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Reaction: Nintendo Reminds Us of the Wii's Glory Days With Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Inexpensive upgrade options are vital for attracting the Wii generation

This week Nintendo didn't so much surprise us with a Nintendo Direct, but left it outside the door unannounced and ran away giggling. Again apparently relying on the rapid influence of word of mouth, or perhaps acknowledging that much of the target audience aren't Nintendo Direct regulars, the company took the chance to initially lift the lid on its Wii Fit U promotion and Wii Sports Club, an online HD version of the iconic Wii title. Both are arriving in early November, and I'd be stunned if they're not at the core of some heavy marketing in October, particularly.

I think that Wednesday’s Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U announcements have the potential to be rather important for the Wii U’s Holiday sales performance. Both products will need to be given a strong marketing message and, in the case of Wii Sports Club, some form of presence in retail ads (online and in-stores). Despite Wii Sports Club being an eShop title, and the Wii Fit U free trial being the same, they could be pivotal in targeting the Wii ‘upgrade’ crowd.

We often talk about franchise power with Nintendo, in terms of the clout offered by Mario, The Legend of Zelda et al. That still applies, but we should be aware that Wii Sports, particularly the free bundled original, is ingrained in the minds of tens of millions of Wii owners that, potentially, may not have bought the system without what was — at the time — a revolutionary product. Motion mini-game collections are everywhere now, but when the Wii launched it was a defining experience for a new range of gamers and, also, to some of those used to d-pads, sticks and buttons for every activity. I suspect the vast majority of the Nintendo Life community have one or two Wii Sports 'moments' that they recall with fondness.

Sometimes when I speak about the Wii U to my parents — who do plan to buy one this Holiday — I find myself going off into relatively convoluted explanations of why it’s worth an investment; I often bang on about a variety of titles coming to the eShop, and how the GamePad can shake up gaming experiences. Wii Sports Club makes it easy, as they both remember well the fun that was had with bowling, golf and tennis in particular, where everyone in the family was on an equal footing. When I said “Nintendo’s doing Wii Sports in HD, and we’ll probably be able to play each other online”, that was it — especially with the option to just buy the sports they enjoy and not a full retail package. The brand was familiar, the idea was appealing, and the purchase became that much more desirable.

Likewise with Wii Fit U, but this time with my mother. Keen on the original — not least because of its balance exercises recommended by her doctor, no less — when I explained all about the Wii Fit Meter, the free download and permanent copy once the meter’s purchased for, ultimately, a thoroughly reasonable price, it was another no-brainer. The Balance Board and legacy of the Wii were there again, making the upgrade all the more worthwhile.

Some will say Nintendo can’t strike lightning — at least not with the same power — twice with these products and, actually, I half agree. I’ve said repeatedly that I don’t think the Wii U will hit 100 million sales (like the Wii) during its lifespan. That’s obvious, I believe, but I’ve also argued that if Nintendo scraps to 30-40 million sales it’ll take that as a qualified success, as it can come again with more hardware ideas as it has in the past.

That’s why the pricing and incentives behind these games make sense. We’ve got lots of games coming, but Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U are potentially inexpensive extras for new adopters ready to put their Wii controllers and peripherals to use once again. I suspect everyone has one or two Wii Sports games they can live without, so just buy the ones you actually enjoy. As for Wii Fit U, that’s a great deal for veterans of the Wii titles.

Of course, some acknowledgement is needed for the elephant in the room — neither of these titles define the Wii U and its GamePad as new experiences. Wii Fit U may have some GamePad usage, but Wii Sports Club will be all about the Remotes and improved controls with MotionPlus; beyond quickly using the touch screen for Miiverse posts, it's unlikely the new controller will be particularly important in that release. Some will say "look, the GamePad's a gimmick that's being abandoned", to which I'll say "don't be silly". Not every Wii game used the pointer, not every Wii game used motion controls. Frankly, whatever tempts people to upgrade to the Wii U works for me, whether it's a relatively quick and dirty upgrade of a Wii game or not.

What Wii Sports Club shows, in addition, is that a good old naming convention of Wii HD or Wii 2 may have been better suited to the market. I say this not to raise a point that can't be changed, but to highlight that despite the name choice of Wii U, Nintendo shouldn't be afraid to simply dish up more of what made the Wii a smash hit. The GamePad is important — and I still maintain is a controller full of potential — but keeping it simple and satisfying Wii fans is also vital. Providing exciting new versions of Wii-style experiences isn't the worst idea, with upcoming titles like Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and, particularly, Mario Kart 8 examples that contribute to that recent nostalgia. When we went hands on with Mario Kart 8 the functionality of the GamePad was very modest, but it was exciting and fantastic to play because of its terrific track design and visuals on an entirely new level from its Wii predecessor. Anyone who loved the last-gen kart racer has good odds of looking at it and being excited simply due to it being a spruced-up and enhanced version of an experience they loved on Wii.

There will be games that make excellent use of the GamePad, and apps such as Art Academy: SketchPad and even Miiverse itself that are only so intuitive and enjoyable because of the controller. But obsession over selling that concept shouldn't override the basic need to cater for the crowd that made Nintendo's last system the top-seller of its era. Nintendo can't survive with dedicated fans alone, nor with less experienced gamers alone, and these moves with Wii Sports Club and Wii Fit U perhaps show that it understands that fact; titles like Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World can shoot for the sweet spot that pleases almost everyone. The Wii U is lining up all of the weapons needed to begin a major fightback, so Nintendo just needs to tell the world all about them.

The Wii's ‘casual’, ‘newcomer’ or whatever you want to call the Wii Sports audience is smaller than it was before, but it’ll still exist to some degree. These budget opportunities to move up with Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club are clever little temptations, and some may bite. Unfortunately not everyone will find out about these from a son that writes for a Nintendo site, so that’s up to the big N to get the message out there in the most simplistic, clear way possible. The Wii U is just like the Wii in some respects, but with so much more to offer besides.

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Flash-Jordan said:

an interesting article,i was actually excited to discover these myself despite being a so called"hardcore" gamer . The online club component sounds really fun.



Flash-Jordan said:

and i like getting more use out of my wii peripherals as i feel like im getting value for my money



IceClimbers said:

The free-to-play model is often one that is looked down upon, but the modified version of the model that Nintendo is using for Wii Sports Club actually makes sense. A lot of people only played one or two sports out of the 5 available - bowling being the most popular - so this allows them to buy the games that they want. The Day Pass allows for people to just get a 24 hr rental of the 5 sports for when they are showing it off to friends or playing at a party.

Also, the online club feature sounds pretty cool.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Yup! Ninty should have a very good spot this holiday!
I've a lot of ideas for the GamePad in my head now, so I agree, to an extent that the GamePad is a controller with the most potential. I'm excited now.



Gioku said:

Neither of those games will ever interest me in the least - but Mario Kart 8...



Haywired said:

We'll have to wait and see, but the DS to 3DS equivalent of these casual/expanded audience mega-hits (Nintendogs and Brain Training) both failed to match their predecessors' success quite spectacularly. With neither next-gen sequel having anywhere near the same sales/impact.



AG_Systems said:

Overjoyed with Wii Sports Club announcement. Can't wait for the golf! I just hope some new courses are included, either at the start or as dlc later on. This would extend its longevity no end.

Nintendo will have to advertise Wii Sports Club a lot though with it being an eshop title. How they get the news across to the masses will be vitally important this Xmas and beyond.



Gen0neD said:

Bowling, Tennis and Boxing for sure. (re-tool the Golf to make it, ya know... fun and I'm in ) and bring Archery over too while you're at it please.



cornishlee said:

I'm pretty excited about these announcements. I just wish they'd also consolidated the workout stats from Wii Sports into Wii Fit U. It always struck me as odd that they didn't do that - and even more so now.



shingi_70 said:


While that is true I think the models Nintendo is taking with Wii Fit U and Wii Sports club are dfferent enough to succed. It lends to being an evergreen seller and Wii Sports U will probably see population boosts once a new sport is added.



CricketGoat said:

Personally, I adore the GamePad, I think it's fantastic and don't really feel like it's been under-utilized as much as other people do. And the off-tv play is a feature I didn't even realized I wanted or needed until it was available. Along those lines I also love that Nintendo is still, not only allowing, but integrating the Wii Remotes. Pikmin 3 reminded me how legit the Wii Remote is as a control scheme. When used right, I find the motion aspect is so intuitive and enjoyable. But beyond that, I loved using it for a game like Xenoblade that didn't use any motion elements. The I find the remote-in-one-hand-nunchuck-in-the-other approach really comfortable.

The point is I wish we could all stop thinking that "Motion controls are 'last gen' and Nintendo using them means they have no idea what they are doing with the WiiU". I remember hearing comments when Pikmin 3 came out along those lines and it just doesn't resonate with me.

I mean, no one complains about the fact that PS and Xbox have basically used the same controller, with adjustments and tweaks, for several consoles now. No one says, "another dual shock?! I feel like I'm playing as PS2..."

Nintendo has given developers a palette of great control options so that whatever the needs of the game there is a control scheme for it. Making a game where motion controls would be great, Wii Remotes are awesome! Want to use touch screen for better inventory/map/asynchronous/something else we haven't seen yet? The GamePad's dope for that! Wanna do something classic? Pro Controller. Bam!

How does this ramble tie into the announcement? I just don't feel like the fact that Wii Sporta Club features games that will primarily focus on motion controls means that it doesn't belong on the Wii U. The Wii U is not about a specific control scheme/gimmick. It is about the continued exploration of new/different/fun gaming experiences built on the continued legacy of everything, hardware and software, that has come before.

I think having Wii Fit and Wii Sports in HD with online play/interaction (Miiverse!), is a welcome addition on a platform that has, in all honesty, kept me busier as a gamer than I've been in a long time. And the pricing/release structure is brilliant. Well played, Ninty.

Whew! Okay, I'm done now. Peace y'all!



rjejr said:

I agree 98%. The 2% goes to Miiverse being "intuitive" as it took me awhile to get used to it, and I'm still not sure I'm doing it right. I dont see my parents spending time on Miiverse but I do see them playing bowling (my dad) and tennis (my mom) online. The DL nature of "Club" will be a hard sell but I think it can be shown in tv spots well enough.

I had dinner w/ my parents Tuesday and they didn't know the Wii U existed, and they still play Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort and use their Wii for Netflix. More advertising. Much more. I still don't think it's the name, just the complete lack of advertising and games. So Fit U and Sports Club give them half of that.

While Wii Fit U may be a free DL for awhile having the balance boards back on display in stores again will help people remember they have the board collecting dust at home. Seeing the $20 Fit Meter may get people to purchase it new. Don't recall the price on the game disc/ Fit Meter package but I think it will sell well at $39.99. And hate to be a broken record, but it needs advertisement, in tv and the Sunday flyers. The Sunday paper is a big deal in the US. The commercials should run during Ellen, everybody loves Ellen. Ellen playing Sports Club online w/ those 2 little girls in England would be the best marketing money they could ever spend.



DualWielding said:

those titles were fads that came and went, like all fads they'll probably come back at some point, but its too soon for that



LavaTwilight said:

Well I'm definitely buying both. Well to be honest, I won't buy all the Wii Sports. I'll get tennis, bowling and golf. Maybe baseball if they've made it better. I like that you can now pick and choose which of those games to purchase.
I think Nintendo should do a WiiSports packaged with the WiiU, to help the upgraders. So it's bundled, for example, with NintendoLand and a download code for the full WiiSports Club experience.
On another note, if it's successful, I believe Nintendo will be adding to the roster of games available, maybe seeing those from WiiSports Resort made purchasable or entirely new ones altogether!
I can't wait



AG_Systems said:

Here's hoping golf comes out just before Xmas. Probably my most anticipated game ever! Then I'll be looking forward to MK8 at Easter. Starting to wonder if I need any of the new machines arriving in November...



marck13 said:

Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft..
Who is consistently pushing towards new innovations, new gameplay, new ways to have fun playing - is it alone, with family or with friends - and isn´t scared of taking risks to do so?
Personally I can only trust my money with a good concious to one of these companies. Nintendo.



LAA said:

Ha ha glory days? Wasnt Wii Sports the "earliest days"?
Kinda sad if the best of Wii was the very first game it offered pretty much, ha ha.
Still have to say I "may" be looking forward to this. Espicially with online play, just a shame they picked this to have online play when the likes of NSMB/Pikmin 3 and etc. didnt.



HAL9000 said:

I love that Wii U uses the wii remotes from last generation. It is such a great savings compared to PS4/Xboxone (having to spend 180 on 3 new controllers - how greedy!)



Zael said:

wii sports club is a good move, without doubt
I only say that a wii sports 3 would have been also better, but no one knows if they will add new sports to the core game after some time (expecially ping pong)
About the marketing yes, probably they are waiting mario 3d world and donkey (and wii sports) to begin a campaign, Better make a campaign when you have more games than before the come out
And in the same period ps4 and x1 will be launched, so I hope nintendo will begin a better marketing



AG_Systems said:

Hopefully Nintendo can still use Wuhu Island and give us Wii Motor Sports in addition to Club. Would love to go off road racing around the island, or jet ski over the crest of the waves out in the surf.

Wii Sports still has huge potential for expansion and will hopefully continue to entertain us in the future.



Mahe said:

Well thought out article. Remains to be seen what the Wii Sports audience (me included) thinks of the pricing scheme of Wii Sports Club, but Wii Fit U seems to really be bringing out the value. Hopefully Wii Sports Club is just a prelude to a new fully-fledged Wii Sports title for Wii U in the future.



JaxonH said:

I visited Nintendo's website the other day and they had Wii Fit U pricing for 3 different SKUs as follows:

Fit Meter - $19.99
Wii Fit U + Fit Meter - $49.99
Wii Balance Board + Wii Fit U + Fit Meter - $89.99



JaxonH said:

I'm a hardcore gamer to the very last bone in my body, BUT, I also enjoy non-traditional games (if done right) like Wii Sports. Never got into Wii Fit, but I think this new one is for me. I'd love to carry my Fit Meter to work every day, then sync it up on the weekends to graph the data on Wii U, and see the energy I burned. Maybe this will be a great way to get a little stretching or yoga in too (gamers like me don't have time for stretching or yoga, seeing as I'm always playing games in my free time).

Wii Sports Club. I'll say this- it's never too late for a great game, simple as that. And Wii Sports was one of the funnest pick up and play games of all time. You can bet I'll be spending quite a bit of time competing online in the Wisconsin Club. Believe that!



gloom said:

Every time that it's mentioned that the Wii U should have been called the Wii 2 due to confusion, I just get really angry. The name is quite clever actually. It's called the Wii as in "WE" will all be playing. Now, the U is for "YOU" will now be using the gamepad for more personalized game play. "WE" and now "YOU" or "Wii U." It's so simple and clever. But apparently the general population is just too dumb to "get" it...



JuleyJules said:

Love the idea rjejr had to get Ellen playing Wii Sports Club online with Sophia Grace & Rosie when they're home in England. Imagine the views that would get on youtube! Advertising is key to get word out on these upcoming games as well as Wii Party U.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@gloom I don't think its the name... I feel the issue is the logo. The U in the logo is very easy to overlook. We see it because we know its there, but for those who do not know the Wii U exists, its hard to notice. I think they should redesign their logo so the U is more prominent. Furthermore in the commercials with the "Only for Wii U" stamp, someone needs to actually say it aloud. And the emphasis should be wii U not WII u.



rjejr said:

@JaxonH -

Fit Meter - $19.99
Wii Fit U + Fit Meter - $49.99
Wii Balance Board + Wii Fit U + Fit Meter - $89.99

Do you think that's odd, the balance board for effectively $40? I thought $39.99 for game and Fit meter and $99.99 for board, game and Fit Meter. Unless maybe Nintendo thinks like I do and mostly people buying this are people who already own a balance board, so make that relatively cheap and make money off the $50 bundle?

Good to see the Fit Meter on sale on Nov 1st. My wife's birthday is Nov 26, guess I know what she's getting. I was afraid the 30 days would expire before we got one.

Feeling good about not having the Basic - sick of reading those warnings everywhere. Wish Nintendo would give the size already, they must still be converting it from "blocks" to MB. I'ld buy the disc but $30 vs free is kind of a no-brainer for me. Wonder how big Club will be, I've got 14GB left.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Since I'm always on about bundles, I think a Wii Fit U bundle would be stellar for folks that haven't bought in yet, especially if they offer a discount. (Wii U + Wii Fit U + balance board + fit meter for $340-350?)

They could also totally do a Wii Sports Club bundle with a free Wii Remote Plus.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Shadowkiller97 I always felt the same way. I thought the "U" could stand to be a little larger. I think That could've been easily fixed by placing "wii" on top of a larger "U".



rjejr said:

@JuleyJules - "Sophia Grace & Rosie"

Yeah that's them. I don't actually watch Ellen, just whatever clips Hulu says I should - but I think that would be about the best advertising Nintendo could get for the Wii U and games like these now that Oprah is off the air. Nintendo Directs aren't going to cut it for the casuals.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:


I always loved the golf just the way it was. I especially liked the Wii sports resort upgrade from the original. It can be pretty difficult in the beginning, but if you're patient, you can regularly finish under par. I encourage you to give it another chance.



sinalefa said:


I think that was what they charged for the original Wii Fit. And that would work great for people like me who does not own a Board. I see it like $70 for the board, $20 for the Meter and the game is free. Anyway, those boards innards must be cheaper to make nowadays

And regarding Sports Club, it makes a lot of sense. A free trial for all 5 games, and then you decide which ones you like, or pick one each month or so. That does not hit your wallet and always gives you something to play in the future. I am excited for Tennis because it will use WM+ now. I also love Bowling and Golf but I know how those play as per Resort. Although they were not HD or online.



JaxonH said:

@rjejr Yeah I like the pricing, very nice actually. I want the physical copy because I'm a collector, so I'm willing to shell out for it, although I'll probably download the game free that way I can access the game at any time without putting a disc in.

Yeah that Balance Board Bundle is a great deal- it's only an extra $40 brand new in the box. I think Nintendo realizes that the balance board could be an expensive barrier to entry, and in order to make this appealing, it can't cost too much. I see USED balance boards selling for more than $40 nowadays on Craigslist, so that $89.99 bundle truly is a steal of a deal.

PS rjejr: I've still got like 20gb left, and I have two full pages of downloaded VC games. But sounds like you're already down to half your HDD space. I found an inconspicuous 32gb USB drive on Amazon for around $20, and it's no bigger than a thumbnail. Perhaps a good option for you if you want to increase your Wii U space without having a hard drive or long thumb drive sticking out the USB port? Here's the link:

SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 32gb USB Drive



scottsensei said:

Love the Ellen idea for advertising. While they are at it, we have Hulu Plus on the Wii U. Advertise on there! I see commercials for competitor console and 3rd Party stuff all the time, pay for some ad spots there!



tripunktoj said:

@ThomasBW84 Has there been more information about the colors available for balance boards and fit meters (so that it matches my WiiU) or about a physical version of Wii Sports Club, at 19:10 of the last Nintendo Direct video it reads "downloadable version" but its the only lead/hope I've for retail release.



wombatkidd said:

"What Wii Sports Club shows, in addition, is that a good old naming convention of Wii HD or Wii 2 may have been better suited to the market."

Yes, people thinking the Wii U is just a Wii in HD would totally have been avoided if they had called it the Wii HD. -facealm-



ThomasBW84 said:

@wombatkidd I think you meant facepalm, not facealm...

A number of factors have led to lots of people not really knowing the Wii U is a new system. Wii HD, fair enough, may not have been a big improvement in name, Wii2 or something else certainly would have.

That was actually one line to merely set up a more important point, but if you want to zero in on that then that's your right, even if it isn't exactly constructive.



NintyMan said:

I agree with the article. Like it or not, Nintendo needs these "casual" folks for Wii U to be a success. I would agree that Nintendo likely won't catch lightening in a bottle again, but that doesn't mean that Wii U can't be a success, it just won't be the sales phenomenon that Wii was. Wii U can still do pretty well on its own.

What Nintendo should do is market Wii U more. Nintendo Directs are fantastic ways of starting news and getting the news "directly" to Nintendo fans, but for the people who are big into Wii Sports and Wii Fit, they would be less likely to hear about this news. Commercials, advertisements, and clever social network marketing would help.

The GamePad is a great controller and I wish that these same people that Nintendo should target have a chance to experience it more fully. It shouldn't be only for the "hardcore" folks.



daveh30 said:

I wasn't planning to but Wii Fit U, but now that I've seen the functionality of the new peripheral, and the free download model they're using, I think I'll be dusting off the old balance board....
Wii Sports Club, I wouldn't have paid $50 for a full retail release, but $10 for bowling? I'm all over that.



luckybreak said:

Someone said that in Mario Kart, they should make it so the person using the gamepad can modify parts of the track or change the layout by using the stylus to draw their own level of sorts, because noobs get beat by people who are really familiar with the track design. I thought it was really interested, and wish they would add that.

I am disappointed I have not heard any innovate use of the gamepad for both mario kart or smash bros, the 2 biggest games i can think of for the wii u. Also, the "anti-gravity" aspect of mario kart is nullified by the camera following your direction. The racing mechanic is the same, its just a different looking background, I thought they would actually make you drive upside down.

If nintendo itself can't think of a use for the second screen then what was the point in the first place of having it?



luckybreak said:


How is that usb drive working? Thanks for the tip! Although I thought nintendo said usb drives/flash drives should not be used for some reason?



JaxonH said:

@luckybreak They said they couldn't recommend it because flash drives have limited write cycles. But hard drives fail after a few years so it's really a toss up as to which would last longer. I think they were just covering their bases with that statement. If it wasn't a viable option they wouldn't have supported it on the system. I've personally never had a USB drive reach its write cycle limit, and the one on my keychain has been used over 7 years...



JaxonH said:

@luckybreak They said they couldn't recommend it because flash drives have limited write cycles. But hard drives fail after a few years so it's really a toss up as to which would last longer. I think they were just covering their bases with that statement. If it wasn't a viable option they wouldn't have supported it on the system. I've personally never had a USB drive reach its write cycle limit, and the one on my keychain has been used over 7 years...



Metal_Slugger said:

Now they need DLC for Nintendoland and make it online. They would not know what to do with the cash they would have.



belmont said:

Casual players moved on to tablets. Nintendo should focus on more core gaming experiences.

Personally I never liked Wii Sports and Wii Fit seemed meh to me. Wii has way better games.



uhhhhhhhh said:

this model will fit well with free download code incentives too. 'free wii bowling download code with purchase!' will be going on next year.



uhhhhhhhh said:

@rjejr "The commercials should run during Ellen, everybody loves Ellen. Ellen playing Sports Club online w/ those 2 little girls in England would be the best marketing money they could ever spend." YES - GET THIS PERSON A MARKETING POSITION for NINTENDO



rjejr said:

@Shadowkiller97 - I never thought about this before but you are absolutely right, the U is way too small, it needs to represent that its an improvement, not an addon asterisk. Maybe its too late to change name but making the u bigger cant hurt.



willobee said:

@JaxonH Yeah but depending on how often some games like to autosave, the USB drive could reach its limit relatively quick.



NMH-TRI said:

I'm pretty excited for the Wii Sports Club. I'm also one of those so called "hardcore" gamers. Nintendo just does certain things that can appeal to all ages and skill levels. I'm ready to tear it up on Golf and Tennis. I may pick up bowling too. I'll just have to see how the online experience is presented with the others.



StarDust4Ever said:

Wii sports / Fit is all about Nintendo going back to Nintendo's "Glory Days" - Really?

Granted Wii was hugely popular, but for the wrong reasons. When I think of the big N's "glory days", I think of the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, etc... Games were fun and inventive with intelligent design, and earlier 3D games featured free exploration, not just floating obstacle courses like some of the newer 3D Marios.



banacheck said:


A number of factors have led to lots of people not really knowing the Wii U is a new system

A casual going into a shop and seeing a Wii U on display playing this who might own a Wii, is not going to think thats the same game i've already got but with online & in HD is it worth the $299.99 when i've already got it, & are other game going to look the same as the Wii version but with HD. Some people do research into what thay are buying some people don't. And it was only the other day i seen a review of Kingdom of Hearts 1.5 HD. Thay are not actually a gaming website, but thay down marked Kingdom of Heart HD. Thinking it was a NEW game comparing it to the like of games just releasing now, actually i'm going to link the article because it is that stupid it is truly unbelievable. Of course some people went nuts, and you can see at the end of the article she was trying to copy some of the comments with facts.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix is full of beautifully animated worlds and nostalgic throwbacks to classic Disney movies. Unfortunately, the revamp of the original title brings virtually nothing new or fresh to this aging series.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is the latest in the popular Japanese role playing game series from Square Enix that mashes up characters from the Final Fantasy and Disney universes, and it demonstrates the studio’s understanding of their core demographic, sticking to past attributes that consistently work.

Like previous games, players primarily control Sora, the main spiky haired protagonist of the series, and venture off to locate their party of missing misfit members Riku and Kairi.

As a Kingdom Hearts fan, I was more than disappointed to run through the various games I was provided with, only to find out one wasn’t even playable, and the other two were just better looking versions of games I had played in the past.

It goes on, now here a comment from a reader.

You do realize that the reason this game has "content they've been sitting on for years" and it feels like game you "had played countless times in the past" is because this is just a re-release of the original game in HD...

If you read the link she does go on to say how the game is not worth the asking price, because it is an old game she's already played. Not everyone is this stupid but after reading this the other day, i do believe some casuals are.

Do you think the Wii U will not have the same problem? Just hope Nintendo has the common sense to actually advertise new games to casuals.



withoutdk said:

i have never tried the fit stuff... but as long as others do and suppport... then i can get my high quality 3rd party games that follow



MJKOP said:

@belmont Wii does have way better games, I bought de Blob, Boy & His Blob, No More Heroes, Galaxy 1&2, RE4:Wii Edition, Zack & Wiki, but I also loved Wii Sports, and couldn't wait to get Wii Fit, & played both for a long time. Just that little bit of Nintendo magic, whether it's a so-called hardcore or casual title



MadAdam81 said:

My first thoughts was "Yay, I can save my money by not buying boxing or golf!", and I didn't have to think about buying the rest, an automatic day one purchase.



belmont said:

@MJKOP Yeah Wii had a lot of great games. If you are a fan of j-rpg or fps or sports games PS3 has better games and still has great support but even thought Wii's lifespan was short and it felt outdated I did not regret buying it even if I played much less titles like the ones I have on my other current supported system (PS3).

All Resident Evil installments were great. I played Umbrella Chronicles a lot of hours (the HD version is even better!). Other personal favorites are Final Fantasy Fables, Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Dawn of the New World, Project Zero 2. Fragile Dreams. If I had to choose one game that would be Another Code R. Too bad these games stopped being made. Also VC has almost everything (even though is overpriced).

However I still think Wii Sports as a not so interesting game showing off a not so useful gimmick and that the casual market will not pay ~300 euros to play the same game again. Most of them have the Wii in the closet for years and may have already forgot about it.



ThomasBW84 said:

@StarDust I actually said the Wii's glory days, not Nintendo's

In terms of doing something different that captured the imagination of the public, absolutely. The sheer number of "me-too" motion minigames and fitness games that have followed show that Nintendo struck gold with those two releases. As I said, I don't think lightning with strike again with the same force, and some of the audience that loved Wii is gone, but there may be enough of an audience for these to help a Wii U recovery.



Quickman said:

Personally I love the Golf (even though I don't like real golf), but "online bowling" will sell, no doubt.



DESS-M-8 said:

I all day one but tennis, then bowling.

Releasing wii games for download in the eshop is a definite plus. They should continue on with mario galaxy and most definitely skyward sword. I've still no played it and would love it on my wii u incorporatin te option for off tv play,



LztheQuack said:

It's a matter of marketing next month. Demos across the US (and Europe) may help with sales.



StarDust4Ever said:

Either way, Nintendo needs to do some serious marketing ASAP. ASAP as in ten months ago. Nintendo marketed the heck out of Wii and they flew off the shelves like hotcakes. Wii-U had a lackluster launch, die hard fanboys like me bought one, and then the market stagnated with no advertising, and rumors of upcoming games with rolling release dates. Nintendo Direct is all well and good, but it's audience is primarily tech savvy die hard fans who are almost guaranteed to buy everything that comes out. Nintendo needs to focus on reaching people who don't already own a Wii-U. Traditional media is a proven method to reach the masses.



Mahe said:

@StarDust Word of mouth is also a great way to reach new customers. If your existing customers are satisfied with your product, they will recommend it to their friends and family. It remains to be seen if customers will be more satisfied with the Wii U after the autumn and early winter's games like Wii Party U, Donkey Kong Country TF and Wii Fit U. Having Wii Sports Club in there won't hurt either, but will customers be satisfied with the pricing scheme?



Mahe said:

@ThomasBW84 Yeah, but the Wii was Nintendo's new glory days!

Wii was Nintendo's best home console since the SNES. Tons of great new games and also the fantastic service of the Virtual Console - could have been better, but as the Wii U shows, the Wii is still miles ahead in that regard as well



ThomasBW84 said:

@wombatkidd Fair enough, my apologies. I'm sure you can appreciate that 'facepalm' is a frustrating reaction to get, so I reacted to that. I personally think it's rude, and in this case I failed to simply ignore it.



GamerJunkie said:

@originaljohn Uh those are games to play against your grandma or your little brother, family games... not even close to a real sports game.

Nintendo is just showing they are only interested in keeping children and family as their core audience and pushing away actual gamers.



alLabouTandroiD said:

While i hope it works to get the Wii U on track it would be a shame if they go all Wii with the casual games again.
Personally the Wii Sports Club games are too expensive for me. If i had someone i could play them with on a regular basis the price would be okay.
Miiverse should be nice when taking turns but if these games don't include voice chat that'd be a huge "letdown".
And the other question would be where these upgraded ports leave the Wii Sports franchise. When people realize they just got the same game slightly repackaged they might not be interested in future releases. Which would be a bit of a shame since just by constantly providing people with more challenges to better their score online would be cool.
So, for short term profit it should be good, but in the long run it might even hurt 'em a bit.
Now the way for a "best of F-Zero tracks" just with added online is free. I think that would be a good enough comeback for the series.



rjejr said:

@uhhhhhhhh @rjejr "The commercials should run during Ellen, everybody loves Ellen. Ellen playing Sports Club online w/ those 2 little girls in England would be the best marketing money they could ever spend." YES - GET THIS PERSON A MARKETING POSITION for NINTENDO

Ellen just gave away Wii U to her entire audience. I'm still unemployed though.

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