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Namco Bandai Will Now Be Known As Bandai Namco Around The World

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Don't forget

While we may know it as Namco Bandai, in its Japanese homeland the famous developer is known as Bandai Namco. In a bid to boost the brand around the world, the company has now decided to unify the name, so from 1st April we will have to revert to the Japanese convention.

Bandai Namco it is, then, with its subsidiaries and regional company's names to formally change. It's a name we're likely to hear plenty of this year, of course, as the studio is working with Masahiro Sakurai and his team on the new Super Smash Bros. titles on the Wii U and 3DS. Those releases are due this year, while multi-platform gamers with a taste for challenge may be looking ahead to Dark Souls 2 in March.

So there you have it, as of April we'll have to remember that Bandai Namco's working on the new Smash Bros. titles, not Namco Bandai. We have no such plans here, as Life Nintendo doesn't quite work, does it?


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NintyMan said:

Bandai-Namco doesn't sound quite as catchy as Namco-Bandai, but whatever.



cookiex said:

So I've been saying their name wrong all this time? MY WHOLE WORLD IS A LIE



unrandomsam said:

"Life Nintendo" is not unreasonable directly translated to at least 2 languages. Not even sure whether English is the odd one out compared to what most people do. (Think the world should hurry up and switch to Chinese).



mystman12 said:

Aww, great! Now whenever I think of the name, I get all confused, and I'm like "Namco Bandai, no, wait Bando Namcai, uh, Namdai Camco? Ah, Bandai Namdai?! AHHH!"



PikminWorld said:

I'm confused about the relationship between Nintendo and Namco. They're helping make a Nintendo exclusive yet like zero games from them are coming to the Wii U, like DBZ, Dark Souls 2, etc. Other than like one Tekken game, Pac-man, and Tank! Tank! Tank! I've seen nothing.



Zobocop said:

Namco Bandai makes more sense. I mean, it was Namco who absorbed Bandai and not the other way around.



hosokawasamurai said:

So, before this, the company was called Bandai Namco in Japan, but Namco Bandai everywhere else.

Funny thing is that Koei did the same: Koei Tecmo in Japan, Tecmo Koei in other regions. It's even funnier when you see the logo is K-T.




Aaronzord said:

This is kinda awkward, because I was convinced it was called Bandai Namco here anyway. Oops.



Gerbwmu said:

Life Nintendo makes sense right.....since we are all fanboys who hate everything else.....there is Life, Nintendo......and that's about it



Anguspuss said:

That just made my weekend. Forget everything else this was amazing news zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Gioku said:

Why April 1st of all dates? Is that so they can pretend it was a lie on that day, and then be like "April Fools, we were telling the truth!"



Shiryu said:

I would really loooooooooooooove to see a new "Racer Ridge", "Calibur Soul" and most of all a "Combat Ace" on Wii U...



SCAR said:

Does this mean that there's going to be a patch for existing games to show Bandai-Namco, such as the logo in Tekken Tag 2?

I'm very concerned.



Remisio said:

@PikminWorld not even the tales of symphonia chronicles that is going to PS3 and I thing xbox 360 isn't coming to wiiu, nor is any other tales game... sigh



Sir_JBizzle said:

I'll have to remember that, in the event I make it on "Jeopardy!" and I get an answer concerning this company.

Me: "What is Namco Bandai?, Alex."
Alex: "No. The correct question is 'What is Bandai Namco?'"




Kyloctopus said:

The best way to celebrate Opposite Day is to completely switch your name. Happy Opposite Day, from your good friend, Tokylocpus



Freelance said:

Sorry, but Namco Bandai sounds better than Bandai Namco when you say it out loud.



DarkKirby said:

Err.. wasn't their logo always Bandai Namco in that order since they merged?

Either way since Bandai hasn't made anything I've cared about since I can remember I will always refer to Namco as Namco.



Henmii said:

April fools, right?!

I don't know wich of the 2 company's bought the other. Lets say that Namco bought Bandai, then it should be Namco Bandai!

Ah well, the company stays the same!



WindWakerLink said:

"Phhhssttt! I'm still going to call them "Namco Bandai" whenever I referring to the stuff during that time just like I still call square "Square Soft" for the stuff they made.



Yoshis_VGM said:

It all makes so much sense...the official name for the next Smash game is Smash Super Bros.! They've been waiting to reveal the name until after they revealed this! (eyeroll)



kereke12 said:

That's just stupid, I'm still going to call it Namco Bandai, or Namco for short.



StarDust4Ever said:

Don't be so quick to jump on April 1st dates as pranks. The giant NintendoLife merger with VC-Reviews and WiiWare-World took place on April 1st, and it was not a prank. Yeah, I feel like an old-hat now, been here since 2007...

Oh, and it should have been left alone as Namco-Bandai makes better sense. At least in the west, Namco is instantly more recognisable than Bandai (due to Namco's arcade roots, namely Pacman), so it's a good idea to always put your better leg first, IMO.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Yes it was, I actually checked. Oddly enough though, they only have Namco's logo on Tales of Symphonia and Xillia, while their Bandia-Namco one is on Abyss, so they've been switching logos for some games.

The only thing I can think of Bandia has done was the original Digimon games.



MrGawain said:

No different than the cleaning product Jif being renamed Cif in the UK to get put in line with the continent. If you're wondering how important naming your brand really is, talk to the people at Nintendo how clever calling their follow on console the Wii U was.



Obito_Sigma said:

Yeah, just make things more like Japan only give Japan better treatment. Not like this is the first time. Well... if this is an early April Fools joke, then I'm not sure what the joke is...



Aozz said:

ok whatever you say namco bandai or 'cough' bandai namco i mean 'cough'



ningeek185 said:

Ugh, geez. Now they have to switch the name? That's complete bogus. What's next, Nintendo switching their name to "Don't Hate Us Because We Thought That Mega Gardevoir Would Appeal More in a Larger Dress"?



KingMike said:

They made it further confusing by abbreviating their name "NBGI" even in Japan.
They should just call themselves Namdai officially... or Bamco, that sounds better.



SMW said:

All of this craziness made me realize that Bandai is bandaid without the d on the end!



Yorumi said:

They need to make more tales games for nintendo systems, come on symphonia hd is an insult. Still love them though, the only reason I originally bought a ps3 was for tales of graces(more rage that was a wii game).

Anyway for those wondering about the weirdness of the this. The japanese language is structure so that the important information comes later in the structure. This is one reason why verbs are at the end of sentences, and also when you're modifying words with the "no" particle the most important word comes last.

It's rather the opposite of the way western languages work so it looks really awkward to us.



Zombie_Barioth said:

It actually isn't considering it was remade for the PS2, we just didn't get that version. It kinda is for TOS2 though.

Its actually not that bad, just pointless outside Japan. Its only confusing when you consider they also read right-to-left while keeping sentences left-to-right. I think an example would have helped a lot though. Such as-

Kaze no Travelers would be Travelers of the Wind.

Now, what "no" and other particles mean and their uses on the other hand, thats a different story and a whole different lesson.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I don't care what they want to call them selves just please release kuma tomo - 3ds in the US Namco Bandai/Bandai Namco released kuma tomo - 3ds in japan please let it get a US/North American release as well.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)

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