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Impressions: The Best Buy "Nintendo Experience"

Posted by Ron DelVillano

Bringing E3 to the masses

This year’s E3 has come and gone and the Nintendo Life team made it through the coverage mostly unscathed. We brought you all of the latest and greatest news from Nintendo, and our man on the street Anthony John Agnello even brought you our first impressions from games that he got a taste of on the show floor. What didn’t receive as much attention from us, however, is Nintendo’s efforts outside of Los Angeles. Specifically, The North American Best Buy demo events.

On the Wednesday and Saturday following the Nintendo Direct presentation on 11th June, over 100 Best Buy stores across The United States and Canada provided playable demos of four of the Wii U games showcased during the broadcast. The select games were Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, and we were lucky enough to attend one of the events. While the games on display were limited to short demonstrations, and all four are, as our first impressions explain, perhaps considered as new versions of games that already exist – literally in the case of Wind Waker HD – the fact remains that these are unreleased games, and everyone in attendance had the opportunity to give them a try.

The real question here is whether or not events like this are worth holding. Is there enough fan interest to justify setting up events like this? Does Nintendo really benefit from showing off its games six months to a year before release? Do gamers actually care that much about previewing games that will eventually reach them sooner or later? We don’t have all of the facts and figures to provide a solid answer to any of these questions, but based on what we experienced at the chain store this past week, it’s easy to say that Nintendo’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

Being the always prepared and ever diligent journalists that we are, we decided to show up to the event a bit early, assuming the crowds wouldn’t start filing in until later in the day. We couldn’t be more wrong. By the time we arrived, Best Buy’s video game section was already swarming with fans adorned with foam Luigi hats and Mario Kart flags, just some of the free swag offered to attendees as incentives by Nintendo. According to Jesse, the knowledgeable and brave Nintendo rep who coordinated the event that we attended, an estimated 500 individuals showed up to his store between the two days. Consider that the number is for only one location out of over a hundred across the continent, and you have a pretty sizable group of fans willing to sacrifice their afternoons for a glimpse of what their gaming future might hold.

People of all ages were in attendance, and none of them seemed overly bothered by the line, as long as they got their chance at a new Nintendo classic. What could have been a brutal wait, matched only by the line at the newest Disney park ride, quickly evolved into an unofficial 3DS StreetPass meet up. The masses whipped out their 3DS systems and began gaming while waiting in line to play games. We engaged in some rounds of Mario Kart 7, talked to some Nintendo Life readers, and even got to visit strangers’ towns in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Everything came full-circle. We were all engaged and sharing in the same experiences. The Nintendo singularity.

The turnout was better than expected, and the added bonus of receiving what was dubbed “Luigi Loot” was definitely appreciated, but that’s not to say that the event was without its flaws. Though complaints were kept to a minimum, and almost everyone in attendance found ways to entertain him or herself, the wait times were a bit extreme. Rather than providing separate monitors or stations for each of the four games on display, they were all made available on only one Wii U console. This is clearly a logistical and economical decision on the part of both Nintendo and Best Buy, but it really did put an undeniable damper on the experience. Surprisingly though, not many people were seen stepping out of and leaving the line. It seems as though Nintendo fans would rather wait 2 hours to play 7 minutes of Zelda than turn their heads and slouch back out the door.

It’s easy to make the argument that the event could have gone smoother, but the point here is that an attempt was made. Nintendo saw an opportunity to reach out to their fans and jumped on it, resulting in something that served a double purpose of increasing the hype surrounding future game releases and bringing gamers together. It’s possible that in the future Nintendo might figure out a way to make their events easier on the attendees, or even reach a more global audience by streaming demos straight to home Wii U consoles. It’s also very possible that Nintendo makes a proper appearance at E3 next year and scraps the demo events altogether, but only time will tell. For now, we think that Nintendo put forth a valiant effort by going above and beyond in an attempt to reach out to their fans – something that the other major companies didn’t even hint at; we can only hope that these efforts continue to expand.

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There wasn't one in my local area


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mystman12 said:

I went with my brother, and we had a great time! We had to wait two and a half hours, but while we waited, we played a little bit of Animal Crossing with some people, (not for long though, because I hadn't charged my 3DS battery very much) and got a whole bunch of "Luigi loot"! I think all that was definitely worth ten minutes of Mario Kart 8!



FiveDigitLP said:

I strongly considered driving 1.5-2 hours to go to an event like this (I have no idea why they didn't put these at more Best Buy stores!), but once they announced the games I didn't feel like it was worth it. They all look like great games, but I'll probably buy them all eventually, and going to try them isn't going to change my thoughts on them.
Then again, getting the street pass tags would have been nice...



dumedum said:

@RichardsShadow And yet would have missed the point of getting the game to stores and forming the relationship with BestBuy. This served as public advertisements to buy the Wii Us.



GiftedGimp said:

I hope the demo's appear on eStore at somepoint, and they probably will but with possibly a bit of refinement, especially Mario Kart still with long development time left.
I envy those able to go and experience the demo's and hopefully the best buy event turned a few heads of non-wiiu owners.
My favorite report from the bestbuy event was the fact Microsoft felt so desperate they had to get employee's at the Bestbuy event to try to persuade people to buy Xbone, rather than WiiU. It really shows how MS are now in damage limitation mode.
Those who don't believe MS did go to these events need to watch this: and Turn your volume up and listen carefully fof the MS employee's solution to stop being spied on by Kinect at the very end.



Mayhem said:

The Best Buy experience with added Microsoft at some places. Pity this wasn't next month when I'm over there so I could have both tried it, and given the M$ rep a piece of my mind for gatecrashing the events...



Madmanonfire said:

I was lucky that my local Best Buy wasn't nearly as busy as this one. I arrived 15 minutes early on day one to find only four people signed up before me. It continued to be quiet for the first hour, so I was allowed to sign up for two time slots and tried out 3D World and Tropical Freeze. I was also the first one there to get a medallion, so I had a great time.



AlexSays said:

There was one Microsoft person that might have been told to talk to people at the Nintendo event.

It's not like this is a regular occurrence and we don't even know what exactly happened.

To answer the question in the article, no. Nothing can make me go to Best Buy.



LordGeovanni said:

They probably stretched to just get to the 100 BestBuy stores. Hopefully they will like this idea and attempt to get to more stores next year.

(And have more than one demo unit per store. It was most likely an economical but they could have made a demo disc game and had BestBuy open up some of their stock for WiiUs to use. I am sure that they could find 5 people to buy the system, after the experience, if it came with the demo)



tchaten said:

My BestBuy event was fantastic - I managed to play everything except Zelda - because I could hop on as player 2 in many cases.

As mentioned in the article - that event was StreetPass heaven! I also added about 15 new 3DS FriendList friends - first time using the local friend exchange - that was awesome - already played Mario Kart 7 and ACNL with folks I met at the BestBuy.

I would love for Nintendo to host more and more of these - every three months to gather up the Nintendo community and play upcoming titles would be a big thing for raising awareness and connecting the local fanbase.

I really wish the 3DS units they had had upcoming 3DS titles - that would have been another opportunity for them to show off upcoming wares.

Oddly I heard that the store I went to had a bigger day Wednesday than Saturday - evidently the big Nintendo folks took off work to attend, versus waiting until Saturday like I did!

(That Luigi Coin is beautiful)



sinalefa said:

At least people outside of California could try these demos. Not everyone can go to E3.

Now, please do the next logical step and put the demos on the eShop for the whole world to try. The first of those games to release will be until October, so it would be great to have a little taste now. Like a "thank you" from Nintendo for being early adopters.



GiftedGimp said:

@AlexSays Erm watch the vid i added to post.
One employee doing it off his own back?? Pleeeeaaseee.. how niave do you think people are? Obviously not every bestbuy event would have had emplyees there, or have someone there all the time the event was on as it would of been a dead give away. Microsoft are Greedy, and Underhanded not Dumb and Stupid.



AlexSays said:

@GiftedGimp yes you are right, Don Mattrick himself called this one guy up out of all the Best Buys in the country and said..


Since you know, it has so many games (like two or three now?) and its just selling like crazy. Lord, if they have this many people at Nintendo events, they'll have to hire a few thousand more employees once Sony launches their console.



iphys said:

Yeah, I had a surprising amount of fun, despite waiting over an hour and a half to try out Mario Kart 8. The streetpasses were awesome, I played MK7 with a big group of people, and the loot was great too. They should have had more demo stations, so people could try all 4 games though.



FiveDigitLP said:

Yeah, perhaps they did. It's just frustrating when I live in a fairly big city (Tulsa, OK), but they decided to have it in the only other large city of the state (Oklahoma City).
Then again, if every event had to be hosted by a Nintendo rep, then that might explain things. I've talked to the one we have in our area and I believe she alone covers a wide range.



Sir_JBizzle said:

I went to mine on Saturday and it was moderately packed. if we hadn't had severe storms in our area that day, I truly believe attendance would've been higher. Suffice to say, there wasn't anymore Wii U's in stock by the time I left, so I think this experiment was successful. Hopefully they will do this next year in more locations with more than one demo unit available.

I'm hoping for the demos to show up in the eShop eventually as well, but I can understand why they wouldn't do it (at least not yet). It would slow the eShop down to a crawl. Lol



SkywardCrowbar said:

I went with my fiancee and one of my friends to the Mall of Georgia location. Massive number of people! Our wait was almost 2 hours. We played Donkey Kong, it was awesome.

The great thing about it was that it wasn't just all Nintendo fanboys there. There were a fair amount of parents with their young kids looking into buying a Wii U there as well.

Overall, it went well. Lots of excitement for Nintendo.



Captain_Toad said:

Still kicking myself for not going to that event..... if not for the Wiiu games at least for the street passes.



Shambo said:

@19Robb92 yes and no. this would indeed bring nintendo's e3 to everyone, but on the other hand there'd be no hype whatsoever, it wouldn't bring nintendo fans and curious people (who probably don't own a wii u) together and there's no option for the latter group to see a line, try it, and directly preorder/take the system home. this was an amazing move by nintendo, and i hope to see it really globally next year, i wouldn't mind a two hour trip for many streetpass hits and the closest i'll ever get to e3.

of course now it's over, nintendo should gradually release the demo's to wii u owners for free.

then, they'll win everything. i'll probably get them allbanyway, eventually... big fan and collector, can't help myself.



Brian1010 said:

I went to the event closest to me (Charlottesville, VA) on Saturday, but didn't sample any of the demos despite the light crowd there. It was attracting curious shoppers, though, which was the point. To those who ask about eShop demos, they're trying to get those that DON'T have a Wii U yet interested in the system. Plus, I'm pretty sure Best Buy wanted the foot traffic, and wouldn't have agreed to this in the first place if Nintendo had also put demos online. And frankly, I daresay most Wii U owners will be getting those games anyway, which they also undoubtedly realize (I know Mario Kart 8 and DK are day one for me, anyway).



Shworange said:

If this was common at the other best buys, I'm sure this may be more widespread next year



ebonlynx said:

My sister went with me to play Mario Kart 8 and it was great! Saw a guy with a 3DS and the Nintendo rep guy was pretty nice. Had a family reunion on Saturday so we went on Wednesday. I hope they do more of this in the future! ^_^



deitypower said:

Nintendo's marketing strategy is so unbelievably awesome. They inspire me. When I heard about this, I knew it would be successful, no doubt. Next year, I hope they have a demo at least one in every capital of a country though that might not be possible.



bassoongoon said:

As mentioned in the article, I think streaming demos straight to user consoles would be a GREAT idea.



Dogpigfish said:

It was fantastic in Des Moines. Gal who ran it was superb and what was estimated a 2 hour wait was only an hour. The kids loved it and I hope they do it again next year.



tchaten said:

@Shambo I think the way to do it is to have eShop demos for Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 and other closer to release titles. Then have BestBuys - 300 or more next year have the more far out games - so I think eShop is great, but gathering the Nintendo community along with curious folks has great value.

Another thing - why the heck didn't Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8 allow for 4 player in the demo - that would have allowed for so many more people to play the demos and play multiple demos!



Aqueous said:

I had a blast, 2 hours for about 3 minutes of Mario Kart 8. Well worth it, lots of tags too.
One of my friends was planning to point Microsoft people to the Blue Ray section if any showed up, none did.



1958Fury said:

I went, it was fun. I got to play 3 tracks of Mario Kart 8, and watched other people play Donkey Kong and Mario 3D Land. Nobody picked Zelda while I was there, that was disappointing. But I got a Luigi hat.



BossBattles said:

I went to an event but it was too packed, forgot my 3DS for streetpass, and had to leave before my name came up. I was shocked there wasn't at least two screens. It was good to see nintendo fans out in the wild, and mario kart 8 looked great.



Rect_Pola said:

I went since a location was near the metro I take to work. I was lucky a whole two pages of the priority list hadn't arrived and they switched to a first come line. I saw the writing on the wall before it was declared and ambled near the would-be line start.



B3ND3R said:

I went to our local BestBuy, and I must say, 4 demos and 57 streetpasses later, I was beyond happy. I got there two hours early, helped the guy from Nintendo set up, and got to sign up for all four demos, one after the next... I had my cousins and friend with me, so I got to try Mario 3D World 4-player, which was amazing! I greatly look forward to all the games they had on demo, especially WindWaker. Oh, I also got a Luigi hat, and both Mario Kart flags (one with Mario, the other with Luigi).. All three of which are on my game-collection shelf.



edcomics said:

I didn't have enough patience to stick around. There was only one screen, and everyone was playing Mario Kart. It was hard to see the action because of the crowd. There was no free "swag," as advertised. They set it up in a competition format, where you could choose a prize if you won a race in Mario Kart, or something else like that. I thought the setup was really weak, and it was a shame there weren't more new games being demoed. Wonderful 101 would've been nice. shrug The only thing I walked way with was an ad booklet for the WiiU, and even that was defective. I don't know if it's worth holding this sort of demo. At least I got a nice batch of StreePasses.



WarioPower said:

I was considering going, but I decided that it isn't worth it to drive about 45 minutes to the nearest participating Best Buy, only to then wait in line. Plus, I had work to do on those days anyways...



WebHead said:

I arrived early and played Mario Kart 8 with someone and had a blast! The rep told me Mario Kart 8 would run in 1080p.



justinj42 said:

I showed up 2 and a half hours early an was first in line, so I didn't get those waits you're talking about. They did start sending people away at the start of the event because it was too crowded. After one game they told me to leave. But Tropical Freeze was fun!



SphericalCrusher said:

I went to one in Georgia. I was able to play Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, and DK. I saw Wind Waker being played. All games were amazing. I only got a lanyard, tattoos, candy, and a Mario Kart flag, but it was fun. They ran out of first place prizes. Was an awesome experience. Got plenty of street passes and got to see Nintendo Zone on 3DS for the first time.



Kirk said:

Well the idea was good but only having one console available for play with all the games on it is frikin ridiculous.



Kirk said:

Yes, surely it would make sense to put these demos up on the eShop and let people give the games a wee try firsthand at home, even if it's a limited time offer kind of deal.



Arock said:

I took my Kids to the one in Langley B.C. and it was a great time. The line wasn't too long and moved fast. There were 3 Nintendo reps there who gave my kids 3DS's to play with. They did Nintendo trivia and gave away prizes when you got the answers right. I played Donkey Kong with my daughter, 4 player 3D Mario World, and 2 player Mario Kart. You had to "Win" a 4 player round of 3D Mario World to get a hat or coin but I asked the rep nicely if my kids could have hats (they REALLY wanted hats and suck at games) The rep let them do a Nintendo theme song and dance for hats. It was cool.



tchaten said:

@SphericalCrusher Yea I had to drive 90 minutes to get to mine - live in Manchester, NH - 3 stores in the Boston area had demo stores.

As far as prizes it was quite nice - everyone got a flag - and after playing the rep gave me a Luigi coin and hat - no competition for who gets the coins - just whoever gets to play a demo also got the coin/hat. Gave them away until they ran out - about 90 demos into it I'd have to guess.



SphericalCrusher said:

@tchaten Ah, at our location, everyone got a lanyard and flag. And the coins/hats/shirts/bags/etc were given away to people who "won" the demo, etc. I won the Mario 3D level, but there were not more victory prizes. =(



SphericalCrusher said:

I wanted a hat so bad to give to my four year old son. Going to try to buy one. Luigi is his favorite Nintendo character and I know he would have loved it. lol



tchaten said:

ah - yea no shirts or bags left on Saturday - pretty happy with the coin though - I got there an hour early and was demo number 2 and demo number 74 after I got on the list again.

The coins are going for quite a bit on eBay - but I really dig it and will hang onto it - will display great next to New Luigi U and the flag



tchaten said:

@sphericalcrusher - the hats were a bit of a disappointment - not even cloth made - you can probably find a better quality one on eBay - I think it was a Club Nintendo reward awhile back



rjejr said:

Glad to hear it went well, seemingly everywhere.

I might have taken my kids for the 3DS swaps - we go to the Nintendo Store on occasion and as expected that usally pans out well - but the Best Buy stor enear us wasn't listed.

Anybody go to a BB that wasn't listed yet still had the event? too late now for us, just curious.

And I'm sorry, but I still don't knwo why this was such a limited time event. No, that's not exactly right, I know why the "Event" was limited, otherwise it wouldn't be an event, but why not just keep the demoes up and running? Whats Nintendo afraid of, that they might actually sell some WiiUs?

Regarding Microsoft - they are opening 500 stores within-a-store in BB. That's 5 times as many locations than Nintendo had with thes limited time demo event. That's how many Best Buys there are and that's how few places people got to try out Nintendo demos. Still seems like Nintendo can make a little more effort to boost WiiU sales.

I'm very interested to see how Pikmin 3 does at selling consoles, though late July early Aug is not the ideal time for that. Good for me, my birthday is July 20, but not for people in general. I still want a Pikmin toy line.



bluecat said:

I got there early and was able to play Super Mario World 3D and got a Luigi coin. It was fun but the play area was not ideal. The system/TV was facing inward toward the video game section so space to watch was very limited and very tight. It got kind of warm around there. :/



Zombie_Barioth said:

Didn't get a chance to go but then again I don't know if it even made it to our local Best Buy, probably not though since we're a stones throw away from Seattle.

Glad it seems to have went well though, Nintendo keeps going on and on about how you need to experience the Wii U to understand it and this event let people do just that.



Dodger said:

It would have been fun (mostly for the streetpasses) but I would have had to drive down to Indianapolis with a car that needs some repairs. I thought about it, but the games on offer aren't that exciting to me.



Stark_Nebula said:

I really enjoyed it. Every spot was booked by the time I got there, but they made it so those not on the list could play as players 2-4 depending on the game chosen, hence I got to play both Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8. Perhaps the best part was talking to the people in attendance.

Over here in Ottawa, the lines were non existant, just everyone gathered around the one demo station watching people play and talking amongst each other. The only thing I would of done better is more demo stations - 1 was barely enough.

I hate making long posts, but as for the eShop demos, it will likely not happen because of fear that those with the know-how will find a way to bypass the demo and have access to the entire ROM. Not because they will play it, but because they'll screw around with something they shouldn't. I know I'd try to find stuff and post it to TCRF once the final release came out.

Lastly, for anyone who missed the events or could not make it, there should be a cross country tour where you can play the demos again. It's coming back here at the end of the month. Hopefully they'll have more than 1 station.



ikki5 said:

My friends and I drove about an hour to a best buy, I really enjoyed it, I had a chance to try all 4 however I passed on Wind Waker because I'd rather play the game, not walk around for a few minutes looking at scenery when I was easily able to do that watching others, so I got to play Mario Kart which i though was great, DK I was quite happy with too and I know I'll be getting it and then I got the try the new Mario game which I was a bit skeptical at first because I wanted a bigger 3D Mario game but really, the new Mario game is really fun and I was quite happy with it



DeadPixel99 said:

Hey these picture are from the Michigan bestbuy i was there, it really was worth waiting in line for a little over two hours to play five minutes of Mario Kart 8 with my 6yo son, I actually made it into the third picture ( Im in the very left hand corner wearing the grey hat with the beard lol) , i didn't know i could have that much fun waiting in line!



shinpichu said:

I would have liked it if there had been more than one demo station set up.

Srsly, I got to the demo around 1:30 and didn't get to play a game until 5:40. Luckily the lady running our event kept the station open until everyone in line got a chance to play.

Apparenttly there were some Retro Studiios employees who came to our Best Buy. They left before I got there, though.



HeatBombastic said:

@AlexSays That's what I was thinking. But we never know how the general public (not just the internet) will react to a PS4 demo event. It'll probably be positive, but the casual consumer probably isn't worried about things such as low games, DRM, or too much of online features.

That lone Microsoft employee was a brave one. Fighting off fanboys that know that they're spouting off false-information. Don Mattrick must be proud.



Luis_Gimpy said:

My experience was in Austin. We had a blast on Wednesday. There were about 100 people steadily throught the hour with people coming and going in between. I was able to play a few games when people needed an extra person for multiplayer. Many of the people simply came in to stare at the beauty they faced with no intention to play since it was so busy.

Saturday was a different story. There were WAY more people and the Nintendo employees decided to skip the sign in sheet and just go with fist come first serve. That annoyed me because I did end up signing up and getting out of line only to find out they changed the rules right after and I was out of luck since the line was going out the store (not really, it tailed throughout the store).

Overall, great experience with fantastic employees and a hellofa fun time playing unreleased games. The Luigi hat I earned also was a good way to keep me happy.



Luis_Gimpy said:

BTW the amount of young dudes with girlfriends there amazed me. They both had 3DS XL systems and were obviously happy to be there. I was never fortunate to enjoy the company of a hot chick next to me back in the day of my GBC or GBA. Still, great to see the youth engaded in activities that keep them young.



ballistic90 said:

I just have too many responsibilities to get to one of these events during the week. Also, my wife would have complained about it too.



Williaint said:

It was GREAT! Mario 3D World is fabulous! Playing as cat-Luigi is real fun!
When I was playing 4 player, the action was quite confusing. I got to play again, and 2 Player was better.
Mario Kart 8 is... GREAT! The problem is playing motion style... It's pretty hard to compete against someone using the G-pad (BTW, if you can hear people honking when you are competitng online, that's going to be pretty annoying).
Windwaker was sweet! It took me a bit to get used to the controls, but after a while it really felt nice!
I didn't get a chance to play DKC:TF, but it looked pretty fun, and I'll probably buy it. I can't wait to Stomp that seal, with Dixie...
It would have been better if they had multiple screens, and the Staff were continually saying "Man, if they had even a small Smash-bros demo, this place would be flooded!" It probably will be, when there are in store demos, close to it's release.
Oh, I got a foam Luigi hat, and a Mario Kart flag. They just gave them out to those who signed up to play. I guess I missed out on the "Luigi coin"



InsaneZucchini said:

@tchaten My Bestbuy did allow for 4 players to play Super Mario 3D Worlds. It only let 2 people play Mario Kart 8 at a time though.

We had to drive an hour and a half to get to the nearest Bestbuy that was participating and got there 3 minutes after the event was supposed to start, 1:03. There were already several people there wearing Luigi hats from playing the games themselves and people waiting for their chance to play and what not. It was a lot of fun and worth the wait, especially after getting an awesome Luigi Hat myself. My brother's wait time was estimated to about 2 and a half hours, fortunately it only took maybe half that to get to his turn.

See, this event was really amazing, it's a great way to reach out to consumers, raise an interest and make it possible to buy games or systems while they're there. We already own a Wii U and we still wound up spending $180+ on Nintendo games and gear before we left. Wish we'd brought the 3DS to join in on the streetpass stuff going on though. I wonder how many new Wii U owners they managed to gain through this event.



InsaneZucchini said:

@tchaten My Bestbuy did allow for 4 players to play Super Mario 3D Worlds. It only let 2 people play Mario Kart 8 at a time though.

We had to drive an hour and a half to get to the nearest Bestbuy that was participating and got there 3 minutes after the event was supposed to start, 1:03. There were already several people there wearing Luigi hats from playing the games themselves and people waiting for their chance to play and what not. It was a lot of fun and worth the wait, especially after getting an awesome Luigi Hat myself. My brother's wait time was estimated to about 2 and a half hours, fortunately it only took maybe half that to get to his turn.

See, this event was really amazing, it's a great way to reach out to consumers, raise an interest and make it possible to buy games or systems while they're there. We already own a Wii U and we still wound up spending $180+ on Nintendo games and gear before we left. Wish we'd brought the 3DS to join in on the streetpass stuff going on though. I wonder how many new Wii U owners they managed to gain through this event.



tchaten said:

@InsaneZucchini Yea since I went to a store 90 minutes away they had Skyward Sword in stock which my local stores don't - picked that title up for my Wii U and am excited to play that for the first time.



FJOJR said:

Next time have more stores participate or let us download the E3 demos at home either during the show or immediately after.



tchaten said:

@Pinkie_Pikpik I've turned around on BestBuy - I used to hate them - the big thing they've done is started price matching nearly every website out there - picked up Ocarina on 3DS for $25 at BestBuy from a crazy deal of the day site.

BestBuy has become my new way to get the best prices online or physically without having to wait for the online shipping delay.

I understand why some hate them, but they have gotten better and price matching is effortless these days. (Got Skyward Sword at BestBuy for $38!)



NintyMan said:

I'm an hour away in Indiana from the Best Buy in Lousville, Kentucky, so my sister and I went to that one on Wednesday and Saturday. We got to play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario 3D World, and I was impressed by all of them. Everyone I saw really enjoyed Super Mario 3D World, and all of the games looked beautiful.

The boss battle in DKC:TF was surprisingly long and intense. Mario Kart 8 felt great with the GamePad because the GamePad felt like the Wii Wheel from Mario Kart Wii and that was my main control from that game. Super Mario 3D World has frantic multiplayer that you would come to expect from a New Super Mario Bros. game, but this time in a 3D Mario game. The Cat Suit was pretty fun, but it's going to take more than a demo for me to master it. I didn't play Wind Waker HD, but it looked very smooth.

The actual event itself should've been a little better, because there was only one TV and there were no chairs, so we were all packed around to watch the one TV. Surprisingly, there weren't that many people, at least not compared to the numbers that would've been in places like Greenwood, Indiana, where I've heard that there were hundreds there. There were just as many or even less people at the Best Buy on Saturday compared to Wednesday. The Best Buy was not that well-prepared the first time, but they were better prepared on Saturday since they were better managed in expecting what was going to happen.

My sister and I got plenty of free stuff as well. We got Luigi hats, Mario Kart flags of Mario and Luigi, and Luigi coins. We got tons of street passes too, more than ever before. It was a great experience!



CosmicTchr said:

The event was GREAT! We went on Saturday and arrived around 12:40 pm. The line was already pretty big. We waited about 2 hours and 30 minutes to play 7 minutes of Mario Kart 8. The game was a blast! We were able to pick up a Luigi coin too. Next, year Nintendo and Best Buy need to have more demonstrations set up and ready to play. I can't wait for the new games to arrive!



Sir_Deadly said:

I was very disappointed in Nintendo regarding this. They only had a select few area and by the results of the poll, the majority didn't have one in the area. They really should had put demos on the Eshop instead. I only hope demos come later or us who weren't lucky enough to have this experience.



DrRandle said:

I really wish they'd push those demos in like a weekly, temporary rotation or something on the eShop. I spent 3 hours at my best buy and didn't get a chance to play. : /



Erikdayo said:

I went but didn't feel like waiting in line for 3 hours to play for 5 minutes. These events were horribly run. One TV w/ 4 games and a few hundred people waiting in line? No thanks.



Chipmunk107 said:

From the experiences of others, it seemed like a lot of people enjoyed this event. Hopefully, next time the Best Buy near me will have a Wii U station up and running. I would have loved to snag a Luigi coin and Mario Kart flag.



TwilightV said:

I see i'm with the majority. Seriously, they should spread their selected retailers out more, instead of bunching them together like they did here in Texas.



rmeyer said:

It was pretty good. I thought Best Buy was going to blow it, but they actually did quite well. They gave away free stuff, it felt like E3.



Wii_Win said:

I just went in for Super Mario 3D land, there was an awful line, and eventually I just left. Went back three hours later and the guy who entered right behind me was just then playing. Managed to get them to honor my old position though, so I got to play a grand total of THREE minutes.

Not amazing, Ninty....



AyatollaofRock said:

Not being in America I wasn't able to try the games, but a good and probably necessary move on Nintendo's part.



MrCanzine said:

Dang that's really too bad, I did not know about all the swag. I was actually at my Best Buy location about 40 minutes before the event, the place was completely empty. When we mentioned the event to a Best Buy employee in the TV section he seemed oblivious about it. I figured it probably wasn't one of the Best Buy's hosting the event and I wasn't there for that purpose anyway. On my way out I saw the poster and such, but decided not to bother waiting around for another 40 minutes for noon. Bah! I could have possibly had Luigi swag.
That's my story, thank you for listening.



WaveGhoul said:

I still haven't checked out my local BestBuy yet. i'm just too butt hurt over the StarTropics 3 no-show, Mike Jones was my biggest crush growing up. You can even ask Amanda Bynes.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Yes, I did go, and yes, I waiting in line over THREE HOURS for a short romp in Super Mario 3D World. But I don't really think it was time terribly spent...or at least, not any worse than I might have done at home. I had some great conversations and got a nice pile of StreetPasses for those coveted pink pieces. And there's just something about being able to talk about a recently announced game with first-hand experience...

I really hope they do this again next year, but they should put some more advanced planning into it. All they really did was ship a demo disc to stores for them to put in their preexisting Wii U demo stations, and while that was functional, it was less than ideal. A proper setup with several stations really is a must next time around. Also, a larger supply of loot. I got there a lousy ten minutes after the event started, and all I got was a flag 'cause everything else was gone.



b23cdq said:

Would probably had enjoyed it if it had been closer than 2000 miles away from me... But I'm not expecting much from Nintendo, we don't even have Club Nintendo here... (-_-)



Shambo said:

@tchaten those games should indeed be getting demo's about now. i'll buy them anyway, but i want the 'hype' in my body to grow, so it can get fully ready and won't be held back by having not played a pikmin game since 2 (obviously, but that's quite a while ago).



BlackStar9000 said:

@dumedum not if you are a soldier on duty in korea like me.....i really wanted to take my boys to a spot and go, so giving us demos of these games at home would be a gamechanger, just think about it, no reason we shouldnt get these demos early on, might convince new or on th fence Wii U owners to hold on and not sell their consoles for a ps4 or a X1....seriously.



ccanfield1 said:

I couldn't make it to the event in Arizona. It would have been a 4 hour round trip for me to go if I could have. I asked a relative to go for me who lives in the Phoenix. They could only go Wednesday and arrived an hour after the event started. The event was already full and they wouldn't let anyone else sign up to play, so they left without getting to play anything. What crushed me was they didn't get any Nintendo swag to share with me



B3ND3R said:

@tchaten Man, that stinks. They used the two that Best Buy had and Two that the Nintendo rep brought... It was awesome! I highly recommend trying 4 player when it comes out... It is not as hectic as it is in NSMBU, but it's still slightly hectic.



tchaten said:

@B3ND3R yea sadly local multiplayer is a VERY rare occurrence - I grew up in a different state and have recently relocated to New Hampshire - all of my buddies are in different states or even countries - so online is the only way I play multiplayer these days

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