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Wii U Pre-Order Guide

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Price and retailer round-up

So we've all had a day to think about and digest the Wii U launch details, and a number of us have probably decided that we can't resist buying the system. After a rather erratic first few hours following Nintendo's announcements, retailers are today settling down with an initial round of prices and pre-order incentives. As we like to be helpful, we've decided to round up some UK and U.S. online pre-order details for you to peruse; bear in mind these prices are only accurate at the time of writing, but we've provided links to each offer.

If you need to know what's included in each bundle, check out the Hardware Bundles section in our definitive guide to Wii U.

U.S. Retailers

The U.S. retailers are all asking for the same basic prices — $299.99 for the Basic Set and $349.99 for the Deluxe Set — as determined by Nintendo, but nevertheless the three we've found all have different offerings.

GameStop — GameStop is offering both the Basic and Deluxe bundles, alongside plenty of titles and accessories. Console trade-ins are also available to reduce the price, but at the moment you get just $50 for a Wii.

Best Buy — Best Buy are taking pre-orders on both the Basic and Deluxe sets at the standard prices of $299.99 and $349.99. No other bundles or incentives are offered at the moment.

Toys R Us — Toys R Us are offering the least, accepting pre-orders for the Deluxe Set only, with shipping taking the cost to $356.10.

UK Retailers

As you can imagine, UK prices are varied, so we'll outline some options from major retailers. Please note that the ZombiU bundle doesn't include Nintendo Land, whereas the standard Premium Pack does. — Amazon UK is offering all three main bundles:

Wii U Basic Pack — £249.00
Wii U Premium Pack — £299.00
ZombiU Premium Pack — £329.00

GAME — GAME is also offering all three bundles, though at the time of writing incorrectly states that Nintendo Land is included in the ZombiU edition:

Wii U Basic Pack — £259.99
Wii U Premium Pack — £309.99
ZombiU Premium Pack — £349.99

HMV — HMV is offering all packages, and like GAME is incorrectly stating that Nintendo Land is included in the ZombiU edition, at the time of writing:

Wii U Basic Pack — £249.99
Wii U Premium Pack — £299.99
ZombiU Premium Pack — £329.99 Shopto offers all bundles, and earns brownie points for correctly listing the contents of the ZombiU bundle.

Wii U Basic Pack — £247.85
Wii U Premium Pack — £296.86
ZombiU Premium Pack — £324.85

Zavvi: Last up we have Zavvi, undercutting competitors by a fairly substantial amount:

Wii U Basic Pack — £229.99
Wii U Premium Pack — £274.99
ZombiU Premium Pack — £299.99

Those are just some offerings from online retailers at the moment, and we're sure that these prices will fluctuate and change in the coming weeks. In the UK it's likely that high street store orders will cost a little more, but we'd also expect prices to decrease slightly as retailers compete against each other. As always, take your time and be careful when pre-ordering your Wii U.

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19Robb92 said:

I hope the Premium bundle lands on 3500SEK in Sweden. That, or cheaper, would fit me just fine. 4000SEK would be too pricey.



Morpheel said:

These bundles are great. If only a little expensive.
I bet my brother will love the big boy bundle.



Ecto-1 said:

Looks like there is a typo on the Toys R' Us prices. Shouldn't it be $356.10, instead of $256.10?



BeatOli said:

I'll be getting a premium pack along with NSMBU but I'm still feeling sour about how America gets Pikmin 3 on launch and Europe has to wait until 2013. I've waited for that game for 8 years and to hold it back infuriates me.



Squashie said:

Ooh, Our prices are quite expensive compared to the US. I will probably buy from Amazon...



Nardar said:

lol they're offering the Black Deluxe sets with White Remote Plus and White Nunchuck.



Kirk said:

Get those UK prices down to £200 for the basic, if not a little cheaper, and £250 for the Premium and only then would you be in the right ballpark for the Wii U launch price imo.



Handy_Man said:

Good lord, who is going to buy that ultimate bundle when it costs almost $1,000?

For me, I'm getting the Deluxe bundle with NSMBU and Scribblenauts Unlimited.




Preed it with the reliable Note, Zavvi have poor customer reviews on cutomer review sites and are probably trying to attract customers by their low start price. They've let me down a few times so I'm not trusting them with such an expensive, precious order! BTW, Kirk is spot on. Its a 3DS level mistake that is being made here so far. Believe me.



WaveBoy said:

"Wii U Big Boy Bundle" — $509.96: Includes the Deluxe Set, ZombiU, Assassin's Creed III and a Wii U Headset.

So Assassins creed and ZombiU make you a big boy? Damn, you got to love that current gen 12 year old XBOX gamer mind set.



Fizzy002 said:

Don't understand the GameStop family bundle. Why are they removing the GamePad? o_O



singie1 said:

@Kirk totally agree!! i'm not in till it drops sub £200 basic £250 premium! i really really want one at launch, but at right price!! will be the first time in many many years since i haven't got a new ninty console at launch! since i got the gamecube on launch day. come on, don't break my run.....



SuperKMx said:

I don't see the problem with the price. Most people are complaining about the console - which will last them for YEARS - being £30 too expensive or £50 too expensive. They're so angry that they won't buy it (although they will.)

I wonder how much everyone spends down the pub on an average Friday night? Or on cigarettes in a month? Or on scratchcards or the lottery?

Price is right, for me.



Burning_Spear said:

The problem with the GameStop bundles is that the merchandise has already been "taken for a spin," so to speak.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I know manufacturing costs must be higher than they were with the Wii, what with the touch screen and all that. I personally think its to expensive and I do think there will be a price cut in a year or so, no matter what Nintendo say. I'll get one when the price is right because at this moment in time I'm broke. Funny how stuff seems really expensive when your broke?



Sir_Deadly said:

I wish i knew this before I went to gamestop and pre-order the Deluxe because i am also getting AC3 and Zombi U. But ordering the two games separately is probably cheaper that way because i normally dont use headsets. And that reminds me, what is the point of even having a headset when you have a mic on your gamepad and speaker on your tv?



Mario-Man-Child said:

A word of advice to anyone who wants to listen. The worst online shopping experience I ever had was @ they did not deliver on the promised date and then would not let me cancel my order (actually it canceled after a lot of hassle then it became uncancelled) after I bought the game elsewhere. Then the game came 3 weeks late. Never again they do not care about there customers. Be warned



Burning_Spear said:

By the way, all the Best Buys in my area have already stopped taking pre-orders for the deluxe unit.



Void said:

I'm pre-ordering the Deluxe set at Walmart, I have a relative that works there so I can get a 10% discount, which can save me quite a bit of money.



DarkLloyd said:

canada ontario oshawa one of the stores i preordered from today only had the deluxe bundle i forgot to ask if the basic one was sold out which im led to beleive it is or they simply arent taking in preorders for that one

but yeah like i said i preorded it from there but will get around to preordering zombiU and nsmbU near november



HaNks said:

echoing others sentiments on the UK front...waiting for premium to get closer to £250...whether that's at launch or not. amazon should also be setting a better price soon...they're always considerably lower than the likes of HMW.



Linkstrikesback said:

Just in case anyone is going to order from Zavvi, you can get a further 5% off if you are making a new account using the following discount code before you checkout.


I already preordered mine from there, and though I've only bought two things before from them (Pandoras tower special edition and resi,: revelations), they both came on time, and I don't actually mind too much if the Wii U does come a few weeks late like people are mentioning they've experienced from zavvi before, because by November 30th, I'm almost in university exam season.

Just over £3 (for 2 pint glasses of pepsi/coke), 0 on the other two. What can I say, I'm a cheapass.



shinesprite said:

Just thought I'd mention, the other gamestop bundles have been removed and the links no longer work



Jack_Package said:

Wouldn't be too surprised if the lowest, current UK prices, get rounded down closer to release

There's a loss to be made on the console, if the retailer gambles on game sales. Surely someone will take it...



TWK said:

@19Robb92 I just preordered mine here in Denmark. The current announced price for premium is 3499 DKK, so I guess it will be around 4000SEK.




@KenB. I don't spend money on any of the things u mentioned. The price in the UK is so obviously too high, buy yeah, I'm still buying it.



ThomasBW84 said:

@shinesprite Thanks for that, they must have realised that they couldn't fulfil those bundles! I've updated the article.

Oh, and thanks GameStop, it's not like I spent ages typing that out and sourcing all the links...



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

Glad I pre-ordered from Best Buy yesterday before they started selling out their first allotment. Phew.

I hope there will be some good online games for Nintendo Lifers to play together on the Wii U (like they're currently playing Mario Kart on the 3DS). Dragon Quest X would be cool (if the monthly fee is reasonable and the game is released in the west).



rjejr said:

Got an email from Amazon (US) stating they are not taking pre-orders for the WiiU but games are available.

I'm also waiting for a price drop. Well maybe not a price drop officially but a free game or $50 GC might get me to bite. Probably for my birthday next summer.



Doma said:

The system just isn’t impressive enough to warrant more than £180-£200. Will wait for price drop/games worth owning.



Slapshot said:

No need to worry, because there's no way in the world I'm paying $350, plus the cost of an external HD for a Wii U! $400-$450 for a Wii U? Really?! It made me sick in the stomach to pay $500 for an 80GB PS3! I'm very disappointed Nintendo, this just isn't your style at all.

Before someone tries to come off with the "but you don't have to buy an external hard drive" statement, know this: HD downloads are big, really big! When you start downloading a game every week or two off the eShop (?), or especially full retail games, you'll see just how big of a slap in the face that 32GB of memory truly is.

I'm sure the system is fantastic and I hope those of you who jump in head first absolutely love every second of it. For me, this $350 bundle is an absolute joke. I don't give a flying flip about Nintendo Land, but the better system forces me to buy it, as well as the memory upgrade only being to a 32GB. The manufacturing cost for a 32GB card is probably about $1, or less. Nintendo obviously doesn't get the HD/ Digital Age very well and this is looking like the 3DS blunder all over again!



TruenoGT said:

Pre-order all set via Best Buy, though sadly too late for in-store pick up in my area. Was hoping to go with Amazon, but it's their loss for not offering it (at least not yet in US). Not a huge Best Buy fan, but I'd just assume get a kick in the crotch as buy it from Gamestop. Monster Hunter, Bayonetta 2 were the push I needed to take the pre-order plunge and honestly, it was cheaper than I expected it to be for what you get in the deluxe set.



Tasuki said:

Does anyone know what the deal is with Amazon and Nintendo in North America?



cyphid said:

Heads-up: K-Mart is offering the Deluxe Bundle for Pre-Order!

I checked there last night and get this; They had the Deluxe Bundle for $299 and I ordered it instantly, free shipping. If you check now, they fixed the mistake to $349. I wonder how many, including myself, got $50 off for the Deluxe?

Update: I just looked at the listing on (]<a) and now it says it releases November 30, though Nintendo announced the 18th.. When I ordered last night, it said November 18. Maybe Kmart's shipping it out then?



ICEFIRE1593 said:

just when to local gamestop and they said they are stoping preorders tomorrow because over 15 people preorder it.

good thing i was the first one to preoder it at that store



timp29 said:

Just noticed the australian release date is 30/11/2012. My wedding day. Maybe I can get my wedding pushed back a day or two...



nomeacuerdo said:

@ThomasBW84 A billion thanks for this recap! Gamestop and Bestbuy rejected my foreign Credit Card, and Google wasn't telling me anything about Toys R' Us, but now I have the preorder



Lobster said:

I'm glad I got my preorder in. Will pick it up on launch day, then open it on the first of December... my first ever console I got on my birthday. I know they'll drop the price eventually but the memory of getting a new Nintendo console for my 25th birthday will be worth it.



Token_Girl said:

While it's best to wait a year or so to get a system I think (launch hardware is more prone to failure), I don't think I'll make it that long, but i'll be able to console myself if I run into sell-outs when I finally cave.



arrmixer said:

I preordered the deluxe at my local gamestop... They said they will probably stop accepting pre orders as well tommorrow... from what the rep at my store told me... they are only allowed to have about 5000 preorders nationwide for the Wii U... is this accurate???



HawkeyeWii said:

So in other words it's already selling like hot cakes? And no, 5000 nationwide is like for that region



Grodus said:

Just Pre-ordered it from GameStop and traded in my Wii. Deluxe. In fact, don't bother trying, US gamers, becaues they stopped accepting them a couple hours ago.



DarkNinja9 said:

@tvnewsguy same here they seem to have a page from what looks to be the basic bundle but you can just add it to the wishlist =/

wish amazon US would hurry up already



kyuubikid213 said:

Why is everyone freaking out over the price? When the 360 and PS3 came out, they were (at most) $400 and $600 respectively. The Wii U is (at most) $350. THIS IS A DEAL. YOU ARE GETTING WAAAY MORE FOR YOUR MONEY THAN YOU THINK YOU REALLY ARE. THE PRICE WON'T DROP FOR ANOTHER TWO-THREE YEARS.



Sir_Deadly said:

I've notice the gamestop bundles you had are gone, and then i looked on there website and cant find them now! Did they decide not to do the other bundles? @arrmixer my Gamestop told me when I pre-ordered mine yesterday they take how many they get and cooperate tells them when to stop taking them, but that could be as early as tomorrow! They also said if you walk in there launch day and didn't pre-order you wont get one because the pre-ordered bundles are all there getting!!!



Metal_Slugger said:

Amazon is even listed as a retailer on the official Wii U site. They better get on board quickly or I will ban them for a year. Well for a little while anyhow.



Metal_Slugger said:

I ordered the black deluxe. I think deep down I really wanted the white system but the black was just a better value when I wanted to have nintendo land. Newegg is charging 20 bucks just for that charging cradle. Plus it doesn't' hurt to have that premium account and a little extra storage.



Tony_342 said:

Anyone waiting for Amazon (US) to make the Wii U available for pre-order is probably going to be waiting for quite a long time. They don't sell Nintendo systems at all anymore and haven't for some time. You can find Wii and 3DS systems on Amazon Marketplace (from various sellers), but not from Amazon themselves. I spent most of today conversing with Amazon customer service before I finally found this out.



Rekiotsu said:

What about euro countries. Most of countries in european union are using euro, so why I haven't seen even a single mention of how much wii u will cost euros.



JJtheTexan said:

I just placed my pre-order on I'll let you all know in November if I get either the Wii U, or an apology for it not being available.



edhe said:

I really want to buy from game as I have a reward card and a gift card with them, but their prices are absolutely unreasonable.



hover3d said:

hey nintendo life could you do one of these on the games as well please




hopfolla said:

Have pre-ordered black deluxe set from amazon and NSMBU. Amazon always come down in price, I got my 3DS & 3DSXL from them and they were competetive and delivered on release days both times- really wanted Pikmin 3 though, waited so many years for this game!!!! Now to try to book 30/11 off work...



hopfolla said:

I would really like to know if you have to have wii motionplus controllers for Nintendoland multiplayer games or if you can use normal wiimote's. I'm guessing the former?




If Nintendo had chucked in Game and Wario as well in the Premium bundle, that would be good. Think Game and Wario is less extensive a mini-game collection than Nintendo Land? They should have included both games at that price



bonham2 said:

The US should've gotten the ZombieU bundle, or at least a Mario bundle. I couldn't care less about Nintendo Land (which should've included in the $300 system.



Emaan said:

So, if we didn't get a chance to pre-order before they sold out, will we not be getting our Wii U's on launch day? I hope they restock a lot by Christmas.



Jakurdo said:

Ah yes, the world does not extend beyond the US and the UK

Anyway, here why I live (Netherlands) the expected price for the Premium Set is 350 euros. I pre-ordered it yesterday at a well-known electronics and multi-media store. There I'm guaranteed the lowest price, so I'm fine with whatever discounts any other store in the Netherlands is going to come up with. Hoping the price might go down a bit, although I'm fine with paying 350 since Nintendo Land is included.



erv said:

I'm from the netherlands and the first possibilities for pre-orders have been sighted. Sadly, all those pounds don't mean a thing.

Oh well. I'll place a pre-order soon and I'll be gaming on day 1.



TromaDogg said:

Ah...these bundles are starting to confuse me now. I didn't realise at first that the Zombi-U Premium pack didn't include Nintendo Land, but included a Wii U Pro controller. On, the Wii-U Pro controller is only £36.85, whereas Nintendo Land is £39.85. So it actually works out cheaper (by £3) to buy the standalone Premium bundle and buy Zombi U and a Pro Controller separately. I've just had to mess around with my preorders to sort that out. Buyer beware.



bonesy91 said:

pre ordered day 1 at gamestop. Cannot wait! after hearing of monster hunter tri ultimate for it I was like: "Sold"! lol.



sandwhich said:

What exactly does the ZombiU Premium Pack include?

I would guess:
black WiiU console, black WiiU controller and ZombiU. Is this correct?



Banker-Style said:

Dixon retailers (Currys/PC World)
Has told The Sun they will charge £229 for the Basic pack.
And £279 for the Premium pack.



SuperJoon said:

Will get premium on launch. Not sure on pre ordering though, will see what cash is available from Birthday and wages, If i get enough from my Birthday ill just use that to pay for it and then some from my wages for a game or 2!




Well, I'm gonna be one of those VERY UNLUCKY saps when Wii U launches. One of the local GameStop employees chased me out the dam store when I asked if there would be any extra consoles in stock next to the pre-ordered ones once I found out all pre-orders were done. Now I probably will have to wait until near the beginning of December or maybe beginning of 2013 like I did before when Wii launched. THIS SUCKS!!



StefyG said:

there should be a nintendo lovers pack called Nintendo Originals Pack that comes with the deluxe set, NSMBU and PIKMIN3!



McGruber said:

Going to Toys R Us tomorrow to pre-order. It's only $20 down, and they said they don't have a # on how many they are receiving, but they are promising it on day 1. It's the only store in my area that is currently still doing pre-ordered. Best Buy told me they haven't started them yet.



Metal_Slugger said:

I pre ordered from Kmart U.S.A. No money down and I won't be charged till it's shipped can cancel anytime. So they say. I never bought anything like this from Kmart hope they come through.




Expanys UK have the premium at 254 pounds! But it could be a mistake and they have very poor customer reviews as a site. EU countries will generally get the packages cheaper than the UK depending on the strength of their economies I think.



Emmons33 said:

How could people get this for a good $250 i mean you could gey a 3ds XL with game with that kind of money



Fearsome said:

All of the major retailers, Best Buy, Toys r u, Walmart, Kmart, Gamestop and Sears are reporting that pre-orders are sold out. Damn I feel lucky I was able to get the Black Deluxe 32g version. I saw some listed for $1500 on Ebay.



RoboConker said:

I almost cried when i found out that Best Buy still had WiiU deluxe pre-orders XD, i though they didn't have it because i check online and it said that it was sold out, but they were still accepting pre-orders on the store ^o^/



GamerZack87 said:

Wow, Nintendo actually cut us Aussies some slack for once! The Basic Pack costs 350 Monopoly money here, which is $50 less than the launch price for the original Wii! Much better than the predicted launch price of AUD$500-$600, that's for sure. I guess people are finally starting to notice that the Aussie dollar is in parity with the greenback.



Burning_Spear said:

Something tells me those who ordered the deluxe version should be awake bright and early on November 18 and ready when those doors open. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of people holding pre-order receipts and nothing more.





I sure hope you're wrong about that, the last thing I need to be hearing is some smart mouth GameStop employee insulting me about why I didn't get it on launch and why I waited so late to get it like say March 2013 like you said. Same thing happened with me on the Wii launch back in 2006 when I wasn't able to finally grab one until the day Japan got theirs, 11/2/2006.



Burning_Spear said:

WiiUForSale is probably correct about the deluxe version being nearly sold out, but I'm dubious about retailers not receiving new stock until March. Not flaming here, but this is an attempt to push people to his Web site.



Drobotic said:

I'm trying to save up my money for a Deluxe Bundle.I don't get why they sell the Classic package without a game.This wasn't the case with the original Wii.



Moshugan said:

@sandwhich ''What exactly does the ZombiU Premium Pack include?
I would guess:
black WiiU console, black WiiU controller and ZombiU. Is this correct?''

And a black Pro Controller (in addition to all the stands, charging cradle and the Nintendo Network Premium hulabaloo).



Emaan said:

So I pre-ordered mine at Best Buy. The manager told me if I put down $5 they'll save me one on launch day. They're sold out online for people who want it shipped to their house, they still are planning on stocking Wii U's in the actual store. Apparently, Best Buy just started taking pre-orders at the store today, so I have a good chance of being one of the first people to get one in my area.



Burning_Spear said:


I would double-check that. They're sold out online for store pick-up. ... at least for the deluxe edition.




All in all, the point I'm trying to point out to all here OVERALL is. That this is turning out to be ANOTHER Wii launch ALL OVER again with the shortages happening now with Wii U! This REALLY NEEDS TO STOP Nintendo! HONESTLY! ;(



StarDust4Ever said:

No more camping out BS for me this time around!!! I waltzed over to GameStop Thursday afternoon after the Nintendo Wii-U announcement, and asked them if they were accepting preorders. They said "yes" and I reserved the Black Deluxe bundle w/ NintendoLand and New Super Mario Brothers U. I came back Sunday to pick up Kirby's 20th Anniversary, and I talked to a Game Stop employee who looked up my preorder and noticed that I was number 2 out of 5 total deluxe preorders at their location. The employee who rang me up was actually the #1 spot. He was still on the clock when his associate rang him up, LOL... They're still accepting basic white Wii-Us, but not for long. At least Nintendo video games consoles don't tend to excite riots like Air Jordan Sneakers usually do. I feel sorry for those who already missed the preorder bus...



Burning_Spear said:

I was in a GameStop around lunch time today and a rep said they've also sold out of the white one. ... the whole chain, that is.



Samholy said:

man this is stupid. ive been hyped to get it, and no single freakign store takes pre-order around my area. unless i wanna get the basic bundle,which is ridiculous.

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