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Thu 22nd Nov 2012

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ballistic90 commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

This game is an experiment. They're testing out the new lighting and shading effects they can do on the new console, and testing control schemes for the next Zelda HD game. They also mentioned that they fixed some of the pacing issues, I hope meaning they worked out the triforce mission at the end of the game.

Basically, this release is going to be used to test a lot of technology and the reaction to the technology they will use for the next game. I don't mind, since I've been wanting to play this game again for a while.



ballistic90 commented on Talking Point: New Super Luigi U Opens The Doo...:

Wasn't Nintendo the first to experiment with console expanded content with the 64DD? Or does the Sonic & Knuckles lock on cart count? Or the Sattelaview system in Japan? Games have a weird relationship with add on content, and it seems to be older than anyone thinks.



ballistic90 commented on Weirdness: Someone Is Planning On Digging Up A...:

Ummmm...this wasn't an Urban Legend, its completely true that the games were buried in the desert. However, good luck digging them up, because they were smashed and run over with a steam roller, and concrete was poured overtop.



ballistic90 commented on EA Currently Has No Games In Development For T...:

Step 1: Several big name system selling games are sold for the Wii U.
Step 2: The Wii U sells a lot of consoles.
Step 3: EA starts devoting more money to Wii U development and releases games for it.

Nintendo needs to get going on Step 1, though.



ballistic90 commented on Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games - Nintendo and Wii U...:

So you're holding Nintendo to a different standard than you're holding Microsoft and Sony? Neither Sony nor Microsoft have a "first party" of which to speak. SCEA was an independent development team that Sony bought out, and Microsoft owns IPs, but doesn't make any of their own games.

Although a new IP would be really nice, I would be happy of any really well made games, existing IPs or not. Hell, the last generation saw 4 or 5 main iterations of franchises, like Halo, Gears of War and Uncharted and usually not even Nintendo releases so many so fast.



ballistic90 commented on Feature: Nintendo's Financial Revelations and ...:

The 3ds had similar slow sales at first, and that continued until they started releasing their big exclusives. Honestly, I was worried about it until Resident Evil Revelations was released. Then I knew it was going to be fine.



ballistic90 commented on Talking Point: Warren Spector Asks, Where Are ...:

I would direct Spector to check out Dragon Age Origins and the Walking Dead adventure game series. Dragon Age Origins deals heavily with racism and slavery, as the elven population are analogs to the African American community before the civil rights movement (they are even forced to live in ghettos) and overall basic human rights debates (mages are locked up in a tower to keep them from being a danger and had their human rights stripped away). In the Walking Dead, the action segments are actually there to break up the dialogue, not the other way around. It is filled with tough decisions and a feeling of despair and triumph of spirit, and is worthwhile of its Game of the Year Awards.



ballistic90 commented on THQ Adds Clarity To The Wii U "Horrible, Slow ...:

Bear in mind that the processor was made using tech from 1 to 2 years ago used in a super computer (Watson, the super computer that was on Jeopardy). There's also a lot of cache as well. This is significantly different hardware than either the Xbox 360 and the ps3 are using, and that alone is probably why the CPU seems "slow". The GPU is several generations newer than the Xbox 360 as well. Combined with 4 times the amount of ram on the other consoles, and the Wii U has some significant advantages over the other consoles. Its likely it would take time to fully take advantage of it. Will the next consoles be more powerful? I'd sure hope so. They'll also cost a lot more, and will be behind the Wii U when they come out.