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ValentineMeikin commented on Review: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival (3DS):

Konami, You hacked up this game royally 'for localization reasons'... and it's took so long that Zexal is over already...
Way to show the fans how much respect you have for them.
To think, once, Yugioh World Championship was it's flagship property. Now, it's been gutted, literally and figuratively.

Konami, how the **** can you call it World Carnival when it's one player only, never mind that you dummied out over half the cast!



ValentineMeikin commented on Capcom Is Suing Koei Tecmo For Patent Infringe...:

OK, So Capcom want to sue Tecmo Koei for successfully releasing the Warriors series with updated versions.

What next? Suing Arc System Works and Namco Bandai too?

They're only doing this since Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 are no longer cash cows, so they think EVERYONE isn't able to use that marketing strategy.

Crapcom, you aren't the only people who do post-release content!



ValentineMeikin commented on Super Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai Se...:

I feel that Sakurai is like Inafune-san was when he began developing Mighty No. 9, and Harada-san was when he outright zero'd all essential DLC profits on Tekken Tag 2...

"I like the PS4, It's a good system."

He's willing to say 'Bury the hatchet already, even I don't need to deal with it, I like a competitor, so what?'



ValentineMeikin commented on Matters Of Import: Wonder Project J2 Brings Ma...:

Wonder Project J and J2 getting a Wii U or 3DS remastering would be great, considering that the controls for both relied heavily on point-and-click, which translates easily to tap-and-drag.

It's similar to how Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment was used to test a similar concept using solely voice control. However, without Kinect, it was far too novelty to work.

Both games, done now, would get a much more accepting customer base, and be able to sell so so much easier.



ValentineMeikin commented on Twitch Begins New Journey in Pokémon Crystal:

Democracy Mode allows for LESS completely random moments where people are causing almost laughable screw-ups by simply countermanding what people actually want to happen.

As the article says, with adding Democracy Mode, they've only had one major clanger, with the trainer's name, and have blitzed through the early game.



ValentineMeikin commented on Rumour: Mega Man Legends 3's Aero To Live On I...:

Right now, the Megaman fan base are working with Keiji Inafune to give us the ideal successor to Megaman.

If Capcom added Aero and gave her a 'Megaman' icon tag of some kind, that would be a minor anti-snub. In Street Fighter X All Capcom, the Christmas promotion was based round special versions of Lilith and Roll, recognising two franchises that Capcom have got slaughtered online for their callousness over.

Inafune-san won't bring it back, unless Capcom sold the asset libraries to the Mighty No. 9 team. Capcom already said it was 'rubbish', as was the anniversary game they had planned.
That's why they made XOver... Because apparently we didn't want the other one.



ValentineMeikin commented on NES Remix Miiverse Contest Cancelled Due To Em...:

Many companies visibly ignore outright if someone posts 'impossible' luck on a game, like 99 W 0 L or similar, until they say, for example, you can win $1,000 worth of console hardware for posting the highest score on the leaderboard.

Nintendo are damn well in the right to say that they cannot trust the times. Just like they're damn well in the right when they say that all POKeMON transferred onto the Bank must be genuine and similar.
It makes me sick to go onto any game and find the best time on a time trial is less than a second, when I personally do a time trial with friends and less than a full minute is expert level timing.

I watched someone use bugs and glitches all the time to get lightning fast times on Sonic Generations. What was special about those lightning fast times were they showed the person knew the levels like the back of their hand, not what particular parts of the game had a good-bad bug.

Nintendo closed this competition since the exploit they used was not just a way to 'sequence break' or similar, it was a way to get a score that even the dev team found 'too good'.



ValentineMeikin commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:


I went out, for a entire week, daily due to owning Nintendogs, and got ZERO Streetpass hits, and have only got a dozen in the six months plus that I've owned the console.
Yes, I'd love to try using Streetpass for Swapnotes, but you'd need to first know who you're sending to, and then be able to find them in the area.

As it is, Swapnote is useless for people who don't have their friends just up the road like me.



ValentineMeikin commented on Nintendo Titles Continue To Be Illegally Peddl...:

What is WORSE than the fact they're putting it on the service is this...
You look for a emulator on Android, more than half of them are PAID applications, which is effectively making money off a simulated Gameboy, NDS or similar.

Imagine it in the high street, someone going 'Give us $3 and we'll give you a bootlegged Nintendo console, mostly works like the full price one, looks like it too.'
Things like that are what give Customs and Excise a job, and Google is failing to police it properly.



ValentineMeikin commented on Nintendo Disables Swapnote's SpotPass Service ...:

I wish to give a example of Phantasy Star Online 2 by SEGA.
That was to be 'Early 2013'. They recently admitted they cancelled it due to their market research declaring it wouldn't work in America and Europe.

Nintendo just cut off the one guaranteed way for someone to 'chat' with their friends outside of having a game like POKeMON X/Y which has Game Chat, with both of you owning it.
Swapnote was free, to send a note was free, and now... It's as good as dead. Thanks, Nintendo, but no thanks.
I'm glad I use my PS3 mostly now.



ValentineMeikin commented on Pokémon X & Y Reign Supreme in Japan Once Aga...:

Nintendo right now are proving what was written on the wall in the Wii/NDS era.

If they were to bunk in with Sony or Microsoft similar to how Neo Geo attempted with SEGA, and become the handheld division of the other two companies, Nintendo will live past these times.
If they continue to rely on the Wii U 'possibly' recovering, they'll not last till 2015.



ValentineMeikin commented on Project Sweat Could Come To Wii U if Stretch G...:

@Einherjar Stretch Goals are more items they didn't plan straight up, so will need to put more work hours into.

The WiiU Dev Kit could be the same price as a retail unit, but they charge several times it so they've got a massive buffer on all the other items they also want to develop. You need to pay £130 for each phone game license on GameMaker Studio for example, and that soon adds up.

Yes, Having them declare that at £2000 they'll consider WiiU is a bit steep, but they're also paying for everything up to that point.



ValentineMeikin commented on Video: Let's Play Fast & Furious: Showdown:

I almost feel like they went -
Realistic physics - Nope. Who needs them?
Play as your heroes - Nope. Would be too expensive.
Drive a hundred highly tuned muscle cars - Nope. EA do that fine.
OK, So, What DO we include?
How about a odd looking car that can send other cars flying into the air like they weigh nothing? Great, Here's your $1m raise!



ValentineMeikin commented on Sakurai Explains The Reasoning Behind The New ...:

@PopeReal Very true.

Megaman - Good idea, and a lovely variation on the multi-type that the POKeMON Trainer used in Brawl.
Wii Fit Trainer - A oddity, but could be very interesting.
The Villager - Anything else from Animal Crossing would be rather bland, and it is a major franchise surging up the charts right now.

I'm hoping that Brawl's Marth will be joined by Awakening's Marth. Of course, to say more about the second Marth would be a massive spoiler for anyone who hasn't played Awakening...



ValentineMeikin commented on Game Gear Mega Man Could be Destined for the 3...:

@Kodeen I wish to make this clear. I very much mean SNES games. Look at a 3DS one day, and think about the games like Super Mario Advance.

The 3DS could support the SNES fine, even has the full controller easily accessible, while the Wii has only the Classic Controller which really supports SNES games natively.



ValentineMeikin commented on Poll: Are You in the DLC Brigade?:

@MadAdam81 I feel that on-disc 'DLC' that is time-release, like Alex Kidd on Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed, is fine. I also don't mind Special Edition DLC bundles, since they are content that was meant to be loyalty based.
What I don't like, at all, is like the fact Street Fighter X Tekken's select screen looks like someone took a hacksaw to it in order to make the PS3 exclusives, THEN had the audacity to have anyone who didn't have a PS3 and Vita with copies for both, a £500+ price tag, need to pay for the characters, all formats, Vita players being the only ones who got it free straight up.

It's more that locking away a third of the game for a later pay-off is wrong than DLC is wrong.



ValentineMeikin commented on Poll: Are You in the DLC Brigade?:

My personal stance about DLC is like what happened with Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and is something I adore about Fire Emblem Awakening.
I actually was furious with Capcom over it's policy of making on-disc content that was paid, because it was rarely if ever worth it.
Nintendo, with every piece of DLC I've looked at, have given a damn good reason for the price tag, including that New Super Luigi U is effectively able to be a standalone expansion off it's own green-hatted merit.

If Nintendo asked me to pay $20 for a group of legacy characters they clearly yanked out of the game's roster to get that $20, I'd be furious.
Instead, Every single Paralogue with a character in it is FREE, and I'll never run out of good character combinations before I even touch upon a DLC level, of which I have almost all.



ValentineMeikin commented on Super Smash Bros. Will Have The Same Character...:

Something I wish to point out over people angsting about the roster size... SSF4 3D has every character the original SSF4 had, and it was a perfect port. That was 40 characters, each with about 2-3 costumes. It is 1.7 GB in size. The largest game currently on 3DS is just over 3 GB in size. They've got plenty of space to fit Brawl's roster into SSB 3DS.



ValentineMeikin commented on Review: Publisher Dream (DSiWare):

This is exactly like a dream. It begins, six hours later, it feels like years have passed, but nothing's changed.

The problem is that, unlike the two major games in this sub-genre, Game Dev Tycoon and Game Dev Story, those nine years go by too fast to make a impact.
I hope they get a sequel where they have enough space to make a actual game, not a obvious beta.