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Female, 18, United States

Hi :'D I am a fan of a variety of quirky things which I am too lazy to list

Sun 25th Nov 2012

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rabbitwanter commented on Review: Kirby Air Ride (GameCube):

When I was younger, I remember dad would let me and my brother each rent a gamecube game from some video rental store place near Giant Eagle. I would always get Kirby Air Ride, as this game was my favorite as a kid. About a year or so ago I had a random sudden urge to play this game and so I had to search the Internet and several Gamestops to find it. I am still in love with this game. I looove city trial so much! :'D I can play it for hours!~♪



rabbitwanter commented on Feature: In Defence of Super Mario Sunshine:

I hateeee the secret levels! D:<
I seriously love FLUDD♥ I need him for the dang secret levels... On practically all my files I finished every area up until the secret level. The Secret Of The Dirty Lake always gets me...
But it is a nice challenge c: I like how I can go to any level I choose rather than in a set order like in other Mario games.
I'm playing the Mysterious Hotel Delfino level now o/