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Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Doesn't Include Online Multiplayer

Posted by Orla Madden

It's all about encouraging gamers to play together in real life

We're massive fans of Nintendo Land here at Nintendo Life Towers - multiplayer action is rife in Animal Crossing Sweet Day and Luigi's Ghost Mansion, but there are many out there who haven't sampled the wonders of the Wii U's star attraction due to a lack of potential co-players, and these same people probably wish the game featured some kind of online mode.

However, the lack of online is intentional. Speaking with Famitsu, Nintendo Land producer Katsuya Eguchi explained how the developers wanted gamers to interact with each each other in the real world, designing attractions aimed at people who are playing in the same room as one another:

Nintendo Land's multiplayer attractions work because of the communication shared between the people playing them, They were set up from the start to be something people in the same room could enjoy.

It hasn't stopped Miis appearing in your plaza however - it's a charming online addition coming across your friend's Mii where you can check their status in the game.

Is online multiplayer a feature you would have liked to see included in Nintendo Land, or do you prefer the more intimate nature of the current setup? Let us know in the comments section.


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XCWarrior said:

Online multiplayer would have been fun. It never hurts to include it if there is a multiplayer aspect to the game. The gamepad has voice chat... same with NSMBU. Should be in the games.



Adam said:

Mudjo, people play all sorts of games online all the time. It isn't a hassle. You click a friend name and you are in. And if you don't like a random match up, quit and play with someone else. Most people who play games play right. I had no problems of this sort with Little Big Planet.

As to Nintendo's excuse for Nintendo Land, it is an excuse. What do they think, when I have company over they are going to leave and meet me online instead of playing together? Online and local play can in fact exist on the same disc, and people will play both, local when friends and family are around, online when they are away.

Miiverse is such a great way to connect with friends, why would they see that and not see that playing online is, too, especially with voice chat? By their own logic, Miiverse should not exist because talking in person within the same room is more enjoyable, but no one would buy that, and I am not sure who they think is buying this (the explanation, not the game).



Hokori said:

@XCWarrior Except only one GamePad is used while the other would have wiiremotes, and voice chat doesn't work well with wiiremotes



Wolfgabe said:

I am happy there is no online multiplayer. Seriously when you look at Nintendoland it was clearly designed for local play. Besides I don't want to play Mario Chase while getting sweared at by little kids



Late said:

I'm pretty sure this game wouldn't be nearly as funny playing online. And as mentioned, playing Mario Chase, for example, would be harder as it's about communicating with other players to catch the GamePad player. Each player would need a way to chat with each other and Wiimotes don't have microphones like GamePad. There are many little things to take into account when making an online mode and I'd say it wouldn't be easy to make an online experience with the same amount of fun in a game like this.



OorWullie said:

@Adam Couldn't agree with you more.Nintendo want their games to be for everyone but everyone doesn't have the chance to play local multiplayer and therefore cannot get to experience the asymetrical fun of Nintendoland.With Miiverse beiing there it really is an inexcusable omission,



Adam said:

Even if there was online, you could still play offline without being sweared at by little kids, and HarmoKnight could still be "stuck in the 90s" while playing his brand new HD console.

Each system only needs one mic, so it doesn't matter if Wii remotes don't have mics. The Wii just used one mic, too, so clearly this is a non-argument. You can always use headsets, anyway.

Determining the game pad player would not require much consideration. If multiple players select the game pad option (or no one does in a game where it is required) the game can randomly select who uses it, problem solved.



mozie said:

@Adam I agree, think its only an excuse, if this was indeed nintendo taking the some kind of moral high ground, what does that say for future releases, by not implementing online multiplayer they run the risk of distancing themselves from the very 'core' gamer's they keep going on about. Really hope this isin't a trend nintendo is going to carry on with. Nintendoland would have been great if you could have met up with friends in game and went to attractions together and it was a serious omission to an otherwise great title.



Mahe said:

You can't encourage gamers to play together when the game itself is mediocre.



Adam said:

Every console has the game pad, even if you aren't using it. Place it nearby and you can chat through it while holding a Wii remote. Even if two people are playing online through the same console, you can share the mic like the Wii did or get headsets like every other console does. This is not a problem that every other online platform hasn't faced already and solved easily.



ueI said:

I don't want online, but they should include it for those who do.



Adam said:

Yea, Hyperstar. I have friends who have moved away, friends who are starting a family, friends who have difficult work schedules, and friends I know only from this site. I primarily play games as something to do with these people. When I have company, we do other things than stare at a TV.

Clearly some commenters don't have the same problems, but it isn't hard to imagine the appeal of online play for others. They are talking online to us, after all, and I don't see any nay sayers saying that they talk only offline because who needs online communication.



Samholy said:

no online is stupid.
my gaming time are late the evenings...when people usually sleep or just wont hang out in the middle of the week.

whatever. nintendo only tries to explain their failure once again by inventing reasons.



Bengals76 said:

Give me a break Nintendo!! The Wii-U is for hardcore gamers, of which are mostly older players or young adults with kids to young to play. We do not hang out at our friends house to play games anymore.The truth is you are still not ready to support online gaming!! (If your with me give me a yeah!!)



Bengals76 said:

I have been playing Nintendo since 1986, thats longer than most of you have been alive. I started when I was 10 just like most kids these days. The problem is Nintendo wants to apeal to young age group and the older players are having a hard time letting go of their childhood memories. Its time for players like my self to say goodbye to Nintendo and Nintendo Power!! R.I.P. Nintendo, you had a good run.



Banker-Style said:

I haven't played the game yet,but what I've seen of it,it doesn't really need it.
There's plenty enough modes for single player,and multi-player.

Sometimes not everything needs to be online.



Aviator said:

@Happy_Mask Yeah it's my problem that people who play games with me are doing other things.

They should just drop everything so we can play locally.



301Menace said:

For the people complaining about there not being online, go design a game first then you can see how "easy" (sarcasm) implementing online play is. The fact is a game's design may specifically limit it to local play and NintendoLand's multiplayer games would not fit properly into the online-play space that gamers are becoming so reliant on.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think it's fine as it is but online leaderboards would be nice.

Maybe Wii U Sports will feature online tennis and bowling!



Magi said:

I wish there was some more eloquent way to put this but there is really only one way to sum up my views on this:

Include multiplayer. Let us decide which way we'd rather play.



bezerker99 said:

I have no friends who play video games IRL. Thanks Nintendo for being lazy and not implementing Online. This just continues to prove to me that you know nothing of how online works and are scared of it.



Pikachupwnage said:

@bezerker99 A couple games not having online doesn't mean they don't understand or are afraid of online. Its foolish to say so.

Look at mario kart 7. The online for that is quite good. Communities, Bots fill in for players who quit, Framerate is constant and lag isn't too bad.

There are games I expect to have online and games I don't expect to have online.



Ren said:

well said Adam AND Bengals76
this is a ridiculous excuse. I'm sure they were working tirelessly to ensure it could not work online to optimize 'ecouraging' local multiplayer. seriously?
This attitude also says to me they really don't want us players who have been with Nintendo since the begining; it really is for the young players. Thankfully now I can choose not to come back if it doesn't get better.



Ed_Rod said:

it would have been great. In my household we're only two. Online would had been fun.



rjejr said:

I don't think my family has ever played any online multiplayer - maybe Awesomenauts or LBP by accident - but it should still be in there. It just should.

I wish Nintendo would just come out and say it is too hard (i.e. they are incompetent) and it costs too much money to implement. Stop with the lame excuses that are insulting to anyone w/ a pulse.



C7_ said:

Even if that were a completely valid excuse, that doesn't forgive the lack of online leaderboards, which had every reason to be in there since 6 out of 12 of the games were high score games and they had a working friends system. Nor does it forgive the fact that their other games like NSMBU and Pikmin 3 do/will not have online (in the case of Pikmin 3 it was just confirmed they wont have online multiplayer, but if you can't compare your challenge mode scores with friends on a leaderboard then Nintendo has completely missed the main point of this last generation.)



AVahne said:

Luigi's Ghost Mansion online...oh dear, that'd be a HUGE bore. Not nearly enough screaming.
Only game I can see working online would probably be Metroid Blast.



AVahne said:

Right, right...You haven't played a recent Nintendo game besides Mario U or Nintendoland have you? Ever played Mario Kart 7? Kid Icarus Uprising? Mario Kart Wii?
In no way is Nintendo afraid of doing online. They're entirely capable. However, I wouldn't understand why they won't put online for certain games such as Star Fox 64 3D.



AVahne said:

In the end, I do agree there should've been an online component for those who can't play locally.
I do say, and I stand by it firmly, that online for a game like Nintendoland would NEVER be nearly as fun as local, but it'll at least give those without local a taste of the full experience.



bezerker99 said:

@Koto I have MK7. Do you have time for me to list all the time's I've been disconnected???

No, I don't have Kid Icarus Uprising cuz that game is not condusive for left handed gamers.

Excitebike World Rally and Monster Hunter Tri are the best online experiences. Brawl (aka Nintendo's pride & joy) was by far the worst online experience with a ton of lag.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I'd like it for I don't always have someone to play with, but it just wouldn't be the same at all.



ElFlorro said:

What a bore!! Still the old problem: Nintendo doesn't get online multiplayer! Why Nintendo? Why?



ultraraichu said:

I can see how online play can make some of the games lose their luster, eg playing Animal Crossing Sweet Day and Luigi's Ghost Mansion with limited interaction between team members, causing the GamePad user to have more of an edge. That and the usual dcers and bad connecters that with spark a war.

What they should of done is have an attraction that plays best online. Something that people can play with limited interactions with many others that doesn't encourage too many dcers, ex. I'm losing or my team sux, quit.



Skotski said:

@Adam Normally I'd agree, but you mentioned Little Big Planet in comparison to NSMBU for online... LBP was slower, had far less player-impact physics (though they had lots of grabbing), and the physics of the platforming wasn't exactly friendly for quick runs. I've tried making Mario Bros. platforming-style stages in LBP. Played with people online. Either I slowed it down to fit it to the point where it was too slow and stale for everyone, or I sped it up too fast that everyone kept dying and didn't want to play the stage anymore - and when I finally got the right speed? It was "eh". LBP has a different platforming style from Mario Bros., the differences may be minute, but it really does have a huge impact on how fun is had.
You can go fast in LBP, you can have tons of hazards, and lots of pitfalls, but unless it catered specifically to the physics of LBP, it simply wasn't fun at all.
And if one player had a crappy online connection, they were just kicked out of any fun (You could say that's true for all games, but some games actually are still very playable even with bad-signal players. MGO, for instance, could handle bad signals - as long as the person wasn't from a different country).

That said, I'm sure they could make online work for NSMB games in the future - but LBP doesn't prove it can work.

...I don't want Nintendo Land to have online though. It's fine comparing scores online... but playing with trolls or those with terrible connection is not fun at all.
Yes, we can just stick with friends - but I hate how much that encourages playing in an absolute bubble — aka: "NEVER PLAY WITH ANYONE OUTSIDE OF YOUR FRIENDS LIST EVER FOR ANY GAME". Some games are awesome with random people, and the instant you encourage people to just stick with friends, the instant the random matchmaker games become filled with only pissed-off players and trolls... which makes them unbearable to walk into.

Thing is about Nintendo Land? Voice chat would be required to make the games almost as fun online as having the person next to you. And voice chat does not do well in random communities. . . . and that also encourages the international players to stick with their own nation rather than interacting with one another.
I think Nintendo Land is perfect for what it is. Future games can have online. That is fine how it is. Yes, it sucks to not be able to play the attractions with friends if you don't have anyone living with you or near you — so then the game's not fully catered to you and another game in the future will. But what it does cater to are those who have become obsessed with long-distance close-distance relationships... the ones who DO live near one another, yet for some reason only play online and call and text. And there's a large number of these people. Far more than you'd guess. A game like Nintendo Land discourages this behavior and forces people to be dragged out into the living room again.



Auracle said:

I agree with @ultraraichu. I can't see many of the multiplayer attractions working well online. This game simply was not designed for online play. I'm sure future titles will take advantage of online play, but for Nintendo Land, it would just spoil the concept of it.
@bezerker99 - This lefty with Kid Icarus says hi.



ShadJV said:

This isn't "just an excuse", online is easy to implement these days and Nintendo already has an infrastructure set up. It clearly was a design choice. If it bugs you that much, just don't play it instead of complaining about it.

I for one side with Nintendo. My reasoning doesn't matter because people will just respond saying I wouldn't have to play it online then.

There is plenty of single player content in Nintendo Land, play that. Or go play the 360 if you want to play everything online, problem solved.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Online should have at least been an option. Metroid Blast in particular would have been quite fun. You do need groups of friends in order to enjoy half of the games. Not everyone has 2-4 more people over every day. People should be given that option and I see alot of Mii's in my park asking for it.



Lalivero said:

@ShadJV What about those who enjoy multiplayer experiences yet don't live near many of their friends, etc(and aren't into Xbox/Ps3 titles)? They aren't included in your 2 end options it seems.

Yes, many of the current attractions wouldn't really cater well to online play, but then they could've possibly added in an attraction or two/three that would work well in local play or online; since the majority of the game would still fit local play(most current attractions) much better, it could've still done a good job promoting that if you wanted the best possible experience.



SyFyTy said:

@Adam I fully agree, it reaks of an excuse to me too. Even if it were not an excuse, I'd rather make my own decisions in life, I'm not fond of someone making them for me. I live too far from anyone who even uses a game console, how would thier plan work for me? excuse I say...



NintyMan said:

I agree, this game seems better served with local multiplayer and wouldn't be nearly as fun if you couldn't hear the commotion during Mario Chase and Luigi's Ghost Mansion.



Tasuki said:

As much as I dont like Online play in this day and age it is almost a requirement. Just like I dont like the fact that some games that use to have two player co op modes now dont have those modes in favor of online play I dont want to see co op play only games. They should give us a choice not make it for us. Some people prefer offline game play others like online. If you include both you are hitting both markets and in the end that equals more money for the company.



edcomics said:

Between uninterested family members and anti-Nintendo friends, I've had trouble getting anyone to play multiplayer with me. When Double Coins shows up under the Mario Chase icon, I sulk. I think every multiplayer attraction could have used a single player mode, and vice versa. That would have made NintendoLand near perfect.



Traxx said:

Fill in the above mentioned excuse to any Nintendo game lacking online multiplayer



Spartacus3765 said:

Seeing articles like these, including a response from Nintendo with the whole "we encourage players to play together locally" just makes me shake my head.

I think a lot of you have put it perfectly, why couldn't they make this an option instead of making the decision for us? Quite ridiculous in this day and age in gaming and if this is the trend they want us all to follow, they are in for some dire times.

I currently own the U. I think the Miiverse is an awesome idea. But if that's where Nintendo feels it has satisfied us as an online community, they've still got much to learn. Just making our gaming experiences "facebookable" isn't all that revolutionary. Yes, it gives us a special place to be nerdy about gaming - but we have plenty of places to do that same very thing online through a PC (I'm doing it right now! lol)

Does Nintendo fear that if we have the option to play online, we'll never play locally again? I play Halo games all the time with people over and online - probably equal amount. Do I prefer local? Well that all depends, screen-splitting is kinda lame, but having the other person around is great too. But Nintendo needs to be listening to the community on these issues. Not all of us have friends in town all the time to play locally.

A lot of my friends who used to be huge Nintendo fans, have really moved on to PC gaming. It's sad because, even if Nintendo brings online gaming to life with upcoming titles, I'm not sure if all of them would shell out money for the system since they've felt so "ripped off" in the past. If anything's going to be a trend, it's going to continue to be these kinds of moves unless they take care of this immediately and start implementing online OPTIONS!! Saying you left it out is an excuse. A very neglectful to the voices of their fans excuse.



Spartacus3765 said:

BTW, does anyone else think Nintendo should have a channel for feedback in Miiverse? Like a Nintendo general chatroom. Seems like the perfect place for petitioning for stuff like this to improve. That way they can really garner a sense of "need" for these things to really take form.

Honestly, other than telling people who are on the fence about buying the system "yeah, the system is neat and has a lot of potential" but once they ask about what's playable online that they can't play on any other platform, my answer can only be ZombiU. Just doesn't seem a lot to go off of...



DarkKirby said:

Nintendo, stop making crap excuses as to why your games have no multiplayer, ESPECIALLY for a multiplayer based gamed. Thanks.



lebad said:

I do not accept these False excuse : it's just a question of Money, they wanted to bring the game earlier as possible so making an online option cost a lot and need more time. They could only say the truth, we can understand. But there is also DLC or updaes which can fix this problem? : it's a problem when I want to play after 10pm it is not easy to call my friends to come sleep at home! More over what about japanese familly? (is there more than one child )




In defense of Nintendo, the company has some sort of reason behind their exclusion of online multiplayer. And it had to have been a good reason in their lens as a company and conglomerate of artists, whether or not we GAMERS see it as ridiculous.

For example, Nintendo may be more than trying to sell video games. Rather, they see themselves as selling experiences they envisioned. They probably believed that playing the same game online would hold a different experience they didn't intend than playing it locally. Would playing the game online really be any fun when the game's various mechanics were meant to serve people playing together in the same room? We don't know. Maybe the online, no matter how refined it is, wouldn't be much fun. Maybe it would've been a waste of money and resources to develop them.

For another example, maybe they wanted to incorporate online multiplayer into the game, but couldn't meet their deadline (DEADLINES EXIST FOR A REASON).

In this last example, maybe it was too difficult to implement online multiplayer with their limited resources. I really don't see how these game mechanics could work online, technologically speaking. Any sort of lag between these mechanics that require realtime input (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetic orientation sensor, etc.) would probably be disasterous.

Whatever any reason it is, their conservative characteristic drove them to exclude the feature, and there's not much we can do at this point (maybe DLC?).



MYCO said:




bonesy91 said:

if anyone has ever played little big planet online, you would see why the lack of online in NSMBU isn't really a bad thing

same with Nintendo land, though it would have been a nice feature to add at least one online game to the mix. Even Metroid blast would have made for an awesome online title



Simmer_E said:


Who cares if it flopped at E3?!
Everyone who bought this game, who had a lot of friends over, said this game was pretty awesome
So I think Nintendo got it right with the local multiplayer



Mandoble said:

What about these with friends not so close? Nintendo goes from one stupidity to another even bigger stupidity in a forever loop. They should just say that this way the development of NLand was way cheaper, and the profit per unit sold way bigger, that's all.



Lobster said:

Personally, I don't think Nintendo Land makes sense online, and this is coming from someone with no friends or family to play with locally. I can't play ANY of the multiplayer attractions, even slightly, even though those look like some of the coolest. But I'd rather not play them than play them in a weird sort of quasi-void. It's clear they are built for local, same room fun. It's a party game, pure and simple.




@Mandoble Then NintendoLand simply isn't for them. Simple as that

Personally, i wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo made a game that was made for online multiplayer (or some sort of online social experience) at some point.



Brando67854321 said:

@FOREST_RANGER nope only mario kart & smash bros. & that's it. they couldn't even put online in pikmin 3 what makes you think they will put online play in any other nintendo 1st party games!?



bezerker99 said:

@True_Hero I'm glad you are able to play KI Uprising lefthanded. However, me saying that game isn't made for lefties is just my nice way of saying that game is really lame and wouldn't be caught dead playing it.



Spartacus3765 said:

A future Star Fox, Mario Tennis and F-Zero would definitely be interesting online as well.

I mean, it's fine to me that Nintendo Land wasn't online. I'm only concerned if this is the route they'll take when games like the ones mentioned above (if they come out) are lacking online when they really shouldn't be. It's ok right now, Nintendo, but shame on you if you don't implement it later onto these titles.



Slapshot said:

And it's things just like this that have me holding off from a Wii U purchase.



LztheQuack said:

Well, this game comes from Japan, where local multiplayer is much easier to do (look at Monster Hunter). Perhaps they don't realize that doesn't work as well outside of Japan




@Brando67854321 What makes me think Nintendo will have online in their 1st party games? I'm glad you asked.


Nintendo had really embraced the internet, in a different territory though. The overwhelmingly positive reception tells me that Nintendo had put blood, sweat, tears, and brain juice into developing and bringing this service to life. They could learn so much from managing it. They could also learn more about it from using it, like when Mr. Iwata browses the service on his free time. They may capture a moment that could translate into a video game title.

I won't guarantee that they'll make one though. I'm just open to this possibility.



LztheQuack said:

So Nintendo is too lazy or cheap to implement this? Did your uncle's friend tell you this?



TysonOfTime said:

You have thought a lot of things that are untrue.
Besides, if Nintendo makes such "crappy" exclusives, why do you want them to be online?

I'll support @FOREST_RANGER since the defense makes sense, as it's a design choice. For the NSMBU argument; Hey, Rayman Origins didn't have online play, on ANY system. There's a reason for that.
For NintendoLand, tell me, how would the multiplayer experiences work if everyone is using a GamePad? This game is catered towards local play, and If you can't do that, then it's your folly for wanting a game that so purely and outright stated it.

Can't defend Pikmin 3 much though. Nothing in it's design would really interfere with MP online. Except maybe communication, but I'd imagine chat would handle that.

Who knows? Maybe in the time before launch they can add online MP to Pikmin? It'd be a nice turn, and a slap in the face to those that can't think about a game's design and jump straight to "Nintendo doesn't GET online!" (which may or may not be factual).



Brando67854321 said:

EXCUSES not "exclusives"! I honestly would agree with you would agree but If you see all the first party nintendo games revealed for the wii u & not even 1 game has online Multiplayer, then we got a problem.



MeloMan said:

The option should've still been there in my opinion... Though I do empathize with Nintendo's philosophy, their philosophy needs an adjustment to include the simple fact that not EVERYONE has SOMEONE to call over. If you want your products to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, then put forth the effort to INCLUDE the most people. Don't TALK about wanting to bring Nintendo online, DO it. I digress, as I'm all for same-room gaming, but we're well into the online age... at this point I won't call it an excuse, but I will say it's become a lazy oversight. Just sayin', Nintendo...



TysonOfTime said:

Whoops. Sorry 'bout that man.

Anyways, we have what Nintendo Games coming up? Game & Wario, Wii Fit U, and Pikimin?
There doesn't look like much cause for alarm. Pikmin not having online is a loss, true, but it doesn't look like it's time to pull any levers and scream "NINTENDO WILL NEVER HAVE ONLINE".

However, I'm not looking forward to their attempt to justify Pikmin's lack.



Yanchamaru said:

I got really depressed after finding out Nintendo Land was not online. This caused me to start drinking my life away at local bars and playing bingo with the elderly every Saturday night. One day a stranger found me passed out near Pizza Hut. He woke me up and said "Stop thinking about Nintendo all the time. If you want your online fix, play the Xbox or Playstation." He said his name was Jesus. I took his advice and now live a happy life.



Tasuki said:

@Brando67854321: Online play is waaaay better. Yeah I think not. Whenever I have played online I get either kids with foul mouths or drunk/high idiots who rage quit whenever things dont go there way.



Emaan said:

While I don't think this game needs online by any stretch, being that Miiverse suits it just fine in my opinion, I do think it should at least be an option for those who wish to play online. I myself though, would get bored with a game like this over the internet. Its much better locally, multiplayer wise.



Adam said:

People keep saying it is a design choice and that it would not be fun online, but many who have played it are saying they would like to play it online. A design choice that leaves many fans disappointed is a poor design choice. Adding online would not prevent others from playing it local. That is the beauty of choice, you get to do what you want to do.

I really enjoy simple voice-enabled games as a means of connecting with people. Once when I had a PS3, a user from this site started a voice chat with me and we both switched our TVs over to the Wii and played Wii Sports Resort while talking. I thereafter referred to this as good times.

If you are responding to this article, you understand the drive to connect with people online. It should not be a huge leap in reasoning to see why others would like to connect with their fellow gamers by gaming. I would say it is a pretty obvious next step.

To someone earlier who wrote a huge tl;dr post in response to my comparing NSMBU and LBP: I did not compare NSMBU and LBP.



TheN64Dude said:

Is it not enough that Nintendo disappoints us in such ridiculous fashions that they have to baby us too. I am so fed up!!!!



matowai said:

NINTENDO if you call yourself a NEXT GEN console, then stop acting like your console is still in the GAMECUBE era!!

Seriously, this kind of thinking makes me think they have no idea what they are doing.
If you want to be creditable with "core" gamers start acting like it Nintendo.

You better throw everything and the kitchen sink into your games if you want any chance in competing with two opponent consoles that have a head start on you.

Nintendoland is a solid 7.8/10 But could have been a 9 with very small improvements!

Great idea, work on it.
Can we get some DLC now?




@Adam Just because many people say they would like to play online doesn't mean that it would be fun online. Whether it'd actually be fun online or not could have been determined if people actually played it online. And don't forget that MiiVerse exists, somewhat lessening the gap.



Adam said:

MiiVerse is neat but has nothing to do with this. I can already message my friends and send them doodles. MiiVerse moves existing functions to a different context. I like it, but it is something to enjoy passively and by chance while playing alone. It isn't an activity or a way to share time. Not hating on Miiverse, it is a great concept, but it is apples and oranges. I wouldn't compare the time I spent texting someone to the time we spent playing a game online.

And sure I can know it would be fun online. I have played hundreds of games and large number of online games. I know what I like, and this is right up my alley. I understand some people don't see it as a good online game, but everyone has her own tastes.




@Adam I'll take your word for it.

However, where there is the beauty of choice, there is an ugly side: fragmented expectations. Sometimes, I think consumers get too autonomous. While tablets become the craze, Microsoft follows the market by releasing Windows 8, which received mixed reviews. There is some value to Nintendo's hard shell :3



FabioSMASH said:

Bull, Nintendo. Just admit that adding an online component to the game would have increased development time beyond Wii U's launch date, but don't talk to us like we're five.




Okay, I have another possible theory:

If Nintendo were to include online multiplayer in the game, it would probably inflate and lessen the value of the experiences in NintendoLand. This could leave consequences, such as devaluing the fun factor of local multiplayer enjoyed in a social setting. This makes it less likely to produce invaluable memories for families. And remember, Nintendo is a family-oriented company in some respects. In the end, Nintendo may shoot themselves in the foot by including online multiplayer because they'd devalue their intended experience. That may count as a design flaw, and this would make the designers decent human psychologists >:3



DarkNinja9 said:

i think its alright without online sure it would of been nice though or at least for like 2 games that u can play online while the rest were local

nsmbu should of had co op online though come on =/



matowai said:

Me and my friends have come up with about 20 groundbreaking game ideas that incorporate network play, There is all sorts of totally SICK ideas that game company's are missing out on, things that are beyond the whole death-match or leader board blah blah blah that we see over and over.

For nintendoland: how about 5 on 5 team Mario chase FREEZE TAG!!
How about capture the flag, or base tag?!
And why no JUMP in Mario chase, the Mario games are all about the JUMP button.

How about 10 player Luigi's Mansion, where you are in a whole Mansion hunting multiple ghosts.

or let people build there own Luigi's mansion or Mario chase levels, and Share content.

How about a watch mode on all the games where crowds of online people bet on the winners using there coins.

Nintendoland Arena style, where the watchers can pay with coins for boosts to help there players win.

Have a online store where you can buy and build expansions to the look of your park.

How about having people online, invest in your park as you build it, giving you a share of there returns on the money earned in there park. and actually play the games in different peoples parks.

The train game tour would have been awesome online.

There's not even a replay in this game, when a crazy close Mario Chase happens, I want to be able to show that to my friends.

Let's get Hype Nintendo, GET HYPE with your games now.



Adam said:

Windows 8 is not comparable. I don't see where you are going with it. If Nintendo Land had online play, it would still have local. The exact same product would exist but with additional functionality. Nothing is lost.

Nothing is devalued. If you want to spend time with your family, go for it. Online play won't stop you. It isn't up to Nintendo to decide people need to spend more time with their families and less online. You are reading online comments right now instead of spending time with your family. There can be time for both, and you can decide that.

It would be an OPTIONAL feature. It does not in any way affect the rest of the game. There is no reason whatsoever to think it would be bad to include something you are not required to use but that many other people want.



Adam said:

Some people even play games online with their family in cases where they've moved away for work or college, and it would be perfect because the game pad makes voice chat easy and between games you can do a video call to be as close to the same room experience as possible with people you wish you could be with.




@Adam I'm just doing theoretical work here, but if Nintendo were to include an online component, it would ecourage players to play the game more often. Playing the game more often would mean that they're likely to lose interest in the game faster.

What I'm trying to do is justify Nintendo's actions that were already done, which is that they had done it for a reason. What you are trying to do is justify an action that wasn't physically possible for Nintendo or contradicts the game's goals. I really don't know why the company didn't incorporate it, but trying to justify why it could have existed doesn't seem to be the best idea when they are known for having it their way. Really, I wouldn't care that they implemented online multiplayer. Heck, maybe I'd enjoy it more than offline multiplayer for all I know. However, the stone is already carved, and we just have to move on.



Adam said:

I am responding to the article which asks if we would have liked to see online in the game. I explain my reasons and address those who reapond.

But encouraging people to play their games more is a completely sensible goal. That theory doesn't make much sense. What next, power down automatically every hour to make sure we pace ourselves? I don't see that as their reason, or at least I would hope not, personally.



DerpSandwich said:

I personally would never play online even if I could. It's really just not an online sort of game.



Tsuchiya said:

Pretty sure playing online with or without your friends is an activity that happens in real life as appose to you know, the twilight zone.




@Adam Well, all I can just say is that every action has consequenses from what I constantly witness. The implementation of online multiplayer would have given people choices, and that would mean the best of both worlds. Nevertheless, that may have consequences in itself, and it could've been consequences that drove Nintendo to exclude multiplayer. Either that, or it was too difficult to technologically do it. Or perhaps they were just lazy. Who knows... :3



SunSSBB said:

I just got Wii U, and I thought Nintendo Land was a online multiplayer game. Sad.

I agree with Adam on this; online play should definitely be an option. I don't understand why Nintendo didn't include it.



EarthboundBren said:

it wouldnt be fun playing with people you dont know. also, luigis ghost mansion wouldnt work with no communicating.

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