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Thu 13th Dec 2012

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matowai commented on Nintendo Land Was Originally Going To Feature ...:

Seriously, Super Smash Bros. Brawl seems to be more of a tribute to nintendo, then Nintendoland, They really dropped the ball with this one, what perfect way to launch into the next gen with a game that gives a tribute to all nintendo franchises, Wow, that could have been EPIC.

Here's looking at Nintendoland 2, Get on it nintendo!

I like Nintendoland enough to care to say this so.



matowai commented on Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Doesn't In...:

Me and my friends have come up with about 20 groundbreaking game ideas that incorporate network play, There is all sorts of totally SICK ideas that game company's are missing out on, things that are beyond the whole death-match or leader board blah blah blah that we see over and over.

For nintendoland: how about 5 on 5 team Mario chase FREEZE TAG!!
How about capture the flag, or base tag?!
And why no JUMP in Mario chase, the Mario games are all about the JUMP button.

How about 10 player Luigi's Mansion, where you are in a whole Mansion hunting multiple ghosts.

or let people build there own Luigi's mansion or Mario chase levels, and Share content.

How about a watch mode on all the games where crowds of online people bet on the winners using there coins.

Nintendoland Arena style, where the watchers can pay with coins for boosts to help there players win.

Have a online store where you can buy and build expansions to the look of your park.

How about having people online, invest in your park as you build it, giving you a share of there returns on the money earned in there park. and actually play the games in different peoples parks.

The train game tour would have been awesome online.

There's not even a replay in this game, when a crazy close Mario Chase happens, I want to be able to show that to my friends.

Let's get Hype Nintendo, GET HYPE with your games now.



matowai commented on Nintendo Explains Why Nintendo Land Doesn't In...:

NINTENDO if you call yourself a NEXT GEN console, then stop acting like your console is still in the GAMECUBE era!!

Seriously, this kind of thinking makes me think they have no idea what they are doing.
If you want to be creditable with "core" gamers start acting like it Nintendo.

You better throw everything and the kitchen sink into your games if you want any chance in competing with two opponent consoles that have a head start on you.

Nintendoland is a solid 7.8/10 But could have been a 9 with very small improvements!

Great idea, work on it.
Can we get some DLC now?