So the new Super Smash Bros. titles on Wii U and 3DS may only have a vague "planned release" for 2014 — which hopefully won't become "erm, maybe it'll be 2015" — but that doesn't mean that we're not getting regular doses of brawling goodness. In fact, Masahiro Sakurai has been regularly picking in-development screens for the official website, showing off new arenas, occasionally fresh characters, and often just funny poses and snapshots that reflect the madness of what's the come.

There's something about Nintendo mascots — in their distinctly peculiar glory — knocking the snot out of each other that really appeals to millions of gamers, with a good number probably planning to double dip on both versions so that they can play wherever, whenever they like. These titles don't exactly arrive on an annual basis, either, further building up the hype levels.

Although substantial information will drip-feed rather slowly, we thought we'd pick some of our favourite screens from the new games to date and present them as a gallery with one-liners for descriptions; these are a mix of press assets and the images released daily on the official website.

Why are we doing this? Because video games and Smash Bros. are fun and we don't need a real reason, that's why.

Wii U


So those are some of our favourites so far. Let us know which is a stand-out for you in the poll and comments below, or simply post those that you think we should have included. Is it 2014 yet?

Which of our Smash Bros. images is your favourite? (438 votes)

Mario's crotch shot on Bowser


The Villager tackles Bowser with a pot


The Villager falls flat on his face


Bowser scaring Pikmin


Kirby also scaring Pikmin


Kirby's stuck, Wii Fit Trainer and DK are clueless


Mario thinks this is a soccer spin-off


Fox and Rush say hello


Bowser kicks Samus (she'll get revenge)


Bowser pretends to be a Nintendog


Fox is late for the train


Link meets Link


Kirby has no mercy in his soul


The Blue Bomber's super-cute look


The Kid Icarus stage is super pretty


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