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Tue 17th Feb 2009

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Syr commented on Sonic Colours:

@Ian: We're the ones that spell color funny-- they made up the language

OT I've lost hope for console Sonics.. maybe the ds version will be legit.



Syr commented on Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver UK Date Annou...:

I don't care if people snicker at my pokemanz, I've been a pokeholic for over ten years and I don't see myself getting on the wagon anytime soon.

Now, to find a woman who can cope with my compulsion.



Syr commented on Diatomic:

Anyone try this out yet? Looks like it could be quite good!



Syr commented on Review: Bit.Trip Void (WiiWare):

Great review, awesome game. I actually liked Core a lot too, I don't understand the complaints about it.. every game in the series has been fantastic, for that matter.

tbh, the bit.trip series is the thing which excites me most about being a wii owner, I can't wait to see what they come out with next!



Syr commented on Frogger Returns Coming To WiiWare:

I get the impression that with the 12 times the original size statement they mean the size in megabytes.. or kilobytes as the case may be.. but if the original came out in 1981 wouldn't it be terribly small? So 12 times terribly small would be what.. 10 megs? Rather silly statement imo.



Syr commented on Review: Wakugumi - Monochrome Puzzle (DSiWare):

You rock, Prosody. Just throwin' that out there.

This looks good, but I'll definitely pick up Intersect first. The Mr. Driller-like aspect is fascinating to me though, I hate puzzlers that feel like your frustration is for naught.



Syr commented on Ubisoft: The DS Salad Days Are Over:

@Fuzzy I'm glad someone alluded to that awesome name.. if my last name was Slaughter I could do so much more than complain about DS sales... just thinking of the possibilities makes me cackle..

Maybe the big N should actually push the DSi. This thing is becoming a paperweight and facebook camera only for me, I'm afraid..



Syr commented on Wii System Update 4.2 Hits US:

Oh man, this thread is getting messy

The NES became such a dominant console because of the big N's shady business practices at the time, including not allowing third parties to develop for anyone but them, quite illegal by today's standards. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable could explain better..



Syr commented on Review: You, Me, and the Cubes (WiiWare):

You would think that devs should get the point about unnecessary waggles being annoying after 3 years, oh well..

The game looks great though, I'll definitely pick it up when I get a puzzle itch! Great review, too.



Syr commented on Review: Scribblenauts (DS):

Too bad about the control issues.. I think I still might pick it up though, sounds too fun to miss!

The overview pane says it has a two player mode, has anyone tried it?



Syr commented on You, Me, and the Cubes:

Anyone try this game yet? It looks great.. but I have so many games to beat.. my poor backlog continues to grow.

Also, is this 16:9? Ever since I got wide-screen it has become an issue.. I wish that info could be implemented into the game overview pane.



Syr commented on Review: Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii):

@The Fox Actually, it comes quite easily. To say it is flawed after saying it is gorgeous and engaging is like saying "Yeah, I had this sandwich. It had great ingredients and looked gourmet, but wasn't very good." To end a description negatively is to dismiss the good things said prior.

Nothing against the reviewer though, great work Jonathan!



Syr commented on Review: Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii):

Saying the game is flawed in the first three words of the review is not a way to convince someone that a game is good, as an 8/10 is trying to do. When people see such a negative comment so early on it overshadows all positive things could ever be mentioned, there is no coming back from that. I bet dozens of people will not even consider buying this game because of that single word. In the review the only 'flaws' pointed out are rather small nitpicks, not game breaking problems as is implied. IMO that word should be stricken from the review, but other than that, I agree with what was written.

Simply an awesome game and should be bought by all self-respecting Wii owners!



Syr commented on Nintendo Download: Spaceballs, Shopping Carts,...:

Isn't Mart Racer a rip off of that old TV gameshow? It has the exact same premise I believe, though I can't remember the name..

Anyway, I'm stoked I picked up Gradius Rebirth last night instead of waiting to see what came out today! Such a killer game, shame the 6 will scare most people off, it deserves a 7-8 imo.



Syr commented on 6 in 1 Dictionary Gets a Price Drop:

lol @ warioswoods

it's hardly a dictionary if words like lumberjack aren't in it.. the camera function looks interesting, might be useful for signs in foreign countries, as long as it can recognize them, heh.



Syr commented on Muramasa: The Demon Blade Moment of Art Trailer:

It looks awesome to me.. the combo system looks really enthralling and there are something like 110 different swords to find which adds replay value. I don't understand how people can dis the game play of a game they've never played.. oh well.

I don't want to be disappointed with the game though, so if anyone has substantiated proof of poor game play, please present it, otherwise, wtf



Syr commented on Wii Internet Channel Now Free!:

Uhm.. what "online catch-up TV services" are they talking about if Hulu and still don't work..
Are there any worthwhile sites that now work, besides



Syr commented on DSiWare Going to Bullet Hell Soon:

This alone would make my DSi worthwhile!!

The real question is why wouldn't they release this on DSi-Ware, since there is minimal translation and almost no production cost. Here's hoping we could see it sooner than 6 months from now



Syr commented on Nintendo Download: Monkeys, Musketeers, Cards ...:

Hmm.. I'll pass this week. PC ports don't interest me in the least. Guess I can focus on my backlog of disc games. I'm hopeful for something big next week on the VC, but after that it looks rather dim..



Syr commented on Nintendo Still Dominating NPD Charts:

@13 I'm glad someone else said something, I thought my eyes were out of whack.. to me the DS and DSi colors in the legend are darker than the pie chart.

O.T. It's good to see in numbers how much ass Nintendo kicks. But if the numbers are so good then why no hype for hardcore games? I hate to see the big N abandon the veterans.



Syr commented on First Impressions: Magnetis:

Wiiware has been a Mecca for puzzler fans thus far. Here's hoping for another must own title!
P.S. I love seeing devs posting on NLife. I think it really says something about the dev team's dedication when they aren't afraid to show their metaphorical faces.



Syr commented on Take on Doc Louis in a Club Nintendo Exclusive...:

The decision deadline isn't until August 10, so I guess I'll wait to see if any more info on the game surfaces before I make up my mind. I'm rather leaning towards the tangible at this point.. in 10 years the download will be forgotten, but the hat could still be on my shelf.



Syr commented on Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! - First Screenshots:

I don't own Punch Out!! for the Wii.. boxing has never been my forte, but the notion of an exclusive download is appealing. I just don't know if five minutes(?) of game play is worth it. I mean, I can't put it on my head or anything.. To fans of the series I can definitely see the attraction though.



Syr commented on Ant Nation:

So... anyone actually try this yet? Sim games always intrigue me.. but not enough to buy them usually

EDIT: Still no impressions? Googled and found an E3 video of it I think. It looks to be more in-depth than I originally thought. I hope people don't avoid this game because there is no promotional video for it..