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Retro Studios Ramps Up Recruitment for a Variety of Vital Roles

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Descriptions suggest Wii U project

What's Retro Studios working on? That question has been common since development of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze began to wrap up towards the close of 2013, while it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the talented studio will have begun work on its next major endeavour while DK's adventure was still in its latter stages. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nintendo with an outstanding track record with its games, it's not unreasonable to expect that the studio's next project will be an important release.

It seems the Texas-based company is beginning to ramp up on its current efforts, with five recent job postings appearing; though they've been on Nintendo's recruitment site for a short while, we stumbled across these due to them all being uploaded to respected industry website Gamasutra over the past few days, suggesting the company is taking its recruitment effort further afield. There are five high-profile roles currently being advertised, with the high level descriptions below.

Senior Tools Engineer

Senior level engineer responsible for driving the development, maintenance and support of proprietary Windows PC applications and libraries necessary for the creation of Retro Studios’ games.

AI Engineer

Individual contributor that develops, writes and debugs code for video game software and tools with a specific focus on AI programming for enemies & bosses and various other game-play systems as required.

FX Artist

Retro Studios is looking for a Visual Effects Artist

Tools Engineer

Individual contributor that designs, implements, tests and maintains tools for a broad range of functions

Gameplay Engineer

Individual contributor that develops, writes and debugs code for video game software and tools with a specific focus on gameplay programming for player, camera, gimmicks and various other game-play systems as required.

While the descriptions generally steer clear of specifics — listed platforms are 3DS / Wii U for four of the roles, with 3DS / Wii U / Wii in one — there are some elements that point to a home console project. The FX Artist entry states "next-gen shader technical expertise preferred", while incorporating varying styles to "produce FX with a strong and appropriate sense of timing, color and drama". The Gameplay Engineer role necessitates "prior experience working on game-play systems for AAA video games".

Thoughts on what Retro Studios is producing are only speculation at this point, though we'd hope that Nintendo is entrusting one of its best teams with a major project. What would you like Retro Studios to be developing? Let us know, as always, in the comments below.


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Ony said:

Everytime I see "Retro Studios" somewhere my heart skip a beat.

Metroid ;_;



123akis said:

hmm... maybe they're working on a new Metroid game? Nintendo posts quite a few job listings on the job site



Spoony_Tech said:

Of course I want them to be working on a New Metroid but whatever they're doing is fine with me as it will scream quality. With that said PLEASE BE METROID!



RickyNGmr said:

Is Retro... no matter if at least we'll get Metroid, everything they came up with ends being a masterpiece...this is the time am less worry.. ;^)



Yosher said:

I'd personally like it to be a new F-Zero game. If there's one company that can revive that franchise, it's Retro!



Kolzig said:

New IP would be amazing, new F-Zero would be just perfect and Metroid would also be acceptable since these guys know how to make a quality top notch Metroid game.

I just feel like they are working on more than one project.



Tsurii said:

Don't really care what it is as long as it's a Wii U game tbh. Not worried about the quality/gameplay at all. The guys at Retro know what they're doing and they're pretty great at getting stuff done.



whodatninja said:

Please Retro, make another great Wii U exclusive game.. Dont matter if it's new IP or not, i just want moar!



SphericalCrusher said:

Right now, I want them to be working on a new Metroid project. Either a brand new game, Metroid Prime Trilogy HD, or both!



Reverandjames said:

FPS Metroid game in HD with planet exploration but sticking to the Metroidvania formula would be very nice.



Samurai_Goroh said:

I hope it's not Metroid. I think it's time Retro has the chance to make their own IP. They had very interesting concepts back in the GameCube that got canned in favour of Metroid Prime. The time is now.



Artwark said:

Well I'm pretty sure that its gonna be Metroid for sure. Or it could just be a new IP. Who knows.....maybe it'll be Star Fox U.



ricklongo said:

I hope they're working on two games at once, being Metroid and a new IP. I'd much rather get a 2D Metroid than a 3D one, truth be told.



the_beaver said:

A new Metroid would be great! But a new IP would be even more tentative!
They should be doing two titles at a time. One for the next year, and another one fot the 2017, before the generation ends...
Whatever happens, a new Metroid should be released as soon as possible!



TruenoGT said:

I'd love another Prime game, but I don't think Nintendo will expand their audience by sticking to existing franchises/history so closely. I hope Retro's working on something that'll get non-Nintendo diehards on board.



XyVoX said:

Out of interest i dont get why Nintendo haven't given the same Sega team who done F-Zero GX the green light to do another, very strange. As for Retro studio i would dearly love to see the Prime Trilogy HD'd up into 1080p 60fps goodness with Wiimote Plus controls.



MarvinTheMartian said:

They made four Metroid games plus a trilogy pack. Then they made two DK games plus a 3DS port. Something tells me their newest project is going to be something different.

F-Zero, Pilotwings or new IP would be my bets.



Escher said:

Although I would love to see a F-Zero or a new Metroid game on Wii U/3DS, I still miss a lot the classic Perfect Dark. I know that PD belongs to RARE/Microsoft, but....

Anyway, as do they create a game with qualitty and excel gameplay, I'm happy.

Also, there is anything related for any X-treme G games ?



Mega719 said:

Why does everyone assume it's something they already made? They have the freedom and creativity to do their own which they started to do before them having to focus on Metroid Prime



ikki5 said:

This made me raise an eyebrow

"Senior Tools Engineer

Senior level engineer responsible for driving the development, maintenance and support of proprietary Windows PC applications and libraries necessary for the creation of Retro Studios’ games."

Why Windows?

Also, weren't they hiring a while ago? There is also quite a few positions here that you'd think would be crucial to making a game...



WebHead said:

I'm fine with whatever, but a new IP would be great. I want to see what they can do without the inherent restrictions of working on an established IP.



AndyWARbear said:

Miyamoto stated in March that Retro were at the point where they could handle multiple projects in development. I'm personally hoping for a third person open world metroid. Think Mass Effect vs Tomb Raider... I can dream.



siavm said:

They could be the ones making the new star fox game. Seeing they want it up in a year I can see they making it especially since they are fresh off a game. Or maybe they are going back to metroid. Or maybe just maybe nintendo is letting them make something new. Whatever it is I am going to get it.



Pieter said:

pushed there's a new diddy kong racing game coming out in 2015 for the wii u



Samurai_Goroh said:

@Pieter With the exception of Diddy Kong, Nintendo doesn't have the rights to the whole character roster of Diddy Kong Racing anymore!



NintendoFan64 said:

I really can't wait to see what they're working on. I freaking loved DKC Returns and Tropical Freeze (I know a lot of people are fans of Metroid Prime, but I'm not really a big Metroid fan...please don't kill me.)



sketchturner said:

I hope these job listings mean they are expanding and not that they are having trouble holding onto employees. I could understand people wanting to leave after their hard work on Tropical Freeze didn't translate into amazing sales.



Tsurii said:

@drewb0203 because I'm one of the people who're unfortunate (or stupid) enough to skip the 3DS at launch and so "selfish" to just ignore every console/handheld they don't own



OorWullie said:

As much as I'd love it to be Metroid,I would also love them to try their hand at survival horror.Whether it be a new IP or Eternal Darkness 2 I'm sure they can come up with something unique and special.The horror genre seems to be making a bit of a comeback and after seeing how amazing the new Silent Hills looks it would be a shame if the Wii U was to miss out.With Wii U sales as they are though I'm not sure Nintendo would risk a new IP so Eternal Darkness it is



B3ND3R said:

Man. If only I was done with College NOW.. I was going to apply there after I finish all my game dev classes and coding classes..



sadsack777 said:

What's Retro Studios working on ........let me think of one thing they need to make is there own open world game just like gta 5 u lot know that ps4 fans love this type of game so think about it more ppl would move on to Nintendo wii u to have this game means more wii u sold ..Nintendo don't have there own game like this .. wii u needs this type of game to build up its wii u base



19Robb92 said:

I'd love for them to make another DKC game or another Metroid game.

If not, a new IP would be cool I guess. I'd love to see them take on the Zelda franchise though... But I doubt that'll ever happen.



TwilightAngel said:

Is punch out HD everyone, so stop guessing.I really hope it's punch out or F zero or metroid or anything that does not have mario in the title.Except if it's paper mario,that game is the exception.



OorWullie said:

@sadsack777 If only it were that simple.GTA V cost £170 million to make so there is no way Nintendo could go with a budget that high for a new IP on a struggling console.Maybe if the Wii U was selling Wii numbers they would take a risk but with only 6 million or so Wii U's out there it aint gonna happen.



claypool said:

Sequel to Donkey Kong 64!!!!!!!!! I don't expect it, but we all know it would be the best case scenario



xj220_afiles said:

Metroid will be 30th in 2016. I suspect Retro is probably working on the next big title for Wiiu. Would'nt be surprised to see 2 new metroid game at the same time for 2016 like in 2002 with Prime and Fusion. Just guessing ... If this is the case, there is a good chance Nint will do a new Nint Direct for Xmas like last year and they' ll probably tease it there. Would be cool.



Caryslan said:

We don't need Retro to work on another Donkey Kong, Metroid, or even take over a series like F-Zero.

This is a talented development house, and one of Nintendo's best outside of Japan. They need to be working on brand-new IPs that can help bolster the software libary of the Wii U and 3DS. More importantly, they could create games that could appeal to western tastes and help the Wii U out. Retro has expereince with First-Person games, why not let them make their own FPS series? Western RPG? I think they were working on one of those for the Gamecube before they worked on Metroid Prime.

Retro is a great studio, but I feel like Nintendo is keeping them on a leash. Perhaphs Nintendo fears another Rare where they could lose IPs if they ever lost control of Retro.

But Retro needs to work on new IPs. Reviving old Nintendo IPs is all fine and good, but I get the impression that holds them back. Rare became a powerhouse and saved the N64 not just by putting out Donkey Kong games, but by creating their own IPs and doing the games Nintendo would never do themselves.

Retro needs that chance. A new F-Zero would be cool, but it would feel like Retro is being held back and kicking the same can down the street.

Nintendo, please, give Retro the ball and tell them to go make something amazing. Don't keep them on dead series revival duty. Let Retro become this generation's Rare. I think if given the chance, they could do it.



LittleIrves said:

@unrandomsam "@AndyWARbear When Retro first started they were able to handle 4 projects at once."

No they weren't. Are you talking about the whole Raven Blade/Car Combat/NFL Football period? They had some graphics in place but the "projects" were all just prototypes that, apparently, weren't very fun or impressive to play. To handle a job means to finish it.



Minotaurgamer said:

Screw you guys, I want another Donkey kong Country game from them. They really know how to do them properly and seeing how 2D Mario is treated like a leper and indie games just don't get it, they are the only ones that can give me my 2D platform fix the way it should be.



mystman12 said:

@ikki5 I'm pretty sure that's talking about making tools to help develop the game, and I guess they're using Windows to develop it. For example, whoever gets that position might be asked to create a program for windows that allows them to easily design levels for a game. I'm not completely sure if that's right, but Retro isn't making a game for Windows, that's for sure.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

If only I had enough experience to apply - working with Retro Studios would be so epic! Sadly, I'm still only at the beginning of my own game, and it's nothing compared to what Retro does...

@Frapp Why wouldn't they? The GamePad is an excellent tool in the right hands, and I can hardly imagine any comany utilizing it better than Retro.



Megumi said:

Metroid Dread, don't care which system, as long as it's still a 2D sidescroller. Then again if it was on the Wii U the game would probably end up looking the best Wii U game to date. lol



SCAR said:

I don't think it's Metroid. The entire reason why Other M and Donkey Kong Returns exist, is because Retro isn't working on Metroid anymore. Their goals may have changed since then, but I highly doubt it.

It could be anything, really.



GraveLordXD said:

@sadsack777 a gta clone would do absolutely nothing for the wii u
If retro is working on a new ip I sure hope they do their own thing and not copy something else that has been copied so many times already I'd like to think retro is a little better than that



Zombie_Barioth said:

Hows that relevant now though? Even if they could back then game development used a lot less resources to make and get out the door with a modest-sized team. Now Retro is basically about the size of Atlus at a time where development takes easily twice as long.



micronean said:

I'm just glad RETRO is getting busy with another game. The timing makes it look like it will be ready in late 2016 (if it's a new game, 2015 if it's a remaster) though, so, more likely Wii U??



Wonky_Kong said:

@micronean i don't think, late 2015 is a stretch, they have been working on it since DKCTF (February) so they should have done plenty of work since then. Plus, i'm sure they were preparing for another game when DKCTF was being mad.



aaronsullivan said:

@ikki5 @mystman12
That's clearly for someone to make tools to help develop the game as mystman12 said and mystman12's example was sound.

What caught my eye was the inclusion of Wii experience on four of the job postings. That is one of three things: leftover requirement from old job postings, counting Wii experience as useful even if there is no Wii U experience, OR they need some people to help do an HD remake of Metroid Prime Trilogy.

The problem with Metroid from Retro again is that it is not all the same people. Isn't the lead art design guy long gone? 3 of the principle Metroid Prime 3 people went off and formed Armature Studios to make mediocre games, sadly. And didn't another art director go off from Retro and make Halo 4 look more like Metroid Prime?

I'm very curious no matter what game or games Retro is working on. I'd really like another 2D Metroid. It would probably get made for the 3DS, though, which would be okay, but I want an experience I can share. :/

I wonder what a Yacht Club games version of Metroid would be like? Shovel Knight meet Screw Attack Knight.



FritzFrapp said:

@Kaze_Memaryu "The GamePad is an excellent tool in the right hands, and I can hardly imagine any comany utilizing it better than Retro."

Really? After their last game, which was hardly rushed out to retail, I can imagine just about every company utilizing it better than Retro.



SpookyMeths said:

Man, do I ever hope it's NOT Metroid. Prime series was phenomenal, but what a colossal waste of one of the most talented studios on the planet to have them make the same game over and over again. I want a new Metroid, but not from Retro.

Let this company tackle a different IP, or make a new one altogether. They've proven themselves capable.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

I hope its two projects. One as metroid so everybody can stop beating Retro up about this (the DKCTF backlash was insane even though that game is great). After that I'm hoping for either a new ip or a revival of a mothballed ip (no preference).



Ryu_Niiyama said:

LOL! I thought I was the only one being put off by the remakes on the other systems. So far Nintendo isn't that bad (and at least WW was more than one gen ago...). I'm hoping since the WiiU has bc they won't push too many last gen games. It seems like it would be cheaper to do a reprint instead.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Frapp Need I remind you about Metroid Prime: Corruption? It was a rather early title, yet it's one of very few core games to make very good work of the WiiMote + Nunchuck combo, which even Nintendo themselves couldn't pull off (Super Mario Galaxy was very obscure and forced with WiiMote functions, and the Zelda games were too exhausting to be fun in the long run).
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a very classic platformer, so it doesn't need GamePad features.

But Retro Studios generally just knows how to work creatively and fully incorporate console features into their stuff.



Senate_Guard said:

Fingers crossed for Metroid!

They seriously outdid themselves with Prime 3 in every way possible. The art design, the gameplay, the epic story, and its cinematic elements were all just top notch. They took advantage of the Wii's capabilities and added motion controls effortlessly to the experience.

Its been my all-time favorite game ever since!



JaxonH said:

As much as I'd sincerely LOVE to see a third and final entry for DKC, I think a Metroid Prime successor would be appropriate.

It's time. It's definitely time...

Alright folks, time to bust out your Gamecubes and re-play the Metroid Prime games. It's been well over a decade since the first Prime released, and 7 years since the 3rd entry on Wii. The games will feel new again, and that's a heck of an experience to re-play. Me, having beat all three original games I think I'll play the trilogy on Wii.



skywake said:

It's not really news when you think about it. "ZOMG, RETRO STUDIOS HIRES PEOPLE TO MAKE GAMES ON NINTENDO PLATFORMS!". Well, yeah, of course they do.

It's like how everyone gets hyped when someone at Nintendo says they're working on a new Zelda/Mario. Fair enough being hyped about it but isn't that always the case? These guys are either working on an announced game or they're working on an unannounced game. It's not like when there's no game announced they're sitting around saying "so, what do we do now?"....



Shambo said:

Metroid or not, please make it slow-paced horror-themed. As masters of atmospheric design like in the Prime trilogy, I know they can do that right.



Lord said:

I want it to be Diddly racing but with new characters from other less know franchises. Or metroid prime 4 or metroid hunters 2. But it will
Probably be neither and will just be starfox and project guard! But all in all retro do make a great game.



FritzFrapp said:

Cannot agree about controls of Galaxy and especially Skyward Sword, which has exemplary motion controls. Prime 3 controls were fine, especially the aiming, but I did have a few pushing/pulling problems – nothing too major.

I'd argue that as a Nintendo 1st party developer, their first game for a new system – that's main selling point is an innovative new controller – absolutely should have featured some use of said controller.



GraveLordXD said:

@sadsack777 I can say that the wii u needs a huge new ip but not a gta clone. It's been way over done now. And tbh wouldn't do anything for me and it has watch dogs coming out sooo



GraveLordXD said:

@Ryu_Niiyama yeah at least Nintendo remakes games mostly from two previous generations ago so they are no where near as bad
I swear I got my ps4 with nothing put revamped ps3 games to choose from wasn't expecting this



wariowarewolf said:

I hope they finally create a new IP. They could easily be the new Rare if they did something like that.



doctor_doak said:

It'll be Donkey Kong Country Returns 3: Cranky's Quest.

Could you imagine the uproar! No doubt it'd be great, but...

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