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Thu 1st Jan 2009

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Trucker commented on Review: Gravitronix (WiiWare):

At least the devs have a humble attitude about this damning review unlike some other crybabies I can recall, I really respect that. I know nothing about making games either, but I guess that's why I am a trucker



Trucker commented on Bonsai Barber out in Europe this week:

@ Bass X0 - Okay you can have the girl in the blue, I'll take the nice looking lady in the floral dress on the far right back to my trailer for tea and scones.

@warioswoods - I think he's just standing on a mini podium like an Olympic winner for some bizarre reason LOL



Trucker commented on Pop Plus: Solo Coming to DSiWare:

Ah Pop, I remember buying this when WiiWare first came out. It was a pretty good game, but I must admit I grew bored of it pretty quickly and never went back to it.

If it’s cheap enough I might get it on DSiWare, but probably not. I’ll wait for the review to see if it’s significantly better than the WiiWare version before taking the plunge I think.



Trucker commented on Gaijin Games Interview - Bit.Trip Beat:

The Trucker gives this game his seal of approval. Pong meets Rez cannot fail to be entertaining. This cannot come out sooner.

Great interview guys, keep on trucking!



Trucker commented on First Details Of Riverman Media's Next Game:

Yeah boy, the Trucker enjoyed MadStone. It's a crying shame that it didn't seem to reach the audience it deserved to, mainly because of IGN's unfair assessment I suppose.

The idea of a Mario Bros style arena game were you can throw stuff around with the Wiimote sounds great. I can't wait.



Trucker commented on Review: Planet Pachinko (WiiWare):

Man this game sucks. I downloaded it yesterday out of curiousity. I love mad shooting games so I thought this would be right up my street. It's just TOO chaotic thou, after 10 mins my head hurt. Waaaay too many things going on at once.

I think the 5/10 given here was generous if anything. I would say this game is below average. A very ametuer attempt by this indie WiiWare developer.