A little while ago we reviewed Mega Man X on the Wii U Virtual Console, and liked it a lot. We happen to think this is a brilliant game, but it may nevertheless seem peculiar to those encountering it for the first time.

We decided to try and see the game through fresh eyes while working on the review, and below is the Miiverse adventure that came of it. All of the posts are below, but if you want to see each one individually and the responses they received, click on those orange headings.

FYI - If Miiverse satire and seeing screens from the whole game aren't for you, then look away now...

It begins...

Um, level select?

Jeez, do some research Capcom!

That's just bad driving

Jump dammit!

Rock on

That's just wrong

Ho Ho Ho!!!

It's all gone a bit Batman


Heck of a security breach

Clipped wings

Fair point

Why would you want to?

Since always?

Wrong franchise...


Won't SOMEBODY think of the children?

Try moving

Who needs pants?

The violence is disturbing...

That's what you think

Oh really?

You're doing it wrong

The lack of gore is an issue

Maybe it's a puzzle?

Oh dear...

Well, that's disappointing

That is a problem...

Think of the goodies inside!

Do you want a Gamerscore, too?

If in doubt, keep running into spikes

Leave Knuckles alone

Wait until you play Zelda

Because logic matters in Mega Man...

Blocked by LEGO again


A resurrection

Well, that may be a fair point...

With great difficulty!

Didn't you call him Bird Man earlier?

Steady now...!

To be groovy, that's why

Someone call PETA!

This isn't Star Wars

A special moment ruined

So that's our alternative adventure through Mega Man X. Thankfully we don't actually play the game that way...