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Video: Dixie Kong Struts Her Stuff in This New Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Trailer

Posted by Andy Green

That ponytail has so many uses

During last week's Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has been pushed back slightly to a February 2014 release to ensure the developer Retro Studios can deliver the optimum gaming experience.

However, to ease the pain a little, Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming title and it centres around the returning Dixie Kong.

Dixie can use her long flowing locks for a variety of things - she can spin around to get some air, bash enemies and even pick up objects. Take a look at the trailer below to see her and Donkey Kong in action!

Were you disappointed to see the Kongs moved to a February 2014 release, or are you happy Retro Studios is taking the time to apply some final polish? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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cookiex said:

Where was this trailer last week?

Anyway, nice to see some new footage and a better look at Dixie Kong. I guess you can choose between Diddy, Dixie and the fourth mystery character at any time?

Edit: Also that burning forest level and the underwater caves looks gorgeous.



Wonder_Ideal said:

What conditioner does Dixie use?
Anyways, the game is looking great. While I'm sad that the game has been delayed, I'll be held over by other things until it's ready. Make it a good one Retro!



Squashy said:

It's looking magnificent! I do hope it's just as difficult as Returns, I love a challenge!



NintyMan said:

I'm glad we finally get to see a new trailer to give us something to chew on, though I wonder why they didn't show this during last week's direct. Dixie looks just as resourceful with her ponytail as in her past adventures. I also love the look of the camera shot of the minecart level and the burning jungle.



Tuurtledove said:

Looks an absolutely gorgeous extension to the Donkey Kong franchise. Lovely visuals and a soundtrack to match. Though I can only assume they chose to delay its release in hopes of spreading out the WiiU release library a little further



seronja said:

can you play as dixie and diddy at the same time like in DKC 2, or do you need to play as donkey all the time?



gefflt said:

Donkey Kong Country Returns was great but THIS is the game I was waiting for.

Not only does it looks stunning but the level design seems clever and the game looks fun in general. Plus... David Wise is back!



Jazzer94 said:

Nintendo: "Delay game then release awesome trailer"
ME: goes and cries in nearest corner.



Mecha_Boo said:

@Hayabusa i for one will enjoy a new donkey kong game. keep crying about metroid because its totally gonna help a new game get made.



19Robb92 said:

Man, I can't believe they delayed this... Would obviously have been my 2013 GOTY :/

The game looks absolutely outstanding. Can't wait to play it. DKCR was the best platformer of the last generation, I don't expect any less this time around.



Player4 said:

She whips her hair back and forth, she whips her hair back and forth!

I'm sorry.. Too bad it's delayed, I was looking forward to this game. But hey! The game will probably be more amazing, right?



FluttershyGuy said:

Is that a giant wheel of cheddar? WANT (the cheese and game)!!! ^.^ Also, with David Wise back as series composer, and this being DKC's 2nd game back w/Dixie's return, I hope we get a remix of Mining Melancholy from DKC 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (by far my fav DKC song).



NintyMan said:

@DKFluttershyGuy: Sorry, the music is all brand-new in this game with the only remix being the one of Jungle Hijinx in Mangrove Cove. At least this will give David Wise the chance to make new classics!



Ferret said:

I hope they have Pro controller support. Shaking to roll was easily the worst thing about the it on the Wii.



eLarkos said:

Still disappointed this is what retro is working on despite the last entry being one of my favorite platformers of all time



VoiceOfReason said:

I would buy this game just to hear the music! I love this composer! Hopefully he knows that just putting remixes of old songs or themes, and bland new songs, really makes the game less enjoyable. This is something that the NSMB series needs to learn, and hopefully SM3DW's music is something new.



ninjafox said:

Really pleased to finally see a new DKCTF trailer but why we could not of seen this last week when everyone who was really looking forward to playing the game in 2013 was told it would not be released until early 2014 I don't know.
Seeing Dixie Kong in levels where it was previously just Donkey and Diddy makes me think you can select between the two characters. Like a few other people have put it would be fantastic if there was a stage where it was just Diddy and Dixie.

Whilst the trailer shows that the rocket barrels will be returning does anyone else think the part where they are zooming along the vines indicates a new type of stage? Perhaps the whole of that level is like that?

Anyway this trailer has got me more hyped about the game, the only thing that would make it better would be if Nintendo announced a special edition which came with a figure of Donkey Kong and a DKC series soundtrack!



Warbeard said:

Only thing we could be thankful for about the delay is that hopefully a lot more Wii U's will be out by then, and this game will get out to more people. In other news, seriously bummed about not having this for my christmas gaming sessions.
About the trailer, it was alright - thought they showed a bit too many things I'd like to see for myself first as I play it, but the new camera-angles look great!



Dexter2015 said:

I want it even more!! I love this Donkey Kong Country games!! And so happy Dixie is back!! But wish you was able to play like Diddy and Dixie together!



antipop621 said:

I don't mind the delay, I'm just hoping it won't impact Wii U sales too much this holiday.



ricklongo said:

Bringing Dixie back in was a superb choice. Let's hope they keep getting ideas from DKC2, the absolute best game in the series in my opinion.

On another note, what are the chances the extra development time has something to do with adding animal buddies? Now THAT would be a delay I'm willing to overlook.



WindWakerLink said:

I wanted this game more than SM 3D World! Aw man... With this game delayed, it better be SUPER HARDER than DKC Returns!!!!



ScorpionMG said:

@Longforgotten by "we" she means only her, cuz this freaking games looks amazing!! who could not get this! Seriously, this will sell lots more that metroid would, better make metroid in few years



LoveSugoi said:


We? Who's We? I've never been into Metriod but am totally hype for a new Donkey Kong Country. It'd be really nice if I could come on at least ONE DKCTF article without some Metroid fans whining about this game's existence as if were Samus' god given right to have a new entry before the Kongs. It'd be more appreciated if they also stop speaking of a majority when the sales of the Metroid series suggest that they're actually more of a minority than they seem to think they are. God forbid Nintendo actually push out new entries for their most successful franchises, it's not like they have a failing console or anything.



JGer said:

@gefflt This was the first time I saw/read that Dave Wise was doing the music for this game. That elevates this game from a must-have to whatever comes after that.

Seriously. If you've not heard the soundtrack to DKC2, do yourself a favor and listen to it (YouTube it, of course). It's one of my favorite soundtracks for anything (game, movie... anything!)



phazon said:

I really wish retro would expand its staff so they could work on mulitple games at once and put out more than just 1 game every two years. Im a big metroid fan but i cant deny the awesomness of DKCR and how amazing this looks. I just wish they could work on this and another metroid at the same time and maybe a third game



brandonbwii said:

Crap, they brought back those crappy rocket barrel stages. Is it too much to hope that the controls will be improved?



JaxonH said:

You've GOT to be joking. Idk what world you live on, but we WANT this game. The hell with Metroid, it'll come whenever it comes. Just because Metroid is a great game, doesn't mean it's the only game worth playing. And DKC is just as every bit amazing as Metroid.



LeVideoGamer said:

It's actually quite disappointing to read some of the comments here, shunning this game just because Retro chose Donkey Kong. Metroid isn't going anywhere, and Nintendo are aware of the demand for it so there's a big chance we'll get a Metroid game for the Wii U eventually. We don't need every single IP to get a game immediately. There's still a long time to receive an F-Zero, Star Fox, Wave Race, 1080, and/or Metroid game in this generation.

I know I'd much rather have a Metroid game once developers have more experience with the console, so the game can be as good as possible. If they're not ready to make one, they shouldn't force it just to please people.



JaxonH said:

I hope Retro Studios never makes another Metroid again. I'm so sick of hearing people complain about DKC Tropical Freeze, which has the potential to be THE best game on the Wii U, simply because it's not Metroid- a game that Nintendo never even hinted Retro was making. People just let their imaginations run away with them and now DKC Tropical Freeze is bearing the brunt of all this hate.

I can understand someone saying, "Ahh I was hoping it was Metroid- oh well, DKC Returns was one of the finest games ever made so it's cool" back at E3, but damn- the year is almost over and people are STILL complaining about this game not being Metroid! No offense people but get over it!

Instead of complaining about what this game isn't, why can't people just be happy for what this game is- an AMAZING sequel to one of the most iconic franchises in history, developed by Nintendo's NUMBER ONE premier studio.

And personally, we had an entire trilogy of Metroid games from Retro. I'd be disappointed if it WAS another Metroid game instead of DKC, even as much as I loved Prime. The reason being we already got 3 Metroids from them- it's time for a new franchise to shine. Their name is Retro Studios not Metroid Studios. And there are other developers that can do a Metroid game. But I don't think ANYONE could do DKC justice but Retro.

Please, can we get past the fact Metroid wasn't announced and actually start focusing on the fact we have a super-amazing DKC game launching in just a couple months? Is it possible we can discuss this game without mentioning Metroid for a change? That would be awesome...
Watch the profanity please — TBD



sinalefa said:

"Retro, give me Metroid. And change your name to Retroid so you dont dare do anything else"

Jokes aside, this looks great and 3d world will make the wait a tad easier



DerpSandwich said:

We've seriously got to stop pretending that this was delayed because it needed "more polish." It's incredibly obvious that they never intended on releasing it this year.

Looks pretty cool, though. Not quite as cool as I would expect from a DKCR sequel, but cool nonetheless.



DerpSandwich said:

@JaxonH A lot of us aren't upset because it's not Metroid, but because it's not ANYTHING other than DK. They brought new life to both Metroid and DK, so after developing a new game for so many years we started to hope that they would be either revamping another old series or creating an amazing new one. I for one was disappointed in the announcement of this game. I absolutely loved DKCR, but it just seems like Retro's talent was wasted on this project. I'm also upset by the fact that it took so long to make, even though they already had the engine built and everything.

Basically I'm just saying that people are upset for other reasons too.



NintyMan said:

I'm as sick with the comments about people wanting Metroid than Donkey Kong as I was with people panning Super Mario 3D World for being unimaginative. At least that crowd shut up, and hopefully Tropical Freeze will shut up its naysayers as well.



ultimate321 said:

To be honest, the trailer looked kinda boring. I know the game will be amazing and that the actual things looked fun but I feel the trailer did not do the game justice.



ZesuBen said:

You know, I'm excited for this game.

But I am disappointed. Not because Retro's not working on Metroid, and not because Retro's working on Donkey Kong Country.

I'm disappointed because they're dedicating one of their (in my opinion) best studios to a side scrolling platformer... I love platformers, really, but I have enough to tide me over for a while. And Nintendo has two other franchises basically dedicated to side scrolling platforming (Mario and Kirby). I'd rather have seen Retro working on a Star Tropics game. Or at /least/ a 3D platformer like DK 64.



JaxonH said:

Well that's another issue then. But to me a fun game is a fun game, and almost everyone I've ever known who has played Donkey Kong Country says they love it to death, and is excited to get a high definition entry of the franchise for the first time ever. I mean, they did a trilogy of Metroid games, logic would follow that we'll see a new trilogy of DKC games. And I am totally more than ok with that.

Idk, maybe it's just me, but I don't care if there's ten other side-scrolling platformers on the Wii U- they're not DKC, and I don't care how many other great games Retro could have made- no matter what game they make you could always say "well now we're missing out on THIS game they could have done instead". DKC is a franchise so amazingly fun, that I'll take it any day of the week under any given circumstances. Already have ten side-scrollers? Well, better make room for one more, seeing as DKC is one of the funnest franchises ever created.

Having said that, I think it's fair to assume after Miamoto's last statement about Retro "being able to handle multiple projects" and recognizing "Retro did a great job with Metroid Prime" and that he's "considering Retro for the job of a new Metroid game" that it's pretty much written in stone Retro will begin production on a new Metroid game in tandem with whatever they work on next (presumably the final installment of the DKC trilogy).

What Miamoto wants, Miamoto gets. Last time he said he'd "like to see a remake of Link To The Past" and a few months later, they revealed Link Between Worlds.



sinalefa said:


I feel "waste" is a really harsh word to describe it. I mean, we haven't even played the game to judge if it was a waste or not. I think Retro deserves the benefit of the doubt here.

Besides a new DKCR with the original composer, in HD, needs the best developer to do it justice. And Retro proved with DKCR that they are up to the task.



Captain_Toad said:

I was slightly bummed that this isn't a metroid game but then I thought, "Wait, I've yet to finish metroid Prime 2 & 3, and I haven't bought super metroid yet..... there's also other titles to enjoy on the WiiU like sonic lost world and Watch_Dogs.......and that DKC Tropical Freeze trailer looks nice...not to mention after the other M debacle...we may have to give the series a bit of a break......" and after that I think about dinner.

And also it's been a long time since I've last played a DKC game.



NintyMan said:

I'm still pretty impressed with that minecart level facing forward. That's going to look really cool in person. The trailer music also sounds nice and cheery!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Yeah, honestly I want a different developer to do Metroid this time around. Once Tropical Freeze is complete I'd like to see something else from Retro that's neither DK nor Metroid.



Emaan said:

Yeah let me just watch a new trailer to a game that could have been a Christmas idea for this year. Thanks Ninty



ddbangsy said:

I'm really looking forward to this game, it looks excellent. Donkey Kong Country Returns was a welcome return for the big ape and this Tropical Freeze should only improve on a great platforming formula. Bring it on.......... In February!



Henmii said:

Cool how Dixie uses her ponytail to punch down platforms instead of her hands! Also, it's cool to see that the rocket-barrel levels are back!



ReigningSemtex said:

Can't wait for this DKCR was a brilliant platformer I have high hopes for this kinda wish they would bring back kremlins but oh well



CapnKael said:

Looks great! I'm not too bothered about the delay. Nowadays I'm quite patient when it comes to games. I'd rather wait a little longer and have the final product be awesome.



Jukilum said:

I wonder if the reason for the delay is that Mario 3D World was falling behind and they needed some extra manpower and brought in Retro to help.



Gameday said:

Beautiful Disaster Lol
Beautiful game but disaster on the push back ~
Man those level designs awesome and those rending effects in the water.
Donkey Kong with that red tie glowing , "I be on my suit and tie shhh tie shhh" Let me show you ah few thangs ;p

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