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Tue 11th Jun 2013

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Jajayal commented on Reaction: Nintendo Surprises Us All With the 2...:

From working in a game shop I know there has been a lot of confusion about the 3ds and the WiiU. Most parents buying the 3ds think its a DS that does 3d. When they do know about the 3ds they want to know if they can turn off the 3d as there is a young kid playing it. This in conjunction with Pokemon X/Y will do very well.



Jajayal commented on Nintendo Download: 15th August (North America):

I'll be getting Splinter Cell on 360. I play offline co-op with my girlfriend and WiiU doesn't have it. Was really looking forward to having this type of game on my WiiU but a whole option (that is a big draw for me personally) has been wrenched out.



Jajayal commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Biggest E3 Challenge...:

I have my WiiU but I will also be getting another console. The vast majority of good games are unfortunately not on Nintendo consoles, but there are still a large amount of good games that will be on WiiU. It's more a choice of whether to have WiiU/PS4 or WiiU/XBone or all of them if you're rich!