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Unannounced Square Enix Wii U Title To Be Revealed At PAX East

Posted by Orla Madden

What could it possibly be?

Square Enix will be attending PAX East this year, showcasing games for various platforms; this will apparently include a Wii U title.

In an invitation sent to Gamezone, the company indicated that a previously unannounced title would be revealed for the console, although details were scarce.

The convention will take place in Boston, Massachusetts from 22nd March until the 24th March. What do you think Square Enix will announce? Let us know your thoughts below.


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Neram said:

Maybe it will be a new Crystal Chronicles game? Nah, probably just a remake of Final Fantasy VII.



Dpishere said:

Kinda excited to see what it is though I will go into this with cautious optimism.



TOMBOY25 said:

if its Deus Ex: Human Revolution i'll cry i dont hate the game but surely there's better choice's



OverturePT said:

Nothing cool happens when I get excited so I'm guessing... Deus Ex (good game, don't get me wrong, but played it a while ago on PC).



steamhare said:

Hopefully not Deus Ex: HR. It would sell poorly because it's an old port, which Square Enix would take to mean the Wii U can't support multi-plat releases or exclusives.



FubumblR said:

I'm going to say...FFXIII-3...but, that's only because that's what I would like to see.

Anything Final Fantasy related would be nice, especially if it were say a CC reboot a la style ofthe GCN original.



Void said:

@Gamesake That's what I'm hoping for, although I'd prefer a localization of Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D to Dragon Quest X.



SCAR said:

Final Trigger Saga RPG Chronicle: Wanted Human Hearts of Mana Fantasy World

That's my guess. No, I really think it might be the Dues Ex game, but I hope it's something new really...



JFug said:

Hopefully, hopefully it's Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX. I had the first two games for PS2 and wouldn't mind taking a high-definition trip down memory lane.



Ichiban said:

Soul Suspect or watever its called possibly? As much as I loved Deus Ex: HR, it'd have to be a pretty big change to make me purchase it again. I think Wii U owners deserve Tomb Raider, just finished it recently & it was great!



Chomposaur said:

its ether dragon quest 10 localization or that deus 2010 port thing :-/ personally im hoping its DQX or FF13-3 or whatever there going to call it lol



Wintendo said:

Kingdom Hearts 3. Wii U exclusive.

If that happened, Wii U sales would go crazy. And so would the angry PS gamers...



ianmage1 said:

If it's Kingdom Hearts 3, I will do a back-flip; having that as a Wii U exclusive and angering the Sony fanboys would bring me great joy. It's probably too good to be true...



MAN1AC said:

I'm anxious to see how they utilize the gamepad. Another Crystal Chronicles game would be perfect.



JSuede said:

As much as I loved Deus Ex....porting it over to the Wii U is just asking for it to fail. Leading to SE to have the excuse "3rd party games dont sell on Nintendo consoles!" for not porting anything over in the future. If they don't try to charge full price for it, it might do okay and I might buy it again even.

Sadly, with all of the rumors....that's probably exactly what it is. It makes no business sense to bring a 2 year old game to a new console. Pretty much everyone who wanted to play it has probably played it already. It would make just as much sense to port something like Kingdoms of Amalur, Brink or Red Faction: Armageddon.

I really hope I'm wrong and it's something super awesome like a new Crystal Chronicles or Kingdom Hearts.



TwilightV said:

Anything but Crystal Chronicles please. The original and WiiWare games were great but everything else was terrible.



TotalHenshin said:

Human Revolution is a great game, but it's also a two-year old game with nary a person left who wants it that hasn't played it. I'm really hoping it's at least the DQX localization announcement. Ideally, it'd be The World Ends With U (not a port; new installment).



CanisWolfred said:

Probably an Eidos game. Not that that's a bad thing, but nothing from Eidos ever interested me, so I'm not that excited.



masterLEON said:

Sounds like a closed door announcement. But i'm hoping they'll have something playable at their booth. I can't wait, next weekend can't come soon enough!



Discostew said:

@Neram lol, FFVII remake. The cries of Sony purists would be heard from Mars if it was that and was Wii U exclusive.



Haxonberik said:

A man can dream with their backlog, but it would most likely be a port. I would love to see KDH3 go multiplatform or see a brand new RPG in the roots of their old classics or a sequel to TWEWY (which I'm still trying to find offline), but those are just dreams.



darklinkinfinite said:

Please be a sequel to FFCC: Crystal Bearers. You can't just leave me at the dawn of a new era like they did! D:



WindWakerLink said:

Probably Final Fantasy 14-3 or something.... "I've lost count with their whole 13-2 and possible 13-3 game, I think it was, nonsense. Not even sure what number FF is on anymore." >_>



retro_player_22 said:

It's either Dragon Quest X, that Deus Ex game or a new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game. My hope is for the latter.



Emaan said:

A new Crystal Chronicles? Final Fantasy Tactics? I'll take anything from Square Enix for the Wii U. This is exciting.



JSuede said:

So...this is all assuming this isn't Deus Ex (Love the game... but that would be dumb) or another port (i.e. Tomb Raider):

I was looking up PAX exhibitors to see if Eidos would be there or if they were folded completely into SE (which they were) and I came across other subsidiaries of SE. When I looked up what Crystal Dynamics was up to, some interesting information popped up.

It turns out, they are working on a new IP for "future platforms". They had a job listing mid-June that stated this and that it would be a "Third person action-adventure game"

Here's the interesting part, 4 days later this article was posted, detailing the podcast that CD just put up.

They have at least 2 new titles in the works and the new IP was rumored to be announced last year (according to the wording in that first link) Could this be it?

It is possible that in Nintendo's push to get third parties on board, they got CD to hold off announcing the game until launch died down. They pushed for Ubisoft, EA (who then tried to control things), Capcom (with Monster Hunter) why not Square Enix? PAX is the first large event that would make sense for an announcement. It gives SE control over the announcement as well instead of letting Nintendo pull the rug out with a Nintendo Direct. Iwata did say that he was eager to share what 3rd parties were working on in that January ND and mid-late March seems like the perfect time...

I know it's a bit of a shot in the dark considering the rumors about Deus Ex....but a 2 year old port would just be moronic. ESPECIALLY considering they have 2 new titles in the works. I know Squeenix has made some dumb decisions, but these puzzle pieces seem to fit quite well.



Einherjar said:

I, sadly, also vote for the Deus Ex port. Square isnt really known to make the best business decisions anymore, so bringing a brand new IP to the WiiU seems very unlikely. A simple port is quickly done and doent require much effort, so it would be the first and obvious choice from the devs site.
In regards to DQX, seeing how SE tried to milk FF XIII-2 with countless overpriced DLC i cant see that DQX will be F2P over here. And the sales wont be that good if the game uses a monthly fee or does rely too heavily on micro transactions. In the end, it would generate bad sales and would drag down the image of SE and the WiiU (I can hear the Sony fanboys scream about the fact that THEY have a F2P MMO on their system -.-)
I wish it to be a fresh, new game or a full sequel (no .5 release) to a franchise, but i wont get my hopes too high.



FullbringIchigo said:

if it's kingdom hearts 3 a FFVII remake or FF VsXIII the Sony fanboys will throw a fit

on topic i think it will be a re-release of Final Fantasy XIII myself as a way for Square Enix to test the demand for the games on the WiiU (or maybe all 3 FFXIII games in a box set i would so buy that)

or maybe they listened to the fans (snicker yeah right) about the bull they pulled over the reason they wasn't releasing Tomb Raider on the WiiU (unconcvetional controles) and are actually gong to release it on the console

but either way i still reckon it will be a re-release of a PS3/360 game just as a test



KodaSmooss said:

I'm pretty sure it will be Deux Ex: HR so I'll try to keep my hopes for a new J-RPG as low as possible...



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm hoping its a sequel to FFCC: The Crystal Bearers. Sadly, I'm probably the only one who feels this way
I don't get the hate for the game, you run around using telekinetic powers to throw monsters into each other or the ground while listening to some really spectacular music in beautiful (for Wii) environments with a really good story (imo). Just because it was different to the other FFCC games, doesn't make it a bad game. Oh well.



luminalace said:

Considering I am not really a JRPG person, I don't really mind if it's Deus Ex or Tomb Raider.



Gamer83 said:

It's probably Deus Ex, great game but as others have said it's old. Kingdom Hearts 3 would be awesome but I've given up hope of that ever happening.



cornishlee said:

Interesting digging, well done! I'm looking forward to a big third party Nintendo Direct in two weeks, roughly midway between the Wii U Direct and E3.

If it's a port, I'm still hoping against hope that it's Hitman but Deus Ex rumours are strong and TombRaider would be the most logical.



GiftedGimp said:

If it is Deus Ex, and it looks like it will be then it's unlikely to sell on WiiU due to it being Dirt Cheap on other platforms as its a old game.
Square Enix make great use of the touchpad, which tbh Deus Ex has got a lot of potential to use the Touchpad controller in very clever ways, and they include not just the dlc but also a lot of the stuff they cut from the other versions (apparantly there was a lot of cuts made).
A special Directors Cut with clever Touchpad Features could make Deus Ex worth buying on WiiU.



V8_Ninja said:

Considering that the big buzz around the Wii U is the whole asynchronous multiplayer, I'm betting that Square Enix will be showing off another Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles game. Assuming that the multiplayer would be the center focus, it would also be a good fit for a PAX-like environment. Then again, the Japanese have never cared for Western game events besides E3, so there's a good chance that it's a port of an older game/a game that has already been announced.



Banker-Style said:

It'll probably be that Deus Ex game,but hopefully it'll be a different game.
I wouldn't mind a Final Fantasy game tbh.



Amigaengine said:

Deus Ex considering the rumors. Hitman, Tomb raider or Sleeping Dogs would seem like a better fit imo.



Dpullam said:

I'm not going to get my hopes up too much for this announcement. I'd be very surprised if they announced a high profile release besides a remake of an already released game.



Melkaticox said:

Please be The World Ends With U (a sequel not a port!) or Chrono 3...

...Sigh It totally is Deus Ex HR...

Seriously, SE! You can't let such a "new" jRPG company be better than you! ...Ok, two looks at Mistwalker and Monolith



banacheck said:

AlexSora89 said:
Dear unknown game...
please be Kingdom Hearts 1,5 HD Remix.

Sadly only on playstation.



odd69 said:

Square, Make The crystal bearers again, but without the sh*tty controls, better graphics or a sequel to it.

Such and underapprecaited and underrated title that deserves more than it did. It DESERVES better treatment



ToxieDogg said:

Final Fantasy 7 HD remake, Wii U exclusive.

Just imagine if that happened. The Sony fanboy forums would be filled with a hatred and rage that eclipsed anything that Final Fantasy 13/Devil May Cry 4 being ported to Xbox 360, or Bayonetta 2 being announced as a Wii U exclusive caused.



oOo-Sega-oOo said:

I'd love to see a reboot of Parasite Eve, Brave Fencer Musashi or Xenogears on the Wii-U. With lovely HD visuals and taking full advantage of the Wii-U Gamepad. Make it happen Nintendo and Square Enix!



AJWolfTill said:

Hopefully it is either a TWEWY sequel, a new IP which isn't a party game, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD (there is no way it's 3) or a port of Tomb Raider.
If it is Deus Ex Human Revolution I hope they have the decency to bundle an HD remake of the first one with it.

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