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I've played games for 23 years now and never thought I'd be playing games to this day. Nintendo is my favorite since I could remember though, I enjoy other platforms as well. I've begun creating my own web comics recently. My very own project, BIO-METAL and co-creator of INCOGNITO: ENTER THE NINJA.

Thu 25th Mar 2010

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cyphid commented on Review: Toki Tori 2 (Wii U eShop):

I never played the gameboy color original, nor the WiiWare remake. I need to download one of those versions!

Toki Tori 2 looks very interesting as well. Nonlinear games are loads of pain, especially when it comes to puzzle games but sometimes its worth it. I give the devs kudos to their commitment to create a game they wanted to.



cyphid commented on Review: Nano Assault Neo (Wii U eShop):

This game is my first eShop download. It's loads of fun with a friend on their own separate screen.

I was torn on the decision to buy Nano Assault Neo or Mighty Switch Force since those are the first download games to be $9.99. I figured since the game had 2 player, it would be a better investment.



cyphid commented on Talking Point: Wii U and the Importance of Bac...:

@Vampire-Jekyll Yeah, I totally wanted one of the PS2 BC PS3s but they were way too expensive. I totally loved the exclusive MGS4 Charcoal PS3 (also PS2 BC) but they are way expensive on ebay now adays. If the Wii U was $600 like the PS3 originally debuted, I would never get one until a price drop. Its so wonderful to buy a New Nintendo system for $300- $350.



cyphid commented on Talking Point: Wii U and the Importance of Bac...:

The latest Original Wii models got rid of GC support. They removed the GC controller and memory card slots. Its a shame but I bet those who wanted to play GC on a Wii already have one those models years ago.



cyphid commented on Hands on: Wii U Third-Party Round-Up:

Sonic and Sega All-stars Racing Transformed should be just fine for the final build. Another article on this very site came out after this was written, says the fixes are already in effect.

I never played the Wii version of the original Sonic and Sega All-stars racing because I assumed it would be low par. I played the 360 version instead.



cyphid commented on North America, Here Are Your 23 Wii U Launch T...:

Still a very impressive launch line-up!

I think Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed will be great for Wii U. I pre-ordered a copy at Newegg with $10 of any pre-order, only paid $32 out the door!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is another great looking game. Not bad for a first fighting game on Wii U.



cyphid commented on Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Lines Up ...:

@Oregano I suspect it was an older build. The beauty of modern games is updates; if Sega doesn't have a high frame rate a simple patch/update could do the trick. One example was Ridge Racer Vita; Namco launched the game with frame rate hiccups and fixed the game with an update.



cyphid commented on Wii U Pre-Order Guide:

Heads-up: K-Mart is offering the Deluxe Bundle for Pre-Order!

I checked there last night and get this; They had the Deluxe Bundle for $299 and I ordered it instantly, free shipping. If you check now, they fixed the mistake to $349. I wonder how many, including myself, got $50 off for the Deluxe?

Update: I just looked at the listing on (]<a) and now it says it releases November 30, though Nintendo announced the 18th.. When I ordered last night, it said November 18. Maybe Kmart's shipping it out then?



cyphid commented on Wii U Memory Can be Easily Expanded With USB H...:

@Maggots Hehe, I took so long to write my post, you're post showed up before mine! Awesome that we both mentioned Newegg!

SD cards are another good idea to add extra storage. I mentioned SSD's, though @Maggots might have a better approach, seeing as how much cheaper they are in price for larger GB. SSD's are rather expensive for sure!



cyphid commented on Wii U Memory Can be Easily Expanded With USB H...:

Hey Everyone: Check out Newegg ( ) for an SSD and buy and external enclosure. I bought a 60GB SSD for my comp, running Ubuntu 12.04. SSD's have ZERO moving parts; they are like a flash drive but formed in the shape of an HDD. I figure most of us know what SSD's are though, had to explain just in case someone here doesn't know about them.

Oh, this is the SECOND place I've read "Memory" instead of "Space/ storage" Memory, as in RAM, Space or storage for additional data. ;P



cyphid commented on The Definitive Guide To Wii U:

@kobe1724 The lag issue is caused by the HD TV; look in the settings on the TV and there should be something called "Game Mode." That will fix the problem. A lot of recent HD TVs run at 120 Hertz refresh rate instead of 60 hertz.

@Squirtodile I am ready too, though my wallet will be sad. I need to start saving!



cyphid commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

I don have a problem with with the desIgn and layout of the original. I truly hope the 3DS XL has a crisp screen. If so, I'm definitely picking one up!

I also own a Vita and the screen quality is definitely surperior since its an OLED screen. I love both handhelds this generation so it's no big deal. It's the games that count after all!



cyphid commented on E3 2012: Yes, We Will See New 3DS Games Today:

I truly hope for some surprises from Nintendo's Software conference like the rest of you. However, I will be prepared for little new games. I bet they will focus on what games we are already aware of and what they have shown at the last conference. Luigis Mansion Dark Moon, Paper Mario Sticker Star, New Super Mario Bros 2, Animal Crossing, etc. I do suspect Nintendo will talk about the newest Fire Emblem for the 3DS; it's selling wonderfully in Japan.

Oh if you don't know already, you can download the latest trailer NSMB2 at eShop! If this trailer is any indication, Nintendo will release trailers for their upcoming games on the eShop tonight/ tomorrow, as they did last E3!



cyphid commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS eShop Demos:

My demo is downloading as I type this! I cannot wait to try the demo out before I get the game. I didn't want to buy RE Mercenaries to try the game out. I just hope it's a new demo instead of a months old.



cyphid commented on Review: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olymp...:

I have yet to play ANY of these Mario & Sonic games. I just wasn't interested, not now either lol.

I know these games, especially the first two sold amazingly well for Sega; I glad but it's too bad some of their more original games couldn't get the same results.



cyphid commented on Talking Point: How Much Fan Influence Should G...:

Polls are a perfect way to gain proper input. EA has had polls for some of their sports titles to help decide characters and boxart covers. I loved the idea that EA wanted consumers to decide what characters were going to appear in NBA Jam using polls!



cyphid commented on Talking Point: The Future of Metroid:

The Metroid series definitely needs to go forward from Fusion. No prequels or in-betweens, just tell Samus' story.

Though its a bit linear, Metroid Fusion is wonderful. I want to know what Sakamoto does after this game. I know Sakamoto has been hinting at Dread for ahwile now so I won't be surprised if its the next game to come out.

Even though fans were not happy with Other M, I definitely was. Nintendo and Team Ninja are an interesting collaboration. They made Samus a bit faster, more up-close and personal, and the game had pretty nice graphics for wii. Team Ninja is definitely going to be involved in some for or another, if not already are working with Nintendo as we speak.

On a side note, I love the Metroid level in DOA Dimensions!



cyphid commented on Talking Point: Your 25 Years of Metroid Memories:

My first fondest memory was Metroid 3 (Super Metroid). That was the beginning of addiction to Samus.

That was the first time I found out Samus was female. I never beat the NES original, as that one was rather difficult when I was a kid.

I have beat every Metroid title, save for Metroid 2, however, I really hope it releases on the 3DS VC!



cyphid commented on Tales of the Abyss 3DS Coming to North America:

I missed this on the PS2 in 2005, then it became rare and worth a butt loads on ebay and amazon.That aside, I am so pleased! I was hoping to hear about this! It shows that publishers are finally sticking close for release dates between territories! I can remember having wait almost two years for some games to release and Japan was done and with a particular title.



cyphid commented on Super Mario 3DS Combines Galaxy and Mario 64, ...:

This game should be loads of fun, as pretty much anything Nintendo makes is awesome! I really do hope it comes this year but I've definitely learned that games miss their release dates, especially with Nintendo's track record (I love Nintendo but they love delays sometimes).



cyphid commented on Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version to Hit 3...:

I can't imagine Capcom charging for a demo, though I could be wrong. Otherwise I think its great that a third party company is ready to release something on the eShop at launch! I can't wait to check it, especially seeing the trailer!