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Tue 16th Apr 2013

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Erikdayo commented on Rumour: Nintendo Is Shaping Up To Acquire Trou...:

@bloodycelt You may be right. We'll see! Imagine if they went back to P3's way of summoning personas. That'd go over well... It would be really disappointing if SMT (main series and spin off) started not getting brought over to the West. And other games like Catherine. Atlus consistently makes some of my favorite games. Probably my favorite RPG developer since Square Enix hasn't made much I have liked since FFIX. NIS developed games are also up there for me.



Erikdayo commented on Rumour: Nintendo Is Shaping Up To Acquire Trou...:

I think that even Nintendo knows the Persona fandom is big enough that they HAVE TO bring over the games.

Honestly, I would prefer that Atlus stay 3rd party, but I will support them either way. I have a PS3, Vita, WiiU, and 3DS. And I don't see them going with Microsoft considering MS doesn't even have a portable.

While the PS3 and Vita (and soon PS4) are my preferred systems, I can't help but love the 3DS. You can't deny the great RPG system the 3DS is becoming. And the dual screens are definitely a great plus for menu heavy games like JRPGs. The WiiU shares that same benefit. It may not be as powerful as the Xbox One and PS4, but it is certainly going to be more than capable of Persona 5, if that is what it comes down to. I wouldn't even be mad if P5 were 3DS exclusive. Fine. As long as it's a great game, and it will be, I will be happy.

Having so much fun with SMTIV. Don't even care if it's on the 3DS or the 3DO. The dungeons are fantastic. Atlus makes some great games, and I plan to enjoy them wherever I can. Doesn't matter which system. Save anywhere is one of the greatest additions to the series. Keep the challenge but reduce the frustration. This is a finely crafted game. I hope P5 has a better story than P4. Save a person each month for 2/3 of the game gets old. Great characters. Weak story. Also hope they take some of SMTIV's dungeon elements to make things more interesting. P3+4 dungeons are boring. Maybe bump up the default difficulty too.



Erikdayo commented on Madhouse Handling New Etrian Odyssey Cutscenes:

Madhouse is easily my favorite studio. Though they've lost a few key contributors lately. Satoshi Kon passed. One of the founders left and so did the guy that directed The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, & Ookami Kodomo.

I have faith that they can still put out amazing work, but we'll see. Chihayafuru has been great. But then sometimes they waste their time doing crap like Photo Kano and those Marvel animes.



Erikdayo commented on Okami Announcement Teased For Next Week:

@Donjwolf Okami on Vita would be AMAZING. But I also support them bringing it to the Wii U. Unfortunately, as much as I love my 3DS, I don't think a 3D Okami game would look that great on the 3DS. Would rather see it elsewhere.

Unless they want to do a 2D Okami. Would look great on 3DS. It is kinda neat how my 3DS XL has a scanline look to it. Looks awesome with sprites.