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StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Brings New Paid Downloadable Games

Posted by Orla Madden

Immerse yourself in four new quests, Europeans

Along with the new System Update for the 3DS, which Nintendo delightfully sprung upon us without an announcement, European and Japanese firmware updates were treated to a new and improved StreetPass Mii Plaza.

The new plaza still includes Puzzle Swap and StreetPass Quest 1 & 2, which we've grown to love since the console's launch, but now comes with the option of purchasing four new titles from the Plaza Shop - Streetpass Squad, StreetPass Garden, StreetPass Battle and StreetPass Mansion.

They're priced £4.49 / €4.99 each, with a Combo pack setting you back £13.49 / €14.99. As with the standard games, progress through the various challenges is completed by meeting others through StreetPass, or by spending play coins.

StreetPass Squad - Side scrolling shooter, where you're an elite team member of the space police; your mission being to heroically save StreetPass Galaxy from the Gold Bone Gang.

StreetPass Garden - Become Master Gardener under the guidance of Mr. Mendel after you move to your new home in Leafington. To progress, you need to grow lots of flowers and decorate your garden with people you meet. Mii encounters are very important as it helps your plants to grow.

StreetPass Battle - A game of strategy and luck, you begin by ruling a remote country in a war-torn land. Wentworth, your trusty butler, helps you build an army via Streetpass to battle other generals. Your ultimate goal is to conquer the world in this quest

StreetPass Mansion - You're a detective sent on a spooky paranormal investigation - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, anyone? - to solve the mysterious happenings at a haunted house with your young assistant, Ella Mentree. Reveal the truth, and battle your way to the top floor.

It should be noted that various 3DS owners, including some within the Nintendo Life team, are reporting issues when attempting to buy the games, with the app crashing and automatically closing down, though some have successfully purchased these games.

Have you downloaded any of the quests yet, do any of them appeal to you? As always, let us know in the comments section below.

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Rhinne said:

I don't like this new direction Nintendo are taking with DLC.

They were always the one developer that I could rely on to provide quality content without getting greedy and now they're throwing out DLC all over the place. It's a slippery slope and they're starting to slide.



blueeaglewombat said:

I like the option of buying new Streetpass quests or games, but I don't like the set up Nintendo is using. I'd rather have all the DLC's in the eShop, instead of each title hosting it's own "shop" button in the app.



Kyoto said:

@Rhinne it's not that bad. Streetpass Mii Park isn't a game by itself. This DLC amuses those people that like this app much



Rhinne said:

I'll wait to see some screenshots and reviews before I buy any. It will be nice to have more to do when I get a streetpass hit as all I do now is check for puzzle pieces, but it seems a little expensive unless there's a lot to do.



sikthvash said:

No problems here - got the Xenoblade Puzzle Panel then did an update and was allowed to purchase the combo-bundle from the shop, which downloaded fine. Yet to try any of them yet though



sikthvash said:

@heathenmagic - it gave me the option after attempting to buy one of the games - it seemed to be a bit hit and miss though as the first time I tried I didn't have enough free blocks and then it took a few more attempts at asking the Rabbit before he offered the combo bundle again



aris77 said:

just tell the rabbit that you want to buy a game (whichever) and then it will tell you that there is a combo option.... you just get the discount offer just once (ie before you make your first purchase)...
from what i can see so far, it is worth going for the combo option... the games look cool!



ZueriHB said:

mine just crashes at the shop and scrolling trough my Miis
Redownloading the Title Update didn't change anything.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'll update in a few days or so, to avoid any bugs. Though I doubt I'll buy any soon, I rarely get streetpass hits.



aris77 said:

@ZueriHB my region is set to greece and i got a bit higher firmware ( i also downloaded all games without any problems. maybe you should try that for a while?



heathenmagic said:

@sikthvash @aris77 Thanks guys for the help! I think the combi price seems good value, but separately I would have to think again. With Fire Emblem, DLC was a must for me, so guess it depends how much you like the game to start with.



sikthvash said:

Apparently you can get both (eventually) not sure how it works whether the LoZ: SS will come through later for me and the other for you - we shall see! Plenty more pink pieces to get then!



Volmun said:

cool but im another one who keeps crashing 8( but the new games sound cool. im also crashing when i triy to lookat all the Mii's iv collected - just updated my old 3DS and all the suff seams to werk perfectly (my old 3DS is a gen1 black 3DS i got on day1) realy enoying it wont werk on my new 3DS 8(



Rhinne said:

@sikthvash My daughter just got a piece for New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U, so looks like there may be 3 new puzzles.



sikthvash said:

Fire Emblem DLC is / was indeed an essential purchase!
I think the bundle is a good deal - I use Streetpass on a daily basis. Luckily for me, I have a Sister and Girlfriend who are both as crazy for Nintendo stuff as me heh ^_^ I seem to be getting more hits recently too so I think a lot more people now own 3DSs after the free game promotion and awesome line-up of games



Shugo said:

I've had zero crash issues on my Japanese 3DS. Methinks there's something wrong with Nintendo's European servers, given most of the crashes are related to buying the new items.



sikthvash said:

Awesome!! Hopefully that panel will filter through for me eventually ^_^ Trying hard to complete the Animal Crossing one at the mo!



Rhinne said:

I've just updated my firmware to v6 (I have a Zelda edition 3DS) and then updated the Streetpass Plaza - it crashed for me the first time I launched it. The plaza itself is now working, as are the original games, but if I try to view any of the new ones in the store it locks up and crashes the app.

Just updated a second 3DS - standard black model - and that's doing the exact same thing.



jetforce said:

Updated 3 DS consoles, a 3DS and 2 3DSXL - the 3DS worked fine and the front page has a little arrow at the bottom of the screen taking you to the software update. The 2 3DSXL consoles both fail! the arrow icon is not there and the consoles freeze when you try to access the new games!! Lastly, we geot Super Mario + Super Luigi panel.. I hope this firmware fail doesn't mean I will lose all of our hard earned puzzles and street passes !!! any thoughts people?



Bass_X0 said:

Won't be buying these. But I'm okay with these existing. Just because it doesn't appeal to me doesn't mean it won't to other people.

I think too many gamers have self-entitlement issues. That everything has to appeal to them personally or it should never have existed in the first place.

Just because DLC exists doesn't mean you have to buy it.



Bulbousaur said:

I found Streetpass Quest rather disappointing to be honest, there are simply not enough people with 3DSs to make games such as this worth it outside of Japan, and constantly spending coins is just boring. I'm not even considering buying these. Maybe these will be better value when the "Streetpass Stations" that were talked about are introduced, but even then I'd much rather spend my money on a Virtual Console game or something.

And I have to say, something which is essentially a minigame for £4.50? I'm sorry, but that is just greedy.



jpxdude said:

Sucks about the crashing Hope that Nintendo can fix this soon!

On the bright side, seems to be 4 different puzzles so far!

Xenoblade Chronicles
TLoZ: Skyward Sword
New Super Mario/Luigi Bros. U
Nintendo: 'Heroines'



sikthvash said:

No crashes still so far and I've tried out all the games by either selecting on the touch screen or by selecting them from the game menu. I wonder why I've escaped the crashes....



skywake said:

Mine crashes two different ways. If I go through my Miis it crashes about 20 or so in and if I try to purchase something. Everything else is running really fast. Hopefully they patch it quickly....



sikthvash said:

StreetPass Mansion is my favourite so far. It's kind of like Streetpass Quest where you build each floor of the mansion by acquiring Tetris shaped pieces gathered from Streetpass people. There's items and secrets to find too! Battling foes is real time rather than turn based but there is strategy involved as you will need to watch you don't deplete your batteries (power source for first weapon) and take time to use items and shield yourself from attacks. StreetPass Garden is prob my least favourite but I'm not saying it's bad it's just different from the rest really.



sikthvash said:

Streetpass Battle is kind of like a very basic Fire Emblem-esque game but there is no grid to move around with or deep customisation involved. Battle events are structured around Rock Paper Scissors and involves a little bit of skill but mainly luck. It's satisfying though. It's worth noting that you get a free ticket / coupon to use in the Exchange Booth from this game which can be used to purchase hats - I also got an additional one for free for using it for the first time. I don't want to say any more really as I don't want to spoil anything ^_^



PinkSpider said:

Really dont see the problem with this, street pass is over 2 years old so it will be nice to see something new and why shouldn't Nintendo charge a fee. Someone had to develop it, it's not like it's been locked away for 2 years in the 3DS and there charging a fee to unlock it.
I for one will be street pass is great im still completing quest 2 its taking an age. Lol
But I haven't given up hope plus I have nearly all puzzle pieces
Thank you Nintendo
I just hope there worth the money :-/



Sakura said:

I don't care that this is purchasable content. This is a new extension to the original games that takes money to develop and is not obligatory. Nintendo has done so much for the 3DS (WiiU stuff to come surely) that I would willingly donate anyway. Well, maybe I'm a bit obsessed.. I do wish they'd released the puzzles before though - then I could have used the special miis for the special pieces. They sent 6 and I already had all puzzle pieces, now there are more puzzles and no special miis...oh well. Streetpass is like Animal Crossing in that it's designed to be open-ended.



Rhinne said:

This is why I don't like the fact that Nintendo are charging for DLC. A statement from 2011:

"'I've had this conversation with a number of our key developers, and their mentality is, "Reggie, when we sell a game, we want the consumer to feel that they've had a complete experience." Now, in addition, if we want to make other things available, great, and we'll look at that.
But what we're unwilling to do is sell a piece of a game upfront and, if you will, force a consumer to buy more later. That's what they don't want to do, and I completely agree. I think the consumer wants to get, for their money, a complete experience, and then we have opportunities to provide more on top of that."

While it may not be forced, it's going against Nintendo's core values of what they want to provide their customers. It is Nintendo that are being forced down this path by the unfortunate turn of the gaming industry.



SteveBosman said:

Having just completed my hat collection I was hoping for a streetpass quest 3, but I think the DLC will do when I get past the bugs and actually purchase the stuff.

I'm happy to see that you can now meet miis more than 99 times (live in a house with more than one 3DS and this rapidly becomes a noticeable limit).



RupeeClock said:

I like this, just extra content if you'd like to buy it.
The rabbit salesman is quite cheeky though, he talks about the games at length and actually engages you with some questions, if you respond disinterested he might actually keep talking, like on the Streetpass Garden one.
The fact he pulls out his fancy new tablet, hahaha.
I'd stress to even call this DLC when they are more like actual full games that run within the Streetpass Mii Plaza, with how much I've put into Streetpass Quest 1 & 2 I'd have to say paying for a few new games may be worth the money.
To be honest they really should've provided ONE free title, but I guess the combo pack thing is alright too. To be honest I was not going to buy Streetpass garden of the four of them, but since the combo-pack is there I might as well get it too.



Maustallica said:

@Rhinne I can't see how the launch of these four new games contradicts any part of that Reggie quote. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy the new content. We got an extremely complete experience from StreetPass Mii Plaza that people have been enjoying for two years. And now they're providing more on top of that.

You're entitled to your own views on DLC ethics, of course, but there's absolutely no discrepancy between that 2011 value statement and what they're doing now.



Volmun said:

thes games are hardly "DLC" as ther games not just Add On's ... so by some ppl's logic all D-load games are DLC... & as others have sed no one is forceing you to buy them. Also whiy suld Nintendo HAVE to make them free? we've bean luck to get asmenny free stuff as we have.



Zach777 said:

At least the European glitch isn't as bad a the US glitch! It didn't even update the option to buy these modes in the StreetPass Plaza for us here.

SPOILER.........I know it's not a glitch.........SPoILER



SBOY said:

I've got almost no streetpass in my city... So if I pay for that it's I'll miss most of it because of that...



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah same i get no streetpass thats the thing about being here in the US even in LA but the games sound cool D=



Damo said:

@Shugo Same here, Japanese servers appear to be fine, but every time I try to download on my EU 3DS, I get the crash.

I've heard rumours that its related to the number of Miis you've met, which could be true - I have over 300 on my EU 3DS and only 11 on my Japanese model.



Damo said:

@zenarium But have you purchased any of the new games? That's when it crashes, not during the update process (which went without a hitch on my European 3DS).



zenarium said:

@Damo Oh... sorry. No, I didn't buy any of the games. I am waiting for Nintendolife's review, if they review the new games.



zenarium said:

@Musterd It does not? In that case I don't think I will buy the new games because I found 2 people with street pass sicne I have my 3DS ( I am a 3DS embassador).



BakaKnight said:

Ironically my XL, which it's always at home and never streetpass, works fine, but my basic 3DS with which I use for streetpass keep crushing XD

Really hope to get it work and download the games, I'm not the biggest streetpasser, but I almost daily find at least a person or two (plus I cheat and streetpass myself with the XL, I admit it XP).



Tindre said:

My 3ds freezes when I try to go to the mii plaza store :<

Edit: and this is why I should read comments before I post



LordGeovanni said:

@Rhinne (Post #1)
Agreed. I don't like DLC EVERYTHING either... And HOW am I suppose to get these on my backup 3DS if I can't put just $15 onto it? Am I going to have to spend $20 for these? On a Backup 3DS?



kitroplious said:

@Damo I look forward to what the NL team has to say about these.

And if you're reading this Nintendo of America, I will DEFINITELY buy the whole set if you ever bring this huge StreetPass Mii Plaza update to NA, please? You've know how much money I spent already on the Nintendo eShop (over $2,000!). Up to you, but I'll be ready if you choose to do it.



Digital-Deviant said:

I emailed Nintendo ref crashing, this was the response:

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your email.

We do sincerely apologise for this error it is something we are aware of and are looking to rectify as quickly as possible.

We are very sorry for any disappointment and inconvenience this may have caused.
Kind regards,

Colin Strife
Nintendo UK



RQuinain said:

I am buying this as soon as it comes to American 3DS's. StreetPass Plaza is without a doubt one of my favorite apps on the 3DS. MAKE IT HAPPEN NOA!



FernandoMachado said:

wtf why this aint in america? i thought the europeans were the ones who always got stuff last but nintendo of america is surprising me lately x



geozeldadude said:

i'm pretty excited about this. i live in a fairly big city in the US so i get streetpasses fairly regularly, and i've enjoyed the previous modes. i think charging for what are essentially new games is fair, although the price sounds a bit high based on the descriptions. but it's possible the games themselves are deep enough to make it worthwhile, and the combo price is more acceptable.



heathenmagic said:

Just downloading combi pack now! I don't get many streetpasses, but I like it. Not sure why ha. I think Nintendo are pulling out all the stops with this, that relay thing they are doing might get more hits on the plaza.



clavier141 said:

I very rarely get streetpass hits so these games might be a miss for me unless these new relay stations make a difference. The streetpass battle sounds the most interesting to me.



jpfan1989 said:

Does anyone else read the description to GARDEN as a creepy murder story

Decorate your garden with people you meet, they help your flowers grow....
I will use heads as planters and water the garden with blood, bodies will be ground up into compost ....

That's just what came to my mind.. I need to stop watching horror films.



LittleIrves said:

I have no problem with the price on these. StreetPass came with the system, so it's not entirely free, but between Find Mii and Puzzle Swap I've spent close to 40 hours with my little Mii neighbors. Luckily I live in a city where I pass people most days. I've been waiting for more games that use StreetPass, and I'll gladly pay the 15 or so for the lot of 'em, (if/when they come to North America.... really hope they don't wait until the Relay Service is set up later in the summer).



C-Olimar said:

I think the update is breaking randomly.

Also, why do many, many people suddenly think Nintendo should give out games for free? If you actually bother to look into this, you'll see that Nintendo actually paid 3rd parties to make some of these games (Prope and Grezzo). Why should they be free?

Streetpass Squad looks great! I'll probably get the pack though...



TheAdza said:

Although I doubt that I will be able to get the most out of these games, I do reccomend them for people who do a lot of streetpassing. I was hoping that Nintendo would allow for more play coins to be earned per day. Sadly this isn't the case. A bit unfair for people who don't live in cities.



AVahne said:

How is it greedy when they're just releasing new games that can be used with the streetpass function? They didn't have to release anymore games at all.

EDIT: Also, they NEVER SOLD MII PLAZA TO YOU BEFORE. Nintendo is NOT selling you a piece of a game and then making you pay for the rest. This was and still is a free built in app with some free activities. Now they're just giving you the choice to buy more activities if you want and if you like the app enough. They're not forcing you to get any of this for the "complete" experience. All this new content was made LONG after 3DS released. They're not going back on any of their policies.
And I should read all the comments before commenting; I'd also like for you to elaborate on how Nintendo's been going back on their word about DLC. I don't know about their other games, but I have Fire Emblem Awakening and have bought the DLC. I can say without error that the DLC in no way limits the main game at all. You get the full package when you compare it to other FE games and the DLC merely acts as fan-service, bonus challenges, and side stories that have very little to do with the main game's story.



zachts98 said:

@Rhinne what do you mean so much DLC. Its your choice your choice to buy it or not. I haven't really seen much DLC from Nintendo. It is clearly better than a lot of other companies DLC. Capcom is the DLC mastermind and nintendo is not following them, they are just experimenting with it. I am completely satisfied from nintendo's decision on DLC. At least they are not releasing costume packs!!!!



zachts98 said:

@Koto I completely agree Nintendo has done nothing wrong with their DLC. I love this new DLC way they are taking. If they don't pull any Capcoms i'll support them with this!!!!



ikki5 said:


Um.... Reggie said in your quote "But what we're unwilling to do is sell a piece of a game upfront and, if you will, force a consumer to buy more later. That's what they don't want to do, and I completely agree. I think the consumer wants to get, for their money, a complete experience, and then we have opportunities to provide more on top of that."

They are not forcing people to buy this. plus this was a FREE piece of software that came with the 3DS system so you NEVER paid money for it. So really, they didn't go make a piece of software for you to go buy, then go and make more content in which you will have spend even more for this piece of software. They GAVE it to you, then over time decided to make more available for it if you wish to buy. They game you the full service when you get your 3DS however over time, yes, it gets boring and I am pretty sure people only use it primarily for puzzles to collect and if you don't have all the hats by now then you quickly go through the quests which get really dull very fast. Now, they decided to provide something new to the service that would have taken time to develop and really only ask a small price for it from what started as a FREE on the 3DS where you never paid for it except to buy your system which you would have bought even f it didn't have the feature, I know I would have because when I got my 3DS, I never even knew was street pass was until two weeks after. So really, it is greedy at all. What is being greedy is you complaining about them charging a bit of money for something that was developed for you to enjoy if you wish to buy on a service that comes free with your 3DS.



Objection said:

A) Nintendo already gave us Find Mii II for free, which was cool and a huge improvement on the original. (Still hoping for FM III in a yea or so.)

B) Having not seen them in any form and obv not played them here in NA, just off the description, these minigames do seem a little overpriced.



bahooney said:

Any word on new hats? I am absolutely in love with the hats, but after I got the Famicom hat, I stopped trying because I had reached my zenith.



kdognumba1 said:

Wow, I guess I'm late to the party! This sounds pretty stinking awesome, I hope they all come to the Americas!



Vallu said:

I tried to buy these and can't. I bought something else now and will not buy these. Do you even use your mii in these games?

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