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More Than 1500 Cheaters Took Part in Pokémon's 2013 Global Showdown

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Those monsters

Earlier in the Summer The Pokémon Company hosted the 2013 Global Showdown, a WiFi tournament for Pokémon Black and White 2, which some undoubtedly used for practice ahead of other tournaments. It was open to 50,000 competitors, but it's now been revealed that 1,558 of those that took part were cheaters, utilising smartphone apps to create and edit their own powered up 'mon.

Here's the breakdown of the numbers of cheats in each age category, with older and more experienced gamers giving a bad example.

Junior Division: 68 players
Senior Division: 335 players
Master Division: 1,155 players.

These players won't be included in the tournament rankings and, as always, The Pokémon Company will be striving to catch more cheaters in future tournaments; contests such as this can certainly be fierce, though cheating is always without defence when playing with others in good faith.

If you took part in the 2013 Global Showdown, meanwhile, let us know how you got on below.


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Einherjar said:

1500 out of 50000 isnt that bad though. But ill probably never understand cheaters. If i partake in a competetive event, i want to win because i know what im doing and because im good at it, not because ive cheated. Whats there to gain if you win by cheating ?



Hyperstar96 said:

@Einherjar Fun? I'm not advocating cheating, but these tournaments seem to only be about who's sunk the most hours into having the best Pokemon as opposed to who actually has the most skill.



Grubdog said:

Doesn't get much lower than that. I'd imagine the younger people get more enjoyment out of the game, while the older cheaters would be more desperate to accomplish something in their lives and forget they're playing a game.



SnackBox said:

I'll admit I did have my Togekiss edited so it had Serene Grace instead of Hustle. Didn't help either way :/ so no real gain here.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Hmm. Raising and training a Pokémon takes so much time and effort and isn't even guaranteed to work out the way you need it to. The fact that Pokémon have randomised IVs from 0 to 31 in each stat... it means when you finally get a Pokémon with good IVs in the stats you need, then it could potentially have the wrong nature! or the wrong ability! It's maddening trying to get it perfect. And then you have to give it the correct EVs by fighting precisely the right opponenets... and then do it all over again five more times for the rest of your team! And what if it turns out your team strategy doesn't work out too well, or you're missing an important role? (I found out the hard way that my current team is sorely walled by steel/bug types, especially Scizor...). Welp, gotta do it all over again to add new Poké or a different moveset or whatever!
I can entirely understand why someone would just want to use a Pokémon editor. It's just too bad that the massive amount of time and effort one could potentially spend getting a perfect team could very well mean that someone who might otherwise plan to play legit could be caught off-guard by a tourney they were planning on entering. It's possible for the tourney to take place when you're not ready yet; your main strategy relying on a Poké you haven't yet managed to acquire. ... The motivation behind cheating is clear to me.
However, these tournaments are not the place to cheat. They made it difficult to get a perfect team on purpose, and so when you're playing in the official Pokémon tourneys, you have to play by their rules.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I'd like to know how many cheaters there were on MK Wii and whether a single one got punished.



Grubdog said:

There's no such thing as a perfect team though, every team is flawed and you should just be proud to fight with whatever Pokemon you can muster. There's a point where perfect Pokemon become predictable and it can hurt you when the opponent knows exactly how much damage he's going to do.



LordJumpMad said:

We all dream of making the perfect Pokémon, and some of us have succeed!
Pokémon were created by humans to obey humans. They could never be our equal!



AlexSora89 said:

You have just won several internets.

Personally, while having never participated in tournaments (ACTUAL tournaments, that is), I have to admit I do own some powered up pogeys. Which I use to get past my opponents in the Battle Subway and in the Pokémon World Tournament (the in-game one). With such an AI, that doesn't even count as cheating - I'm just cheating back.



TimLatshaw said:

@Einherjar That's still 3% of the population, though. If you knew 3% of milk in your store was bad, would you want to buy it from there?



LavaTwilight said:

I admit it, I was one of the cheaters but I was in the Junior division and I came last. What did I do wrong?



Einherjar said:

@Hyperstar96 But thats the whole "appeal" of these games. If that isnt the thing youre seeking, you probably wont compete in these tournaments. And pokemons battlesystem isnt the most strategic thing out there, so tournaments will always consist of number munching and not skill.
@TimLatshaw Im not sure if you can compare a videogame tournament with milk...



Anclation said:

EV training isn't that big of an issue nowadays, what with all the EV-enhancing items out there, but breeding for perfect IVs? It takes forever and also demands no skill, unless you count having no life as a skill. If some players decide to skip that step and just create optimal Pokemon (none of them impossibly powerful mind you, just at peak, legal strength) I'm not gonna label them cheaters.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I wonder though, how would the tournament staff be able to differentiate someone with an artificially-created 31 IV Pokémon from someone with a legitimate 31 IV Pokémon? I wouldn't want to spend a million years getting a perfect team together only to be incorrectly labeled as a scummy hax0r.



SheldonRandoms said:

"I want to be, the very best, like no one, ever was"

^ DON'T THOSE WORDS MEAN ANYTHING ANYMORE!?!?! (I guess they were trying to be the best cheaters)




There should be a cheater tournament, because not cheating takes too much effort. Also, there are ways to disguise a hacked monster, so I'm sure the actual percent is much higher.



Einherjar said:

@PORYGON Should there also be a "lazy people olympics" becaus etraining for the real one takes too much effort ?
I dont understand you people. These tournements are for people that are up to the challenge, and the challenge lies entirely in the preparation.
Look at Street Fighter tournaments. It probably takes even longer to get in shape for a tournament like that than to train a handfull of capable pokemon.



Aqueous said:

Since you asked Thomas, I got crushed. The only round I played I would have one involved the other person shutting off. So last I checked I had 3-4 losses and just stopped there. It isn't like I'm bad at pokemon. I've been playing for around 13 years now. I develop good strategies. I have even finally done boring E.V. Training but it takes the fun away. Someone who doesn't E.V. training becomes not to hard to deal with and because I don't I.V. breed, the people who do that crush me.

I want a cut off to prevent the cheated Pokemon from going up and then hopefully with Action Replay and other common cheating devices gone, the online will be much lless hacked. Unless Nintendo can block all the cheated ones, I'll put up with a cut off. I filled the pokedex one and I can do it again from scratch. It would be nice if the phone cheating could be stopped as well.

Last point the numbers likely relate to the age and what access each group had to cheating devices. It would make sense older player could have and use the easier access to buy, download and abuse such underhanded tactics.



bugaham said:

Well, there's no way to tell between a cheated Pokemon that has legitimate stats and a normal uncheated Pokemon. The people who cheated here had more than 508 EVs in their pokemon, an illegal moveset, more than 31 IVS, etc. Something that you couldn't have gotten legitimately.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

I really don't care about IV's and EV's. I play Pokémon for fun, not to waste my time optimizing Pokémon. That's when it truly becomes a chore. One of my friends actual does EV training and has trying to get me to do the same. But no, I rather be hard-working and dedicated rather than bringing out this so-called 'true strength'. In the end, I'm one of the few Pokémon players who stuck by the precedent Red and Blue left.



bugaham said:

@DimetriWarrior Red and Blue employed an EV and IV system, albeit different from the current one, and it was probably the worst gen in terms of everyone spamming pokemon. Pretty much everyone had Starmie, Alakazam, Blissey, and Exeggutor, and Mewtwo if he was allowed.
Competitive play has always been like this. If you don't want to EV or IV train, you can just play the game regularly, but there's always going to be people who want to use the most advanced strategies, and they'll beat you. Criticizing them for using those strategies is like criticizing sports teams for practicing all week.



Einherjar said:

@PORYGON But everyone can run and swim, so there is no reason for you not to train to run / swim fast enough. Again, the effort its takes to train enough pokemon to win such an event is supposed to the th main appeal. The fighting system is in no way strategic or deep enough to build a competition solely around it. You can train or hack all you want, if the RNG is in the mood to let you miss all the time, there is nothing you can do about it.
A pokemon tournament is kinda like a meta game. It isnt the contest itself, it is also all the work that comes before it.
The actual battles are just a bunch of lucky dice throws. If you hack your team together simply to take part of the battles, its as shallow as it can get.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

The fact that Red and Blue has an EV and IV system is irrelevant. You're missed the point entirely.

What I mean is simply that EV and IV didn't really matter much back then so much as they do now? Why is that? It is because people liked playing games for the fun of it. Why do they now insist on IV breeding and EV training? Instead of playing the game for fun, they are now playing a game so they cannot lose... Interesting.



JayceJa said:

red and blue competitive scene still had people min-maxing with all that, it's not like that sort of thing didnt exist, it's just that competitive pokemon has expanded as the game has, and many more people partake in it



bugaham said:

@DimetriWarrior I certainly understand not seeing EVs and IVs as fun, its something that wouldn't be fun to most people. I have fun with it, though, and people who play competitively also have fun with it- otherwise they wouldn't have sank so many hours into playing. Learning the advanced mechanics for Pokemon is like learning advanced mechanics for other competitive games, from Starcraft to even games like Chess. You don't have to have these to enjoy the game but for people who do feel passionate about that game, they can find a lot of fun in learning and perfecting these



Incognito_D said:

@SnackBox I don't see things like that as cheating. As long as what you're doing is within the realms of possibility. Although, I think tinkering with IVs would be cheating. in my Gen 4 days, I used a save game editor to allocate my EVs, because no way was I going to spend a million years grinding EVs for no reason!



Buzzthebatgirl said:

It would be interesting to see what the definition on "cheating" is, does it just cover AR'd/Pokesav'd 'mon or does it cover RNG'd ''mon?



Bulbousaur said:

"1558 cheaters took part in Pokémon's 2013 Global Showdown" is inaccurate. The title should really say "1558 cheaters were not careful enough to not get caught in Pokémon's 2013 Global Showdown". Those 1558 people simply did not create their Pokemon so that they could be undetectable as being hacked. The actual number of people who hacked their Pokemon would be much higher, perhaps even more than a third of the competition. And I honestly bet the top players did hack.

In my honest opinion, if the Pokemon are genuinely able to have those stats and moves, even if it would take the player 1000 times or even more to get the result they wanted, I see no reason why they shouldn't. Why spend hundreds of hours getting the Pokemon you wanted when you could spend that time practising the metagame?

If you have a Spiritomb with illegal moves and Wonder Guard, yes that is wrong and you are an idiot if you think you can get a way with it. But if you have hacked a Pokemon which has a perfectly legal moveset, ability and stats, but have practised and experimented with it so you can have what you think is the best possible team within the realms of the actual game, I have no problem.



Freeon-Leon said:

I've never understood these guys, what's the appeal of cheating in a competition? What can be good about it? Also, this is CHEATING, there's no a single reason that can justify it. You want a good pokeyman? You better take your time because it's not gonna be easy



Arcamenel said:

So some people are rationalizing the cheating because doing it legitimately takes too long? Are you serious? I guess performance enhancement drugs should be allowed in Olympic events because training for that just takes up too much work and time. Don't try to say you can't equate the two because I know people who train for the next Pokemon tournament right after the end of one.



gaby_gabito said:

I'm glad they're keeping an eye on these people. Cheaters take the fun out of any game whether it be Pokemon, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc.



Bulbousaur said:

@Arcamenel And how well did your friends do? How long could they actually practise the metagame?

You cannot compare hacking Pokemon and athletes taking steroids. Steroids push the athlete past the best possible physical condition that their bodies can naturally handle. Hacking Pokemon to an acceptable level is within the possible realms of the game.

Plus, even with max stats, you cannot possibly win without a thorough knowledge of the metagame. Without a good strategy, a player with max IVs can easily loose. If you are an athlete using steroids, the majority of the time you will win because you are simply unfairly faster, or stronger, or have a higher reaction time than the competition.



AyeHaley said:

Shame on you whoever cheated at that tournament. I'm sorry but why even bother when you are lame like that. Especially the master devision. Sore stupid losers. I'm sorry but I hate when people cheat like that.



Platypus101 said:

@Hyperstar96 wouldn't the former lead to the latter? I mean, if you put enough hours in, wouldn't your skill naturally improve? Oh, heads up, I'm not sure if you mean player skill or character skill... Oops.



Hunter-D said:

Why enter a tournament to see who's the best when you're just going to cheat?

Baffles me.



Cloud-San-VII said:

@DimetriWarrior Right you are.
Even if I did optimize my Pokemon, I wouldn't do it until my 2nd run or post-game and I have nothing else to do. And even then, I don't try to max out stats, it's just too annoying, but I could do it.



JVilla said:

I remember cheating to get a good team. (Legit stats) then just feeling wrong about it. It is tedious to me, but I love pokemon too much to cheat through it. However I don't see how spreading EV's is such a bad thing. But cheating for everyone else is just wrong. The GTS is a gamble now-a-days. I hope it gets fixed :/



ShadowFox254 said:

Can't blame them, Some people don't know how hard it is to breed a Pokémon with the right nature, characteristics, perfect IVs, egg move, and have the dream world ability or not. Is to much time consuming and be a real pain in the donkey. So they just take the easy way out.



Hyperstar96 said:

@Platypus101 I mean player skill. As in, it doesn't matter how good the player is at Pokemon in general (one particular generation or the mechanics of the series as a whole) if they don't take the countless hours to apply their knowledge of EVs and IVs. Player A could know all about the mechanics and optimal movesets by heart, but those things won't help him if Player B can just look them up on Bulbapedia.

EVs are the same, as well. Player A could research which Pokemon give the necessary EVs, but Player B could just buy as many Proteins, Irons, etc. as they can and max out EVs that way (or use an Action Replay or friend to acquire them - there's no rule against cheating to get items). In the end, it all comes down to which player spent the most time making their Pokemon good through the one last remaining thing that can even make a difference: selective breeding for IVs. Between any two "maxed out" Pokemon of the same species, only IVs can differentiate, and IVs can only be improved through luck and breeding.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Einherjar Well it would just come out the other way and I don't mean your mouth. Then again it COULD be both exits.

@Hyperstar96 It seems like they've changed the way base stats work in the new games through those minigames. There are obviously going to be caps on it but at this point it appears they won't be randomized this time around.



Yoshi3DS said:

i can't stand cheaters, there's just no excuse for it. the fact that every pokemon is different makes it much more realistic, and i wouldn't play pokemon if it was simple to get a perfect pokemon.



Zodiak13 said:

I love reading the comments about a game I have never played. Everyone seems so passionate about this game. People can rationalize cheating any way they want, but in the end it's wrong and it means you are taking away from the enjoyment the non cheaters deserve. Cheaters are insignificant, worthless, insecure and overall lame people. I don't even play this game and it pisses me off.



mikeyman64 said:

I always was disappointing with cheaters in this game. My brother and I spent months figuring out our teams, breeding and EV training them to perfection only to have kids either use apps or quit right before losing... very frustrating.



ShadowFox254 said:

@mikeyman64 I know how that feels. I even beat a couple of pro players in a wifi match, but some of them quit when they know I'm about to win. I don't quit when my opponent is about to win.



Raghav said:

There is two different things rnging a pokemon is not hacked pokemon, they are legit pokemon. Pokemon created are hacked online (or changed online).



Doma said:

@PORYGON "There should be a cheater tournament, because not cheating takes too much effort."

Quote of the day, lmao.



RQuinain said:

I wonder how they discovered whether people cheated or not. I thought there were ways to make your Pokemon look completely legit even if you created it, but I guess there's still something that tells whether or not it's hacked?



DarkKirby said:

A few people have already explained why IVs are total ponyta manure and are worse then tripping in Brawl when it comes to a purposely anti competitive mechanic that provides no benefit to gameplay and only adds randomness and luck under the guise of "realism" and "uniqueness", despite how Pokemon is advertised as a game you should be able to play competitively.

As I've said in the past, while I don't cheat, I completely understand why people do, because the game mechanics for IVs is ponyta manure.

That said, I would like to know exactly how they decided people had manufactured Pokemon with a "smartphone app", did they just disqualify anyone who had 31 IVs on all their Pokemon stats because of how "impossible" the feat actually is? Or did they just disqualify anyone who had the nerve to know about IVs and EVs?

Because disqualifying someone without telling them the reason is equally ponyta manure, and I know for a fact there are ways to manufacture Pokemon so it's not discernible from one captured in the game based on it's data alone. And if they did just disqualify people who had perfect/fantastic IVs on all their Pokemon, that IS ponyta manure. It's punishing people who had the nerve to love the game enough to understand how the mechanics work and aimed for good IVs, possibly people who didn't even cheat.



smashbrolink said:

@Hyperstar96 Part of the "skill" in Pokemon is knowing and taking the right steps when raising your teams. The fact that it just so happens to be a massive time sink at the same time is irrelevant, really.



DarkKirby said:


It's not so much "skill" as it is doing your research, writing down numbers, putting them in calculators, having mock battles, putting numbers in calculators again, riding the bike up and down, and manually keeping track of the numbers the game won't show you itself because the developers insist on hiding them.

And the problem with IVs is NOT just that it's a time sink, it's a time sink with NO GUARANTEED END and MOST LIKELY NO END. The chances of getting a Pokemon with 31 IVs in all its stats even using all the correct breeding techniques is realistically impossible, and IVs do have an effect on the outcome of battles.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I agree with DarkKirby, though I would have only resorted to calling things BS if I had heard of an actual case of someone with technically possible stats being banned. Maybe they were just banning people with Wonder Guard Spiritombs and the like, which I would completely agree with.

What's interesting is that there is the NPC in the Battle Subway lobby that tells you your Pokémon's best IV in a roundabout way, and if you call Bianca she'll let you know about your Pokémon's effort values, in an equally roundabout way. The stats that are altered due to the nature are also now highlighted on the stats page. It seems that, little by little, Gamefreak are slowly adding more and more transparency to the system. Also, it seems that as of B2 and W2, natures are 100% passed down via breeding with an everstone instead of the previous 50% chance. It just goes to show how completely messed up the system is when a tiny undocumented change like that can literally cut down hours of wasted time from determined players' lives.



Onett said:

I can only hope that Pokemon X & Y will not allow the transfer of ANY Pokemon from previous games for various reasons.

The level of sophistication Pokemon Generators have reached trick the game into thinking generated Pokemon with perfect IV's/EV's are genuine, thus allowing them to enter tournaments and wifi battles. Think of the number of cheaters that went undetected!

@EarthboundBenjy This is bad because it is unfair to the players who took the time to earn their strong Pokemon. Some players even go as far as purchasing older games to catch a Pokemon that is only able to learn a certain move from that generation just to breed it. It takes a massive investment of time to breed moves, natures and IV's into a Pokemon and it would be disheartening to allow a generator to participate. Even if the generated Mons stats are possible, it still isn't fair to players who earned their strong Pokemon through playing the game.

I can only assume with the introduction of "FAIRY" type and all the changes that brings will mean that stats, moves and a variety of other things will be re-allocated in X & Y. This is great news because Pokemon from previous generations (I assume) will be non-transferable! We will be given a clean, cheater free slate!

@Yoshi3DS Exactly. Which is why I enjoy the concept of hard work and earning strong Pokemon. That is what makes the game rewarding and sets players apart from each other. I'm also glad GameFreak is making breeding, EV's and IV's a bit more accessible. Now you won't have to invest an unhealthy amount of time hatching 100's of eggs for that strong Pokemon.



HeatBombastic said:

All this talk about "IV" and "EV" makes me feel bleh. First, I didn't monitor stats, and now there's IV and EV's? I'm such an ameteur

I guess I can understand why people cheat, not because I understand IV's and EV's, but because I have Pokerus, and I ultilized it early on 1/4 of the Pokemon I.use in high level battles. I don't think it makes THAT big of a difference, since 1/2 of my main team's stats are naturally bad compared to what others use.

I like to think that most of my wins are due to my careful item selection, strategy, and just luck in Pokemon selection for battle, but I don't know if that's entirely true. Then again, I don't know too much about how stats work.



EarthboundBenjy said:


All Pokérus does is doubles the rate you gain EVs. It doesn't increase the maximum EVs one Pokémon can hold. (it's always 255 for every Pokémon, and nothing will change that). It doesn't increase their potential, it only lets them reach it faster. Whether the Pokémon has Pokérus or not doesn't make any difference when you're considereing a fully-trained tourney-ready Pokémon.



daisukereds said:

@SnackBox hey SnackBox.. Did you get the message and rank as well? I assume your pokecheck proved to be legit-looking.
This because I'm interested in knowing if Ninti/GF has a hidden way to check pkmns.



Torterra275 said:

Well its that, or just spending 75 hours to ASSEMBLE to the team.

I'd rather have the team being assembled quickly and focus completely on battle strategies.

@MrMario02 It will hacked in the same means.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I don't play competitively, but I certainly understand why people would rather hack their own perfectly legitimate Pokemon than grind endlessly for the exact same results. That endless grind is one of the main reasons why I don't play competitively in the first place. Some people just care about battling and everything else only gets in the way.

I like @PORYGON's idea for a hacked division. If it'll help keep both sides happy and out of each other's hair then why not? It'd be interesting to see just how many poeple end up where.



Flowerlark said:

I admit I've hacked pokemon in the past, but NEVER battled/ traded them. I just liked to be able to look at some of the event pokes on my game. I wouldn't ever actually use them, especially against another player... even though when I hacked them I gave them completely normal base stats/ moves/ abilities/ etc. I think people who use hacked pokemon in competitions are rotten cheaters and should be ashamed of themselves.



Pichuka97 said:

This is why I skipped most of the online tournaments in Black and White/2 and stopped playing randomly online because of all the people who use their phones or Action Replays. Hopefully X and Y change this.



AlbertoC said:

This is pretty much why i don't like online in pokemon games:
Battles? "If my perfect, all shiny team loses i disconnect before something gets recorded."
Trades? "Sure, i will try to scam and do 2 for 1 trades."
GTS? "Sure, i want to stop worldwide trading economy by asking impossible to get pokemon just because. Perhaps if i leave it for, say, a year, i will get one." (It seems like the recipe for pokemon wine is something along the lines of Rattata Lv3 + 2 years = Lv1 Genesect.)

Thanks for rendering the online functionality useless, all of you.



EarthboundBenjy said:

I think that game developers should create online systems with the idea in mind that it IS going to be abused in every imaginable way and there WILL be no real way to stop it for good. Like, they should have made the GTS more openly searchable, and allow you to filter out the ridiculous offers. It should be an easily-searchable, intuitive interface for a database of trade offers... Not the awkward mess it is now.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Also why the heck are "withdraw Pokémon" and "deposit Pokémon" still separate options when "Move Pokémon" does both without having to exit out to submenus...and why are most interfaces in Pokémon games entirely unweildy in general?



GuSolarFlare said:

cheating is for the weak!!!!! but I do think they should make at least the IV stats visible (and if they're in a good mood the EV too) it's horrible to EV train you favorite poke just to discover it sucks in defense because of IV and start losing because you've trained defense not speed but your defense IV suck so you're OHKO'd by anoter EV trainer.......



SphericalCrusher said:

I played in it. I used several Pokemon that I got from trading and hopefully they were not marked as cheating or cellphone spawned ones (Their stats aren't that great so I doubt it). I played around 40-50 matches. I think I won something like 30 matches and lost 15-20ish. I'd have to look over the stats again.



TokenDuelist said:

@EarthboundBenjy If people have time to complete the game and play through it, properly, they are likely with this generation to have all the tools handed to them to get these Pokemon much faster in-game. There is literally no excuse, even casually playing the game can yield good results. If someone has a large pool of Pokemon in their game, odds are they've got a decent amount to breed them properly. It's really a matter of the fact that they are too used to cheating that they can't ACTUALLY play the game properly or have an idea at all how it works. To them it's time consuming because they really don't actually understand it. At least, that's how I see it. c'B The tools are there, handed to players without a second thought.



Neferupitou said:

admit I've hacked pokemon in the past, very looong past, just to see Magnemite using high jump kick and other useless and random things on stadium 2.



Hetsumani said:

@Onett If they announced that you can't transfer pokemon from previous versions I'll cancel my pre-order, I want an effing Charizard in my team.



Brother_Jolteon said:

Online battles I have like 50+ losses and like 12 wins... so much buffed up mons online that I gave up on it. I decided on finishing other parts of the game like completing the pokedex, all I need is meloetta and genesect (not really needed for the pokedex but I just want them, since I missed out on the event)



Sui-kun said:

It doesn't matter what your philosophy is regarding cheating in tournaments, whether it's right or wrong. It doesn't matter that it's Pokemon either, and that it takes hours and hours to get a Pokemon that you're happy with.

The rules of the tournament were to compete without cheating. Period. Compete without using third-party applications. That's the name of the game. If you didn't honor that rule, you cheated. It doesn't matter that 50% of competitors also cheated. You either play with the best Pokemon you have, or raise the best team you can within the time before the tourney, or just not play at all. Which is the way it should be.

Not to mention that having a perfect team in no way guarantees victory.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Nope, the fact that people have actually picked these games apart proves you wrong. As you said you can do well enough just by playing casually, but you have to understand what makes a game tick to take full advantage of everything it has to offer.

This sort of thing isn't exactly unusual in high-level play, and takes a lot more skill and dedication than just playing casually. If the way you described was so much easier, then why would people go to the trouble of cracking the code wide open?



NoirUsernameHere said:

I'll admit,I do cheat/hack in Pokemon Games,But I don't do it to win tournaments. I do it to get rare Pokemon like Meloetta and Genesect if I somehow miss the events. Everyone who cheats to win tournaments though needs to get a life or play another game.




Hahahaha! I was top in the Junior division for a reason, suckers! Swept them with my max stats all Jigglypuff team!



Onett said:

@Hetsumani It will be exciting to learn how X&Y handles the changes. I haven't seen or read anything that confirms it, but I'm certain GameFreak will make the older Pokemon available through migration and mini-games. Have no fear, they've got everything taken care of.



SnackBox said:

@daisukereds No message for me, I did try to use an Arceus with shadow Force, the event version but I couldn't, it did give me a message then saying "A pokemon in your party is not eligible for this competition" or something along the same lines.



LavaTwilight said:

Yeah to be fair I didn't even enter. I wouldn't know how to cheat either. And even thenm probably worse than all the cheaters, I've never played any serious Pokemon game ever. Ever. Except Colloseum for the N64... and then it was only once or twice...



crobatman said:

I wonder how many of these cheaters were people that hacked "legal" pokemon, as in the proper EV distribution and a legal moveset. I personally, don't care if people make their pokemon as long as it is legal. I don't do it, I rather like breeding and I can produce near perfect ones and I battle a lot of people that make their pokemon on programs and it doesn't seem like they have an unfair advantage over me.



rsaleh12 said:

Okay here's how Game Freak can fix the metagame:

1. Allow user generated servers. This way if I want to play with Smogon Ou rules, I can without having to trawl through forums to find opponents. Let us create a server with the rules we want to play by so that we don't have to use simulators. At the moment, whats to stop my random matchup opponent from using OP pokemon like speed boost blaziken? And why can't I give leftovers to my Ferrothorn AND my Cresselia?

2. Remove IVs or give us a Pokemon rental service (like pokemon stadium), which would let us design our own perfect, legit pokemon in-game and restrict us to only using them online? I spent 100 hours (over 4 days) RNG abusing, ev training and level grinding 2 teams of 6 pokemon on White 2. I flat out refuse to do it again. This is the reason people cheat, so if we could obtain these pokemon quickly and easily in-game, there'd be no need to.

And that's it. The metagame becomes accessible and fun.



rsaleh12 said:

Better idea for 2. : what about IV training? That way the pokemon i started the game with could become viable. That'd be swell



ramstrong said:

I'm curious as to know how many of you who defends cheating in your pokemon will also defend R4 card for downloading games you don't own? Both are getting something you don't deserve, but while R4 carts, a homebrew enabler, are generally portrayed as evil, here cheating pokemon are generally portrayed as beneficial "time saver".

Huh? The only difference that I can see is that R4 is legal in some circumstances (personal use), and hacking pokemon is wrong in all cases. Not even single play, since winning the game is so easy in single play.

I just don't see how people are willing to admit so openly that they are cheaters and no good in a simple fun game, or worse, be willing to destroy the fun-filled family friendly atmosphere than pokemon have.

I think those cheaters should be banned for life. FYI, I'm sure GameFreak would be smart enough to put in checksum info in their data, so that unless the cheating app is perfect, the checksum would fail and you'll be caught cheating.

As personal note: It was possible to received hacked pokemon from a crooked player through the network. As such, I simply disconnect the network option, and well, so much of the battling fun goes away. It certainly hurt me, as an honest player, to have to do that.



AnimeloverGal said:

I would have expected the Juniors to have the most cheaters not the Masters.

Think twice before you cheat, cause your being watched when you think your not



Cloudrules said:

I just don't get cheating. I didn't realize people try it in contests, I just don't see how it could be justified to break the rules of a contest (yeah, cheating is specifically mentioned as against the rules.) For the second part of the post, I got 209 in seniors (yay), and I hate cheating so much that I deleted my Platinum and Diamond games (after transferring the event Pokemon to my other games) because I felt bad about changing the time to get more lottery stuff. Yeah, I know I didn't have to, and that is really fine in normal cases, but real cheating (alteration of Pokemon, cheating to get them, etc.) is just , well, against the rules. It is a competition, it has rules, they should be followed. Oh, it turns out that level 100 Torterra with Pokerus I reset was much more rare than I thought...



TheRegginator said:

The only people caught were the ones using smartphone apps? What about the ones using action replay and other such devices?



Gameday said:

im pretty sure there were more and they are probably laughing their asses off. but this day in age peeps seem to promote the likes of cheating , hacking , mods , lag switching... so its not a shock per say but at a tourney... Real gamers dont have to cheat to win remember that !



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Ehh I'm surprised there weren't more. Meh, competitions have no appeal to me. I just play pokemon to enjoy myself, not to compete.



EarthboundBenjy said:

@ramstrong "...hacking pokemon is wrong in all cases. Not even single play, since winning the game is so easy in single play."

Uhh, no. Imagine the circumstance of this: Someone is playing Super Mario 3. They're good enough to beat the game. They've gone through the game several times. Sometimes all the way through, sometimes with the help of the warp whistles. Whatever, they love this game. This time they go to load it up and also put in an "NES Game Genie", and they're gonna have some fun messing around in the game. Invincibility, infinite timer, moon jump, whatever. The player is a curious sort, and they're gonna mess around with their cheats to see how the game reacts, to see what secrets are hidden away in some of the levels... anything.
This isn't "wrong in all cases", is it? It's just someone messing around with a beloved game, seeing how it ticks. People can even discover new glitches or unused game elements in this way.

So okay, let's say that, instead of using Super Mario 3, the game in question is Pokémon Yellow Version. What's the difference? The player's still having fun messing around. They decide, "I'm gonna make a team of all Digletts and see how far I get into the Elite Four". So they use a walk through walls cheat to reach the endgame, hack into existence some Pokémon, and mess around. What's the harm?

And what if instead of "Pokémon Yellow", the game was instead "Pokémon Black 2"? Same difference? No?
Anything someone wants to do in SINGLE PLAYER that does NOT AFFECT other people's enjoyment, competetive or otherwise, is not "wrong in all cases". Saying this just means that you have not thought about what the term "all cases" can include.



Ryankf said:

I missed out on the tournament but i'm kinda glad i did because of all the cheaters on there,



WindWakerLink said:

"No wonder that Dexoys was killing me so easily and those freaking Mewtwos felt more OP than usually. Wow...." Why even cheat?? It's like " Dude! Relax! It's just a card game. [Yu-gi-oh Abridged reference] " XD

I was in the Master Division so I saw it a lot I guess... It was so hard and made no sense why certain Pokemon won't go down with specific stuff... 'Cheating, eh? Hmmph! I won't use such tactics!'

Well whatever at this point. When Pokemon X & Y have their wifi tournaments I'll still take parts in them. Yea.



Shane904 said:

@MrMario02 I wouldn't say that. Considering there are already devices that can backup/restore save data for 3ds games, its possible.



Nightstar1623 said:

I signed up for the contest, but when I tried to submit my Battle Box it wouldn't let me. I don't know why. All I can think of is that a few of them I got from a used game. And even then, the only one that could possibly be hacked would be without me knowing, and it's not even that good.



Mr_3DS said:

Those guys/girls are just losers...if you have to cheat to win then just play the game normally and use your little action replay...



NightmareXIV said:

It's sad that there are people who just don't want to do the work so they decide to hack, and cheat their way to the top.



Aurorus said:

Wow. Is that just sad. I cheat, but I NEVER used my cheated pokemon in online battles. Cheating on a DS game = OK. Cheating in a competition = NOT OK.



Haru_Totetsu said:

@Onett You know why you idea that not being able transferring from Old Games is truly a stupidest thing ever? Event exclusive Pokémon. I want my Shiny Legendary Dogs in X & Y version.

Concerning "cheating"? I think it truly depends. If you're going to cheat in a "fair" manner so no over powered Pokémon that's impossible in game, then fine, but if you're going to give Charizard the move Hydro Pump...then its time to deliver our swift vengeance and judgement. I'm not so sure about items or money since all you need is to level your Pokémon up adequately and those things will never be an issue.



hfc2x said:

@EarthboundBenjy LOL WUT? Do you actually know how to play? There are tons of methods to make breeding easier, like using Ditto, Everstones, Power items, Pass Powers, etc, that having non-perfect Pokémon is just laughable. I could understand if this was the case if we were in the era of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire (pre-Emerald), where everything was 100% random and frustrating, but in Black 2 & White 2 it is completely inexcusable to cheat for perfect mons. And yes, I know that in older games it took longer (for my Emerald team took me at least 1 week per mon), but when done by someone who knows what they are doing, breeding a perfect Pokémon shouldn't take you more than 1 day by today standarts.



EarthboundBenjy said:

Don't you 'LOL WUT' me, I'm sure you know precisely what I was talking about in my first post in this comments thread. It's one hell of an investment to get a tourney-ready team of Pokémon, even if one does know the tricks. I know it's been getting easier and easier with every new release, but it's still a mostly-random mess, and there is a large time commitment that a lot of other competitive games just don't have.
If you were going to (say, for example) a Magic: The Gathering tournament, you would only need to bring the cards you need, know your tricks and strategies, and you're done. If you're going to a fighting game tournament, all you do is learn the tricks, practice, and then on the day of the tourney, select your character at the select screen and you're done. With Pokémon, each individual Poké has such widely varying statistics, you have to keep working at it for days while also being certain that you're making good decisions about your team, just to be ready for the tourney. The time isn't taken up by practicing, like in a dexterity-based game, it's just mostly tedious busywork that Pokémon is requiring players to do for their team.
All I said was 'The motivation behind cheating is clear to me'. I never stated that I condone cheating at tournaments.

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