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Wed 18th Mar 2009

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Draine_Eclipse commented on Glimmer Of Hope For Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom?:

I'm so looking forward to using Megaman Trigger's Megabuster in battle; it has been quite a few years since his last appearance, which of course was in a different fighting game (Namco X Capcom). Too bad he hasn't had his own game in nearly 10 years...



Draine_Eclipse commented on Review: Bit.Trip: Beat (WiiWare):

As they have said earlier, most of the blocks must come from the audio files. Easily worth the 600 wii points, much fun. I finally got past the 2nd level, took about 8 tries though. The songs are so long, which is good.
(PS: Hello everyone, I just registered and look forward to reading more news/reviews. Also, I suggest not having the account verification email sent to your Wii console; it doesn't work)