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Mon 14th Oct 2013

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Haru_Totetsu commented on More Than 1500 Cheaters Took Part in Pokémon'...:

@Onett You know why you idea that not being able transferring from Old Games is truly a stupidest thing ever? Event exclusive Pokémon. I want my Shiny Legendary Dogs in X & Y version.

Concerning "cheating"? I think it truly depends. If you're going to cheat in a "fair" manner so no over powered Pokémon that's impossible in game, then fine, but if you're going to give Charizard the move Hydro Pump...then its time to deliver our swift vengeance and judgement. I'm not so sure about items or money since all you need is to level your Pokémon up adequately and those things will never be an issue.