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Tue 24th Sep 2013

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ninjafox commented on Custom Range Blaster And Custom E-litre 3K Sco...:

It really impresses me how over 4 months from release we are still getting new content for Splatoon that is completely free. Any other developer would have started charging weeks ago for new courses, weapons etc but not Nintendo!



ninjafox commented on Weirdness: Lorry Thieves Make Off With Splatoo...:

@crimsontadpoles I have done the sme as well. Am keeping my boy &I girl amiibo with GAME and ordered Splatoon with the squid amiibo on Amazon.

Luckily I signed up to Amazon prime a few months ago so am still able to get the game delivered on launch day and the amiibo will arrive a few days after that. Maybe on Saturday if game still send them 1st class.

It's nice to see game trying there best to help customers affected by this by offering a discount. Got to hand it to them they are making the best of a bad situation that was completely out of there control. As other people have said I hope the driver wasn't hurt.



ninjafox commented on Weirdness: Lorry Thieves Make Off With Splatoo...:

I can't believe this has happened, just seen an email from GAME informing me that thieves have stolen my copy of the Splatoon Special edition.
I hope thieves didn't target the lorry knowing what was been transported hoping to make money off the Amiibo.

@DoctorOverbuild Thanks for the tip will get in contact with GAME and keep my Amiibo and order the special edition elsewhere



ninjafox commented on Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter Campaign Smashes Its ...:

Have never given to a kickstarter before but had to give to playtonic considering their heritage and the fact this game is basically banjo-three with a different main duo.

I went for the 64 bit edition, can't believe we are nearly at the £1,000,000 mark in less than 24 hours. I think playtonic should start thinking of more stretch goals!



ninjafox commented on First Screens From Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Su...:

I have never backed a kickstarter project before as there is so many it seems like a huge gamble to see if the goal is reached and the game could turn out to be rubbish but hearing the passion from Playtonic gives me a lot of hope. Plus Banjo-kazooie and some of rare's earlier work are some of my favourite games of all time I will certainly be pledging a bit of money towards this.



ninjafox commented on UK Retailer GAME Is Selling Captain Toad: Trea...:

I had only placed my order with the Nintendo UK online store last weekend and had not ordered with them before but looks like I will be cancelling it now.

To me this always seemed like the perfect Christmas game and I can see myself playing it on Christmas day so will have to either get it Christmas Eve or see if I can ask for it for Christmas instead.
Captain Toad has been a game I have been really looking forward to so if I can get it earlier I certainly will!



ninjafox commented on Fresh Details Swing Into View for Donkey Kong ...:

So far we have seen around 8 stages and a boss fight. I hope there is still plenty more to discover in the finished game. I am interested to know how each island is layed out and how you get between each one, perhaps Funky's flights will return?
As other people have said hopefully there will be some animal buddies, perhaps Enguarde will return for the underwater stages?

How many levels do people think there will be in the game?



ninjafox commented on Video: Dixie Kong Struts Her Stuff in This New...:

Really pleased to finally see a new DKCTF trailer but why we could not of seen this last week when everyone who was really looking forward to playing the game in 2013 was told it would not be released until early 2014 I don't know.
Seeing Dixie Kong in levels where it was previously just Donkey and Diddy makes me think you can select between the two characters. Like a few other people have put it would be fantastic if there was a stage where it was just Diddy and Dixie.

Whilst the trailer shows that the rocket barrels will be returning does anyone else think the part where they are zooming along the vines indicates a new type of stage? Perhaps the whole of that level is like that?

Anyway this trailer has got me more hyped about the game, the only thing that would make it better would be if Nintendo announced a special edition which came with a figure of Donkey Kong and a DKC series soundtrack!