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Tue 17th Mar 2009

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joeshabadoo commented on Review: Liight (WiiWare):

Good review, Phil, but I would say that Liight's endless mode has more than enough to offer people looking for faster, more urgent challenge. The complex scoring system, and the strategy behind deep runs in the endless mode is quite something. Worth the price of admission alone. The puzzles help train you and expand your mindset of endless mode approaches, and the create/share is icing on the cake



joeshabadoo commented on Review: G.G Series: Z-ONE (DSiWare):

I must disagree. I feel this game sucks you in quite well, and that there is more than enough content/gameplay variety to warrant the $2 price tag. The unique firing mechanic alone makes this scrolling shooter worth playing



joeshabadoo commented on First BIT.TRIP FLUX Screenshots:

We return to a more abstract style because CV has shed his physical vessel. As the series comes full circle, CV will leave his final mark on his world, and understand fully why he was, is, and will be.



joeshabadoo commented on Review: Divergent Shift (DSiWare):

Gonna have to disagree with you Corbie. I feel that the level design is sharp enough, while the game gets long enough legs from the time trial mode and bonus stages you can unlock after the main game is through, to be worth the $8. I'm enjoying it more than Chronos Twins so far.



joeshabadoo commented on E3 2010: First Impressions: Nintendo 3DS:

It will accept DS carts and the new 3DS carts, yes.

You guys should've mentioned the accelerometers/gyroscopes in the system . . ., but that said I'm so freaking stoked to get one of these



joeshabadoo commented on Aura-Aura Climber:

small ball of light jumps upward and side to side latching on to nodes as he climbs higher and avoids enemies, grabs items, etc. It's about timing/strategy/path-finding. All button-controlled, but it's a good thing. Touch control would make this too easy. It's worth $2 IMO.

Bugging me that I can't figure out which team developed this one. I think it's Skip, but there are no in-game credits, or I haven't unlocked em yet.



joeshabadoo commented on Review: bittos+ (WiiWare):

Magnetis is a far better game for 1/2 the price. That said, if you have the $ to throw around, like puzzle games, and look forward to rapid-fire placing tetris pieces to form 4x4 squares in massive chains with the play field closing in on you, then get it.

Sean, good review, but when the going gets really tough in this game is exactly when you NEED to use both directions of rotation. Precious fractions of seconds my good man. Precious.



joeshabadoo commented on Review: Diatomic (WiiWare):

sorry but it's remains too dodgy and difficult to articulate directional strikes. I understand the short motions you're looking for, but performing those motions, particularly above the diatomic character, are too awkward and uncomfortable



joeshabadoo commented on Review: Diatomic (WiiWare):

Tim! I bought your game I can can totally see a great core concept in there! EASILY. You just need to add in a few more control options:

a) IR pointer/button press for tail whip/projectile throw. This would entail using an unmapped button on the nunchuck and the IR. When the button is pressed, the diatomic dude will perform the tail-whip or projectile throw in whichever direction the IR is pointing relative to the character. Look to Evasive Space for an example, but movement is still on the analog stick for your game

b) generic motion used for tail-whip or projectile throw, but only in the direction that the diatomic character is currently facing. This one's self explainatory.

c) button press for tail-whip or projectile throw, but only in the direction that the diatomic character is currently facing.

I would use option a) that I just suggested, but all would function better than the existing setup



joeshabadoo commented on First Impressions: Bit.Trip VOID:

These guys have not missed a beat yet (), Core was a great experience as the later levels actually gave you little second chances and ways to alter the soundtrack as certain bits would eventually cross 2 axises before leaving the screen, and the bosses were fantastic.

This one does look to be the best of the series though. I'm so stoked.



joeshabadoo commented on Art Style: INTERSECT:

it's AS, so it's instabuy. Not just because it's going to feature a refined puzzle mechanic with stellar audio and replayability, but because of how terribly these games sell on DSiware. Not a single one of the 6 made the NA top 20 this week. shocking given such a young platform



joeshabadoo commented on Review: Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii):

Alphanerd, $30 game?!, are you kidding!? The amount of love poured into this game easily warrants a $50 price tag. Also, Jonathan, the fast travel is available in the main game prior to "beating" it with a character. But I find the traveling to be a very Zen experience of artistic and natural appreciation, as well as more opportunity to level



joeshabadoo commented on Gaijin Games Releases Teaser for New Game:

its def a Bit Trip game. With the release schedule they have planned, it only makes sense. It is delightfully cryptic, this. I do like hicken's thoughts, but I'm thinking it might expand upon core even further



joeshabadoo commented on Nintendo Download: Fantasies, Fishing, Warfare...:

It's gonna be BIT TRIP Core, WiiGuy. We knew that already. Other Wiiware could come out as well.
Nothing for me this week, but I like this triple wiiware trend. Filter the more shovelware type stuff out quickly. I'm sure NoA is seeing more and more wiiware developers giving them software to certify. Everyone want's a piece of the pie



joeshabadoo commented on Icarian Gets a New Name: NyxQuest:

whatever it's called I want it in NA next monday. I feel like Water Warfare is coming , but hopefully it will only be one of 2-3 wiiware games as has been the trend recently



joeshabadoo commented on Nintendo Download: Drill Sergeants, Puzzles, G...:

yeah guys, set up a yahoo email address if you don't have already, then go through that account to enter the 12 digit alphanumeric code on the yellow caps that have a rockband symbol on em'. Take that point and click "play for prizes" and play 1 point towards a free RB download. It's an almost guaranteed win (im 18/18 with em) and then just tell them which song you want to download with the credit. They just give you a 16 digit wiipoint card code that's redeemable for 200 points. Also works for other platforms and I imagine they give you the equivalent of $2 in download credit for PS3 or 360 as well. More people need to get on that and pick up all the Wiiware games they've been on the fence about for a while. Support indie devs!!! I'm so glad I have.

Also another thing abotu this so-so week: with Conduit and Overlord coming out, and can understand and support NoAs decision moreso



joeshabadoo commented on Nintendo Download: Drill Sergeants, Puzzles, G...:

people, when we don;t get some sort of press release about a monday release from a dev who has been excited about their wiiware game's quality and pushing it for a while, then you should know not to expect good things that Monday. Neves might be kinda fun, but I'm glad they pumped out 3 of the more forgettable wiiware releases of the summer in one week. They could have strung them out one by one.

Kevin, I guarantee you that there are a whole heep of WIiware games you haven't played but you'd love. The service is quite strong if you know where to look. Convert rockband pepsi caps into 200 wii points each and use those points to take the plunge in to the 3 Wiiware Art Styles, or any of the 8s or 9s that NinLife gave to wiiware that you didn't think would interest you. I expanded out from what I originally thought I'd like, and am so glad I did



joeshabadoo commented on Details Seep Out on Cave Story, Night Game:

the one-handed is going to be wiimote only, facing toward the screen (not using IR though) and will use side to side tilt. So it's a second tilt mode apart from the obvious one in which you are holding the wiimote horizontally in both hands. I don't have official confirmation of that, but seems obvious



joeshabadoo commented on Nintendo Download: Soccer, Pirates and Galaxie...:

wow. I know Nintendo has a bunch of quality submitted and rated for Wiiware (Cave Story, Icarian, Sworda and Soldiers, Eduardo, Bubble Bobble PLus, Contra etc.). I know they get this weak games that technically work and might appeal to a select few, but could they space em out, tapper them a bit? The target on Wiiware does not even really include the casual crowd yet, not before a promotional increase. We'll probably get Crystal Defenders R2 next week and still be without one of the ones I mentioned above >_>



joeshabadoo commented on Review: Kirby: Canvas Curse (DS):

this game is a 9.5 for me. Perfectly uses new DS gameplay possibilities, level design is spectacular and varied, soundtrack kicks ass, main quest is quite challenging, and replay value is amazing because the extra challenge modes focusing on paint usage and time are even more fun than the standard adventure mode. The minimal ink usgae one was my favorite; lots of strategy. Then there are the minigames which are fun too. I loved going back and forth between line drawing and tapping to stun enemies or make kirby hop or use his current power. The thing I would've added was a "download play" 2 player mode in which you could compete in the minimal ink or fastest time challenge stages (but not be able to tap eachother to stun, that would be too annoying and break it). The game took Yoshi Touch n Go, and one upped it in every way



joeshabadoo commented on Review: Bonsai Barber (WiiWare):

I really appreciate this game and what it does for doing it very well, but there's too much quality on the wiiware horizon for me to drop 1000 points on this. 500 And I would be sold. Seems like a nice enjoyable daily 20-25 min type thing



joeshabadoo commented on Target Confirms 1000 Free DSi Points:

I just got a coupon from going to the platinum Club Nintendo member pre-launch DSi demo thing. It's happening at lots of Gamestops around the US next sunday too. The coupon gives you $100 in credit toward a DSi when you trade in a fully functional DS Lite, so a $70 DSi, with $10 in Nintendo points. Not bad, but the coupon must be redeemed within 2 days of launch, and only at the Gamestop on 33rd and Broadway in NYC. I'm not going to be able to use it that soon, so anyone who wants it, PM me or something



joeshabadoo commented on Review: Bit.Trip: Beat (WiiWare):

the praise is not excessive. This original gameplay concept combined with a beautiful melding of audio/video to player interaction and input, and genuine old-school difficulty stemming from good design rather than control/animation limitations is a STEAL for $6