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New Research Claims Wii U Success Hinges On A Price Cut

Posted by Andy Green

ABI believes the video game market is set to improve

The video game market has been contracting in recent years. According to research from ABI, sales of video game consoles dropped by around a quarter in 2012 as the big three systems came towards the end of their life cycles.

The launch of the Wii U over the festive period was reasonably successful, however, since then sales have been slow and the researchers at ABI believe this is down to the GamePad not yet resonating with core gamers.

Senior analyst at ABI Michael Inouye had the following to say on Wii U:

The Wii U will likely prove a closer fit with the current generation than the next. The software released to date also bears out this assessment with many cross-platform games that were previously available from Microsoft and Sony. While the Wii U Gamepad offers some novel gaming elements it has not yet resonated with core gamers.

There are many factors that could be stagnating the sales of Wii U. Some point to a lack of games on the console, while others are waiting to see what Sony and Microsoft have to offer with their next generation of hardware.

The video game market may appear to be a bit on the bleak side but ABI is actually cautiously optimistic, however it states it will be Sony and Microsoft that will determine the future prospects of the video game console, not Nintendo.

It believes that if the console market is to bounce back, there will be three things that will need to happen in the near future:

First, that the Wii U receives a price reduction in 2013.

Second, that next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony launch with adequate time and production to meet holiday demand, with pricing below $450 and ideally at $350.

Finally, that the next generation consoles don`t adopt significant consumer unfriendly practices that will cause consumers to rethink their purchases, such as steps to inhibit the used game market or requiring an always on DRM/Internet connection to prevent other forms of piracy.

It appears ABI sees the Wii U as the cheaper alternative in the next generation of home consoles and one that will be closer to the seventh generation than the eighth. If it did receive a price cut then it would be much cheaper than the new Sony and Microsoft systems, which would certainly make it more appealing for many.

Core gamers out there seem to be waiting for Sony and Microsoft to reveal their consoles and prices before fully committing to Nintendo's Wii U. It's fair to say that the release of the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox will give the video game market a boost and will most likely help the sales of all three systems.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with the analysts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Tertis said:

If the Wii U is getting THIS bad of a reception, then Nintendo must've been planning this all along. Keep user interest low and then drop the bomb at E3.



Raylax said:

I'm fairly confident that the Wii U will see a price cut this year. Probably not as drastic as the 3DS's (and thereby dodging the embarrassing "whoops we messed up, have 20 free games" scenario), but by about £30 ($50) or so.

@Tertis: Companies don't plan for their consoles to tank for a year just so they can have a decent E3. They want them to sell well and have a good E3.



gsnap said:

Games first. Price cuts are all fine and dandy, but price cuts alone don't sell consoles.

Also, the PS4 and 720 will NOT be $350.



moomoo said:

@Tertis Or maybe they just didn't realize the system wouldn't be successful?

Frankly, yeah, the system needs a price cut. When the PS3 and 360 are delivering visuals and game experiences on par with the Wii U, and yet the thing costs over $100 more, something's wrong.

Of course, it's not just price. The current amount of games that we know are coming and have release dates are in dismally low levles. That, and user interest doesn't seem very high. Wii U owners don't seem to jump onto 3rd party games unless they're exclusive, and even then the sales numbers aren't as hot as publishers would hope.

In all honesty, I see this system being much like the Gamecube. There will be some good games that will be fondly remembered, but the current state of the system largely indicates the system will only really sell well during holiday periods (and launch, of course). That's not good when you just followed the huge success of the DS and Wii, which means lost investors.



Captain_Toad said:

I dont know.... having a price cut wouldn't be a necesseraly fix-all problem for this console and we all know how that turned out at the U.K..........



rjejr said:

I really thought it was just the price until Target offered a $50 GC last week and I still didnt buy a Wii U b/c I'm waiting for Pikmin 3 which might be big enough to get its own bundle. So they shouldnt even bother cutting the price until they at least have some serious game dates to announce, no offense to Toki Tori 2, I really want to play that but I need the system first.

So yes it needs a price drop but only when it gets some AAA games.



LordessMeep said:

PS4/NextBox boast a lot of power, so $350 is a no go. I'd say they'd be anywhere between $400-$450. They make a really good point about the used game market and DRM practices. Lack of a UMD drive on the PSVita was a major reason (aside from the price) why I didn't upgrade from a PSP. PS4's whole "On Cloud BC" is all fine and dandy on paper, but in practice it'd be pretty iffy, especially if it requires a constant internet connection. It's one thing to play PS1/PS2 games using that, but to play a PS3 game, when it'd be easier to just put in a disk, would be pretty ridiculous.

A price drop for the Wii U would be valid AFTER some first party titles have been released and they still haven't shifted enough systems.



SanderEvers said:

The Wii U sales will improve as soon as fansites stop posting articles about how "doomed" the Wii U is.



grovertheblue said:

I really can't see the PS4 or 720 coming out with tech that blows the Wii U out of the water and still have them priced close to that of the Wii U. Consider the price discrepancy between the Wii and PS3/360 last gen and the tech difference. I believe the Wii U is reasonably priced for what it offers. The current financial climate is leaving people with less disposable income to spend on video games and other forms of entertainment. And I agree that likely a large portion of the viable VG consumer market is waiting on the price and release of the PS4 and 720 before they commit to the Wii U.

N-Life, you should definitely do a retrospective piece on readers and industry analysts views/predictions of the current market and the calls for a Wii U price drop, this holiday season and see how accurate everyone was.



DarkKirby said:

If it's a competition of specs PC will always win hands down every time.

And specs don't mean success. The 360 does vastly better in America then the PS3 and as a result people rarely make 1080p games because the 360 can't support it.

The Wii U's price is fine. What it needs are good games, not more Mario Bros. clones. An actual blockbuster Nintendo game to push consoles out.



edhe said:

Why should Nintendo drop the prices of the units when the retailers are already slashing prices - in the UK, at least.



NintendoMaster said:

The price is just fine where it is. Nintendo doesn't need to have a price drop for Wii U to be a success, only great games.



Void said:

Unless Sony and Microsoft's systems are going to cost more than $450 I wouldn't be surprised by a price cut before the holiday season in 2013.



Dodger said:

If the Wii U is selling at a loss but somebody buying a game makes up for it, I think they can afford to budget for everybody buying two nintendo games. I get wanting to make a profit on a system, but I don't think that is what really matters. Systems are sold once to each person but each person with a system buys a bunch of games and accessories. My family has probably spent several thousand dollars on Nintendo products over the years after buying one wii, one DSi and two 3DSes.

I don't think Microsoft is dumb. The next Xbox will likely not be as powerful as their fans hope and I doubt it will be that expensive. Sony will probably be dumb and sell the PS4 for $600 despite the fact that the Vita is struggling too. The Wii U might pick up some if it is the cheapest system.



Haxonberik said:

They should drop the basic wii u and make both a black and white 32gb consoles to 300$ with different games bundled, one casual, one hardcore. That way they could avoid the "uhhh nintendo had a price drop, so desperate!" Scenario and still remain competitive.



Haxonberik said:

The new xbox will probably sell below the 400$ mark, but I'm most certain the PS4 will be above or in the 450$ price. It has already been said it will come with a big HDD and a headset, so that clearly states they're not aiming for the low mark.



ouroborous said:

price cut - price cut - price cut! yay!

i wanna see them cut the price just because they said that they wouldn't ;p



ouroborous said:

that's the name of the game anyway, gouge the eager early-adopters and then lower the price for everyone who's just casually interested or put off by budget constraints (yes there really are people who can't just drop $300-$500 on a whim).
remember how insanely expensive the PS2 was at launch? that didnt last long but they got their money out of it so whatevz.



ultraraichu said:

I don't agree with the price drop but I do agree with the cheaper alternative since PS3 and Xbox360 cost over $500 and the Wii cost have that amount around the same time. Similar effect with the 3DS and Vita with people comparing price. I can Imagine how much the PS4 and NextX cost by comparison when they release.



Meaty-cheeky said:

I wish people would stop comparing the Wii to the Wii U in terms of power. The Wii U is next Gen and has the power to compete with the PS4 and Next Xbox since game developers can't make muti-million dollar games for next gen consoles excepted for a few exceptions like Halo exc. The Wii U is going to be the PS2, of the GC/PS2/XBOX era. The weaker of the three systems but still delivering the same game experiences across all platforms. The Wii U hasn't had a game yet that shows off its next gen potential.

One more thing, the specs of the PS4 shows a price most-likely of $500/$600



Ambassador_Kong said:

I think there should be a campaign to take back the term core gamer. The term doesn't really fit the reality because the core gamer they are talking about are the people that will only play game with Bro Dudes with guns on the cover. These are the folks that shovel out good money for copy paste shooters every week.

When I was a wee one, hardcore gamers were the guys that could beat the crap out of any cartridge you chose to boot up. Fighting games, platformers, bullet hell games, RPGs, etc.... There was a whole bunch more variety back then than there is now.

I see every major release cross my desk as part of my job and let me tell you, the 3DS, by far, has the most robust and diverse catalog of games right now. IN my opinion the 3DS is where you'll find "core" gamers. Followed by the PS3 and finally the Xbox which seems to have been designed for people that are really concerned about blood splatter in their games.



HeatBombastic said:

1. Price cuts don't solve everything: Retailers tried this.
2. People better get used to slow launches. I can promise you a bad launch window for ALL of the 3 main consoles.
3. Why are people saying the Wii U needs a price cut this early? It's only been 5 months. Sure the 3DS price cut was great, but the Wii U will have must-have games to be successful. Beyonetta 2, Super Smash Bros., and New Mario. They just need to advertise.
4. I am sick of hearing you wimps whining about how you bought a Wii U and now that retailers are trying to price cut it, you say you should've waited. How about you think before splurging your money on stuff you'll regret?



HeatBombastic said:

@Ambassador_Kong You don't know what hardcore means at all. Well, yeah. Core gamer is often used to signify the modern picture of one, but here's the meaning of hardcore; "unswervingly committed; uncompromising; dedicated". A hardcore gamer is someone who is dedicated to video games. Many people who take the term could be skilled or stereotypical gamers, that's why others don't join them, because they're not on their level. Dictionaries for the win, bro.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I say we just wait for the games. Nothing's going to change at this point since these are things we already know.



AVahne said:

Their research became null and void as soon as they judged the console's power based on rushed 7th generation game ports.
Just your typical technologically-impaired analysts.



AVahne said:

That whole Wii U profitability after one game purchase was debunked awhile ago. It's still a loss no matter what.



AVahne said:

They're using similar processors and setups and the NextBox will likely bundle a Kinect as well. I'd hardly believe that the PS4 would be anymore expensive.



SpaceApe said:

This is true. Players are waiting to see what Sony and Microsoft is going to do with their prices. If the other consoles sell for 500 or above look for Wii U sales to rise a lot. In the mean time Nintendo needs to get big name games to their console instead of 2 year old ports and pinball.



Ambassador_Kong said:

Which was exactly what I was talking about. The old school core gamer was a master at all types of games. The new "core" gamer (at least as defined by the bean counters in EA's boardroom) is a guy that wants to play first person shooters 17 hours a day. So you and I have one opinion about what a "core" gamer is, but the industry has another.

How else would you explain that just about every game on the Xbox 360 is either a first person shooter (Dishonored, Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Gears of War Judgement, Bioshock Infinite, etc....), a third person actioner (Tomb Raider, DMC), or a sports game. Where is the variety?

You can go to whatever dictionary you want, but it doesn't mean you will get an accurate definition of how the word is really being used. Look up "tea bag" and tell me I'm wrong.



HeatBombastic said:

@Ambassador_Kong The definition of hardcore I gave you makes sense. What you are saying are just right out stereotypical.

I don't like calling myself a hardcore gamer because of stereotype, but I am. I have a strong passion for it, I play lots of it, and I'm certainly dedicated. I'm the opposite of the description that comes with the label. I hate Cod. I can't even swear due to habit of how I was raised. I'm bad at video games. I play the most difficult, and I'm still bad. Yet I've spent countless of hours playing it, and enjoying it.

Yes, the stereotypical hardcore gamers picture hardcore gamers as themselves, but we shouldn't let labels define us. Just becuase they call themselves hardcore, but not you by comparison doesn't mean a thing. Changing the connotative/stereotypical meaning into another connotative/stereotypical like when you were a kid doesn't help.

All in all, if you love video games, you love freakin video games. Labels shouldn't bother you, labels shouldn't define you. Our name comes from a label with a stereotype the public gave us out of no respect.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

The Wii U is new. The PS3 and Xbox 360 has been around for a few years. So no, the Wii U will NOT have a price cut. And judging by all the stuff the PS4 is supposed to have, it ain't gonna be less than the Wii U at it's current price. Basically it's like they're saying "Nintendo, step back and watch as the pros do it right [Sony and Microsoft]."

Nintendo-bashing analysts. >:C



WingedSnagret said:

I will be very, very surprised if either Sony or Microsoft's upcoming consoles end up being priced below/at $400-$350 respectively. With all the specs they're talking about, the price is going to be the same as last time at best. Not to mention the rumored possibility of being unable to play used games on them, which certainly wouldn't help matters.



AtomicToaster said:

I'm sure if sales continue how they did the last couple of months it's going to see a 50 dollar price drop going into holiday 2013 with it's content of first party games for that season. It'll be going up against PS4 and 720 and they can proposition that they have great content NOW and are way cheaper than the competition. It hinges on the price of Xbox next and PS4, but I'm sure we'll see a price drop.

PS4 already sounds insane to me. You want me to buy a PS4 when all the good content coming out this year is on PS3 and PS4 isn't backwards compatible meanwhile PS3 is only like 250 now? LIke.... what? I don't see the proposition their making for early adoption. At least not yet. I don't have either and between the two I'd probably buy a PS3. Their in competition with their own console this coming gen!



Ambassador_Kong said:

I'm agreeing with your definition. I guess I am not being clear. I'm also saying that the generally accepted corporate/moneygrubbing/parasite definition of core player are the fools that buy the same game over and over again with just palette swaps and a few weapon upgrades.

It's the above definition of core gaming that is destroying the industry. It's the whole AAA nonsense with 100,000,000 dollar budgets. There is a reason that there is a new "shooter" out every week, it's because they sell and that is because the average gamer (the "core" of the business model, if you will) likes them.

You don't like them and I don't like them, but that means we fall outside of the target demographic of companies like EA which is exactly why games like Battlefield 4 and Far Cry 3 aren't coming to the system. Just because you don't personally like labels, doesn't meant that we shouldn't or don't use them. Go to any library and you'll find books being labelled. A book might be about 10 different things, but a librarian is going to reduce it down to one number in the Dewey Decimal System or LC Classification.

So to circle all the way back to the beginning. Business people look at "Core" gamers as one thing while gamers think of "core as another. Using the business definition of "core" (or Pew Pew Bro Dudes who will only buy games with guys and guns on the cover), core gamers aren't interested in the Wii U because it doesn't do what they want and Wii U owners aren't necessarily interested in the "core" games because they lie outside our interests.



dc_10 said:

@Ambassador_Kong yes I agree with your definition of "core" gamers. They weren't just tied to being good at one type of game like all the fps on xbox360 and ps3, we as core gamers are good at everything with the exception of having one type you are superb at and one type you are crap at. But hey, I like my games to be fun and challenging, not to look all the same...



datamonkey said:

Considering the age of the tech within the WiiU, I think by the end of 2013 Nintendo's costs to make the console should have decreased enough for them to drop the price a decent amount while they more or less remain break even on sales.

I can't see them not doing this tbh considering the new likely Sony/MS consoles by then on the market...



Rafie said:

@Meaty-cheeky You're that confident that the Wii U will beat out both the PS4 and Xbox (2013-14)?! Well we'll just have to see about that. I have every system and I will eventually get the new Xbox, but I'll definitely have a PS4 on launch just like I bought the Wii U on launch....and LOVE IT!!!



TenEighty said:

It's the price and that bulky controller. Drop the price and give a GameCube controller.



marck13 said:

How comes so many "people" think they know more than Nintendo itself? The WiiU will do great!



GiftedGimp said:

"Finally, that the next generation consoles don`t adopt significant consumer unfriendly practices that will cause consumers to rethink their purchases, such as steps to inhibit the used game market or requiring an always on DRM/Internet connection to prevent other forms of piracy."

Been confirmed via leaked documentation that MS will be going against this reccomendation, although small print on doc did say subject to change, Sony already having BC confirmed for disc and download games only possible via cloud streaming and although 1st party games will be work if brought via the used game market its still not 100 clear if the same can be said for 3rd party Ps4 titles.

As for this recommended pricing they have put on Nextbox, Ps4.. possible Nextbox will be in range but Ps4 if it is then it will be in the higher end of the margin.

So you could look at this report in another light, that being, MS & Sony could try to be a bit too clever and actually encourage people to seek other consoles to get thier gaming needs.



Stark_Nebula said:

I don't get why everyone thinks the Wii U needs a price cut. The console needs a system seller; had SSB4 been at launch, the thing would be selling like hot cakes. That's not the case, but you can bet Nintendo will be reluctant as hell before they cut the price. It won't be for another 3 months anyway, and by then it'll be E3 - which could be the pick-me-up the console needs. I'd wait until July before counting my unborn chicks.



Drobotic said:

In this economy,not many people can get something that's $350.That's why a price cut is what I think is needed.I remember always being able to get games with my dad when I was little.Now,that's only occasional.



Mk_II said:

price cuts dont sell consoles but the big Nintendo games will. Keep calm and carry on.



Haxonberik said:

@koto I can see them find a way through a consumer friendly price. Remember they released a 100$ xbox that forced you through 2 years of 15$ a month of xbox life gold? They might pull one like that again I guess, or some other move.



AbeVigoda said:

I don't understand all these people thinking that if the PS4/720 launch at $450-500, it automatically means most of those people who wanted those systems will settle for a Wii-U instead, just because its cheaper.

Those people who have held off on buying a Wii-U already are doing so because no Nintendo games (or at least those ones released) interest them or because they want something more powerful and like the big third-party games that Sony and Microsoft consoles provide.

If Toyota lowered the price of their cheapest sedan, it doesn't mean that people will choose to buy that car instead. Those who want an Audi, BMW or Porsche will still buy the more expensive car because its the one they want. They aren't going to settle for something they feel is "inferior" just because it will cost them $50-100 less...



Gnoll said:

Yet it looks like there are hundreds of millions people able to get iStuff and Galaxies at twice that price! :-S



JayRydah said:

I bought my wii u da wk after thanks giving and I dont regret it 1 bit. I use it almost everyday. I know things will pick up.ive never bought a game system so early at launch the wii u is the 1st and once new games n apps start popping up that take advantage of the gamepad people will buy.i cant say I feel sorry for any1 that regrets buying the wii I always say take it back or sell it or man give it to someone that will appreciate it.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Gnoll Except your comparing multitasking devices that can be used for productivity as well as entertainment with a device thats solely for entertainment. The price difference between software also makes a big difference. Most apps are $5 or less so you could spend $60 over the lifetime of your device, where as you could easily spend $600+ on games alone for your console.

Most people that have a smartphone or tablet also more likely than not have a console of some kind already as well, so they won't be in a hurry to "upgrade". The industry doesn't just have a bad economy to deal with, but an overabundance of technology meaning plenty of alternatives to consoles too.



Ren said:

This analysis is pretty good. I tried to get into WiiU and it seemed ok, but not really something I HAD to have based on the weak launch games. Then considering the price there was just no way.
I waited so long for an HD Nintendo that I had already gotten a 360, and after the poor WiiU launch, now I figure I'd rather wait and see what the others have to offer before I spend so much money again.
some of those little things make a big difference, and it mostly comes down to money. Like the bad backwards compatibility is a huge turn off. I spent a lot on the Wii shop and disc games but I can't just play any of it on the WiiU as it is or on the fancy tablet, and all the other entertainment stuff is just now working it seems. For that much money I expected a fully working, fast, next gen system with storage and the ability to play my Wii games and that didn't happen.
I could accept the WiiU as it is, though, if it were cheaper and there were some must-have new Nintendo games; that's part of what brings a lot of us crawling back to Nintendo eventually, so it could maybe still happen, but it doesn't look great right now.



brucelebnd said:

3rd party devs are just playing a wait a see game with the Wii U, I think..

most reports are that Microsoft and Sony's new systems won't be a huge graphical leap and if they are people won't be able to afford them.

but I think Microsoft has already lost if the xbox 720 won't play second hand games, requires always on always online and no backwards compatible. it's rumored to be $99 to $199 at launch but that's with a 2 contract for subscription to the network. add on to that the games are rumored to be $70. without a second hand market thats a huge investment for a game.

all that to me sounds like a disaster

Sony will have an optical drive and you can play used games.,but with no backwards compatibility I don't think it will do so well. and who knows how much it will cost. Sony doesn't have as much money to play with as Microsoft. so they may over price their console again.

Nintendo could be looking good if Microsoft or Sony fails in the next gen. and a lot of so called experts could be eating it



GamerZack87 said:

Nintendo Announcement: "We have decided to reduce the price of the Wii U. Because we have reduced its price so early in the console's lifespan, we are inviting current owners of Wii U to become Wii U ambassadors. We will offer such owners ten Game Boy games and ten Nintendo GameCube games as Virtual Console titles for free at a later date. While Game Boy games will be available in the Wii U eShop after the Ambassador program, there are currently no plans to make GCN games available to non-Ambassador Wii U owners."

And then GCN games are announced for 3DS VC.



Dodger said:

@Koto I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I would love to see that article. I'm curious.

First of all, I don't get why everyone is responding to anyone who says what they think would help the Wii U or what they think is keeping the Wii U from exciting the general public or even what might make the Wii U better by comparing them to people like Pachter (who often makes unintelligent, uninformed statements), assuming they think Nintendo is doomed and even attacking them for daring to think that they know better then Nintendo. Getting overly defensive isn't helpful to an honest discussion of what might help the Wii U appeal to not just the type of gamer who reads this site but the average person. I don't mind dismissing comments that Nintendo is doomed, but most of the comments about the Wii U (including that letter earlier) aren't saying that at all.

There is no one solution to making a good system. We are beyond the Gamecube/PS2/Xbox generation where nobody expected any features beyond playing games from a system. The Wii U has a decent feature set, but it could still get even better and it would only help. A partnership with Skype would rock, for example. I do think that the price is scaring away some customers. That may or may not be solved when prices are announced for the PS4/Nextbox. I still think Nintendo can count on the average Wii U owner buying many games, not just one or two. They need enough systems out there that a fraction of the people that own Wii U systems can buy a game and still have it be worth it for the developer, be it Nintendo or a third party. It is an annoying paradox, they need systems so people can play the games and games so people will buy the system. Lower the price so the system will be worth it for Nintendo Land and NSMB until there are more games. At least, that is what I would do. Use up some of the money from the Wii and DS to buy time.

Like I said, games are a huge thing. What worries me is that there aren't many games announced that seem like they will sell to all audiences. Wii Sports was fun for almost everyone. Nintendo Land isn't. My friend and I are huge Nintendo fans and have been for a long time but we weren't having any fun with Nintendo Land. We tried every game at least once for good measure and went back to playing Skyrim (because that is a good game, doesn't make me a nintendo hater). We played Wii Sports for 6 hours straight when he got a Wii.
There are some games that have sold well in the past coming to the Wii U in the next couple years, but I'm not completely convinced that it has a game that will sell systems until I see sales numbers.

Last point. I promise. I know this is a long post, but I've been saving thoughts I've had from all of these types of articles. When the 3DS was announced and over the next couple years, I didn't care much about the 3D. I was super excited because of the games. Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Mario Kart, Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus, Zelda, Nintendogs, SSB4, Etc. Most of my favorite franchises were coming to 3DS and I wanted one. It took a while for it to get good, but it did. I have been treated to not only my favorite franchises but a bunch of new ones. Nothing about the Wii U excited me when it was announced and only a few games have excited me since (pikmin 3, the new Zelda, SSB4, Lego City Undercover and Scribblenauts Unlimited). Some of the features have excited me since (miiverse, google street view and the new way of doing VC, for example) but I still am not as happy about the Wii U as I am about the 3DS and I never was as excited about it as I was about the 3DS and I really wanted to be because I love Nintendo. I really want them to do well. They understand games in way no other company does.



GraveLordXD said:

I don't see why this system needs a price cut I do however see that it needs games first party especially it has no system sellers at this point
Price cut please the ps3 is still $200
The vita a freaking handheld $250
Gimme a break



Moco_Loco said:

Games are the biggest problem, but there's also a problem with Nintendo's "gimmick" this time around. It just isn't that interesting unless you get a group together for asymmetrical play. The biggest thing that appeals to me is the idea of off-screen play, but it doesn't work with every game and works with none of the Wii's games. I already have off-screen play with my 3DS (not to mention two screens) and I can play every game without hogging the TV.

Honestly, what will finally sell this to me is must-have games, and even then I find $40 games for my 3DS to be expensive. I'm very hesitant to pay $60 for Wii U games.



GraveLordXD said:

@Moco_Loco if $40 is too much for you to buy a game you might wanna either rent or gamefly your games or just flat out find something else to do
Games for the snes were $40 man lol



gundam00 said:

I can't take these analysts seriously when discussing the future of the industry because they never address the big elephant in the room - the cost of video games.
Why is the industry upset about a console costing $350, but ignore a video game costing $60? Why do they not address both console pricing AND game pricing? Consoles require hardware to be manufactured and an operating system to be developed. Games are just software.

Personally, I would love to get a Wii U! I think the pricing is very affordable and way cheaper than any smartphone or tablet. The reason I haven't bought a Wii U is because the games cost too much! Add on a couple games to my Wii U purchase and I'm spending $500! Add on a couple more games and my "hobby" is climbing to $1,000! I just don't have $1,000 to invest in a hobby that isn't giving me a financial return.

Another argument the analysts ignore is all the DLC! Consoles DO NOT have DLC. Nintendo has never charged for a system update or for MiiVerse or for TVii. None of the applications Nintendo adds to the console is charged to the customer. However, video games charge you when they add content to a game you already bought. Why are the free Wii U upgrades overlooked, but a video games DLC fees are accepted?

This entire argument by "industry analysts" that the Wii U console is overpriced, is nothing but a double-standard because their complaints never address the cost of video games. They give the excuse, "well it takes a lot of money to make a video game so that justifies the cost". While console development that requires hardware AND software AND ongoing maintenance, just magically ~ appears ~.



GraveLordXD said:

@gundam00 why do you think games have dlc? Why do you think games now are starting to implement micro transactions?
Why are most AAA titles 12 hrs and under?
I'll give you a hint games aren't cheap to develop nowadays



Meaty-cheeky said:

I agree with most of you guys that the Wii U doesn't need a price drop. The Wii U is going to look cheep when that PS4 comes to town haha.



Spleetal said:

@mwellert ya my friend was so close to getting a wii U but then he decided to wait and see for ps4 he probably won't get one untill a game that interest him, like Zelda



McGruber said:

I think if they are smart they will cut the price at the same time the PS4 and XBOX3 come out, as well as release a must have game. That's if they are smart



gundam00 said:


why do you think games have dlc? Why do you think games now are starting to implement micro transactions?

To increase and continue their profits. However, the applications that could be sold as DLC on consoles, such as Miiverse, TVii, and Maps are released for free.

Why are most AAA titles 12 hrs and under?

Because game development takes longer to accommodate the higher resolution and frame-rates. Does that mean consoles should cut back on development too?



GraveLordXD said:

Nope it sure don't that's why I think the Wii u is priced just right I also think games are getting to be under priced that's my point
N64 games were 64.99 from what I remember
I also think gaming is a very inexpensive hobby compared to others



gundam00 said:

@LDXD Thank you for responding. My point, which I think you are in agreement with, was the industry feels it's okay for video game developers to continually charge customers for content, while ignoring that consoles offer content for free while complaining about a flat one-time fee for hardware AND software.



TheAdza said:

While I have no problems with the current price, a price drop is needed to make the userbase expand to a decent size. Here is why:

Despite what Nintendo say and what us agreeing fans think, Wii U tech is clearly old. Why would any gamer with a 360 or PS3 jump on board with Wii U for graphics that look no better than what they currently have? And with the next gen consoles promising much more powerful graphics than Wii U, they are better off waiting.

The only ways to convince the masses to flock to Wii U is to have great first party content available and lots of it. So far this hasn't happened. Secondly we need to see 3rd party games coming to the console that the PS3 and 360 are getting and they need to be released simultaneously. No more old ports. No more waiting for a Wii U conversion. Why buy a Wii U when more games are coming to the current systems sooner and more of them.

The second way is to cut the price. Install base goes up, 3rd party games appear more often.

So far Nintendo have failed to have lots of 1st party games available or announced, and failed to secure big 3rd party games.

I know this sounds like I am down on the system, but its just some advice I wish Nintendo would take, so more people can fall in love with the Wii U like I have. It's a brilliant system, the Gamepad is a brilliant concept. I use it so much. It's my fave controller ever. And there is a lot to look forward to. But I just don't think it will be enough for the system to find massive success without Nintendo going all out and throwing games at us from all their franchises, creating new ones, and throwing money at devs to bring their big franchises to Wii U. I will be happy with whatever Nintendo do. But without some major action on the price front and content front, the Wii U remains a hard sell to the general public.



MadAdam81 said:

There have been many sales worldwide dropping prices by $50 plus in Australia, but if anyone thinks the next Xbob or PS consoles are going to be under $600 i think they are fooling themselves, especially with a $200+ Kinect system in EVERY Xbox console.



Sanqet said:

Nintendo needs to cut the price with great first party games around Christmas and hope that's enough because Sony have already stated they made a big mistake with the ps3 price when it launched and they won't do so again with the ps4 I wouldn't be surprised to see the ps4 selling for £350 at launch if Nintendo keeps the price as it is for the premium console there will not be much of a difference in price between the two consoles a sizeable price cut is a must with whatever Nintendo have up there sleeve with regards to software



gavn64 said:

the wiiu is great value just wait for the games people, whats the name of that dire straits song "something for nothing": )



ajcismo said:

We will see a price cut shortly after the PS720 prices are announced/finalized.



GraveLordXD said:

@gundam00 yeah and also throw in the fact that consoles are pretty much sold at a loss these days
But we complain that the system is still to expensive



AbeVigoda said:


"most reports are that Microsoft and Sony's new systems won't be a huge graphical leap..."

I stopped reading right here, as it became clear you have no idea what you are talking about.



AbeVigoda said:


If you are moaning about console games priced at $40-60 costing to much, you need to sell your systems and find a new hobby.



darkgamer001 said:

Actually, a lot of ppl can't afford to pay $40-60 for games on a regular basis, which is why they wait for price drops on games and game systems. These people have every right to be gamers just like you and me.
Let's not make this hobby any more elitist than it already is



LordGeovanni said:

Haven't read all the comments, but I think that the price will probably stay the same. When Nintendo releases a game with HUGE demand (Pikmin3, SSB, etc...) we will probably see a jump in the sales. And a boost in the sales/week that will be high enough for nintendo to declare success.



Luffy said:


I think if I cut my prices in half at my shop my sales will triple!!! Research has shown people like things for free.



banacheck said:

The main problem with the Wii U is people don't see it as a next gen console, they see the Wii U in the same class as the PS3 & Xbox. Both the PS3 & Xbox have a big library of games and are cheaper, and as soon as the PS4/Nextbox hits the PS3 & Xbox will drop in price again making them even cheaper. Most people will probably wait until Xmas for the PS4 and Nextbox, not only that who's going to buy a console for there kids with the control costing the amount of a PS3.



armoredghor said:

The console doesn't need to be cheaper, Nintendo needs to change the perception that it deserves to be cheap.

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