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Feature: A Miiverse Adventure With Mega Man X

Posted by Philip J Reed

Time for some Megan Man, er, Mega Man

A little while ago we reviewed Mega Man X on the Wii U Virtual Console, and liked it a lot. We happen to think this is a brilliant game, but it may nevertheless seem peculiar to those encountering it for the first time.

We decided to try and see the game through fresh eyes while working on the review, and below is the Miiverse adventure that came of it. All of the posts are below, but if you want to see each one individually and the responses they received, click on those orange headings.

FYI - If Miiverse satire and seeing screens from the whole game aren't for you, then look away now...

It begins...

Um, level select?

Jeez, do some research Capcom!

That's just bad driving

Jump dammit!

Rock on

That's just wrong

Ho Ho Ho!!!

It's all gone a bit Batman


Heck of a security breach

Clipped wings

Fair point

Why would you want to?

Since always?

Wrong franchise...


Won't SOMEBODY think of the children?

Try moving

Who needs pants?

The violence is disturbing...

That's what you think

Oh really?

You're doing it wrong

The lack of gore is an issue

Maybe it's a puzzle?

Oh dear...

Well, that's disappointing

That is a problem...

Think of the goodies inside!

Do you want a Gamerscore, too?

If in doubt, keep running into spikes

Leave Knuckles alone

Wait until you play Zelda

Because logic matters in Mega Man...

Blocked by LEGO again


A resurrection

Well, that may be a fair point...

With great difficulty!

Didn't you call him Bird Man earlier?

Steady now...!

To be groovy, that's why

Someone call PETA!

This isn't Star Wars

A special moment ruined

So that's our alternative adventure through Mega Man X. Thankfully we don't actually play the game that way...

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User Comments (72)



ScorpionMG said:

LOL, so many noobs on miiverse, but im not sure if this guy is telling the truth or just trolling with us >.>



Rafx said:

The bret michaels one made me spit my drink out of my nose. Lol



bahooney said:

I thought it was funny. lol @ everyone who doesn't realize this is trying to troll.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

This is trying too hard, WAY too hard. Complaining about mechanics you already must have used to progress before is just too obvious.



Retro_on_theGo said:

LOL that was hilarious, Philip! It's funnier since it's a seasoned megaman veteran trolling on Miiverse. So many noobs in the comments section. Smh guys. u_u



Matthew94 said:

Pretty rubbish to be honest. Acting like a kid is just stupid. "lol, i trole them".




dumedum said:

seems like a waste of time and space on miiverse. People might take it seriously. Don't see the point here.



hYdeks said:

Hahaha, what a noob Where's the voice acting, where's the achievement etc. etc. yay, guess what! We didn't have that crap back then!



Einherjar said:

If its trolling: Its everything but funny.
If its true: ...i have no words.

These troll threads are always a double sided edge. There are way to many stupid kiddies out there that beleave this stuff and will shun one of the best games ever made because of such stupidity. Also, like someone sad before me: Its just a waste of space on the MiiVerse.



the_shpydar said:

That was hilarious, Phil. I totally heard all those comments in your "Save State Gamer" persona's voice



Bass_X0 said:

Calling someone's poor attempt at humor as satire as an excuse to make it acceptable does not change that its still a poor attempt at humor.

There is both good and bad quality satire. Pretending to be incompetent, ignorant and stupid is just not humorous.



Ralizah said:

Haha, cute. I'd probably appreciate it more if I'd ever played the game, though. I wish my family had jumped onto the Nintendo train during the SNES gen.



brooks83 said:

It needed more misspelled words and bad grammar to seem more realistic. The only things you misspelled were the names.



brooks83 said:

Also, how do you guys not see that ChickenBrutus, the author of this article, was the one posting this stuff on Miiverse?



ThePirateCaptain said:

NIce one Phil, I was cracking up reading some of those posts. It's even funnier when you know hoe good he actually is at Mega Man.



sagen said:

The jellyfish one was in reference to the other troll who did the same thing on miiverse with Super Metroid.



MasterGraveheart said:

Miiverse deserves to exist just so you can laugh at new-school "hardcore" gamers and their ignorance over the true classics of gaming.



Adam said:

I hope they add Miiverse support to Wiiware games so you can do a Bit Boy!! play through. You deserve it.



sinalefa said:

A couple were funny, the rest I found meh. It is hard to write stuff that will be fun for everyone. But any of your reviews is way funnier than this.

Just reminded me of why I don't even check Miiverse in the first place.



JusticeColde said:

OK, this is better than the other satire about Miiverse users, but it still falls a bit short.

Now I'm off to edit these images and make it news on 4chan.



DaveGX said:

Hmm...not sure if serious or trolling..... For instance, glitch on level sect? it's the start of the game. Next, who says a bee needs fingers for a gun? How about its stinger? Use your imagination. Then again with the glitches..... How can this guy seriously not've played this, just to make some newb reading material/puns or whatever? I'd rather read some legit Miiverse posts and compare them. I'm sure even the people trying/playing the recently released eShop Wii U Virtual Console Mega Man (or Wii Virtual Console for that matter) games can't be this naive.



the_shpydar said:

What some people seen to be missing, which makes this even more hilarious, is the fact that Phil is pretty much the ultimate authority on Mega Man games. Check out his YT page for some amazing MM no-damage run vids.



Tasuki said:

Lol good one Phil. You should get the troll of the month award if there was such a thing.



Zeldalover said:

Mega Man X is a masterpiece! It really is better than Mega Man 2. No offense to anyone.



ajcismo said:

I'm kinda enjoying these. It defuses the rage I feel when I hear noobs complain about the classics.



Marioman64 said:

you know it's fake when you see the one about grabbing the heart and it disapearing. still funny though



KeeperBvK said:

"some here need a serious dose of a sense of humour. sheesh!"

Yeah, the people that actually find this funny are in need of some better humor, I'd say... A couple of the pics were neat, but overall it's just a terrible attempt at satire. Phil would be better off sticking to reviews.



Kifa said:

Not bad, but a little on the forced side. Besides I counted on some random spontaneous posts, not a purpose-made series. Still, C for effort.



HeatBombastic said:

Ahh, I remember when you did this, you had completely bombed my activity feed. Then I was spot on when I asked you if this is going to be an article



Stuffgamer1 said:

Only saw the first few of these when he was posting them...I was mostly too busy...y'know...playing the game myself. It was cute at first, but I think you went way too far, Phil. I'm in the "most of these aren't very funny" camp. A few are...but not most.

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