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TIME Lists Its Reasons For Picking Wii U Over PS4 And Xbox One

Posted by Damien McFerran

Is the tide finally turning?

Yesterday, we reported on story which was published on by The Financial Post which stated that the Wii U was the "best bet" for gamers this Christmas. Today, there's more good news for Nintendo — TIME's tech portal has given 10 very convincing reasons to pick Nintendo's console over the PS4 and Xbox One.

Penned by TIME's tech and gaming correspondent Matt Peckham, the feature lists the key advantages the Wii U offers over its newly-released rivals and points out that the console could quite easily "do a 3DS" and bounce back from its dismal sales.

Peckham cites superior software, a killer line-up of games for 2014, the unique nature of the GamePad controller, the price, backwards compatibility and great indie support — amongst other things.

However, he ends the piece by stating that there's still some work to be done — according to Peckham, the price needs to be lower, new killer Nintendo titles are required and third-party support has to improve.

Despite the cautionary conclusion, it's encouraging to see another positive piece about the Wii U at this vital time. With Sony and Microsoft's new systems attracting the lion's share of media attention, Nintendo needs all the exposure it can get. Do you agree with the points raised by TIME? Share your feelings by posting a comment below.


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DreamOn said:

It's nice to read the recommendation pieces that have popped up since 3D World.

I'm always a bit irked by expectations that Nintendo needs to sell it cheap but at the same time offer hardware, support and service comparable in quality to even the highest priced devices, if not more so due to their decent reputation for physically durable products.



ToniK said:

I could see sales of 250k a week which means over a million a month. Keep that for a couple of months and we have a reasonable install base which means even more games and sold consoles. That is actually possible IMO.



Mahe said:

This holiday, Wii U really is the best choice. Even a Gamepad-gimped console is better than consoles with miniscule game selections.



Einherjar said:

To be honest, my reason nr.1 not to jump directly into the "next gen" is simply the line up. Sure, the WiiU does not have the bigges library of games but what it has is absolutely worth it. And the games that are comming are even better.
The lineup that the other two consoles are offering and what they have comming up offers little to no surprises. Its a simple continuation of the last gen with slightly shinier graphics and even those arent that big of a generation leap. Look at the transition from N64/PS1 to GCN and PS2. It was worlds apart and with each generation, this gap seems to become smaller and smaller.
And what gets me the most is, that people complained about the WiiUs price tag but seem to take the 500$ for an XBOX ONE for granted, simply because "the games look better". If your not living in certain parts of the US, your not even getting half the features that are advertised with that system, because most of its movie and TV features are not available everywhere. And people STILL think the price is ok O.o
But the WiiU is WAY overpriced, because it doesnt use "next gen hardware". Your not buying a PC, hardware prices dont matter that much. Look at the PS3. It started around 1000$ and is now one of the cheapest consoles. And these consoles arent even leftovers that can be sold for a loss just to get rid of them. They are constantly rehashing them, building in new components. Whats in it doesnt really matter and that should reflect in the price.

Long Story short, my reasons:

  • upcomming Lineup looks WAY more promising
  • No unneccesary stuff such as social media integration, video uploads, remote play stupidity TV etc
  • more appealing 1st party setup (opinion based)
  • more game centered
  • less focused on online stuff (yes, thats a good point for me, opinion based) while still offering one of the best community experiences with miiverse
  • fair approach towards the customer, less DLC ripp offs and the likes at least from 1st party devs
  • backwards compatible to the Wii, which offers a great library of games + growing VC support (both through Wii and WiiU VC)


Moshugan said:

The matter of the fact is that if you don't enjoy Nintendo games you're better off with a PS4 or an Xbox One.
But I'm a reasonably happy Wii U owner! I'd recommend it to others with a caution.



Rafie said:

@Moshugan Well said.

I can agree to the sentiments here by the author. (The TIME author) As of right now, I can see why the Wii U should be the better the choice this holiday. However, what happens when the games start rolling in for the other 2?! Where would that place the Wii U? In no way am I saying the Wii U will be 3rd place, I'm saying it's going to be hard to argue about the other 2 when they actually have games on hand that people will want to play. Just taking an objective approach here. Still, my stance is the Wii U is a worthy purchase with software you can play ONLY on Nintendo consoles. Definitely worth it. Proud Wii U owner here.



Solid_Stannis said:

It's a no-contest for yours truly, as well. Those are all really good reasons, and while the guy is obviously a Nintendo fan at heart, the points given are all pretty objective.

Gotta get the PS4 to get the stuff what doesn't come to the Wii U, though. But not until they've lowered the price to something a bit more sensible, and it doesn't double as a frying pan 90% of the time. Xbox One? What a joke. It's only in a world like this that that... thing didn't go the way of the Virtual Boy.



Ducutzu said:

All these articles that seem to praise Nintendo are just trolling on Sony and Microsoft fans, I'm afraid.



Drobotic said:

Good.The Wii U needs this kind of publicity.I remember seeing a Walmart commercial promoting the Wii U,too.Some people still have no idea what a Wii U is after it has been out for a year now.



Oniinside said:

there was a Ps4 at a local store the other day and... I have to say I was not impressed by the graphics, even if it was ok for a "next-gen" I suppose (Fifa was played while I passed behind players). I hope consumers are not attracted by that!



Pit-Stain said:

Just read it (took me sometime also to read the comments). I agree with this guy in every way. I also laughed so much at the raging Sony/MS fanboys in the comments lol.



Traxx said:

What Nintendo games are you talking about? It's just Mario and Zelda. Nintendo abandoned almost all other franchises I had interest in. My point is: even if you are a Nintendo fan, Nintendo is not doing enough to make it worth it.



Mr_Nose said:

Meh. Meh. That's just Time Magazine's opinion. Meh. So what if they've got the world's largest circulation. Meh. That's only 25 million people reading this opinion. Meh.

Almost makes up for all the hate the from the rinky-dink nobodies on the web. Actually, it does make up for it. Quite nicely.



ricklongo said:

@Traxx Donkey Kong, Kirby, Smash Bros. Plus, they're always releasing titles in a number of other less immediately popular franchises at any given time; just this year, we had games for Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin, and Animal Crossing, among others. I'm sure we'll see a new Metroid in the future, and hopefully others that are under the radar. I mean, did you really expect them to ressurrect Luigi's Mansion?

Sure, Mario and Zelda are the most ubiquitous Nintendo franchises (which is to be expected, since they're the most popular). But saying those are all they put out is flat out wrong.



FantasiaWHT said:

Yes, because probably about 14 people nationwide make their console buying decisions based on TIME's coverage...



readyletsgo said:

@Einherjar Just on the point you say that people complain about the price point.

I feel the same, its just stupid, if you look at the Wii U price, around €249 here for the 32gb one, all the while the Super Slim PS3 is €299 (7 year old system) cause the PS3 is still selling well, seeing as I am one of the late adoptors to the PS3.

I got one during the Summer this year to play the back log and TLoU, no regrets at all and I will have the PS3 for the next 3 years for the gems that will come out for it along with my launch day Wii U, which, as of this week, while I look back at all the Wii U games I have that I haven't even gotten around to starting just yet, the Wii U has had an overall brilliant first year, difficult for the first 3/4 months.

I have to say though, the biggest disapointment for me with the Wii U which most people on here will think I am trolling (which I am not) was NSMBU and SM3DW (I just dont like it/cant get into it, feel its mightly over rated). But then when you look forward to next year there will be even more games from Ninty and a few from 3rd parties (Watch Dog on a Ninty system = Awesomes) aswell to push it more as long as they keep advertising the system and first and 3rd party games on tv they have a genuine winner on their hands!

Its turning around guys! The Wii U is perfect competions for Xbone and PS4



SphericalCrusher said:

Definitely a good article. Brings up good points. I think $300 is a really good price, but for the growing competition, I would say $250 if they can make it and still get a profit. As far as the Zelda and Metroid titles, I can't wait but I do not want them rushed out quickly. The reason I don't have a PS4 and Xbone right now is due to the fact that I own WiiU and have so much to play on it. I'll get them eventually, as I am an all around gamer, but Nintendo first!



StonyK said:

This is my first Nintendo machine I haven't bought since ever (not including all the different iterations of the handhelds). The main reasons why is price and games. I can only afford one this generation and my favourite games last gen were Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, Unchartered, COD, Mass effect. I feel like I've actually grown out of Nintendo games (mario galaxy, mario kart, zelda) as they don't feel as good as they once did.
In terms of using the future games as a draw over the PS4/Xbone it doesn't make sense as in a year or two its more likely they will have the bigger draw as the most anticipated games 2014 on the top of my head are Titanfall, Destiny and Watchdogs.



Volmun said:

This reminds me of all the "Vita will be 1000000X better than 3DS" crap as soon as it cam out... silence.... (and Yes i have a vita and am Very disopointed with it with lack of GOOD games and lack of replay best games on it so far are Soul Sacrfice - Tearaway - Ragnarok Oddasy i find it realy hard to say more than that tbh....) and it looks like thats all happend again with the WiiU vs PS4/XBone (seriosly 2 exclusivs on lornch sony?) I buy concels for Exclucivs tbh.. il buy 3rd party (molty platform) games for what ever concel tbh but i dont buy a machean for them



triforcepower73 said:

Yeah! Too bad there will probably be another article tomorrow about some game developer with an "expert" opinion about how the Wii U won't be surviving past spring.



Volmun said:

@Einherjar as always making valid points lol i sorta dissagree on DLC thow ( unless you ment the realy ott ripoff rubish that is only like 1 skin or something stupid) i like the idear of DLC done correct like giving you more lvls or something (something i still feal RE Rev needs)



Dogpigfish said:

Once you get past the twins bullet points you begin to realize it's all fluff. Sony has always been good at building consoles, but lousy at making timeless games. Hopefully that will change.



Darkness3131 said:

So this just proves that peoples views on the product aren't basically all opinion even though they say it is an expert analysis.



Einherjar said:

@readyletsgo That has nothing to do with trolling While i love 3D World, i found NSMBU just "ok", but i have that fealing with the entire NEW series, And im not interested in watch dogs whatsoever, but i can see its appeal. Taste is something you cant and shouldnt argue about Dont let yourself be trolled because of that
But youre totally right. The library isnt half as bad as people pretend it to be. There are enough games to play and finish till new ones come out.
The problem here is, that most people nowadays either dont take their time with games anymore and rush them through or dont finish them at all. Thats why there is such a huge demand for new games all the time.
People just need another one and another one get the idea. Best example would be Assassins Creed. It had a HUGE gap between the first and the second one and then the series started to get mass produced almost yearly, letting you pre order part 4 before part 3 is even out.

@Volmun I mean stuff like on disc DLC, extensive use of season passes, overpriced DLC with next to no content etc

@Dogpigfish So you want them to be lousy hardware makers but good at making awesome games ? I know what you mean And as far as im concerned, Sony / the PS4 isnt bad, the WiiU is just a more appealing option at the moment. That could change with the upcomming lineup, it could end up that the WiiU gets better titles down the road, no one knows but for the moment, the PS4 has nothing really spectacular going for it except better looking games.
What isnt a better option is an XBOX ONE. Microsoft tried to rip people off big time and said it out loud in the open and just because they made a U turn because Sony did the exact opposite people are now trusting them again ? If someone tried to steal your wallet but gives it back a cuple of days later, would you ever trust him again ? I cant wrap my head around the fact that people are ok with such things. "ok, changed our minds, we wont ripp you off this time, maybe later"... i still cant believe it...



Volmun said:

@Einherjar Ahhhhh yes totaly agree there then lol like i sed done right DLC Can be a good thing (lol if thay acualy use it as the name sugests Down Load Content) but again yeah your right lol



Darknyht said:

Well written article. The cost of the controllers also factors in, especially if you have an old Wii since they carry over (Even then the motion+ wii mote is only $30 and a pro controller is $50 vs. $60 for the competitors).



readyletsgo said:

@Einherjar haha thanks dude, I feel, online, you just have to state you are not trolling, that it's just one persons opinion and hope maybe someone else agrees with you

Yeah I'm not mad on Watch Dogs myself, but I know there will be a lot of people wanting it when its released on the Wii U because it will be an M rated game on a Nintendo system, seems like it could be a follow on (in the future maybe) of the AC series from Ubisoft, so, Watch Dogs 2 will be Xmas 2014 lol.

But yeah, looking back over the first year, pretty big releases, ones people wanted but as you said, people just want more more more.

Even Iwata said that himself, I think it was just before the Summer that Gamers are the hardest people to satisfy as they just keep wanting more and sometimes forget that it might takes time, sometimes up to 5 years, to make a new excellent game. But I know most people who are into games do not follow game sites like we do and only hear about new games on release or a few weeks after.

But yeah, imagine you were getting a Wii U this Xmas, the games you could choose from are pretty impressive and a good few 'hardcore' games there too. W101? Monster Hunter? Pikmin 3? 2 Batman games? Lego City? ZombiU? to name a few.... and more to come.



Nico07 said:

@Rafie Owning a PS4 now but proudly owning a Wii U (and collection of 22 games first), I can say that there won't be any incentives for owning the PS4 until AT LEAST Fall or Winter 2014. Seriously the only compelling titles coming any time soon are Titanfall for Xbox One in Spring (also available on PC), and Destiny in May. These releases are even subject to change and titles out now are either available for PC or not that great. Sure we all wish that the Wii U had a little more horsepower, but the games are where Nintendo definitely has the edge here. The most compelling reasons to own either of the Xbox One or PS4 won't be out until later next year if not 2015. E3 2014 should to help put things in better perspective for all platforms. I am looking forward to owning Donkey Kong Country TF, Mario Kart 8, and Smash Brothers at that point when Nintendo should steal the show releasing details on the new Zelda game and probably some unmentioned projects.



Franklin said:

And TIME once chose Adolf Hitler as their Man of the Year, so they know a good thing when they see it.



Gerbwmu said:

20910 Dollar.......was that the serial number of the dollar she made?
Wii U is a great machine and I have never regretted a Nintendo purchase.....then again I didn't buy a Virtual Boy.....



Rafie said:

@Nico07 I agree definitely. There really isn't any games for the other 2. However, Watch Dogs on both PS4 and Xbox One will be extremely popular on those 2 systems. was primarily the whole reason for purchasing the PS4 at the time. Still, InFamous Second Son is releasing in Feb and probably some title in between. So far, Microsoft has an okay launch with Ryse, DR3, and Killer Instinct. Their launch was the best out of Sony and Nintendo. Both Nintendo and Sony are in the same boat as far as launches go. Mediocre to just plain poor. As far as a reason for getting the other 2, I won't go as far as saying 2015. They are starting slow just like the Wii U did. The Wii U, unfortunately, had to take the brunt of the negativity for having such a slow start even being ahead of the other 2 for a year. So naturally, it should be good to see Nintendo succeeding with the Wii U in 2014. The 3DS is just fine....well better than fine.

I was just saying what's going to happen when Sony and Microsoft get the games, will the Wii U be cast as irrelevant again? I surely hope not.



Yorumi said:

@Einherjar: "Its a simple continuation of the last gen with slightly shinier graphics and even those arent that big of a generation leap. Look at the transition from N64/PS1 to GCN and PS2. It was worlds apart and with each generation, this gap seems to become smaller and smaller."

This is actually a big problem in the game industry and part of the reason so many companies are going out of business. The basic point is that every time you increase polygon count it's less noticeable. To make matters worse production costs go up exponentially each generation of consoles. So as companies keep pushing graphics they're getting exponentially more costs for less and less effect each time.

Power is going to increase other things like physics(fluid dynamics simulators, smoke simulators, breakable objects etc) and AI more than poly count anymore, which btw the wiiU actually does some of. That's why nintendo has gotten out of the polygon count arms race, it's just not economical.



Shambo said:

"Do a 3DS" is way better and more likely than "doing a SEGA". The comment section is hilarious though. All those blind 'mature gamers' who clearly don't know the first thing about Wii U vs. defenders and fanboys.
Really, this industry is sick. How could a fun pass-time/hobby turn into this 'internet war'?



Dreamcaster-X said:

I LOVE my Wii U but I'm not blind. It's struggling & it's struggling VERY badly. I want them to succeed but when an amazing game like Mario 3D World doesn't start moving consoles you're in a heap of trouble.
Up until now, everyone was saying wait til Mario 3D World, wait til Mario 3D World....well it didn't happen. Sure it'll push a few more consoles and so will the Christmas holiday but now everyone is sayin wait til Mario Kart & then when that doesn't spur sales it'll be, wait til Smash Bros, etc...etc...

This in no way changes my love or feelings for my Wii U, I will still recommend it & I will continue to buy games for it but in 2 years time, Nintendo will be rolling out a new home console or at least unveiling it.



chucknorrmis said:

people would choose to pick the wii u over the ps4 and xbone with the same reason as to why they would choose a 3ds over a vita; more games and cheaper pricing despite the power behind the consoles



DarkKirby said:

I would argue, if the Wii U was attracting the casual audience like the Wii did, TIME's opinion would matter. But it's not, so it doesn't.

Now, at current, I don't own a PS4 or Xbone, as I see no reason to, but if I were to make an investment for the future as to which I expect to be more successful and have more and better games, I'd choose PS4. I would prefer the games just go to PC but many game developers seem to hate PC for fear of piracy.



IxnayontheCK said:

It's a great console for families. The "hardcore" may shun it and of course it won't sell like the others, but it is a good console. Just not a record breaker...



Einherjar said:

@Yorumi What you say is basicly right, but which of the modern developers cares about something like AI anymore ? The most common critiquepoint of games in general today is the godawfull AI. Sure, your odd game might have some nice AI pattern, but these are most likely just that, pre defined patterns especially made for that setpiece and in no way dynamic. All you see is graphics, all over the place, and everybody cheers and laughes about the ugly but fantastic games because they dont look good.
That immaginary goal of "photorealism in games" could at the same time very well be its end. More realistig and complex graphics means less and less money to invest into gameplay. We end up with slightly interactive Movies. And the crowd would still cheer because it looks good.

@ferthepoet And what makes you think that ? Picture the following situation: People wont buy a "last gen" looking game on PS4 /XBO because, well, it doesnt look like next gen. But a smaller dev cant afford to put all of their money just into graphics to stay on par with other titles. Two options:
Go all in with "All graphics, no game" and hope for blinded customers or turn to the WiiU, a system slightly more powerfull that "the last gen" with tech that offers a calculateable cost window for both graphics and proper gameplay coding.
Both new system dont offer anything new BUT the graphics. People out there want next gen games and the vast majority doesnt care how it plays, it needs to look next gen. If a dev finds himself in a situation where production costs would simply swallow them up whole, the WiiU still offers a safe and sane middleground between tech, price and opportunitys.
And this isnt even a hollow prediction, even one of the big players, Ubisoft, had to admit, thet anything but sequels wont be profitable anymore. Which translates to: Make a game once, use these assets over and over till your investment costs come back in.
This next gen is too young to say if this "black money hole" is really as threatening as it looks, but it is there.
Thats the difference between evolving games technically and evolving the way HOW you play them. The first one needs more and more time and money, the letter one just more imagination and not everyone can keep up on the money part.
Weve seen legends such as ATLUS almost die because they went bankrupt. Why ? They make excellent games that arent mainstream enough to hold up. They dont look like Final Fantasy XIII so they dont get that much attention. And that struggle for attention, mainstream appeal and simply money will become bigger and bigger.



AVahne said:

For anyone buying a Wii U instead of the other consoles: Make sure to buy all your games as physical copies. Nintendo does not have a true modern account system yet and likely won't have one for another year or two, if not ever. Buying some smaller indie games should be fine, as you aren't spending as much, but please be aware that you are potentially wasting your hard-earned cash by making any kind of purchase on the eShop. Especially if it's a retail-available game.



B3ND3R said:

Great to hear however... Lower price??? It's already $100 cheaper than PS4s... I think it's a great buy I just got back into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate again, so I've been glued to it



Yorumi said:

@Einherjar oh I agree entirely, most of the companies out there just care about more polygons. I want to see AI improvements so much. That's a large part of the reason I've been so dedicated to nintendo, and why I like indie games so much, not that they make great AI but because they arn't obsessed with graphics and thus people developing for them need to make a fun game not just a pretty one.



DualWielding said:


Atlus didn't go broke, its parent company did and had to sell Atlus because it was one of its few money making divisions....

The thing is if developers don't want to invest in next gen looking games for Xbone/PS4, they can continue making games for 360/PS3 and maybe also port for the Wii U, but making games only for Wii U makes no sense, its as expensive as making games for 360/PS3 with a much smaller install base... That what I mean about third party support, I don't think Wii U would get third party games that are not available in last gen consoles, so it doesn't offer anything but first party games to those who already own a 360 or PS3



MarioFan1985 said:

My personal reason to choose the Wii U over the PS4 and the X-Box One is because when it comes to video games, Nintendo is the master at it. The reason for that is Nintendo don't just put their emphasis on graphics, they try to make games that look and play good instead of just looking good. Still, I think that people play other consoles because they have some kind of a hatred for Nintendo because it's "for kids" or "the games are too easy" or "the graphics aren't good enough", that's all hogwash. Nintendo is still going strong, and it outlasted Sega, it can outlast Sony and Microsoft.



SetupDisk said:

I guess I have wasted my cash. Some people just down have the room for more physical media. I am not exaggerating. As I type this from my Wii U and look around my bedroom there are games, DVDs and Blurays everywhere. The last place I have to stack cases that won't fall over ran out.



AVahne said:

Your situation could call for more digital purchases....but be careful. I hope that no misfortune falls upon you and your Wii U.



unrandomsam said:

"It has a decent indie lineup, too."

The Wii U Indie selection is not very good at all. None of the really great ones are on it.

"Wii U games are cheaper on balance."

Not sure that is going to be true in the future unless Wii U starts getting GOTY editions which for me are the only ones worth getting.



geozeldadude said:

wow. it's almost like the author is working for nintendo's PR department. great article for nintendo.



Einherjar said:

@ferthepoet I know many many people who only have one or two consoles or a singe generation of systems. Since both the One and the PS4 are not backwards compatible, people are "forced" in a way to keep their older system for newer games while they own the successor system. Its a weird situation.
But youre not entirely wrong. The install base is a good bit smaller on the WIiU, but it could change pretty quickly, the 3DS showed us how.
And it could very well happen, that people are abandoning their 360 / and PS3s. We can simply guess what will happen.
At the moment, pretty much anything can happen.



Kirk said:

Well there's certainly a lot more positive Wii U articles floating around at the moment, that is for sure.



B-Squared said:

I'm really glad the article mentioned LEGO City Undercover and The Wonderful 101. Those games need a bit more exposure!

I'm not sure I agree with the "drop the price AGAIN" least this soon. True, I just got a Wii U before the price drop, but this price drop just began and we have yet to see a return on it . Maybe once sales pick up there can be one...though I personally think $200 like he suggests is nuts. I mean...we're just NOW getting PS3 and Xbox 360 sales in that ball park.



idork99 said:

Public perception is strange. People don't pick up the Wii U because they're tired of Mario games and the Wii brand isn't what it used to. Yet, they want the new experience, therefore, they buy the new powerful systems with new names. But many experienced gamers can see and know that although every new Nintendo system sports a new Mario game, it doesn't mean that it's the same game. Mario is the brand but every game is different and brings something new. On the contrary, the new systems sport new names, yet, although the view is excellent, the game is still the same. I'm sure the same can be argued with the Nintendo games but at they don't need all that power to create a great gaming experience. The current tech is just fine and I'm sure everyone's wallets can't argue with that.



ecco6t9 said:

Reading this article and the feedback here makes me think, Nintendo is going to be okay with the Wii U.



JaxonH said:

It always boils down to this: how fun are the games? And I would argue that ALL consoles are worth buying, seeing as ALL consoles have or will eventually have fun, exclusive games to play. Now, which one you prioritize to buy first can be debated, but there is no such thing as a console not worth buying if you're a real gamer.

I was beginning to wonder if the rest of the world would EVER see what I see in the Wii U. Whether is succeeds with flying colors or not, at least there is a growing consensus that the Wii U is a fine console indeed, with games to match.

I'm just tired of the attacks on Nintendo and its fans, and all the targeted hate toward the Wii U and anyone who owns one. I can take insults pertaining to sales all day long- doesn't bother me, but I get very agitated when the ignorant start yelling from rooftops about how horrible of a console Wii U is, how anyone who owns one is a moron and a casual, and how Nintendo is through making consoles. That kind of nonsense irks me to no end...



technotreegrass said:

Though it'll be a while before I can actually afford to buy a new console, the Wii U is certainly my top choice. I do predict one day owning either a PS4 or Xbone, but I expect that day to come in 2-3 years, after a price drop and at least one must-have game.



AyatollaofRock said:

At this point in time the WiiU has the upper hand in terms of lineup. But the big hitters for the new consoles are just around the corner., ie Titanfall, Destiny etc.

Nintendo need a big Christmas. Then it'll be game on!



Senate_Guard said:

Its about time Wii U got some positive recognition

I can honestly see Nintendo doing very well this Christmas, with everything they have to offer bundle-wise for Wii U and 3DS, as well as other systems like Wii Mini (in the US) and 2DS being recently released.

Xbox One and PS4 really don't have anything worthwhile to offer at this point; all those blind Sony/Microsoft fanboys really just want to spread negativity.



element187 said:

@Traxx nintendo didn't abandon these franchises. The "fans" of these franchises abandoned the franchises.... Nintendo is only reacting to the words spoken by the fans when they unanimously told Nintendo with their wallets that they no longer like fzero, Metroid and Starfox.

All three bombed HARD on their last outing. Do you really expect Nintendo to make one of these games for the Wii U? Especially the tiny install base?



element187 said:

@AVahne what good is an account system if the companies next console doesn't have backwards compatibility? Your purchase will still be tied to the old machine. Btw if your Nintendo console breaks Ninty has a procedure in place for getting your purchases restored to your replacement system. It's a problem when people run with false information they got from gaf.



AVahne said:

And why should we think of the NEXT console (3-4 years from now) when the problem is with the current one?
That is a problem for the future. If the next console is not backwards compatible, keep the old one.
The problem NOW is that if your console is stolen or if it breaks down (and you are not aware of Nintendo's archaic transfer system), YOU ARE SCREWED.
Having an account system can be a good thing for the consumer. Not having one has no benefits WHATSOEVER.
Are you sure you aren't the one who hasn't thought things through completely?

EDIT: And before you mention anything about Ninty's procedure, I know about it. I went through it when my Wii and DSi were stolen. The customer support was great. But an account system would make things much easier.



KnightRider666 said:

I agree things are looking good, but there is still work to be done to pull the 3DS comeback. Give us a proper account system that isn't tied to the either console(Wii U & 3DS), and the battle is won.

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