So, plenty of you in North America have a shiny Wii U, and you're possibly cradling the GamePad in your arms between game sessions and telling children with sticky hands to stay away. Or maybe you're just playing a load of games, but we're sure most are you are being quite careful to keep your new console shiny. What you probably haven't done is microwave your system in an industrial cooker, and then put it on eBay.

That is, of course, what YouTube user dovetastic has done, because he does run the "first & original microwave entertainment show on the web". This channel does zap all new gadgets with impunity, to be fair, with various manufacturers seeing their products melted; of course 3DS XL got the treatment, too.

As before, the results, plus two decorative toads and the rather useless documentation and box, are now available on eBay, and at the time of writing it has a "buy it now" price of $3,490.03 — that's just a 1000% mark-up on a functioning Deluxe Wii U, so form an orderly queue!

Of course, the eBay listing does emphasise that this is artwork, and you do get a print signed by the artist. We're not sure whether tongue is firmly in cheek, but let's assume so. You can watch the wanton destruction, below.

Of course, don't do this at home — play games instead.