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Sun 2nd Dec 2012

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Kosher-X commented on Review: Mach Rider (3DS eShop):

Wait, wasn't the Wii VC version able to save/load custom tracks? Why not the 3DS eshop version? Seems strange to me, and I'll hold from buying it until this gets solved.



Kosher-X commented on Nintendo Download: 16th January (North America):

I'd like to buy Castlevania II and some other Virtual Console games, but I can't do this if Nintendo doesn't solve their problem with credit cards from Brazil not being accepted in America as before. This sucks.



Kosher-X commented on Kokuga Officially Confirmed for Western Release:

Bought it, and its hard as nails. Not very Ikaruga-like but it was worth the money. I'd liked more if G.Rev released Gunhound for the PSP overseas, or a port of it for the 3DS or anything. Anyway, good game.