlocking level 3 or else I'm screwed.



Betagam7 said:

I don't get all the references to Pong in the review. yes there is a bat you can move up and down but thats as far as it goes. This game has, for me, more in common with a stripped down REZ than a souped up Pong.



Neoprenanzug said:

>yes there is a bat you can move up and down

Well, that describes 90% of the Pong gameplay, doesn't it?



BleachFan said:

Definitely different...Definitely good!
This game offers great challenge with awesome music to boot!
However, the game is not for everyone...especially for people who don't even have enough patience to read this comment...
Regardless! This is still a sweet game.
I officially HATE the bouncing beats...



jbrodack said:

game is so addictive and hard. took many tries just to beat first level. in the case of this game 3 levels is plenty. perfect presentation with great music and good mix of retro and more modern trippy graphics



Andor said:

I have finally beaten Growth!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I was already convinced that I'd never finish the game, lol.
That last boss is insane, my other hand had to lend some help controlling another paddle...is that cheating?

The bouncing beats are definitely the most annoying ones, lol.



wanderlustwarrior said:

I envy those of you that have beaten growth. I'm still failing towards the end of stage 2.

Man, I wish there were downloadable music tracks.



nemo12 said:

the game is strangely addicting. Themusic is awesome and it brings the retro back to the wii

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