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The king of swing is back and he's hungry for adventure (and bananas)! Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have to battle the evil Tikis in order to restore peace to DK Island.

Donkey Kong plays a bit rougher than Mario though, so as well as jumping on bad guys' heads you'll also be able to use his signature ground pound to disorientate your enemies. All the other classic elements of the original games are back too, including mine cart levels and vine swinging.

The game's no pushover, so it's a good job you can call on Diddy to help you. If you're playing on your own you get to use his jetpack to help you, but if you've a friend to hand they can take control and then ride on Donkey Kong's back if they get to a tricky bit.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No more monkeying around

It's easy to forget, as Nintendo has seemingly decided that it's no longer a definitive unique selling point, but the 3DS has a fantastic stereoscopic 3D screen. It's tempting to be blase about it, but it's still the only mainstream piece of hardware —...

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lebad said:

Hey are we going to shake our 3DS ;) please allow us to configure buttons to choose our best way to play it, I stopped to play the wii version when I got the miror mode with one heart :D I will try this one on 3DS. But i wondering if they can do wii remakes maybe we could have some GREAT remakes like Metroid Prime or Other M (H)



Pachterkid said:

I wanted to love the Wii original, however, I could not get over the terrible motion controls. Why the designers did not give players the option to use the classic controller is beyond me. Hopefully, the 3DS version will control just like the SNES originals. Really hopeful about this version :)



allav866 said:

The Wii version got a 10/10 here at Nintendo Life. The 3DS version uses button controls instead of silly shake controls, is in 3D, can be played on the go, includes an Easy Mode to be more accessible to new players, AND has extra levels. What can stop this from getting an 11/10?
EDIT: of all things... It was the framerate. Wtf?



RabbidAssassin said:

This game is going to be really good. I like how they added in some extra stuff from what the Wii version. I'm really looking forward to picking this one up when it drops.



Yellowgerbil said:

I really hope this doesn't do an ONM and rate the game on them playing the game before. The review should say how much it is on the first time around.



Oopsiwin said:

Awesome, I was able to download the game at 11pm... An extra hour of playing!

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