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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Confirmed for 4th October in North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Same day as in Europe

Earlier this month Nintendo of Europe took the opportunity to confirm 4th October as the release date for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, though Nintendo of America stuck with its October window.

Today it seems that the release date for North America was revealed, buried within a press release for the Zelda art competition announced last week or, to be specific, for the related Zelda Symphony concert in Seattle. The press release rather casually states that the game will hit the region on 4th October, the same as the European release date.

We can't say we saw that earlier — we've double checked and, yep, it's there — as we thought the release date may have had more of a song and dance for the announcement. But still, 4th October isn't far away, how many of you plan to dive in?

Thanks to Ryan Millar for the tip.


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bezerker99 said:

I mentioned this earlier in the Wind Waker HD forum. And yes, I'm getting the game...already got $20 paid on it.



GuSolarFlare said:

Wii want U since the Wind blew and I called my clock a Waker(it's an alarm colck ) trying to fix my computer's HD



sinalefa said:

Finally. The intend to purchase Survey on Club Nintendo is already up, usually they put them like a month before release.



thesilverbrick said:

@zionich I'm debating it, too. I just played through the GameCube version a few months ago and I can't say I'm dying to revisit it again so soon. That said, the Wii U's library is sad and empty without it. It all depends on how long it takes me to finish Wonderful 101 and if I'm bored enough while waiting for Donkey Kong...



bezerker99 said:

I'm sure nobody ever would have guessed that the first HD Zelda game was going to be a remake. I mean, we all know it now but I'm talking about last year when the Wii U got released.



millarrp said:

I never did finish the origional version, so I plan on getting it. the trick will be trying to talk my girlfriend in letting me buy it rather then waiting until after Christmas



rjejr said:

5 weeks notice for a major title release? Better than nothing I guess. Bundle info shouldnt wait too long.

Pikmin 3 Aug 4
Rayman Sept 3
WW HD Oct 4

So DKCTF Nov 3?
And SM3DW Dec 8? (Dec 1 is Sun after BF so that wont happen, everybody is all shopped out)

Mario and Sonic Winter Olympics Jan 5? (1 month before it starts)



Quickman said:

Although most people on the internet are "all talk" a lot of people seem to want this game so Wind Waker might shift some units..

The first real "system seller" I suppose..



SkywardCrowbar said:

@sinalefa I was wondering if that had some significance to the North American release date... Filled it out yesterday!

@tchaten YES. I would love more Friday releases. Picking up a new game on pay day is the best feeling in the world.



Pachterkid said:

Looks like I'll have a reason to plug my Wii U back in. Pretty sad that that "system seller" is a port of a 10 year old game, but whatever.



Shadowkiller97 said:

@rjejr Good try but Rayman is Ubisoft's game. It would be better to sub in The Wonderful 101 since that is the Nintendo-Published game for September instead which is Sept 15, which unfortunately negates your theory for DK:TF and SM3DW.

Nonetheless, I hope your predictions are correct because the beginning of the month is way better than the end of the month



tchaten said:

@SkywardCrowbar Yea I get paid every Friday so that is rather nice - plus you then have the whole weekend ahead of you - instead of Sunday where going back to work is not nearly as fun ...



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

yes! every year since 1997 i have played a zelda game in its entirety during winter! this year i shall play my first HD zelda MONUMENTAL !



Rafie said:

Finally getting a game as of recent that has a release date the same as our EU folks. I have never played this game, so this is a must have for me. My favorite Zelda of all time is still Ocarina Of Time. I hope the Wii U's version of the new Zelda game will change my mind on that.



jrob23 said:

@Cohort having owned the ZombiU bundle and then selling. I for one am going to buy a WWHD bundle for sure



Quickman said:

@jrob23 I was going to get the ZOMBIU bundle but at that time the MHU 3 bundle was the same price and you could pick up ZOMBIU on it's own for £15.00, so it was a bit of a "no brainer" really..

I'd love to get the Zelda bundle but I'd have to buy all my eshop games again and I'm not doing another system transfer...



tchaten said:

@Cohort How do you do a Wii U System Transfer - to my knowledge that is not a feature yet ... please enlighten me!



ricklongo said:

Man. This is gonna be a long, long wait. Thankfully, I'm too enamored of my little pikmin to care right now.



TheAdrock said:

100% I'm getting this, but will likely have to hold out for Christmas morning because of the children.



tchaten said:

@theadrock13 k - have a buddy that got Wii U Basic because others were sold out and wants to upgrade, but has no way to do that - i.e. no system transfer.

Also: Folders!! ...



AyeHaley said:

I hope its $45. Charging 60 would be a bit too much.

lol yes @tchaten my Wii U menu is packed already and not many spaces left.
Don't they want me to buy more?



ultraraichu said:

Nice to know NA is getting the game the same time as EU. Thumbs up to the localization team.



element187 said:

@FLipSide5254 Nintendo would never release their biggest game of the year AFTER Christmas, come on.. it will be here EARLY December for all 3 regions. Bank on it.



element187 said:

"I think it's going to be $59... It's a really big release. Nintendo will want that money."

@SkywardCrowbar Windwaker is confirmed $50 usd in NA... in fact I thought Nintendolife already had an article.. maybe it was Wiiudaily.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Rafie You're in for a real treat! OOT was my favorite game and then one day I realized that this game here just rocks out the personality! Hope you love it!



BATRA said:

nintendo needs to get there game on how can they forget this for na



rjejr said:

@yojo - Nov really? That would make my kid happy. I thought they would release closer to the actual Olympics and leave Nov to DKCTF. I guess the month does have both a beginning and an end.



Captain_Gonru said:

@SkywardCrowbar Gamestop's website is still saying $59.99. Though they also don't have the date up yet, so who knows. I'm sure they'll refund you the difference, while encouraging you to preorder something else



rjejr said:

I forgot Sonic Lost Worlds Oct 22, so DKCTF might have to be Nov 10 if Nintendo wants to give Sega a shot at some sales.

I think the Wii U game drought needs to be relegated to the past tense, but I have no idea what the past tense of drought is. Come to think of it, I cant even decide if its a noun, verb or adjective.



URAmk2 said:

I'd love to get the Zelda bundle but I'd have to buy all my eshop games again and I'm not doing another system transfer...

system transfer? please explain.



Tasuki said:

Ok I have been wondering who the heck is Ryan Millar? I have seen on alot of articles you guys giving him thanks. Is he a writer for you guys or someone in the game industry that gives you tips? Just wondering.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Whats the fascination with October? Its like all the good games are raining down at once after the summer drought, and its only just beginning.

Even if I had a Wii U I wouldn't be able to get it, not with Pokemon X/Y and Rune Factory 4 coming out the same week. Waiting until the holiday anyway though, Black Fridays coming up after all.



Quickman said:

@URAmk2 Wii to Wii U transfer I assumed that Wii mode to wii mode on another Wii U would work? Maybe not.. Feel free to trawl through my entire post history if you have any other queries that you'd like to drag up, you obviously have a lot of time on your hands, I really won't reply next time though..but no doubt you will try..



LetsGoRetro said:

Hey guys, what is the release schedule for first quarter 2014? I know x, bayonetta, smtxfe, smash won't be ready. Mario/Sonic Olympics? Wii Fit U? Mario Kart? Are these supposed early 2014 releases?



triforcepower73 said:

Already had mine preordered for 4 weeks. Never played the original so this is going to be amazing!!! And a Friday! I don't have anything on Fridays so since I'm homeschooled I can pick this up early in the morning!! Win win win!!!



Rafie said:

@Spoony_Tech From the way you just hyped it and the MANY comments I've heard over the years about this game on the GC....I already paid for it. LOL I did it today so that I can dedicate some time to it before Batman hits later on that month.



Doobie said:

How could you pass this game up? Granted ill be very busy playing Rayman Legends, this game is a must buy for sure.



Edwin said:

Is there a link to the source that mentions this release date? I can't find it.



JaxonH said:

Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and Splinter Cell Blacklist man! All top-notch games, really top-notch. Oh, and I forgot about NSLU which just got physical release, and Rayman Legends next week. And same month as Windwaker HD we get Sonic Lost World, Assassin's Creed 4 and Batman Arkham Origins! There's no shortage of good games on the Wii U. Not anymore.



cheleuitte said:

I will buy the eShop version to have it day one and later order the fiscal disc to my collection!!



AdanVC said:

This is great! And it's incredible that it releases on friday, all big games from Nintendo launches on sundays here in America.



tripunktoj said:

Earlier today I noticed the date of its club.nintendo survey also suggested that day.



Marshi said:

I'l be getting wind waker hd as its one of my fave zelda's,but I am curious if the soundtrack has been remastered? I wasnt going to buy the ffx-x2 hd collection until I heard that the soundtracks are completely remastered! Ffx and wind waker have arguably 2 of the best soundtracks not just in video games but in entertainment



odd69 said:

Sure im buying a game with a new paint of coat, NOT. I still have my original copy and there is just to many games to just "rebuy" this "remake". Let me guess its going to be released at 60.00 full price too? Im sure the "new" features are worth buying alone but this game was already a classic before they were implemented. Ill be buying the new Zelda game, to all those lucky to get this will be so surprised on how fun this game really is



Senario said:

@odd69 Or you could not really care about what people buy..wind waker is a game not everybody has played. And even among those who have played it there are people who love the game and want to experience all the new features.

It is a remake not an HD upscale so saying it just has a new coat of paint is silly imo. They put a lot of work into this and can price it as such.



odd69 said:

@Senario as i said the "new features alone are probably worth buying" cause they fixed a few features i thought were going to better it and those who havent played it before will be surprised on "how fun the game really is"

i actually dont really care what people buy, i was just saying im not buying it at full price since i already own the wonderful original copy. the original already looked great so for me its just a new paint of coat (opinion) im not bashing the new features. If it goes down on sale whos to say i wont pick it up? go ahead and spend your money , and buy me a copy too since your such a big supporter

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