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NES Remix Miiverse Contest Cancelled Due To Emergence Of Exploit

Posted by Damien McFerran

Cheaters never prosper, but ruin it for everyone else

Remember that NES Remix Time Attack Challenge contest we told you about not so long ago? Turns out Nintendo has discovered an exploit within the game which allows players to post a faster time.

Director Koichi Hayashida has therefore issued a statement via Miiverse regarding the termination of the contest:

Hello Everyone.

Thank you very much for participating in this event. Unfortunately, we confirmed that there is a way to exploit the challenge to achieve a faster time. In the interest of being as fair as possible, we decided to terminate the event without recognizing the fastest time.

We know that you dedicated a lot of time and effort towards achieving your fastest time possible. We sincerely apologize for this matter, particularly because the vast majority of people played fairly.

We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you.

Had you taken part in the competition? Were you one of the ones who was able to find the exploit? Share your thoughts by posting a comment.


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TreesenHauser said:

Didn't participate in the first place, but I can't stand when little contests like these have to get ruined by some cheater.



PinkSpider said:

Curious as to what the cheat is not that I would use it, don't own the game either. Wonder if it's something that can be fixed with a patch like the Mario kart 7 glitch



GoombaJMR said:

Nintendo's been screwing the pooch lately [or having glitches occur often]...zz



Kingface said:

I've read somewhere that the exploit is to keep pausing the game constantly to cheat the clock.

GoombaJMR - Same as just about every other developer then? Having games that are glitch-free is nigh on impossible and it's very rare for Nintendo games to have game-breaking glitches and when they have they've been patched quickly. That being said I'm surprised Nintendo's response here doesn't give any indication that they intend to patch this NES Remix exploit.



ULTRA-64 said:

NES remix remixed......kind if ironic that some people took it a step too far and made 'their own challenges'



cookiex said:

When I first heard about the competition I kinda figured somebody would find a way to exploit the game to their advantage.

Never underestimate people that put their time and dedication into uncovering these things.



element187 said:

@GoombaJMR software bugs are pretty common occurrence, no matter the talent behind it. But this isn't a Nintendo studio, they farmed this out to an indie studio



Einherjar said:

Ill never understand why some people find it fun to cheat.
Such an "event" is called challenge for a reason.

@MAB Wow, Call of Duty must really be fun -.-



DarkNinja9 said:

eh in a way i kinda saw this coming since they are part of old game i figured maybe they use cheats that been posted for the original game or something but even so come on for a small contest to be ruined is mess up not like i was planning to join on the contest so oh well



PokeNas said:

NO, Darn Nintendo for overlooking this exploit and NOT trying to fix it after finding it and instead! Cancel the whole contest where I could write a book about the many ways they could have solved this.



MAB said:

@Einherjar Actually, you will find Knytt Underground is far more challenging and awesome... I don't do dudebro



Spoony_Tech said:

@Kingface Very rare huh! Need I remind you of 3 that I thought of right off the bat. Skyward Sword, Metroid Other M, and Pokemon X/Y. There are plenty of others that aren't as offensive but still suck.



Einherjar said:

@MAB I simply cant get over Knytts artstyle to be honest. Maybe ill pick it up someday in a sale, but for now, im not interested in the slightest. Which does in no way mean that its a bad game

But nothing ever beats retro challenge goodness



MAB said:

@Einherjar Until you play Knytt then your tune will change for the greater good of everything that is awesome



Einherjar said:

@MAB I dont know, i saw a couple of gameplay vids and i have to say that neither the art style nor the humor is really my cup of tea.



sinalefa said:

What gets me is the last part. So they either know who cheated or they are just trying to be nice. I hope it is the latter, as if it is the former they could only disqualify the people who cheated. You don't cancel a Pokémon Tournament because some people have altered Pokémon.

Also, are the rest of the games so exploitable that they could not use a new challenge instead?



MAB said:

It's time for people to stop playing crud like NES Remix and start supporting 3rd party and indie developers... We didn't buy a WiiU to play a chopped up VC casual game that should have been released 30 years ago



unrandomsam said:

What is the difference between what is happening here and what the guy did to finish Ocarina of Time in 20 mins its the same type of thing.



KeyMastar said:

@unrandomsam The difference is that one is a speedrun in which the community agrees on a set of glitches and bugs that they can use to exploit the game and get the fastest time. These usually take actual skill to execute. You are EXPECTED to cheat the game to beat it that fast. Most speedrunners do it for the fun and the community, not just to win.

This is a competition in which there was no agreement upon bugs or glitches that could be used, and along with that, the way they say it makes it sound like it was a Miiverse posting bug rather than a game exploit. This WAS purely a competition to win, and as such, things like this arent allowed.

Speedrunning and cheating in a competition are NOT the same thing.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@MAB Well said. It's bad enough making do with a lack of 3rd party support but it will only get worse if people flock to 1st party filler titles and ignore the better 3rd party games. I recommend:
Deus Ex
Toki Tori
RE Revelations



LordFamicom said:

I just bought the game yesterday but I didn't know anything about this contest. Too bad it got cancelled. I would love to participate!



Deadstanley said:

I didn't purchase this game but I can say this... the level of disappointment most would feel about the cheated leaderboards are how I feel for any Xbox or Sony game where I fire it up. I get a good time or score, check to see how I rank on the leader boards, and realize that the top scores are impossible (especially for a racing game where the time trial says the best lap was like 2 seconds...)



Dpishere said:

@Deadstanley Yeah, and scores like those are the exact reason why leaderboard scores don't really interest me, as the top scores are always taken by people who exploit the game.



GoombaJMR said:

@Kingface @element187
I wasn't meaning anything negative with that, and I do indeed know that all developers make mistakes - I'm just stating the fact that more issues like these have been appearing in the last 3 months compared to before. If you took it negatively, I apologize ^^

Also thanks for telling me that it was dished to another developer, I DID not know that!



A1234 said:

one of the reasons why I do not like competitive gaming - too many cheaters.



Boofonater001 said:

They should ignore the cheaters record and give the win to the person playing fairly. Unless everyone was using the cheat to win.



jdarrell said:

Not expecting a patch, erasing peoples' high scores doesn't sound like it'd be worth the effort. Especially since you only have one top score per level and there's no leaderboard.



Gobelee said:

@MAB While I agree with part of what you said (people need to support more indie games etc etc), these companies need to be given a chance.

On the other hand I don't think I have skimmed a single news articles comment section without finding you trash talking whatever the article is about. Haha.

The article is about cheaters ruining video games, (as always) not about if people should be playing third party games over an 8-Bit Remix. Believe it or not people have different tastes.



BakaKnight said:

Cheaters are the main reason I find hard to like games' competitions or play online. You never know if the ones who are beating you are to praise for play better or to blame for using some tricks that have nothing to do with "ability".

A shame that even a light competition like this had to be cancelled cause an exploit people can't resist to use even in an official challange -.-



JaxonH said:


Who says you can't have both?

I agree there are some good 3rd party games that are worth picking up, but I wouldn't go so far as to call games like NES Remix "crud". I was raised in the 8-bit era and even I have trouble going back and playing alot of the retro games. NES Remix is the first time in like, Idk, forever, that I was actually enthusiastic about playing such primitive games.

I read your comments about Knytt Underground, and now I'm considering picking it up. The one thing that kind of threw me off was that each screen was separately loaded, in the vein of Wario Land Shake It.



Kingface said:

@Spoony_Tech No, you don't need to remind me of those, I'm aware of them and when you consider the sheer amount of games Nintendo have made, those are rare exceptions. Again rarer than is the case for a lot of other developers.

Also Skyward Sword's required a very specific circumstance to trigger.



AlbertoC said:

While this game exploit doesn't require modifying hardware or software to do, when done in competitive environments it's downright cheating.

I always find it amazing how people can discover such advantageous software bugs.



ValentineMeikin said:

Many companies visibly ignore outright if someone posts 'impossible' luck on a game, like 99 W 0 L or similar, until they say, for example, you can win $1,000 worth of console hardware for posting the highest score on the leaderboard.

Nintendo are damn well in the right to say that they cannot trust the times. Just like they're damn well in the right when they say that all POKeMON transferred onto the Bank must be genuine and similar.
It makes me sick to go onto any game and find the best time on a time trial is less than a second, when I personally do a time trial with friends and less than a full minute is expert level timing.

I watched someone use bugs and glitches all the time to get lightning fast times on Sonic Generations. What was special about those lightning fast times were they showed the person knew the levels like the back of their hand, not what particular parts of the game had a good-bad bug.

Nintendo closed this competition since the exploit they used was not just a way to 'sequence break' or similar, it was a way to get a score that even the dev team found 'too good'.



JustinH said:

@Genesaur You just pause a whole bunch. I don't know if it's anything more sophisticated than that. The bad news is now not only is this contest cancelled, but no other contests will be held, presumably. To give credit where it's due, the guy who first used the exploit admitted it and explained what it was in the contest. I don't think Nintendo or indieszero had any idea what was going on.

@turnmebackwards Hey, me too! What are the odds. I'm guessing you also picked it up on/just after Christmas.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Kingface Its been a while since I played it but I believe it was a save file glitch which if it happened you needed to start from the very begining. It happed to me but by that time I was able to dl a save file off the internet at just about were I was so I didn't really lose anything. The glitch was in the last 2/3rds of the game as well.



NESguy94 said:

I would guess it has to do with rapidly pausing the game so that the timer doesn't count as fast. I remember a few NES games and Arcade machines had the same issues.

In Megaman you could take out the bosses easily by pressing select right after the boss took damage, unpause and fire again to get extra hits.



unrandomsam said:

@JustinH The pause thing is a very obvious thing to check for for a developer. (One of the main exploits for Duck Hunt involves pausing and I knew about it. Some of the others are particularly funny that I found out when I was checking I remembered it right like using a magnifying glass.)



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@MAB The irony behind that statement is that it was developed by an indie developer...indieszero which quite literally has indie in their name as well.



MAB said:

The difference is that this was funded by Nintendo with all highly inflated proceeds going to Nintendo



StarDust4Ever said:

Kinda reminds me of all the wannabes blasting into the river on Maka Wuhu Mountain or whatever it was in MK7. There were some bizarre Time Trials exploits in Mario Kart Wii as well.



DerpSandwich said:

The sad thing is that even knowing they ruined the entire contest won't make the cheaters feel bad. If they're crappy enough to cheat in a contest just to make themselves feel good, they're too crappy to care about ruining things for others in the first place. They'll just cheap on the next one too.



64supermario said:

@MAB I honestly think I'll pick up Kyntt, but I have to agree with Einherjar on oneaspect and its just one part of the art style and that's the character models, they're so weird and freak me out. The game looks fantastic and I love the backgrounds and foregrounds, can't wait to play it...but those character designs...bleck.



MAB said:

But I thought Nintendo gamers only cared about gameplay not graphics



TromaDogg said:

@MAB @Nintenjoe64 C'mon guys, you know that's nonsense. NES Remix is a top quality title that's very reminiscent of the Warioware games.

Before you gun me down, I've got a ton of Wii U games including Wonderful 101, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Deus Ex: Director's Cut, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Sonic Lost World, alongside loads of downloaded third party indie titles like Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams and BIT.Trip Runner 2. Nintendo are allowed to support their own machine as well though, and NES Remix is a great short burst game to play in between lengthier bouts on those others I've mentioned.

Only reason I haven't picked up Knytt Underground so far is that I spent so much on third party download games over Xmas...Steamworld Dig, Edge, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and the likes. Will get it soon.



GoombaJMR said:

@MAB We care about graphics (well, as a nintendo fan, I do), but the amount we care for it isn't very high. If the gameplay is wonderful and the graphics are meh, then it's still obviously a great game. Having good graphics is just another little thing that would make the game just a bit better than a game without good graphics. On the other hand, good gameplay is what nintendofans are most keen on. imo



MAB said:

@GoombaJMR Knytt Underground does have good graphics, gameplay, sound, atmosphere, story and puzzles... MAB has forsaken it 10/10



WiiLovePeace said:

Man what a bummer, I was excited to buy NES Remix & enter into these mini-contests. I'll still buy NES Remix & share my best times on Miiverse but still, takes a little away from the experience.



turnmebackwards said:

I got it for a Christmas present I was so gripped by the game really enjoyed it. Loved how the gamepad was a map & really helped me plan my moves. Anyone thinking about getting this do it's such an epic sci-fi game. It's cool that you can keep all the augmentations onto a new game once finished as well makes me want to play it again.



SMW said:

Just like the leaderboard cheaters. I've gotten used to them so much I just ignore the top scores/times and just focus on the scores near me. I do remember the days of being in the top 20 on Mario & Sonic 2008, those were the days. I'm scared to check where I'm at now.

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