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Talking Point: Nintendo's Biggest E3 Challenge is Getting Noticed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Up against a wave of new hardware

When Nintendo announced that it was foregoing the traditional live presentation at E3, a common initial reaction was one of surprise, with some interpreting the move as a sign of weakness in the face of big-hitting rivals. When considered with a bit more context and analysis, however, the argument could be made that Nintendo was once again going its own way and essentially shaking up the media game at E3. After all, it's not like Nintendo isn't attending E3, and in the build-up it's all felt very familiar, right down to the arrival snapshot of the company's most senior executives.

In fact, it could be said that the only people truly getting less Nintendo bang for their buck are the attending media, which can't file into a large auditorium to watch some clunky staged jokes and presentations play out on stage. There'll be a pre-E3 event for the press, which will consist of a presentation by, among others, Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto, and then hands-on opportunities. There'll also be lots of appointments, interviews and the occasional round table, while we don't yet know whether some additional Nintendo Direct snippets or broadcasts will appear over the next three days. So far, so E3 2012, but with a streamed video instead of a live presentation.

The problem for Nintendo is not only making this switch to a Nintendo Direct work, but doing so against the wave of press that will accompany the Sony and Microsoft presentations. Last year Nintendo was arguably the biggest show in town as it could talk about all-new hardware, but the tables are now turned, and its rivals will make a lot of noise about the innovation and power that they're planning to bring to the market. The Wii U is already an established presence, but faces a once in a generation issue of being noticed against the glare of flashlights on the latest hardware.

Another potential issue for Nintendo is timing, as it'll be the last of the major presentations to be aired. Microsoft's live show will take place first around the same time that this article was published, with EA and Ubisoft to shortly follow and then Sony rounding off the day. The E3 expo technically doesn't start until 11th June, but the circus is in town and premiering its acts ahead of time. This scheduling isn't uncommon at all, but the challenges for Nintendo when it eventually makes its case are, as we've already suggested, a once in a generation problem.

What we do know is that Sony and Microsoft will, if they have any sense, go all out in their presentations. Of the two system reveals in recent months we feel most would agree that Sony fared better, but in the end neither won universal acclaim; Microsoft, in particular, has had an extraordinary amount of bad press, mainly due to what can easily be argued as anti-consumer DRM practices on the Xbox One. There are headaches for both — Sony needs to talk more about how the system will work after a launch focused on UI basics, game announcements and a lot of graphics engine tech demos; Microsoft needs to try and distract people from the controversies surrounding its system and actually show some games, rather than a trendy executive watching TV and browsing the web by talking to his TV. Both may dodge release dates and how much the systems will cost, or perhaps they'll just end the suspense and put their cards on the table.

Nintendo's objectives seem to be two-fold. It needs to deliver multiple exciting games that immediately make an impact, and with big-name franchises being shown there'll be pressure to ensure that the first impression is of each series stepping it up a gear to ring in a new generation of Nintendo gaming, while those of a more demanding nature may also want some additional shocks and surprises to delight them. The second, perhaps more significant, challenge is actually getting substantial media coverage. While sites like Nintendo Life and others that are dedicated to the big N will be covering the reveals in detail, the question is how much screen space Nintendo can win on the biggest multi-platform websites and other media publications; today is all about new hardware, and when E3 opens proper on 11th June there'll likely be substantial analysis and commentary on all that passed beforehand.

So Nintendo will have to seize space from Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft and EA both on gaming websites and in the broader media. It's a major test for the PR teams representing the company, with Reggie Fils-Aime already confirmed for interviews with online TV figures such as Geoff Keighley, and every carefully choreographed Nintendo Direct announcement will no doubt be released to the media and social networks in as many ways as possible. We'll truly get an idea of how much influence Nintendo can still muster with multiplatform media outlets, and how well its social networking hype generator is running.

Although only a one-off example, the coverage of this E3 around the media and social networks will tell us a good deal about not only Nintendo's performance, but where it stands in the mainstream market in terms of prestige and desirability. Our hope is that a fun, announcement-heavy Nintendo Direct will ignite interest in the Wii U and grab attention with some fantastic-looking games, allowing it to seize the initiative as the established, innovative system that's delivering experiences available nowhere else. A fear is that while we're obsessively watching, soaking up every detail and getting rather excited, the wider world will still be chewing over everything that came the day before, with a cursory glance or two to see what the new Smash Bros., Mario Kart and 3D Mario are going to be like.

Of course, Nintendo will have one obvious advantage over its rivals, and that's the fact that buzzed viewers can go out and buy a Wii U right away, making sales of the system worth watching as E3 progresses. With that in mind we should expect a section of the broadcast to show off sizzle reels of titles due in the next couple of months, such as The Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3, while confirmation of a 32GB white Wii U model seems like a safe bet. Whether changes in pricing or additional bundles will feature is anyone's guess.

It's difficult to tell, frankly, at this stage, how overall coverage and consumer reaction will play out. Nintendo's prospects could certainly be boosted if Sony and Microsoft underwhelm, or if the Ubisoft conference includes some exciting Wii U-exclusive news — expect nothing from EA — to gain attention before the big N even makes its entrance. If Sony and Microsoft get their presentations absolutely right — which, to be fair, we'd argue none of the big three have actually achieved in recent years — then Nintendo has a job on its hands. Perhaps the most realistic outcome is that all of the Monday presentations will be the typical mix of highs, lows, and meme-ready gaffs; a scripted and pre-recorded Nintendo Direct may be a smart move, in that sense.

It'll be fascinating, however. Needless to say it'll be wall to wall buzz and excitement here on Nintendo Life when Nintendo steps into the spotlight, but how it plays out elsewhere will be one of the big stories of the expo. After all, E3 is primarily about building buzz and hype for games and products likely to pack out the vital Holiday season, so it'll be an early test for Nintendo's Wii U revival.

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rjejr said:

Well duh.

Ok, that was useless and needlessly harsh. (Then my PC lost its mind, and my kids PC froze, so now Im on my tablet. Stupid karma.)

I hate the thought of no presentation (and Ted Price at the moment) and how Nintendo could get left behind. How are the soccer moms going to get excited about Just Dance 5 and WiiU FitU? Only preaching to the choir isn't going to get it done.

Today we get MS, EA, Ubi and Sony. Only Ubi will mention the WiiU, and if they have a big game thats X1 and PS4 only that excludes the WiiU - I'm thinking of BG&E2 - then thats a whole day lost. Gonna have to be one helluva ND tomorrow.

I'll never buy an X1 but Project Spark looks really good. WiiU needs its own "create" game like LBP or Minecraft. Kids dont want to just play games these days, they want to build and design them.



Hunter-D said:

So long as they deliver where it matters most, the games (here's looking at you Xbone!) I'm sure they'll stand out. Besides I think this Nintendo Direct Conference will bring A LOT of new ND viewers too!



3DGamer said:

MicroSoft is obviously going to fail with XboxOne they focus too much on Tv they forgot the important things power fameplay graphics and the games and can't forget the hardware.



dumedum said:

I don't think so. They're not going to be "noticed" anyway because they walked a different path, but they are going to get noticed by the consumers, the millions who buy mario and mario kart and wii fit u and animal crossing. That's the only thing they should care about, and cared about.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I love Nintendo but I don't have huge e3 expectations for them. I think Sony are the ones with most to lose from e3. MS have most to gain, and Nintendo will only be able to steal the show if the mainstream media outlets are particularly impressed with what they show. Sites like IGN and Gamespot largely ignore the Wii U and leave it out from any next gen comparison articles except to share doom rumours. I suspect Nintendo will surprise us with some good Wii U stuff but I also worry that they're still behind schedule and will spend loads of time promoting stuff that most of assumed we'd already be playing by now (Wii Fit U, Pikmin 3, W101)

The thing that I know will annoy me is how the majority of the media will just show off how fanboyish they've become. The way the IGN editors reacted to the PS4 reveal reminded me of the parents in South Park when they gave Mr Garrison an award for his courage at being a gay teacher. They'll also be the first to defend MS when the price of used games on next gen consoles is fixed at 75% of the retail price.



smashbrolink said:

With Microsoft only getting applause from their most die-hard fans and paid employees, and Sony having to not only prove themselves in their system's features not being like Microsoft's in some aspects but also bring out a nice selection of games to make up for how poor Gaikai is, I do not believe for an instant that they'll be overshadowing Nintendo to as great an extent as people think they will.
Especially now that Nintendo is announcing Smash Bros.
You can NOT equal the hype of such a thing with anything other than a Twilight Princess-level reveal.

Also, @Nintenjoe64
I sincerely hope that they aren't stupid enough to set the price of used games that high, because if they do, it's going to be a bad time for Micro/Sony fans.

Nintendo would benefit from it, though, because they'd still have used games at cheap prices everywhere.



-KwB- said:

Don't let the hopes get too high, else disappointment will arise !!



MrGawain said:

I would be curious to find out how much the overheads of an E3 live presentation are? They must pay a certain amount to the E3 promoters, plus all the dragging stuff to the show.

If Nintendo are saving between $1-3 million dollars (Seems to me about the ballpark figure), that could be a substantial slice towards the TV advertising.



Dogpigfish said:

Bring a big stuffed walking bowser onto the stage and no one will remember what the other two systems were about. Nintendo needs to capitalize on 'Nintendo' much like Disney does. They need to see their brand for what it is and deliver.



element187 said:

Sony/Microsoft are both going to have the means in place for publishers to skim profits off of the used game market. There is absolutely no way Microsoft would have jumped in head first in this mess unless they had reassurances from publishers that Sony had something similar going on...
Sony's responses to questions have sounded mightily cagey, like a politican. But don't expect anymore information about that or prices until closer to launch. Sony/Microsoft are going to attempt to distract gamers with amazing games.. It will probably work, people will forget all about DRM and used games when it comes time to buy a console.



Rect_Pola said:

In recent weeks, Microsoft has more or less confirmed every terrible practice their bomb of a reveal promised, except for the used game charge.



element187 said:

@Rect_Pola Sony will be right behind Microsoft on this... It may differ slightly, maybe like a system where publishers can decide whether or not to, but it wont be required by Sony, which would be the defacto same thing because publishers have been wanting this for a long long long time.

Interesting that EA ditching Nintendo might have something to do with Nintendo refusing skimming profits off their used games... or at least partial the reason, along with lackluster sales, not accepting Origin on the system.



Rect_Pola said:

@element187 That would not surprise me. I'm at the point I really hoping for a sudden boom so EA (and the rest of the third parties desperately blaming an issue they can't possibly measure) are caught flat footed again. Or failing that, such a poor response to the xbone that Sony and other companies throw it under the bus by pretending they never liked the business models it represents.



NintyMan said:

I would agree with this. Nintendo does have the challenge of getting noticed, but over the months since Nintendo announced they wouldn't be having a traditional press conference, I've gotten more confident that Nintendo's new games will make an impact. Super Smash Bros. ought to turn some heads, right?

When Nintendo made that announcement, I understood their decision after some thought, but then I was a little concerned that even if Nintendo had big games to show, Sony's and Microsoft's new consoles would still get a lot of buzz and leave Nintendo with neglected coverage from the press.

However, now that Microsoft squandered their new console reveal and Sony still has to show more, Nintendo now has a better chance of "winning" this year's E3 than before. I'm still getting that same Nintendo E3 excitement I would feel in years before. I'm becoming convinced Nintendo will do better in 2013 than in 2012 or 2011, which, looking back at those two past years in hindsight, were not really all that spectacular. 2011 had the announcements of new 3DS games like Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and SSB4 was announced, but Nintendo bungled the Wii U reveal somewhat by focusing too much on the controller. 2012 was even less impressive with the pre-E3 video showing what the Wii U could do being the biggest highlight than the press conference. So with those two years with press conferences that might have been seen as underwhelming, it's small wonder that Nintendo wanted to try something different this year.



tsm7 said:

All of their major franchises are due to make an apperance. I'm not sure what else they could do.



Meaty-cheeky said:

@Nintenjoe64 very true IGN has been constantly defending the Xbox One horrible DRM policies. If the Xbox One sales are good, gaming as we know it will change forever. As a community of Gamers we need to unite and support Wii U and stand against Consoles that support radical DRM.



DreamOn said:

E3 isn't the end-all. Nintendo can take its game to market in more effective ways now.



bunnyking said:

I'm watching the XBOXone's Press Conference and its OK. It's nice to see what is coming out this year.

There are a few games that seem pretty cool though most of them seem rushed, it's like any other console at launch. I have yet to be impressed The two games that look good are Forza and the Panzar Dragon game.

They are the most promising ones, it hasn't sold me yet. I think PS4 said they had 40 games, so I'm waiting on their conference, and June 12 I'll be checking out Nintendo's E3 Booths.



Mk_II said:

Nintendo will steal the show with some very good games and one or two surprises. Flashy new hardware alone can never do that. It's all about the games



Royalblues said:

Nintendo has their work cut out for them. The other two consoles are sure to have a crazy lineup, and they definitely have the backing of tons more developers. They will have to do much more than Mario and Zelda to impress.



DualWielding said:

Nintendo is unlikely to get noticed, but that may end up a good thing if news end up being primarily about how DRM sucks in the other consoles......



MrGawain said:

Xbox $499/499euro/£429- Wii U isn't going to be blown away by a price war any time soon...

...They couldn't ask for a better chance in my opinion with this Direct.



nilcam said:

The Xbox One media event was pretty bad. Lots of brown and slightly nicer looking 360-type games. Nothing that interesting announced and add in the DRM hate, it's not looking good for the Xbone.

I loved the crowd silence after the price announcement.

Nintendo should rebrand the premium as the standard and lower the price to $300 to take advantage of this.



8thGenConsoles said:

@rjejr Sony's conference won't air on TV and Nintendo's conference wouldn't air on TV either so soccer moms can only watch Microsoft's conference on TV. No conference for Nintendo is not a huge deal. They will survive



hYdeks said:

Nintendo's games will speak louder than words at this E3, just stand back, show the awesome games, say some right key words, and they'll do fine.

Xbox One has the most to prove, so far there going down a very bad, shady path with there services, and alot of eyes will be on PlayStation 4 not making the same mistakes. I think this is the year the Wii U will prove itself, and Nintendo will show, once again, people should never count them out.



8thGenConsoles said:

I saw the Microsoft conference and I'm impressed but I don't like the console itself. It's anti-consumer and it will cost $499. I will never pay that much for a console, especially if it's anti-consumer like the Xbox One



DiSTANToblivion said:

That's it, I think Microsoft have officially shot themselves in the foot. Ouch.

In other news - both Sony and Nintendo continue to innovate and push new ideas. They aren't afraid to be different, have a wide array of genres and are also incredibly consumer friendly.



hYdeks said:

@WiiURockz yup, the system is very ugly looking, controller looks like a cheap 3rd party 360 controller, and people saying "it will cost $349" have there heads in the clouds. Look at the current gen specs and prices, now look at the specs on Xbox One and PS4, there's no way it will only cost $50-$75 more. If your into being a graphics wh**e, you'll spend the outrageous money though. My problem with the Ps4 and Xbox One is that the controller has no screen on it like the Wii U does instead Ps4 has a laptop touch pad thing, and Microsoft has the same basic controller, how boring.



WinterWarm said:

I agree with the article.

Still, I'm hopin for a AWESOME Nintendo Direct tomorrow.

Love live big N!



banacheck said:

which would be the defacto same thing because publishers have been wanting this for a long long long time.

Been wanting for what? leaving DRM down to the publishers on the PS4, the PS3 DRM is down to the publishers, it's been like that since 2006.

E3 is going to be big, Microsoft have damaged themselves so far, it'll be interesting to see how well it sells. Xbox One $499 price point is also not looking good for them, Sony PS4 will probably be cheaper as you'll see later. I think the PS4 & Wii U will lead this generation, but for some strange reason the Xbox On will still sell. i just hope that doesn't damage the next generation of consoles, depending on how well the Xbox One sells.



Mk_II said:

500$ (plus 70$ for every game) is firmly out of Xmas present range. Microsoft will have a hard time convincing the average consumer to buy it.



NintyMan said:

It sounds to me like Xbox One may have a couple of good games coming, but for a $500 console? Eew.

I'm not interested in the console at all, but that price is not going to bode well for this holiday season. I still think Sony is the greater rival of Nintendo.



Tertis said:

But I do think the Xbox One has an impressive library of games, I'm looking forwards to Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5, particularly.



NintendoPro64 said:

This article didn't mean much to me in the first the place. Then it became 100% invalid to me when Microsoft told us the Xbox 1 would cost this much (and likely PS4 too).


Needless to say, Patcher::




Hardy83 said:

Don't know about the PS4 event, but after the Xbox One event, it doesn't seem like they need to try hard. lol



justlink said:

I know its a"not a complete impossiblity" but I want a remake of Majoras Mask.



sinanziric said:

Battlefield 4
Witcher 3
Forza 5

Really nice 3 must have games for XBOX ONE. Nice presentation M$. Will that be enough for a good start. God knows.



rmeyer said:

Titanfall looked amazing. But everything good comes out in 2014 for Xbox one. I doubt they are going to sell millions of hardware with a new kinect sports especially with Sony at their doorstep.
To put it lightly Microsoft is in trouble.



kereke12 said:

I believe in Nintendo, but lets see what Sony has to offer and im hating on xbox just hating...



taffy said:

Did you hear the silence when they announced the price of the Xboxone at the conference. Looks like PS4 will go for $450/£400, if Nintendo announced a price cut that could give Nintendo a huge advantage but I'm speaking in terms of economy of scales.



rjejr said:

@WiiURockz - According to everything I've read Sony's conference will be broadcast live tonight at 9PM EST on Spike Tv. That's channel 41 for me. I know, I just watched the MS presentation and some of those games looked really good on my 52" tv. It's not for me, but it was on tv. And the same channel will cover the Sony event this evening, 6PM on the west coast, 9PM on the east coast. There will be more families watching the Sony presentation tonight than the ND tomorrow morning.

Well apparently I owe you a big apology. It was listed in my guide this morning, I swear. Anyway, you were right, I was wrong.



Trikeboy said:

Nintendo don't really have to worry too much after that presentation. Some things impressed me such as the Drivatar in Forza but most of the games looked generic and bland.



Spectator said:

Best presentation from Microsoft in a long time, unfortunately the 500 price tag on top of the possible 70 dollar games while still paying for xbox live, and the always online old game mess Is killing it for me. If Sony comes in with the same thing, Nintendo could have the biggest bounce back in years, but Nintendo needs at least some third party support that can take advantage of its system.



bonesy91 said:

Goodbye Microsoft. The biggest crooks in game history lol. Oh man I'm so bummed I can't play world of tanks hahahqhahah



The-Chosen-one said:

did you guys see the Killer instinct trailer for xbox one? they really ruined the franchice.. by the looks of it.

i was really dissapointed by the trailer, i hoped that this game would let me buy Xone



Williaint said:

Positive Attention for Nintendo, is needed; currently it's a lot of negative prejudice.
xboxONE Games I'm interested: MGS. Destiny. Spark. Stick of Truth. WoT. Not enough to keep me interested...
"Killer Instinct" looks like a remake, pardon my french...
Biggest leap in sports gaming was in 1998, when they went 3D.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

I think Nintendo can do it. They will have many games to show because this years e3 is all about the games! It's gonna be exciting and I think, one again, Nintendo can do it! #optimist



Bengals76 said:

Nintendo Who? The company that does not even make a wireless headset? PS4 for me please!!



takyon98 said:

i think into will do great with games,if they dont drop the ball like they did at launch, dont get me wrong there were great games at the line up but 1:not enough to pump people up for it and 2:barely any launch titles like the ps3 and 360's launches. but i think nintendo did the right thing with going HD and hopefully we can see GTA v come to the wiiU. but another topic: pricing of the PS4 and XBO, i think the XBO will be $400 for the 500GB set and $350 and lower for the others now for ps4 i think there gonna be in the $350 to $390 price point cause these guys know how to market there product like nintedno with the wii and also they made so much money from there current gen consoles that THEY CAN price there next-gen consoles at those prices. but nintendo i wish the best for you this E3 and next E3 i love the wiiU but my advice would be to step up the 1st and 3rd party titles



takyon98 said:

also i think the wiiU is just carrying the dead weight of the 360 and ps3 cause thats what happen with the 360 with ps2 and original xbox games and look at it now. its playing watch dogs at a smooth 30 FPS 1080P! but seriously thats what i think



TromboneGamer said:

Getting noticed will be difficult if not nearly impossible. The games they announce will catch the attention of those who have played nintendo before, but how will they maintain a relationship with the consumer (in particular new consumers) after that? How many people are going to sell off their Wii U when they're done simply fooling around with just a game or 2 that's caught their attention?



timp29 said:

I hope Nintendo just has playable demos of Super Mario Galaxy in full HD glory and a phenomenal amount of stalls to play it on.

You can't compete with the hype of big (second time) reveals, so they should make a compelling argument of our games are amazing and you can play them right now.



PinkSpider said:

Well they have not even had a mention at EA's E3 conference, they only care about Xbox 1 and PS4



KAHN said:

all nintendo needs to do is show their adorable faces and i'l be happy ;3



NintendoPro64 said:

Looks like someone missed my post. That Xbox 1 will cost FIVE HUNDERED DOLLARS! Skim other people's posts before posting your own next time.



Rafie said:

Wow that Xbox price is a doozy! They're (MS) are trying to entice people with a special achievement for a day one purchase, plus special controller with a few perks for the upcoming games on the system.

I do have to say the new Killer Instinct looks SICK!!! How in the hell did Nintendo lose the license to that game?! Was it always Rare's game to begin with? I use to always think that KI was one of the best exclusive IP's Ninty had.



WiiUDaily said:

@rjejr Then become a game developer. A real one. Game Dev Tycoon doesn't count.

And I hope you understand Just Dance released on ALL home consoles. I'm tired of people only looking at more kid-friendly third parties on Nintendo systems. Lego is a prime example. Lego Marvels is releasing on all consoles, but people like you will just see the Wii U version and call the system kiddie for having a game all other platforms have.



Cloud-San-VII said:

To be honest, as a bit of a Sony fan, I think that Sony has a lot to show. Sadly, I can only watch the Sony one live because I'll be leaving for school and studying math by the time the Nintendo Direct starts (it makes me pretty sad.... And no, I don't think my Android would live-stream it...... DARN!). Not to mention, the Pokemon is closed doors. But at least I can catch up on it later. An d at least I can watch 1 thing live (it may not be what I prefer, but get what you can get, right?).



Cloud-San-VII said:


At least it wasn't Banjo and Kazooie, that would have hurt me even more.... but I do hope that one day Nintendo can buy Rare and all its IPs back from the clutches of Microsoft.



WaveGhoul said:

I've watched bits and pieces of Microsofts conference and you know what? It truly makes me hate the current state of the videogame industry, at least when it comes to the majority of western devs....

All i see are uninspired unevolved PS2 experiences drizzled in impressive next gen flashy '1080p' graphics. Everything is starting to look the same, everbody is trying to aim for realism and it's ripping away any sense of art direction. Where were the sidescrollers? All i see are bro fest shooters, swords & knights and ugly war themed post appocolyptic settings with uuber detailed full HD graphics with annoying cinematic flare combined with yet ANOTHER macho man narrorater with that 'end of the world' tone to his voice....Sun Set Riders and Max & the Magic Marker are aiming for something different, but the SSR trailer was just a glorified cutscene with terrible beastie boys music playing in the background. It's gauranteed to be another 3rd persoon shooter(at least you can us a gun that shoots out Vinyl discs).

I just finda lot of what they showed unnapealing and targeted towards 14 year olds. I'm sure the new metal gear will be great, but it just aint my cup of tea. Would of been nice to see a next gen surreal cartoon based rich and colorful fantasty game amongst the the slew or gun heavy puke palletted' shooter clones...., guess we'll just have to wait for Nintendo to deliver the cartoony goods.

I also need to check out some of the new kinect 2 videos, because at this point that's the only thing that has me even remotely interested.
first person shooters and 3rd person hack & slash western video games with twin stick controls makes me a sad panda indeed. I will never touch this console.



GamerZack87 said:

PlayStation 4 AND Xbox One competing with Wii U?! I'm not worried...I'm not worried at all! (O_O)



bunnyking said:

@WaveBoy I agree. Nothing stood out, even Halo looked pale in comparison to Destiny's artwork.

Ryse looked like a God of War Rip Off.

Like I said earlier, Panzer Dragon and Forza stole the show for me. Everything else looked like a graphics demo, I am hoping PS4 to show me some goods. I want to see Destiny, it is honestly the only game selling Next Gen for me besides X.

I hate to say it but Killer Instinct looked like dookies... It hasn't aged well and the graphics look like the arcade version in higher Definition.



AyeHaley said:

I watched the entire Xbox conference and was mostly disappointed. I mean realism could be kinda cool but the games they've shown mostly cater to violence-obsessed hardcore bro's. And some of the games like Dead Rising 3 look like they can be done on Wii U. I really hope Nintendo ups their game and show us lots of colorful, innovative, exciting games to counter all those gray-brownish, realistic, violent, quicktime-event games. And Game DVR..really? What is this new culture of sharing every piece of crap in your life with everyone? How do we find time to live if we follow everything everyone else is doing? Also, the One uses the same dashboard filled with ads...The reason I've stopped using my 360. Last but not least: using cloud computing for single player games? Not everyone has a stable connection..



Jajayal said:

I have my WiiU but I will also be getting another console. The vast majority of good games are unfortunately not on Nintendo consoles, but there are still a large amount of good games that will be on WiiU. It's more a choice of whether to have WiiU/PS4 or WiiU/XBone or all of them if you're rich!



Luffy said:

"I thot I could do this on my own... I've lost so much along the way. Then I see your face. I know I'm finally yours. I find everything...I thought lost before. You called my name. I come to you in you can whole." -Nintendo



jayblue said:

im buying xbox one for wee ones xmas to sit next two my wii u,that rome game,dr3,metal gear whooo,didnt see kids games they need to sort that one the u gets used for netflix.until they can get some new marios out.



Varia01 said:

How did the PS4 presentation go? Does it have a mandatory online system or backwards compatibility?

The Wii U is the champion the way I see it. The general focus toward games is a great motive, especially with the hype for tomorrow! The new 3D Mario! The new Super Smash Bros.!! Sonic Lost World!!! SECRET RETRO GAME!!!!



WaveGhoul said:


lol People get completely derailed because of those flashy superficial mouth watering durpdy' durp Next gen visuals. Like..OMG, woa! Did you get a glimpse of the extra polygons and detail in those shrubs!? Meanwhile, completely failing to realise that they're basically playing a PS2 game with a new lick of paint. Many are perfectly fine with this, i'm not. It's beyond stale for me at this point unless we're talking retro sidescrollers.



herzausstein said:

Xbox One had some impressive graphics... and that's about all I saw. I'm still very unimpressed with their DRM and privacy issues... esp. since microsoft was complicit with NSA data mining. $500 on top of XBlive subscription is also a no go for me. I was also disappointed with their focus on violent games and shooters.



Mario500 said:

Spike TV was broadcasting "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story" while Sony's news conference was taking place. Where did you get the idea that Spike TV was going to broadcast the news conference?



WaveGhoul said:

PS4 conference so far? Guns, guns, guns , swords, guns, guns, guns. sigh*
And that Second Son game looks awful, brilliant idea. not.



WaveGhoul said:


Transistor was emberassing. But at least the current slew of indie-like games are kind of neat. OctopusDad? I'm also digging Outlast.



Steveovig said:

Sony is killing it this year and Nintendo needs to come out swinging. It's make or break time for this stupid console seeing as how the PS4 is getting major exclusives and everyone keeps ignoring the U. I'm getting fed up with this Nintendo management. They just sit around and smile and act like nothing is wrong, when they're getting passed over by the PS4 and everyone else. Why did they not go for a more powerful console this time? Why?



Emaan said:

They have a new Super Smash Bros. to announce, I'm sure they'll get noticed.



WaveGhoul said:

because innovation and new types of game design are more important than 1080p HD textures in mario's mustache. The PS3 conference while a teeny bit better than MS's is boring me to tears. I'm not interested in either console at this point, these consoles do zilch in terms of innovation. Improved graphics just isn't enough for me anymore....Make way for pretty interactive movies with archiac game design. yippie! it's the PS3 all over again.

Bring on SSB4 and the new 3D Mario please!



Royalblues said:

Nintendo is in a weird place this gen. The Wii U is not nearly as powerful as the other two consoles, which is, along with any other reason a developer might skip making a game for it, a HUGE factor for companies whether or not they will release games with huge worlds, and cutting edge graphics and etc for it when it can't handle it.
I wish such was not the case. I'm not quite sure how a new SSB or Mario or even Zelda game will sway many people towards their console over things that will get more games.



Steveovig said:

It's just really starting to hit me that this console may not get much better. They're going to struggle to break even with this, in the end. I love Nintendo and their games more than any other company but Iwata and the others are running this thing into the ground.



NintyMan said:

It sounds like Sony beat out Microsoft, which is no surprise at all. After so much disappointment, at least Sony ended the first day of E3 on a positive note.

Now we'll have to wait for Nintendo's turn. The stakes are getting higher!



Steveovig said:

The stakes aren't getting higher. The Wii-U won't stand a chance against the PS4. You're naive if you think the U is going to compete with the PS4.




@Steveovig You've probably forgotten by now that even when the wii hadn't third party support and it also wasn't the most powerful console in the last console race, it managed to outsell both the ps3 and 360. YOUR TURN.



Steveovig said:

Yea but it had a good, practical gimmick. The Wii-U has a lame excuse for an iPad that can't be taken out of the house that won't catch on with anyone's grandma.



Royalblues said:

@FOURSIDE_BOY You must also understand that even the majority of the people who bought the wii weren't even the most hardcore Mario fans. The original wii was catered to a casual, family audience, which is pretty much the exact opposite thing they're trying hard to do right now.



Steveovig said:

@Royalblues I think they are trying to get more core gamers this gen but I still think they're fixated on that casual audience a bit. I can't wait to see what Wii Fit U sells like!



RupeeClock said:

I realise this is an odd place to say it, but I must congratulate Sony on a phenomenal E3 conference.
They were out for blood, there is no way the Xbox One will be able to compete with what the PS4 is offering: real value and real compassion for the consumers.
This is exactly the sort of healthy competition needed to revitalise the gaming industry, and push Nintendo to strive even better.



Royalblues said:

@RupeeClock Microsoft will either change their approach to gaming, or die! Haha.
With a $399 price point, and the used game policy they have, I think PS4 might have won it this year. But it's too early to say.



Spectator said:

Sony knocked Microsoft out at this E3, especially at the price point. Based on what I've seen so far Nintendo needs to really bring it. The third party games are becoming to good to ignore on these power houses. Nintendo has to show up with their software, right now Sony's future is looking bright.... for now.



Steveovig said:

Yea, this is do or die for the Wii U. For the sake of that system, that 3D Mario better be coming this year.



RevolverLink said:

Yeah, it's going to be pretty hard to standout after Sony just brutally murdered the Xbone in front of the entire gaming community.



GraveLordXD said:

I think Nintendo will be fine no matter what they will do ok but I must say the ps4 is looking better and better, no drm!!! And $400 not bad at all
I think Microsoft will have to change their tune



JuleyJules said:

After Sony and Microsoft's press conferences all Nintendo has to do is show fantastic games, new IPs maybe, a price drop perhaps, release dates for games and they'll do just fine! Thanks to MS with $499 Xbone!



Tertis said:

The Xbox One presentation was good. They announced plenty of good games. But the PS4 presentation burned the crap out of the Xbox One.
It's hilarious, we've already decided on getting a PS4 over an Xbox One, though that means we're missing out on Dead Rising 3, which sucks.
Lastly, notice how they've never said that FF15 and KH3 were PS4 exclusives? Could this mean... a Wii U release?



drumsandperc92 said:

PS4 just spanked X1.
But with PS4 launching at $399, I wonder if Nintendo will respond tomorrow with a price drop for Wii U...



drumsandperc92 said:

@Steveovig i have to agree with you and everyone else saying it's do or die tomorrow for Nintendo.
After seeing Sony's offering at $399, beautiful exclusives and a barrage of indie & downloadable games, the PSN and social features, and a fricken powerhouse of a system, Nintendo really needs to wow us all.
The big N needs to pull out all the stops. They made a huge bet going for the underpowered system AGAIN, and honestly I believed in them but the PS4 now has me worried for Nintendo. So many of these great 3rd party titles for PS4 and X1 could have been on Nintendo's system if they opted for the power. That, PLUS Nintendo's first party behemoths would've put them right in 1st place. But I'm not sure that Mario and Zelda alone are going to carry the Wii U up against the PS4...
They seriously need the best Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Super Smash, etc, all shown tomorrow.
They also need a major price cut to compete.
$299 for the Deluxe is an absolute must, if not $249.
No way anyone other than a die hard Nintendo fan is going to choose a Wii U over PS4 if the PS4 is only $50 more...
I'm rooting for Nintendo, seriously, but I'm also strongly considering a PS4 this holiday season if Nintendo doesn't give me a reason to get the Wii U first!
Just as Sony wrecked Microsoft's conference tonight, the ball is now in Nintendo's court and it's entirely up to them what happens next.



WaveGhoul said:

The Wii U is doing something entirely different, nintendo is doing their own thing while the PS4 & XBOX One are near identicle, hell you could say that they're almost twins. I have a strong feeling Nintendo is going to top both of them this year. Their last 2 E3's were underwhelming but they know that they're not doing so hot in terms of wii u sales so they're going to have to bust out the guns! it's all about games, games & GAMES this E3. Plus the unviel of SSB4 will most likely cripple anything that MS and Sony has shown so far.



rjejr said:

@WiiURockz - Well apparently I owe you a big apology. It was listed in my guide this morning, I swear. Anyway, you were right, I was wrong.



rjejr said:

@WiiUDaily - "Just Dance"

If it makes you feel any better I see Just Dance and Zumba and Wii Fit 2 as adult games, not kid games. The Wii is almost certainly the #1 selling home console among housewives. WiiU may do better once more games like that come out. And I know WiiU has Just Dance, that's why I said "more".



Caryslan said:

@WaveBoy The problem is, Sony can easily ride the wave of being the Next-Gen system people have waited years for. To most people, the Wii U is commonly considered a system that is equal to the Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of power.

Sony just murdered Microsoft and Nintendo is not much better off right now. Many people on here were banking on Sony putting out a system that had restrictions on used games, horrible DRM rights, and would cost an arm and a leg to own.

Sony not only defied all the naysayers, but have put themselves in position to ride a wave of hype into the fall. The Wii U will do well, but with the deluxe model sitting at 349, it will be a hard sell for Nintendo without a price drop.

And with Microsoft making blunders all over the place, Sony can market the PS4 as the next-gen system to gamers.

Make no mistake, Sony is the clear favorite right now. Super Smash Brothers and the first party games will help, but will it really be enough? Especially when if Nintendo stays stubborn when it comes to a price drop?

How much of a value will a $349 Wii U look next to a $399 PS4?

Right now, Sony can market themselves as the true Next-gen console that is cheap and has the games that people want.

Nintendo will do well, I'm sure of it. But there is no denying the fact that Sony shocked alot of people and just buried Microsoft. Nintendo will have to truly step up their game and get the third-party support in line. The first party titles will always be there. They need the third-party games.

Either way, I see this becoming a race between Sony and Nintendo this generation. Microsoft has made blunders I have not seen since the days of Sega in the mid 90's



Caryslan said:

One other thing I forgot to say, the PS4 getting Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 will get alot of attention and support.



Trikeboy said:

Microsoft had an ok show but Sony blew them out of the water. Not with games though, they sunk Microsoft's battleship with policies. The biggest response Sony got was the no DRM, not always online and not having to sign in. When the games were shown there was a modest response. The same goes for Microsoft. However, Sony is by far the king of E3 so far.

Nintendo has to pull out the big guns to get the attention. I'm sure they can but what they have to do is show game after game of AAA titles. It's a shame we won't get to judge show floor reactions to this years offerings. I remember the amount of applause Twilight Princess got at it's E3 reveal. The audience wouldn't stop, then Mr Miyamoto came out with sword and shield and the applause went up. Nintendo needs that kind of show again.



Caryslan said:

@Trikeboy This is why Nintendo needed to do an E3 presentation. With both their competitors bringing new systems to the table, I just don't think a Nintendo Direct will get the attention it needs or is enough.

All eyes are on E3, and make no mistake Smash Brothers would have a bigger impact being shown off onstage at E3 when compared to a Nintendo direct. Plus, it's easier to build up hype at a E3 show. E3 is the big one, and I thought Nintendo's decision to skip a proper presentation was a questionable idea.

It's too late for Nintendo to change things, but they really needed a full presentation. Especially given how much Sony came out swinging.



Trikeboy said:

@Caryslan Hopefully, the Nintendo Direct will be broadcast directly to the show floor so we can get the reaction shots. They don't need anyone on a stage but the video HAS to be broadcast directly (pun intended). However, you are very right that doing it on the big stage would have been much better.



P-Gamer-C said:

Soft had a ton of games but sony destroyed it nintendo at this point with wi u can be a ok secondary system and it needs a serious price drop ps4 is retailing for 399 and its light years ahead of wi u nintendo is cheating people with its current prce move it down to like 199 for deluxe



gsnap said:

If journalists cover it the way they should (EQUALLY) then it will get noticed because it's right there on the front page.



Syntax said:

I'll give a slight nod to Sony for their customers friendly decisions in a world where breathing seems the only thing that's still free, but I can't say the same for most of their games and the way there made to appeal to the degenerates who called themselves hardcore gamers.
I am tired of seeing developers getting praised and rewarded for trying to emulate worst of our unstable society and pass it off as entertainment to these people who are too cowardly to commit the violence themselves.
I just want to take my mind off of our harsh reality and enter a surreal virtual world that's different and much less gruesome to our own, but this just makes me and some of you here, just stationery pebbles against a raging river which will make it harder to find and enjoy games.
When the day that Nintendo and others that make games like them gets swept away is the day that I die as a gamer. Otherwise I usually ignore the trends that people are into these day and see what the only sane videogame company in the world has to announce.



WaveGhoul said:

"I just want to take my mind off of our harsh reality and enter a surreal virtual world that's different and much less gruesome to our own"

This. I'm the exact same way. Now, In regards to visuals, i'm finding that the more realistic they become the less interested i become. I want to be swept away into a dreamy rich & vibrant beautiful colorful fantasy world, not some cracked out run down trashed Grey & Brown city while continuesly popping alien gangsters with an AK47...This is why i love Nintendo, they're not interested in the former. Miyamoto gives gamers the unexpected.

"When the day that Nintendo and others that make games like them gets swept away is the day that I die as a gamer."

Same here. If the Wii U & 3DS didn't exsist, i'd throw in the towel and build up a huge massive retro collection. XBOX and Playstation don't have a soul, they keep releasing these safe realistic shooter games instead of taking bold risks. Risks were abound back in the Nes days. I'd rather be restrained with graphical power, so i can focus on more things that are important, ya gameplay. I didn't see anything new in terms of game design with either the XBOX one or PS4. same ol' same ol' with prettier visuals. I'm seriuosly tired of it all. Octodad was probably the most creative game they had on stage.

Anyways, I just find it hard to believe for ex, that those late 20 something and 30 year old journalists at IGN are foaming at the mouth over this violent shooter junk while normally giving the big N a big fat pass. Did they completely forget how magical the NES, & even SNES were growing up?



WaveGhoul said:


Really? I just don't see it...Ok maybe 'visually' speaking. But these games are essentially PS2 games with a new lick of paint. I just don't find it exciting.
The Wii U GamePad has far more unique possibilties that go beyond your typical dual shock or xbox gamepad all thanks to the big screen/aka 2nd window into the gaming world.



Trikeboy said:

There were some true next gen games in Microsoft and Sony's presentations but they got lost in the boring remakes and FPSs. For example, the Drivatar system in Forza sounds like the next step forward in racing games. There was very little innovation from Microsoft and Sony.



Caryslan said:

@WaveBoy Heh, I wish we lived in a world where Sega was still making consoles. I know some people will disagree with me, but Sega was one of the most innovative companies in the indsturdy during the 80's and 90's. I would even argue they often beat Nintendo in the regard that they would often put their name on games that were off the wall such as Seaman, Comix Zone, and countless other games.

Sega has that special place in gaming that not even Nintendo can match. They were the ones who often took bold chances, and innovated things such as 3-D fighters, Sega Channel, online play.

I wonder how different things would be if Sega had remained a major player.

I love the systems from the other companies, but there is something missing with Sega gone. And I think it was that lack of innovation that Sega brought to the table began to shape modern gaming.

And with them long gone, Nintendo is pretty much the only thing left of the old-guard.



P-Gamer-C said:

Knock it off with the insults and profanity. Keep stirring the pot and see what happens — TBD



FritzFrapp said:

Got to agree with some of recent posts. Like the PS4 reveal, I found this conference underwhelming and am a little sad at the direction that Sony and Microsoft are going. With each new generation, development costs have risen sharply at the expense of risk by publishers. Whereas in the 8 bit days there was a colossal range in genres, now it's boiling down to just two main ones: shooters – either first-person or third; with the occasional racer throw in for kicks.
Thank God for Nintendo.



P-Gamer-C said:

@Frapp So nintendo takes risks with games well acording to nitendo they are not focusing on new ips get real all those new ips by the big 2 seem more interesting that mario car 8 have a seat



P-Gamer-C said:

@WaveBoy I see a gimped tablet with a resistant touch screen from the old robo cop movies gamers were pleading with sony when they thought it would do the tablet controller gimick



FritzFrapp said:

No one takes risks like Nintendo. The Wii itself and the launch software. The DS and its launch software. The Japanese third-party software that Nintendo publishes and distributes for a Western audience. Online banking and gaming with the Famicom. And so on. Whole books have been written cataloguing Nintendo's risks and experiments.
You don't like the idea of Mario Kart 8, which is fair enough, but you seem perfectly happy with brown copy & paste shooter #5746. I'm not. I expect some variety and I'm not feeling that from either Sony or Microsoft.



P-Gamer-C said:

@Frapp Ps4 is all about the games its the system i thought wii u could be but nintendo has very bad managemet nintendo consoles have not had the games nore capability to dominate a living room since the n64



WaveGhoul said:

Nah, PS4 is all about mainting a sh*t color pallette of poopy & bleak immature mindless unchallenging violent shooters with tons of goopy blood & stupid QTE for all the new generation-kiddies to enjoy. Nintendo is all about the games & pushing innovation, not being reliant on shooter fads targeted towards 14 year olds who feel like they have to prove their masculinity on the school yard. But to be fair, Nintendo has been reliant on milking the 'New' SMB series, reusing the same visual asthetics, worlds, music, character models, the works. So shame on you Nintendy!

Anyways, I've noticed that Nintendo fans are generally a lot nicer and more friendlier than than Sony & MS fans. Yet those Egotistical nose up in the air 'SuperiorZzZ' PC gamers are the absolute worst. News flash! I don't care how powerful your $3000 PC is that you continuesly upgrade, it doesn't have Nintendo games.



XavandSo said:

I know this is off-topic, but has anyone else been looping Final Hours from Majora's Mask, too? I've been looping it in my headphones for the past hour or so, not stopping until that clock strikes zero.

On-topic, after watching Sony's massive bombshell, I regret to admit defeat, before we've already started. A price point of $399 and no DRM restrictions, make the Wii U just unviable now. The PS4 is next-gen in hardware, which, I know the Wii U is too, but it has the un-budging support from third-parties, unlike the Wii U. Don't flag me as spam or anything, I've been solely Nintendo-only for decades, but the PS4 is looking more and more viable. I love my Wii U, but it may see it's fate as a secondary console, something which a Nintendo console has never been in my life. It's saddening and I hope it's not true. But it is.

Three hours until judgement Direct.
<bells ringing> Hat off if you get the reference.



P-Gamer-C said:

Wii u is not even close to ps4 thats a bad comparsion wii u is like a low end pc from like 07 but slightly more efficient



Sean_Aaron said:

Nintendo just needs to shave fifty bucks off the Wii U price at the end of the year to steal the show from Sony. Again economic recovery isn't happening right now; I find it very hard to believe a $400 PC you connect to your TV is going to move a lot of units at the end of the year whether it has "Playstation" written on it or not.

If Nintendo cannot take the top slot again this gen then I'd say it's only because of a collapse of the home console market.



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C you again? the wii u and ps4 is a lot closer than you think power wise
And if that's the case the ps4 is a low in pc from 2009 so who cares man?
Fact is each one gives you something different and that's what you should be talking about
Edit: a gimped tablet? Really? I don't know any tablet that has a full button lay out and no other console lets you play couch co-op like wii u not even your almighty pc and aren't you the guy who was hyping up the xbox1 yeah dude please hava seat



dumedum said:

Btw, isn't PS3 more powerful than PS4 because of the cell amazing technology?



Syntax said:

It really don't matter what place they end up in this console race we made up, I already brought a Wii u and I expect great games from Nintendo.



Rafie said:

@LDXD they are not. The PS4 is a lot more powerful. Look up the specs man.

Anyway, I'm all for rooting for a console of your preference, but jeez some of you here can't give credit when credit is due. So do you mean to tell me that the Wii U doesn't have any flaws at all while Sony and Microsoft has one flaw after another?! Is there anyone here that isn't biased and can tell what's really on the minds of some of these angry Ninty fans?



Royalblues said:

The power of denial is strong with users like Waveboy who absolutely refuse to admit that SONY pretty much already won.50 bucks is nothing when I can get the superior machine that will no doubt have more games, and more beautiful games.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie i don't see much of a difference except for ram and how many gigs of ram does the ps4s os take up? For games its not that big of a deal so games may run a lil smoother on ps4 as opposed to the wii u that's all i can see
As far as power my laptop yes a laptop completely kills the ps4 specs
So when I buy a ps4 it will be for the games just like why I buy Nintendo consoles
the wii u is capable of running the same games as the ps4 and It wouldn't surprise me if latter on down the line some 1st party wii u games actually look better than ps4 games
Did you see killer instinct for xbox1 ? Looks like a turd



dumedum said:

@Royalblues Are you serious? The only way Sony can ever be superior strictly speaking is if it has the same games. And last time I checked, it doesn't have Mario, Mario Kart, Brawl or Zelda. Or Metroid. Or Pikmin. Or Fire Emblem. Etc etc. So that makes Sony different, not inferior, not superior, just different.



dumedum said:

@Rafie the differences are far smaller than between the Wii and the PS3, and some Wii games simply looked fantastic. Once the resolution is the same, which it is now, there is no difference anymore.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie and yes the wii u has flaws and so far Sony is impressing me with some new ips
I just don't see a huge leap in power over the wii u
Both have slow cpu's if you ask me but I don't think it will be a problem at all



Royalblues said:

@dumedum You are totally right. Mario and Pikmin are going to be the most hype-filled games this year. Lol.
Well, I'm still getting the PS4 and Wii U, and Microsoft can go do something with themselves.
Most people here can't speak objectively about all three consoles.
XB1 was good but their policies stink, Wii U is good, but underpowered, which is why a lot of developers are abandoning it. PS4 really doesn't have much bad going for it. You want to complain about social stuff they added? Go ahead, but it is still a gaming machine, and it has delivered big-time yesternight.



Royalblues said:

I can't wait to see whatever it is Retro is cooking up. I'm looking forward to that the most.



Rafie said:

@LDXD Of course we're not putting the specs up against a modern CPU. I'm just talking between the 2 consoles. There’s an 8-core AMD Jaguar/Kabini x86-64 CPU, a Radeon 7870-derived GPU with 18 compute units, and 8GB of unified GDDR5 RAM. The only standout feature here is the RAM, which provides both the CPU and GPU with 176GB/sec of unified (shared) memory. Which is pretty powerful for a console. The Wii U has 2gigs.

I'm not clowning the Wii U at all. I'm just telling you that it's really no where near as powerful as the PS4. The Wii U can't run *every*game the PS4 and Xbox One can because of the inferior hardware. That doesn't mean the games can't look as good. Oh and I'm still hurt over Killer Instinct right now. MS destroyed it. Completely.

@dumedum Yes the resolution is the same across all boards. However, (I really don't want to play the graphics card here) the graphics of the consoles will tell a different story. That is not saying the Wii U versions can't look as good as the rivals. There will be a difference when 3rd party devs are involved. Now as LDXD stated the 1st party titles can and probably will match the looks of the rivals because they are Nintendo and will use the specs to the fullest. I'm a big fan of Nintendo and I know that the console race is in Sony and Nintendo's court now. I win either way because I will have all of them. Just not the Xbox One right away.



rjejr said:

@Mario500 - Trust me, nobody was more - WTF?!? - then when I got home at 8:45 and put on Spike and saw Dodgeball. I had checked the "guide" that morning and it said "9 - 11: Sony E3 Presentation". No way I would have posted what I did without seeing that in writing first.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie to me I still think Nintendo don't really care to much what Sony or Microsoft really does which to me is a good thing
They build their console with their games in mind and know they can still make profit
I don't see a big graphical leap the only thing I can see is a game running on ps4 at 60 fps that same game will have to run at 30 or so on the wii u and a few more effects here and there, I'm just curious to what games so far that the ps4 has coming out for it that the wii u can't handle so far I see none, so the game may have to be scaled down a bit it's not that big of a deal but it depends on a lot of different things



Rafie said:

@LDXD You're right. It's not that big of deal. In terms of what games wouldn't run as smooth on the Wii U...for now I don't see any. I won't name any Sony games or XBox games because they can fully capitalize on their home console. Just like Nintendo can. I was going to say games like Destiny, but that's coming to the PS3 and Xbox, so the Wii U should definitely be able to handle it.



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C sure when games are just ported over from older hardware that wasn't initially designed for it. Go look at wwhd and that runs supposedly at 60 fps, and to me looks better than most pc games I've played on ultra also mario kart 8 looks pretty impressive also and looks on par with anything the ps4 and xcrap has. But you're the one obsessing over graphics not me



WaveGhoul said:


You're new to this site aren't you? Pro tip. Name calling will get you banned. You're really starting to show your age...Let alone, your comment was pretty darn ridiculous.lmao.I shouldn't be suprised, them PC gamer elitests take their snooty high powered gaming pretty serious. durp!



P-Gamer-C said:

There is a difference between elitism and being right and knowing it u came out your mouth first

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