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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Swings Into a Release on 24th May

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We're not monkeying around

Announced recently during a Nintendo 3DS Direct broadcast, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is a handheld re-release of the critically acclaimed Wii platformer, originally developed by Retro Studios. It's a title that involves plenty of perspective changes from foreground to background, and as a result it's not hard to see why it could be visually appealing on the 3DS screen.

No release window was given, though it has emerged that Monster Games is handling the port, the developer behind titles such as Pilotwings Resort and Excitebots: Trick Racing. Somewhat out of the blue, Nintendo has now confirmed that DKCR 3D will arrive on the handheld in North America and Europe on 24th May, while some may have assumed it was coming later in the year.

So there you have it, only a couple of months before you'll get a chance to experience this one on the go. Are you excited about this new release, or will you just play your copy on the Wii? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Whopper744 said:

Since I have it on the Wii, I'm not so sure if there is nothing different at all. Then again, if no other games are out around that time, and Pikmin is delayed again, I may go with it.



cbkummer said:

I'll definitely be getting it, even though I have the Wii version. My kids always hog the TV, so with this version I'll be able to actually play it.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Damn! That was quick, but Nintendo Nintendo my poor little wallet will still be recovering from this month (PMD and LM2) and AC3D in June?! I think I may have to wait on this one for a while.



k8sMum said:

missed this one on the wii; i am really excited to be getting it for the 3ds.



Spoony_Tech said:

Aww come on. I was really glad that nothing in May was coming outthat I wanted!! The last two months and April are killing me!!



SLiM said:

I completed the game 100% just a few months ago on the Wii. The 3D won't be enough to make me replay it.



Kohaku said:

Loads of games for the 3DS this year. I hope they don't forget the Wii U. We don't hear that much about games for the console.



AlexSora89 said:

I have the Wii one, but I might get this considering this time there won't be any waggle bullroar. Still, the new release date is shaw-eet, as well as the new logo. The "3D" in this version on the logo isn't as shoehorned as it was in the old one. Way to go, Ninty!



HawkeyeWii said:

I might... I might. Have it on Wii, but I might still get this. Too... Awesome... of a game. Cannot... resist!!



Tasuki said:

I missed this one on the Wii due to having an already huge backlog at the time. Think I will pick this one up on the 3DS this time around.



Chrono_Cross said:

Unless there's an overabundance of additional content, I don't see how this is a must have (unless you never owned the Wii version). 3D isn't that necessary.



Dpullam said:

This release date was quite a bit sooner than I expected. I most likely won't be getting it though since I already own it on Wii. If Nintendo would announce that this version has more content than the Wii version I might reconsider. Until then, I am happy with what I already have.



Dpishere said:

Seeing as I own the Wii version I will just keep playing that since 3d, although nice, is not enough to justify another purchase of the game. Though this is likely intended for people who have not yet played the Wii version.



citizenerased said:

Lack of motion controls might make this a buy, probably discounted though. Unless there's any new content (probably not). Couldn't care less for 3D.



NintyMan said:

The release date is sooner than I expected, even for a 3D remake. I'm going to get this game again just for the 3D alone, since I've always wondered how 3D would look in a visually stunning game like Donkey Kong Country Returns. It's also portable, which is a plus for a 2D side-scroller like this.



Mk_II said:

i've got a feeling this game could be a huge hit and surpass the Wii sales.



shinobi88 said:

Glad to see ole Ninty likes to save their major game reveals to the VERY last second before they release. The good news is that everythin Ninty revealed during that last Ninty Direct is due out by Summer. Which means we have no idea what they're plannin for the Holiday season. Catch my drift? What I'm sayin is Ninty got a whole lot more 3DS surprises comin our way either at E3 or even more likely at a N. Direct takin place shortly before or after it



ouroborous said:

cool, ill probably never play it on wii or whatever but ill likely give it a toss if its on 3DS 'cause that's totally how i roll. glad to see they are giving some love to the handheld crowd.



CrispyGoomba said:

Like most people here, I already have the Wii version, so I'm going to pass. Unless I see it for like $10 down the years.



Clayfrd said:

Oh, boy, another remake while I wait patiently for Pikmin 3. I'm overyjoyed.




k8sMum said:


yeah, if i had gotten it for the Wii i doubt i'd be getting it for the 3ds. i can't remember why i didn't, but now i am rather glad of that, lol.



Ralizah said:

So the release date was for NA too? Sweet!
I'm really looking forward to this, having never played the Wii version before.



bizcuthammer said:

I want this, but with so many other 3DS games coming out soon (dark moon, new leaf, dream team) and the release of pikmin 3 sometime this spring, i doubt i'll have the funds to get a game i've already played 2 years ago. If it was a brand new DK game, it'd be a different story.



eduardopaulo said:

I'm very excited about this (never owned a Wii, so never got to experience its great platformers), but I'll wait and read some reviews before I buy it. The fact that it's a great game on the big screen doesn't mean it'll be a great game on the 3DS (as is the case with "Rayman Origins").



AJWolfTill said:

If this had online Co-op then I would consider it, never picked up the original.
Would of rather had Donkey Kong 64 on 3ds though, that would have been awesome!



JMDS said:

I never got to play the Wii version, and with the 3DS being my favorite system right now...I'm giddy like a school girl over this. I sincerely hope that the port goes over well, and surely they would give you a roll button and not make you shake the 3DS or something...right? Anyway, I'm extremely excited to be able to get this so soon.



WindWakerLink said:

This coming way sooner than I thought. I have this one Wii, so I won't get this. But I'm glad it's coming on the 3DS to give people a chance to play the really fun & HARD game! The increase in difficulty as you progress is NUTS & I LOVE THAT!!!



brooks83 said:

For a second there, I thought this article was about the Donkey Kong Country games returning to the VC.



Megumi said:

...Eh, I'll only get it if there's any new levels or features (3D doesn't count) that would make it worth getting. >.>




loved the wii game, but I hope this one has some extra stuff to make the double purchase worthwhile!



Wilford111 said:

CopyWRITTEN, people! Not copywrited. COPYWRITTEN!
Anyway..... so yeah, I never played the Wii version so I'll be getting the 3DS version.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Missed out on the Wii version when it released but I'm pretty sure its still around $30 new, so I'll probably get this one at some point down the road. Too many games coming out as it is right now.



eduardopaulo said:

@Five-seveN I know it looks very good in the video and it's very promising, and the fact that they're rebuilding the entire thing from the ground up for the 3DS probably means that it's going to be a fantastic game (maybe THE killer app), but I'm trying to be realistic - and careful, because 3DS retail games in Brazil have a standard price of 75 dollars and I don't want to be disappointed. I decided to buy Rayman 3D (cost me the equivalent of 50 dollars in Brazilian currency) in spite of all the reviews and that taught me to be even more picky from now on.



Emaan said:

Not really interested.

I loved the original on the Wii, but I'm not willing to buy a 3DS remake for a game I literally just played not too long ago. I was hoping for an actual sequel on the Wii U perhaps. It's a great game, so good for whoever has yet to play it and wants to get this version. I just don't think the 3D justifies me buying it again.



Neram said:

I want to get this so I can play the game without waggle controls.



Boofonater001 said:

Remeber when they announce a game they may have been working on it for a while. So saying that it is going to be relased in may means they had been working on it for a while and they finally got around to taking about it. Same thing with computers. As for the game I think that what we have seen looks great and I am considering getting it.



FluttershyGuy said:

Meh. Already have it on Wii. Glad for those who don't have it, want it on handheld, but pass. Too many other things I want, which I can't afford. Wake me up when DKCR 2 is announced (hope King K. Rool & Kremlings are back).

Awesome, LOL! ^_^



SammyOfMobius said:

This game will have new content whether we like it or not. I'm sure they'll add Local Multiplayer or possibly even Online Multiplayer, which counts as new content, as well as new stereoscophic 3D feature and non-motion controls. And who knows, maybe it'll have exclusive levels or something. Also a Streetpass feature is expected considering pretty much every 3DS game has a Streetpass feature. I doubt it'll be a simple port, because Nintendo even mentioned they are building it from the ground up, which is what a remake is. The Game Boy Color remake of Donkey Kong Country even had levels that the SNES version didn't. So c'mon guys, have faith in Nintendo.
I'll definitely get this game on May 24th. Once a great game, always a great game. "The game never grows old... only you do."



DarkNinja9 said:

still think this is kinda stupid i mean why port this to the 3ds when we had it on the wii instead of working on a new donkey kong game just for the 3ds? or even the wii u?

to me a sequel to this game would of been really nice since the game it self is awesome the only thing to get it is for a bit more content they add or like mini games or something like that =S



Knuckles said:

I might get this as I've never played DKCR Wii, I might have to get this, at a later date.



gundam00 said:

NFW!!!! I was not expecting this till third quarter at the earliest. As much as I love my Red 3DS, I've been thinking about upgrading to the XL ever since Castlevania, and I have a feeling Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is gonna have me wishing for the XL.

I think Nintendo should release an XL that doesn't have a cartridge slot, so the XL could be super slim. Since I've gone completely eShop, I don't need a cartridge slot on my next 3DS.



DarkCoolEdge said:

It's insulting that they give us another remake/port. True, it is a superb game and it was one of Wii's greatest but I'm fed up with this course of action.

Ocarina of Time, Starfox, Metal Gear, Monster Hunter,Donkey Kong...I know that some of those are not from Nintendo (duh) but it just adds salt to the wound and I think it even having bought two of them (Ocarina and Metal Gear) myself.




@DarkNinja9 My thoughts exactly, I really don't know why nintendo re-released a wii game just now, they should have made a game that bridges dkcr1 and dkcr2, kinda like mirror of fate, then in october or november launch dkcr2 for the wii u, I really don't get nintendo sometimes.

@DarkCoolEdge Ocarina of time and star fox 64 were different scenarios, since they were remakes from 90's games, this is a port from a VERY RECENT GAME, totally different.



hamsterfactor said:

I don't own a Wii and I haven't played a DK game since the SNES, so I'll be buying this eventually.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Donkey Kong Country Returns was a Masterpiece. If you missed out on the wii version, you must get the 3DS version - this game is meant to be in 3D!



Shotgunryugan said:

I missed the Wii version because i heard the controls weren't so good.
But I'll definitely get this one,besides i prefer regular controls over motion controls any day



Foot77 said:

^ I agree.

I have the downloadable video, and just from that, I know this game will be stunning.



Lyndexer said:

I had this on Wii. I am not so sure about getting it. I'd like to hear about some improvements and add on's to the game, and then I might go but it. Though, I probably will end up begging for it cause i'm greedy when I need a new game.

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