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Fri 12th Aug 2011

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supermariolinux commented on Kojima Productions: We Aren't Thinking About M...:

You don’t need any super magical Wii U feature for a port, just mirror the video and sound like NSMBU and it would be fine. The GamePad alone has all the buttons and sticks you need. Then you support the Pro controller and you got the same experience that you get on 360/PS3. Lame excuse.



supermariolinux commented on Microwave 'Artist' Returns to Melt a Wii U:

This guy even payed double the price since he says he didnt pre-order it.....

He claims it was not a waste of money and was a proffesional microwaving investment.

I drained my money to barely affored a Wii U and this guy can just pay $630 to melt one?!?!?!?



supermariolinux commented on New Super Mario Bros. U Confirmed as 1080p, Or...:

How does this disprove 1080p? All they did was change the website to say just HD, maybe this was done for the less techincally minded people who have no idea what 1080p means and just want to know if it is HD. It could very well still be 1080p support. Nintendo already advertizes 1080p support for Wii U on its website so this will probally support 1080p as well since it's one of thier big launch games. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Honestly 720p loooks fine for me since my TV's are not over 42".