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Wed 12th October, 2011

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Mario500 commented on Best Buy Canada Message Suggests a Mario Maker...:

"Every single day of the year is an anniversary of something horrible that happened somewhere in the world."

I liked your point; this is one reason why the eleventh of September should not be a solemn date just because of a series of tragedies that could have happened on any other date (they were also not the only tragedies to have ever occurred on the eleventh of September).



Mario500 commented on Best Buy Canada Message Suggests a Mario Maker...:

I did not find any thing wrong about the idea of having Mario Maker released on the eleventh of September and wished some folks would not associate that date with a series of tragedies commonly known by a certain variation of that date or any other variation of it (it should be treated like any other date).



Mario500 commented on Review: Donkey Kong 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

"Yes. And its a perfect emulation as far as I can see. All levels intact. The only difference is that you rescue an N64 coin instead of Pauline the second time."

Were you referring to the version of the arcade game that was required to finish Donkey Kong 64 or the version that players could access from its main menu after finishing the other version (it was supposed to be closer to the original version of the arcade game)?



Mario500 commented on Sony Pictures Is In Negotiations With Nintendo...:

I believe a new two-dimensional Mario movie that could be shown in movie theaters over the course of 60 minutes or more would be interesting for folks who usually saw him in three-dimensional games and commercial advertisements for television.



Mario500 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Donkey Kong 64:

Since PleaseUnderstan did not respond to my question about his question by now, I wish to inform some readers that there were some special green Nintendo 64 systems and controllers ("jungle green") packaged with copies of Donkey Kong 64 and Nintendo 64 expansion packs. I guess PleaseUnderstan was referring to those systems and mistook them for being yellow since there were some special "banana yellow" Nintendo 64 controllers available to new subscribers of the magazine Nintendo Power shortly after the release Donkey Kong 64 (Nintendo never had a release of a mainly yellow Nintendo 64 system).



Mario500 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Donkey Kong 64:

I liked the version of the original Donkey Kong game included with Donkey Kong 64, specifically the original Japanese version of it (the order of its stages differed from the version originally released to arcades in the United States). It was much closer to that version than any other version made for a home video game system.



Mario500 commented on The Writer Who Penned Chronicle Also Wrote A S...:

I believe Max Landis was indeed too hard on his self (or himself); too negative to be precise while composing the introduction for his script. He should think more positively about his self, remind his self that no person is perfect, and that all we can do is our very best.



Mario500 commented on New Music and Voice Samples Discovered in the ...:

To me it sounded like a person saying "hmph" originally before I had the volume for my computer speakers adjusted to hear it louder. Afterwards it sounded more like a person saying "hi".

As for the audio for the other audio player below the word "voice", it sounded like a person saying "help" both before and after I had the volume adjusted.



Mario500 commented on Weirdness: A Pokémon Fan Broke into the White...:

I would not consider the eleventh day of September to be sensitive in spite of it being treated like an outcast due to the series of tragedies that occurred on that date in the year 2001 that involved hijacked airplanes (I will always treat it as an ordinary calendar date no matter what), I guess the person who climbed the fence did not find it sensitive either.

As for what could have caused him to climb the fence, I hope to learn the cause soon (even though what he did was obviously wrong, I would not call him a negative term like some folks who would).



Mario500 commented on Feature: 12 Days of Christmas - EarthBound Esc...:

I wish Nintendo would make EarthBound available through the original Virtual Console service and give it the same price it has through the Wii U Virtual Console service. To me it would make sense financially since many folks (including folks who do not intend on buying a Wii U system anytime soon) would still buy a Wii system for its ability to play GameCube games.



Mario500 commented on Video: Here's Another Chance to Check Out Nint...:

"It was also an appearance where Fils-Aime resisted efforts by co-host Geoff Keighley for more reveals, and some may feel that Nintendo underwhelmed in revealing a character that was leaked online a number of days ago"

Was the author of the article referring to Reggie Fils-Aime? If so, why was his first name left out of the article?



Mario500 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th July (North America):

I was hoping EarthBound would be available for purchase through the original Virtual Console in addition to the Wii U Virtual Console since I don't have a Wii U system and have no interest in getting one (unless my original Wii system malfunctions).



Mario500 commented on Donkey Kong 64 Required Expansion Pak to Preve...:

"Chris Marlow, one of the game’s programmers, has confirmed in a recent director’s commentary video (which should only be viewed by mature audiences)"

What did the author or editor of the article mean by "mature audiences"?



Mario500 commented on Club Nintendo Rewards Updated for May:

What are your feelings about Square (Square Soft was the name of a subsidiary of Square, by the way)?

The reason the princess was not called by her first name (Peach) in the English version of Super Mario RPG was because she was usually referenced by only her last name (Toadstool) and title (Princess) in games and other mediums produced for the North American market by the time of the game's original release in that market. I remember the game Yoshi's Safari being an exception to the rule, since it was released in North America years before Super Mario RPG.