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Tue 23rd July, 2013

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Samurai commented on Nintendo UK Launches Weekly Animal Crossing: N...:

@bahooney So true! but at least the games are still coming our way hopefully future wise they will make more competitions for us especially when smash bros comes out :0 or Monster Hunter 4!!!

And Guys ive really played a animal crossing Game at all ? is it really that fun? i love adventure games , action rpgs etc im a huge nintendo fan but im afraid i wouldnt have a purpose in animal crossing like whats the purpose behind it all ? thanks if anyone answers ! :0



Samurai commented on Feature: Our Favourite Wii U and 3DS Smash Bro...:

Man this game looks awesome ( im new to the site so sup everyone! lol ) but im just hoping the 3ds stages arent too.... yeah lol the Wii : U console stages look so sick <.< i just hope we get awesome looking stages like the kid icarus uprising one ^.^